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And Baby Makes... Fuck! (2) - Recap

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The episode begins with Ali being rushed to the hospital by Larry. Ken and Fitz are in the backseat looking completely baffled. Ali is in pain and says she needs drugs, for the pain. Fitz and Ken both have meth and hash on them and offer those to Ali. Ali can take it no more and asks Fitz to get out of the car. “I broke out of prison for you” he tells Ali. Ali is incredulous and comments on how Fitz has done nothing in life for anyone but himself. Ali says she will not allow Fitz to smear his failure all over their child. She then reiterates that, she wants Fitz out of the car, in the process also calling him a “loser”.

Fitz is visibly insulted at being called a loser and steps out of the car in anger. Larry goes after Fitz and tires to talk him. Fitz tells Larry, he can’t have his kid thinking “his old man is a loser”. Fitz concludes that, he has to get “the dealership back” from the Ruptal Brothers. “You get her to the hospital, I’ll take care of the dealership” Fitz tells Larry. Fitz then hitches a ride and leaves. Larry gets back into the car and tells Ken about Fitz’s plan. Ken isn’t happy to hear it and wants the dealership for himself. Ken then leaves to deal with this issue. Chester finds out from Meghan that, Ali is having the baby and Fitz and Ken are with her. Chester then throws Meghan in jail. Dot buys the dealership from the Ruptal Brothers.

After she leaves, Ruptal 2 tells Ruptal 1 that, Dot needs both their signatures in order for the deal to go though and she only has one of their signatures. Just then they receive a call from Ken, who says he wants to buy his dealership back. The Ruptals decide to sell the dealership “twice” and ask Ken to meet them. On the way, Ken is apprehended by a member of the “gay mob”. Fitz arrives at the dealership and runs into Josh who is skipping out of town. Fitz tells Josh he needs Josh’s help. Josh says he needs to get out of the country before he, “kills the Ruptals”. Fitz comments on how someone else will be sent to kill the Ruptals, even if Josh doesn’t kill them. Josh asks Fitz to help him save the Ruptals, but Fitz is more worried about getting the dealership back. Larry brings Ali to the Dealership just then.

He tells Fitz there is no time to take her to the hospital. Ali though, wants to go to the hospital and goes inside to call a cab. Later, Fitz tells the Ruptals that, Josh will have to kill them, if they don’t give him the dealership. Josh confirms the fact that he was commissioned to kill them. Ruptal 2 is hurt and tells Josh “I thought we were friends”. Fitz says he will get the brothers new identities, if they sign over the dealership to him. Fits also says, he will fake their deaths with Josh’s help. Ruptal 1 gives Fitz until “midnight” to carry out his plan. Ruptal 1 is overjoyed that he shall get to sell the dealership 3 times, but Ruptal 2 isn’t very happy and feels Josh betrayed him. Fitz gets a call from Ken and the gay mob, asking him to return the Wurlitzer that Ken stole.

Fitz tells Ken he will do it if, Ken gives up his bid for the dealership. Ken reluctantly agrees. Chester on the other hand, runs down Melody Gray who was reporting while standing in the middle of the road. Fitz and Larry find the Wurlitzer. Fitz feels that the Wurlitzer isn’t worth $40,000, and concludes there might be some sort of a scam. Fitz then opens the Wurlitzer and is overjoyed at what he sees and so is Larry. Josh in the meantime is trying to begin delivering Ali’s baby. The only problem is he doesn’t have any idea, as to how a baby should be delivered. Fitz returns the jukebox to the gay mob, but all they want is a vinyl record that’s there in it, as it has antique value. The mob takes the record and releases Ken.

Ken doesn’t keep his end of the bargain and rushes out to buy the dealership from the Ruptals. Later, Fitz shows the Ruptals the rare vinyl record that he has in his possession and can give it to them in return for the dealership. Turns out, the gay mob got the fake, thanks to Fitz. The Ruptals want the $300,000 that Ken is offering, plus the record, which would mean Fitz going into business with Ken. Fitz isn’t ready for this, but Larry talks Ken and Fitz into it. After the deal is sealed, Fitz arrives to deliver his baby. Eventually the baby is delivered and it’s a boy. Later, Josh gives the Ruptals their new identities. Ruptal 2 thanks Josh for saving their lives. Ken, Larry and Fitz celebrate getting the dealership back.

In the meantime, the Wurlitzer that is playing at the dealership short-circuits and catches fire. Dot arrives and shows the gang that she has bought the dealership. Larry points out that her contract is “unfinished” as it only has one signature. Dot is disappointed on realizing this but says “I still have Elaine’s shares, which makes us all partners”. The gang isn’t too happy to hear this.

Thanks to the Wurlitzer, the dealership is ablaze. Josh is happy that the Ruptals fake deaths now have a good alibi. Fitz arrives and is happy to see the dealership ablaze, because now he can build a dealership twice as big, with the insurance money. Ali on the other hand has kept the baby in Fitz’s car and left for good. The episode ends at this point.