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Teetotal Recall - Recap

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The episode begins with Fitz feeling like Genghis Kahn after winning the elections. Its Fitz’s first day at office. He enters a council meeting and mentions how he needs the sanction to open his bar. He is told by the head of the council in other words the mayor that, they are deadlocked on some other resolutions and hence all new resolutions will only be entertained after the ones at hand are resolved. Basically, he is told his petition would be heard in 3 years time. Later, Larry and Dot try to pacify Fitz in their respective ways. Fitz who is extremely frustrated fires Dot telling her that, being friends with her did not do him much good.

Dot isn’t too happy with getting fired and threatens Fitz before leaving. Larry expresses his happiness at Dot being fired, but Fitz informs him that he too is fired. Larry who is hurt, talks to Josh about it. Josh suggests Larry get even with Fitz and takes out his big book of “Revenge Plots”. Larry feels the suggestions in the book are a bit extreme. He says he doesn’t want revenge, but Josh threatens him into taking revenge on Fitz. Fitz on the other hand speaks his mind to Ali. She asks him to stick to what he is good at. Fitz doesn’t really know what he is good at, but Ali reminds him that he is a born salesman. Ali suggests that if Fitz wants his job done, he should “go after the mayor”. Ali mentions how the mayor doesn’t “have a backbone” and also has “a drinking problem”.

Then suddenly they are both turned on and begin making out. Later, Fitz meets up with the mayor Barry Andrews, at a strip-joint. Fitz offers him a drink and although he initially refuses, he is later on hooked. The drinks then keep rolling in, and Fitz gives Barry a few lessons on how he should do his job. Eventually it seems, like the mayor is sold to Fitz’s ways. Larry tells Dot he is going to apologize to Fitz and ask for his job back, as he feels his actions will teach Fitz the power of forgiveness. She feels that won’t really help. Dot instead suggests Larry crush Fitz, so he comes crawling back to him. At the strip joint, the mayor and Fitz are enjoying lap dances.

While they are at it, Fitz brings up his ordinance that he needs passed. The mayor is enjoying so much that, he immediately agrees to pass the ordinance. Just then, Larry enters the joint and apologizes to Fitz. While Larry is at it, he is shocked to see that it’s Iris who is giving Fitz a lap dance. Fitz reveals that it was he who put Iris up to the task of befriending Larry. Larry is hurt and angry that despite Fitz knowing how he feels about Iris, Fitz opted for Iris to give him a lap dance. Larry in rage, storms out of the joint. Fitz and Barry go back to the council meeting, where Barry appoints Fitz the deputy mayor. Fitz’s ordinance is then passed by the mayor. The two then head back to the strip joint.

Larry who is done apologizing meets up with Dot, Ruptal 1 and Chester, who are planning to bring down Fitz. “We have the resources, we have the manpower, now we just need a plan” Dot says. Larry says he has a plan. “We will hit Fitz where it hurts” he says. Later, Dot and Larry meet up with the mayor. Dot basically offers to have wild sex with the mayor, if he does her bidding. The mayor seems sold to the idea. “We have a by-law to pass” she then tells him. Later an ordinance is passed, making Coverton a dry town. Basically, prohibition is declared in Coverton. Which in other words means Fitz shall never be able to open a bar in the town. Later, Fitz has a talk with the mayor and asks him to “repeal prohibition”.

The mayor doesn’t seem too sure about it, so Fitz gives him one of his pep talks. Just then Dot and Larry rushes into the mayor’s office and urges him to not listen to Fitz. The mayor seems confused, but Fitz rushes the mayor out of his office and to the town city council. Chester wants Ali to come back to him. Ali tries to convince him that they have broken up, but Chester will hear none of it. In the end, Ali left with no other option admits to Chester that the baby is Fitz’s. Later at the council meeting a livid Chester, confronts Fitz about it. Fitz makes sure he is removed from the meeting. Larry then enters the meeting and makes his case with a heartfelt speech which seems to work.

The mayor as a result declares a state of emergency, and passes an order to make sure “prohibition sticks”. Later Larry and Fitz have a chat. He makes it clear to Larry that it was he who hired Iris to keep Larry, company. Larry is moved to hear this and feels Fitz did this because he cares about him. Fitz though, says he did it to stop Larry from screwing up his campaign. Larry still feels it was nice gesture on Fitz’s part. Fitz doesn’t care what Larry feels as he is too hurt and enraged. Fitz as a result, gets into his car and drives away. The mayor on the other hand is suffering from pangs of guilt, for betraying his good friend Fitz.

Fitz sees on the news that the mayor has met with an accident and his life is now “hanging by a thread”. Therefore Fitz, who is the deputy mayor, shall now be the acting mayor of the town. Fitz is overjoyed at this sudden turn of events. The episode ends at this point.