Apoca' Smokes Now - Recap

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The episode begins with Fitz being sworn in as the new mayor. Ali is by his side during the ceremony, offering her full support. Larry, Ken and Dot are also in attendance and are apparently not happy with Fitz becoming the mayor. After he has taken the oath he is informed, “You are now the acting mayor of Coverton”. He and Ali then enter Town Hall hand in hand. Later, there is a celebration in honor of Fitz becoming the mayor. Fitz then begins his term as a mayor. Ken enters Fitz’s office and tells him, they both can milk this new position of his.

Fitz though is in no mood to entertain Ken and in fact passes a new by-law, ensuring Ken never gets to open another car dealership. Josh then removes Ken from Fitz’s office. Ken tells Fitz before leaving that, no by-law is going to stop him. Fitz later runs into Larry, while leaving his office. Larry says he has been trying to get in touch with Fitz “all day”. Larry suggests Fitz now think about opening his own lounge, which was the initial plan. Fitz in turn tells him, he has moved on to “bigger and better things”. Larry despite Fitz’s resistance tries to reason with him, but Fitz will hear none of it. Later, Larry discusses with Dot as to why Fitz isn’t ending prohibition and starting his own bar. Dot on her part doesn’t car and suggests Larry shouldn’t either.

Larry feels otherwise and tells her, Richard and him are more than a team. Larry is basically planning to get back into Fitz’s good books, so he can convince Fitz to open his dream lounge. Dot feels Larry doesn’t have much of a chance. He then reluctantly tells Dot “what if we work together?” “Forget it” replies Dot, and tells Larry she has a new plan of which Larry isn’t a part. The Ruptal brothers pay Dot a visit at her home. They say they need her help. They basically want her to take a look at their books. “We are spending more than we are making. But we are not spending” Ruptal 1 tells her, explaining their situation. She looks at the books and says “someone is siphoning funds from your account”. She elaborates that it’s Fitz, who has been siphoning off the funds.

Larry helps Fitz arrest Ken for bootlegging, in order to get into Fitz’s good books. Larry’s plan works. Fitz agrees to let Larry work for him, but lays down a few ground rules, of which the most important one is: “Keep your mouth shut”. He also makes it clear to Larry that, he doesn’t want any lectures from him. Fitz then begins taking down his enemies, by manipulating the laws. The first one to be arrested is Dot. Larry isn’t too happy with what Fitz is doing, but says nothing. Fitz then allows the general of some country to dump their nuclear waste in Coverton, for a price. Fitz is then shown taking kickbacks, for illegally doling out favors. Eventually though, Fitz doesn’t seem too happy with the all the money that’s coming in.

Larry on seeing an apparently worried Fitz asks him “what’s wrong buddy?” “All this should be making you happy, but you seem miserable” Larry adds. Larry tells Fitz “maybe all this isn’t your dream”. Fitz asks him, what he thinks is his dream, if “all this isn’t”. Larry says he doesn’t know that yet. Fitz though isn’t in the mood for a lecture, and asks Josh to get rid of Larry. All the alcohol, all the women and all the gambling just doesn’t seem to be making Fitz happy. He seems lost and forlorn, in the midst of it all. Then when he is sitting all alone and drunk, Ali comes to get him. She vents how she despite being pregnant had to come all the way to get him. Fitz though, isn’t listening.

He then looks at Ali and is stunned to see a scary looking baby, crying and staring back at him. Turns out, he is hallucinating. Larry on other hand is trying to hide from Josh, who is searching for him. Despite being on the run, he feels he can’t give up on Fitz. He then sees and old newspaper cutout, of the opening of Ken’s dealership and accompanying it is a picture of Ken playing with a really young Fitz. Fitz is still hallucinating about scary looking babies and its bothering him to no end. Josh gets a call asking him to eliminate the Ruptal brothers. He is in a quandary, as he is really good friends with Ruptal 2. Fitz in the meantime, is seeing scary looking babies everywhere. He locks himself in his office to escape from the babies. He in panic calls Ali, but she doesn’t pick up. He finds Larry hiding in office.

Fitz is shocked when Larry mentions the hallucinations. Larry says he knows about the hallucinations because of their connection and a “very very lucky guess”. Fitz doesn’t give much credence to what Larry has to say, so Larry shows him the old newspaper cutting. “The happiest you have ever been is standing by your father’s side, the day he opened the dealership” Larry says. “You need to build that bond Richard, if you are ever going to find true happiness” Larry adds. Fitz looks at the picture with tears in his eyes, but pretends like it means nothing to him. But, Larry insists that he knows it does. Larry then hands him the summons for his arrest. Turns out, he has reported all of Fitz’s wrongdoings to the cops.

The cops enter his office and arrest him, after informing him that he is no more the mayor. Fitz is livid and calls Larry a “turncoat”, but Larry argues that the mayor’s job was Fitz’s nightmare, so he is only helping him by getting him arrested. Later, Fitz is dragged to prison, and is shocked to see that Ken too is in the very same prison. The episode ends at this point.