Call Me Fitz

Call Me Fitz

A morally corrupt salesman has to deal with his conscience, which appears as a new partner in his car dealership.

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Prev: 4x10 -- A Very Special Fitzmas (2) (Dec/02/2013)

As Fitz regains his taste for the drink, Larry reunites the Fitzpatricks with the promise of a lost family fortune.

Jason PriestleyJason Priestley
As Richard 'Fitz' Fitzpatrick
Ernie GrunwaldErnie Grunwald
As Larry
Kathleen MunroeKathleen Munroe
As Ali Devon
Joanna CassidyJoanna Cassidy
As Elaine Fitzpatrick (S04-, recurring previously)


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3x12: And Baby Makes... Fuck! (2) recap: The episode begins with Ali being rushed to the hospital by Larry. Ken and Fitz are in the backseat looking completely baffled. Ali is in pain and says she needs drugs, for the pain. Fitz and Ken both have meth and hash on them and offer those to Ali. Ali can take it no more and asks Fitz to get out of the car. “I broke out of prison for you” he tells Ali. Ali is incredulous and comments on how Fitz has done nothing in life for anyone but himself. Ali says she will not allow Fitz to smear his failure all over their child. She then reiterates that, she wants Fitz out of the car, in the process also calling him a “loser”... read more.

3x11: And Baby Makes... Fuck! (1) recap: The episode begins with Fitz managing just fine in the slammer. His only rival there is Ken. Later Chester pays Fitz a visit, and tauntingly tells him how his seat in the council has been taken over by him. He also informs Fitz that, his hearing is being delayed by him. Larry then visits him. “I may have been slightly overzealous with my plan to reunite you with your father” Larry tells Fitz. Fitz is really angry with Larry and is therefore in no mood to talk to him. Josh on the other hand is in a quandary about his mission to kill the Ruptals... read more.

3x10: Apoca' Smokes Now recap: The episode begins with Fitz being sworn in as the new mayor. Ali is by his side during the ceremony, offering her full support. Larry, Ken and Dot are also in attendance and are apparently not happy with Fitz becoming the mayor. After he has taken the oath he is informed, “You are now the acting mayor of Coverton”. He and Ali then enter Town Hall hand in hand. Later, there is a celebration in honor of Fitz becoming the mayor. Fitz then begins his term as a mayor. Ken enters Fitz’s office and tells him, they both can milk this new position of his... read more.

3x9: Teetotal Recall recap: The episode begins with Fitz feeling like Genghis Kahn after winning the elections. Its Fitz’s first day at office. He enters a council meeting and mentions how he needs the sanction to open his bar. He is told by the head of the council in other words the mayor that, they are deadlocked on some other resolutions and hence all new resolutions will only be entertained after the ones at hand are resolved. Basically, he is told his petition would be heard in 3 years time. Later, Larry and Dot try to pacify Fitz in their respective ways. Fitz who is extremely frustrated fires Dot telling her that, being friends with her did not do him much good... read more.

3x8: Are You There God? I Need To Speak To Frank recap: The episode begins with Fitz praying to god. Fitz then illustrates his interpretation of the Ten Commandments. It is then shown that he was sitting in the loo praying to god, for a smooth bowel movement. The Ruptal Brothers are frustrated that Ken and Elaine have started their own religion to get around the contract Ken has with them. According to the new religion, a free car would be given for every $5000 donation. Along with the Ruptals, Fitz too seems worried with turn of events. Fitz asks Larry to go find out more, but Larry turns down the order outright... read more.
Recurring Guests

Husein Madhavji as Ruptal 1 (28 eps)
Shaun Shetty as Ruptal 2 (24 eps)
Amy Sloan as Dot Foxley (22 eps)
Jonathan Torrens as Chester Vince (12 eps)
Gillian Ferrier as Kara (10 eps)
Phyllis Ellis as Babs Devon (8 eps)
Joanna Cassidy as Elaine Fitzpatrick (7 eps)
Gabrielle Miller as Melody Gray (6 eps)
Brian Heighton as Charlie the Bartender (6 eps)
Jacob Robertson as Justin Fitzpatrick (6 eps)

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