And Baby Makes... Fuck! (1) - Recap

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The episode begins with Fitz managing just fine in the slammer. His only rival there is Ken. Later Chester pays Fitz a visit, and tauntingly tells him how his seat in the council has been taken over by him. He also informs Fitz that, his hearing is being delayed by him. Larry then visits him. “I may have been slightly overzealous with my plan to reunite you with your father” Larry tells Fitz. Fitz is really angry with Larry and is therefore in no mood to talk to him. Josh on the other hand is in a quandary about his mission to kill the Ruptals.

He in the end calls up 911 and reports on himself, saying he is a killer and needs to be stopped from killing people. In prison, Ken and Fitz are at loggerheads. Ken is planning to send someone into Fitz’s cell to mess with him, but Fitz warns him that whoever comes in, will leave in a “bodybag”. Ken comments on how Fits will have to sleep some time. Ken then begins singing a lullaby he used to sing when Fitz was a child. Fitz on his part does his best to keep awake. The lack of sleep seems to be eventually getting to Fitz. Fitz is told he can have his sleep, if he simply concedes that his father is the boss in the prison. Fitz and Ken then see that Josh too is now an inmate. They are both shocked to see this. Later, Josh tells Fitz that he got himself locked up. He reveals that he got himself locked up so he doesn’t have to follow his orders of killing the Ruptals.

Fitz finds out from Josh that, breakfast cereals are a hot commodity in the prison as they are hard to come by. Fitz along with Josh decides to capture the market. Josh informs Fitz that, he can get a lot of breakfast cereal into the prison, for them to begin their business. The Ruptals tell Larry that, they are planning to sell the dealership as its hemorrhaging money. Larry thinks it’s a bad idea as the dealership is Fitz’s dream. He blames himself, for all that is happening. Larry decides to make things right, by informing Fitz about the sale of the dealership. Elaine informs the gay mafia about Ken and their jukebox, which he stole from them. In prison, Fitz begins his business of breakfast cereals with Josh. Meghan pays Ali a visit and says “I need a lawyer and you are the only one I know who will work for free”.

Turns out, Meghan got subpoenaed for the fake religion her parents had started. Ali is too preoccupied with her pregnancy to help Meghan out. Larry in the meantime, manages to dig his way into prison and finds himself surrounded by a few imposing looking inmates. Ken finds out about Fitz’s business plan but can do nothing about it, as Josh overpowers him and Fitz then asks him to beg for mercy. On the other hand, Ali seems to be facing some discomfort and decides to drive herself to the hospital. She finds Meghan standing outside her apartment and tells her she is going to the hospital. “Relax I’ll take you” Meghan says. On the way to the hospital, Ali reluctantly agrees to give Meghan some legal advice, in return for her favor, but only after she takes her to the hospital.

Meghan isn’t happy with the deal and turns the car around. Larry comes to meet Fitz and tells him he has broken into prison to save him. He informs Fitz that the Ruptals are selling the dealership. Larry tells Ken and Fitz that, he won’t help them get out till the two of them make up. Neither is in any mood to apologize. The two are as a result forced to apologize to each by a large inmate, who Larry has befriended. Larry, Josh, Ken and Fitz then decide to make it out of prison, though the passage made by Larry. The gang heads for the passage with prison guards behind them. The gang then thanks to passage makes it out of the prison. “I am so proud of us, working through our issues like a real family” Larry comments.

Once outside, they see a car approaching them, and sitting in it are Meghan and Ali. Ali tells Fitz that, she is having the baby. “Really? Now?” Fitz says. Larry, Ken and Fitz enter the car and drive away leaving Meghan and Josh behind. Josh then decides to escape the country and runs in a different direction, leaving Meghan behind.