Are You There God? I Need To Speak To Frank - Recap

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The episode begins with Fitz praying to god. Fitz then illustrates his interpretation of the Ten Commandments. It is then shown that he was sitting in the loo praying to god, for a smooth bowel movement. The Ruptal Brothers are frustrated that Ken and Elaine have started their own religion to get around the contract Ken has with them. According to the new religion, a free car would be given for every $5000 donation. Along with the Ruptals, Fitz too seems worried with turn of events. Fitz asks Larry to go find out more, but Larry turns down the order outright.

Larry instead says they should be focusing on the elections, as they are round the corner. “Who gives a shit what you think, I have faith in me that’s all that matters” Fitz tells Larry. “It’s a good thing you have faith, cause it’s gonna take a miracle for you to win these elections” Larry says. Fitz then reiterates “who gives a shit what you think” and walks away. In the Fitzpatrick church, Meghan is attending to pilgrims and their problems. Elaine is busy collecting the donations. Larry sees Iris standing outside the church and approaches her. She tells Larry “I am here for the miracle”. She wanted to see it for herself, as it sounded too good to be true. “It is a miracle us running into each other” Larry says.

Larry then asks her out on a date, stressing on the fact how them running into each other is fate. “No Larry it isn’t. It isn’t that at all” Iris stresses and walks away. Larry is visibly dismayed at her reaction. Ken on the other hand is busy counting the cash being brought in by Elaine. Fitz comes into Ken’s office and tells him, he shall shut down the church after he is elected. Meghan comments how he winning would be a miracle, as she is telling everyone to vote for Chester. Fitz is very agitated to hear this and gets into a fight with her. He is then kicked out of the office by Ken and Elaine. Larry is distraught at being spurned by Iris. Fitz later decides to start a “Holy War”. “It’s worked in Iraq, it’s worked in Afghanistan and it’s gonna work for me” he tells Larry.

Next day Fitz tells the Ruptal brothers and Josh that, he needs their help in taking his family down. He sells his idea to them by telling them how; the church is taking away their clients and his voters. Fitz then stands outside the dealership and announces how, everyone can come and see the real miracle. He basically says, everyone can come and see the person who resurrected Meghan. The people at the Fitzpatrick church, on hearing him cross the road and gather around Fitz. Meghan does her best to stop the churchgoers, by telling everyone that there shall be no other god but her, but no avail. Elaine then proceeds to deal with the situation. Elaine asks Larry to talk Fitz out of what he is doing. Larry though, is wallowing in self pity thanks to the Iris incident and tells Elaine he can’t help her or himself. “What’s with the pity party?” Elaine asks.

Larry then basically tells Elaine how Iris broke his heart and he doesn’t even know why. Elaine says she knows the reason why, and adds “because you are a spineless yes-man to a dirtbag. What woman wants that?” Larry agrees with Elaine and tells her, he has also killed a bird, which is probably another reason why Iris finds him repulsive. Elaine says its time Larry took a stand and called Fitz’s “bullshit”. Larry agrees with her and says its time he exposed Fitz in front of the world. “Make it quick slimjim, I have a fake church to salvage” Elaine says. Larry embarks on his mission. Fitz on the other hand is busy giving a sermon outside the dealership, which is now a church. He tells the crowd, how he resurrected his dead sister.

The Ruptal brothers then begin collecting donations from the people. Fitz tells the crowd, if he is elected “I will resurrect anyone and anything you desire”. Larry arrives just then, and asks Fitz if he is sure he can resurrect anything. Then after Fitz has said a yes, Larry asks Fitz to resurrect the dead Titmouse. Fitz is shocked at what Larry is doing. Larry tells him he is “taking a stand”, and then reveals that Fitz faked his own sister’s death. The people on hearing this begin to leave. Elaine enters Ken’s office and sees him stuffing the money into a bag, all geared up to take off. She realizes Ken was planning to con her again, and leaves in tears. Iris apologizes to Larry for earlier and agrees to go on a date with him.

He is overjoyed but, tells her he has to do something before they go out and leaves. Larry meets up with Fitz and begs him to pray, as all else has failed. Elaine on the other hand is shown entering the polling station. Fitz sees no harm in giving it a shot and resorts to praying. He talks to Frank, up in the heavens and makes a heartfelt plea, about how he is having a kid and wants the kid to look up to him. Ali who is standing nearby hears this heartfelt plea and is moved. Ali then walks up to Fitz, grabs him and kisses him.

Just then, Melody who is reporting from outside the polling station is shocked when she finds out Fitz has won the elections. It is then shown that Elaine is driving with a smile on her face and on the seat beside her is a ballot box. The episode ends at this point.