The Sword and the Crown - Recap

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The scene opens with Arthur and Kay burying their mother. Arthur says that it is his fault. Merlin says that they will make this right, but tells him that he can’t be distracted. Arthur says that he wants to be alone with his mother and says that he will be back before sundown. Meanwhile, Morgan is cleaning King Lot’s sword and Morgan keeps thinking of Arthur. Morgan asks if Lot remembers when his parents died. He says that he killed them. At the beach, Arthur morns over the death of the only mother he knew while Merlin plans the strategy. He tells the men not to trust anyone. At the beach, a woman walks up to Arthur. It is the woman from his dreams. She puts a knife to his throat. He says that he had a vision of her. They talk on the beach and the woman says that Lot is going to go after him. A man yells for Arthur. He looks up and it is Hector, Arthur’s father. He says goodbye to the woman and asks for her name, but she doesn’t give it to him.

Arthur runs of to Hector and gives him a hug. Hector asks Merlin to help them and Merlin says that they will fight not in blood, but of guile. In the middle of the night, a sword traces Lot’s body. Morgan is standing over him with it. She goes out to the forest, draws something in the dirt and casts a spell. The trees rustle and Morgan says that Uther is dead, but there is another. She says that it is nearly the time. The next day, Kaye says that Arthur needs him and Merlin takes Arthur to the sword in the stone and says that no man has been able to pull it out of the rock. He says that the sword is to believed to belong to Mars, the god of war. Arthur isn’t too sure about it and Merlin asks when he is pulling when he needs to be pushing toward the goal. Kaye says that he has an idea. Meanwhile, Morgan goes out into her castle and finds an orgy going on. She goes up to the throne and tells Lot that he should be planning strategies and not ceremonies.

Back at the waterfall where the sword is, Kay throws a rope over a rock and ties the other end to Arthur. Meanwhile, Hector meets Lady Igraine and he says that he is happy to meet her. Suddenly a messenger comes in and says that someone is trying to get the Sword of the Gods. Right away, Hector knows that it is Arthur. Back with Arthur and Kaye, their plan works and Arthur goes to a place where he can get a hold on. As more people come to watch, Arthur finally reaches the sword. Something that Merlin asks about pushing instead of pulling comes to him and he pushes in the sword and then pulls it out, but he loses his footing and goes flying into the water, hitting a rock along the way. Leontes goes in to save his life. He pulls him out and Arthur is wounded, but alive. Meanwhile, a messenger goes to Morgan and Lot and says that Arthur pulled the Sword of the Gods out of the rock. Morgan gets upset with Lot and insults him. He is about to “assert” himself as the man, but Morgan tells him to do it. Lot figures he has a better plan to deal with her insubordination.

Back at the castle, Lady Igraine asks Merlin to do something and Merlin says that he can’t. She asks what Merlin is good for then. Lot takes Morgan out to a field and ties her up. He says that she will know who is in charge and will be back in the morning. They take turns watching Arthur and Igraine is the first. She asks for Arthur’s forgiveness for giving him up. Later that evening, Morgan talks again to nothing and asks who it is that is watching her. Back at the castle, Merlin tells Hector to rest and Hector says that he won’t have anymore death. Arthur awakens on Merlin’s watch and Merlin shows that he pulled the sword out of the stone. Merlin says that he was extraordinary. Lot meets Morgan and asks if they understand each other. She says that she does. Lot says that they are going to ride out and attack them. Meanwhile, Merlin gets Arthur ready to meet his subjects and Arthur realizes that Merlin helped him and suggests that Merlin was the one who created the legend. However, Merlin says that he got a bump on the head. Kaye and Hector come in followed by Leontes. Arthur thanks him.

Arthur walks out and Merlin shows that the people are showing their allegiance to Arthur. Merlin says that they are going to crown him. Morgan comes in and Merlin says that he will take care of it. She says that Lot is coming. He asks why she is telling him this and he grabs her hand. He sees a vision of what happened to her. He gathers the men together and they talk about how they need to protect the coronation of Arthur. Hector asks Arthur to make him his champion and he will avenge his mother’s death. The coronation begins and Arthur is crowned King of the Britons. Arthur says that he will have Kaye as General of Camelot and appoints Hector and Leontes as his champions. This whole time, Morgan, disguised as a little girl, is there. They celebrate and Arthur sees the woman from the beach again. He asks her name and she says that it is Guinevere. He tells her to come with him to a quieter place to talk. She tells Arthur that she liked what he said about Camelot being a family. He says that he had a fun time at the beach with her and says that the watchtower overlooks the beach. They go off and Merlin sees. Lady Igraine sits next to Merlin and says that Merlin doesn’t look a day older for 20 years. He says that it is not possible.

At the top of the castle, Guinevere says that all the responsibility is going to wear him down. She asks if the fall would kill Arthur and he says that he wouldn’t. She asks how deep it is down there and Arthur offers his hand. She says that if he jumps, she will. However, they don’t. Leontes comes up and Arthur asks if he knows Guinevere and he says that he doesn’t. However, when Arthur introduces them, Leontes says that Guinevere is actually his betrothed. Arthur says congratulations, but it is clear that he is not happy about it. Arthur comes down and sees strangers that he recognizes from Lot’s men. Arthur shouts that Lot is already there. The knights of Camelot circle Arthur and start battling. Lot comes up and tries to get to Arthur. Hector stands in his way and says that he is going to kill Lot. They fight, but it is Lot who wins. However, Hector walks up to Lot and stabs and kills him too. Arthur and Kaye run up to Hector and he dies in their arms.

Morgan sits down in the throne and says that she didn’t want to be in Lot’s allegiance any more anyways and that she will have to find some other way of taking the crown from Arthur. However, Arthur walks up to her and asks why they have to fight at all. He suggests that they rule together, but Morgan is not willing to compromise. She walks away and Merlin tells her that he knows the thing that Morgan is trying to find and tells her to stay away from it. However, she doesn’t listen and goes into the night and walks up to the thing that Merlin warned against. It is a black wolf and Morgan disrobes and asks what she has to do to get more from it. The episode ends.