The Totally Legitimate Death Of Meghan Fitzpatrick - Recap

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The episode begins with Fitz trying to gain sympathy of a new waitress. He lies through his teeth and it seems to be having the desired effect on the waitress. She begins feeling sympathetic after hearing Fitz’s tragic tale, but Fitz tells her he doesn’t want her sympathy. In the end the waitress says with a smile “I know how to cheer you up”. The two then proceed to have sex. “Can I count on your vote for the upcoming election?” he asks her on the way. Later at the dealership, Larry and Dot wake Fitz up from his sleep, by making him sniff on some alcohol. “We’ve jumped ahead 26 points in the polls” Dot informs Fitz.

Larry on his part reminds the two that Fitz is still 2 points behind Chester. He suggests that if Fitz wants to get a “real lead” he should focus on the debate “today”. Fitz says public speaking really isn’t his forte; hence he wants to play the sympathy card. Dot suggests Fitz should fake some kind of an illness. Larry though, doesn’t feel it’s a good idea as “Fitz is the last honest man”. Larry and Dot as a result begin to argue. “We are not cancelling this debate and that is final” Larry tells Dot emphatically. Fitz asks Larry to get his black suit, he then calls up and asks that the debate be cancelled, as his sister is dead. Later in the news it’s reported that Meghan has committed suicide. Meghan who is watching the news is shocked at what she just saw.

Chester too is watching the news with Ali, and is worried that thanks to his sister’s death, Fitz’s popularity will skyrocket. Chester starts planning to usurp Fitz. He even suggests that, Ali should have her baby prematurely. Ali is shocked at the suggestion and rushes out of the room. “I feel like I can’t say anything to you these days” Chester says, with a disappointed look on his face. Elaine and Ken both arrive at the bar to meet Fitz. Elaine tells Fitz that she is sure Meghan isn’t dead and he is just conning everybody. “So how’d she die? You do it yourself?” Elaine asks. “I knew it was a con” Ken says, the moment Fitz begins fumbling for an answer. Fitz though, sticks to his guns and claims that Meghan died of an overdose of sleeping pills.

Ken counters that by saying “Meghan can’t swallow pills, she chokes on them like a cat on a hairball”. Just then Fitz sees Meghan enter the bar, but before Ken and Elaine can see her, Dot drags her out. “Funeral’s Tuesday, you can see for yourself” he tells the two. Later, Dot and Fitz ask Meghan to pretend to be dead. “For how long?” she asks. Fitz tells her “a couple of days”. Fitz tells her that he will give her a great funeral and she seems nearly sold to the idea. She then asks what will happen once everyone finds out she is alive. Fitz tells her he will be in office by then, and just like politicians do, he will go back on his word that she is dead. She tells Fitz she wants an open casket funeral, so she can hear everyone say how great she was.

Just before everybody is slated to arrive for the funeral Fitz and Dot drug Meghan and she faints. They have drugged her so she remains still throughout the funeral. Later, Ali arrives at the funeral and tells Fitz “when you have a minute we should talk”. Josh is convinced that Meghan is undead, and gets ready to deal with her if the need be. He also tells Ruptal 2 about it. Ruptal 2 doesn’t take him seriously, but later at the funeral when he sees Meghan move in her casket, he too is convinced that Meghan is a zombie. Ali on the other hand tries dropping hints, to reveal to Fitz that, the baby in her womb is his. She is about to come straight out and tell him the truth, when Chester enters the funeral in a wheelchair.

Ali is shocked to see him on a wheelchair and tells him it’s a new low even for him. Chester in turn asks her to not mock his disease “Julian Bar Syndrome”. “The disease I picked up probably volunteering at the soup kitchen” he adds, with a cough. Everybody on hearing this applauds for Chester. Fitz isn’t too happy that, Chester has managed to usurp him. Ali can take Chester’s lie no more and publicly declares at the funeral that, she is leaving Chester. In order to stop Ali, Chester mistakenly stands on his feet in front of everyone, thus revealing his lie. Suddenly, Dot sees the casket which is now closed, moving. She warns Fitz about it, but it’s too late and Meghan opens the casket and sits up.

Meghan then steps out of her coffin. Just then, Josh arrives at the funeral to kill the undead Meghan. Ruptal 2 who is also convinced she is a zombie, begins firing at her with a gun given to him by Josh. Everybody as a result, begins running helter-skelter in panic. Melody points the camera at Fitz and asks him, what he has to say for himself. “My sister’s alive. It’s a miracle” Fitz says with a goofy smile. The episode ends at this point.