Homecoming - Recap

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The scene opens with a visitor coming for see King Uther of Camelot. When Uther comes up, he recognizes her as Morgan, his daughter he had exiled. Lady Igraine comes in and Morgan is shocked that she is still living. Uther smacks her and says that Morgan will show her mother some respect. Morgan says that she is her step-mother. Igraine asks why she has come back and Morgan said that it is for an apology form Uther, but Uther says that she is not welcome in the castle. Igraine leaves too. A mysterious person is running through the forest while a little girl mixes potions. She gives it to a servant who in turn, gives it to Uther. Suddenly Uther gets poisoned. The man runs into the castle and it is Merlin. Lady Igraine asks him to help, but it is too late. Uther is going to die. He has Uther sign his Will and Testament. The little girl morphs and it was Morgan the entire time.

In a different part, a boy and girl are naked sitting in the grass and a man calls for Arthur, the boy in the grass. The girl is the other man’s girlfriend and the man is Arthur’s brother, Kay. He throws Arthur his clothes and says that a visitor needs him. Arthur says that he is sorry that it happened and Kay says that everything comes easy for Arthur. They get inside and Merlin comes up and says that he is the boy. Merlin says that Uther died and says that Arthur is Uther’s son. Arthur laughs, but his parents tell him that it is the truth. Merlin kneels to Arthur. Merlin says that details are not important, and Arthur’s dad says that he is sorry. Meanwhile, Morgan asks where Lady Igraine is and the servant says that she is in mourning. Morgan says that she is taking over and that he will answer to her now. Suddenly King Not enters and Morgan says that there is no reason for attacks and Morgan says that they can make an alliance with her. He laughs, and says that he can kill her. Morgan says that Lady Igraine is to be exiled and King Lot asks what makes Morgan so special.

At Arthur’s, he asks Merlin who he is and Merlin says that he was at Uther’s side when he died. Merlin shows the Will and Testament of Uther and shows his ring. Merlin brought Arthur to Hector so that he can raise him away from Uther. Arthur asks why him and Merlin says that he will tell him in time. Kay says that now he knows why they have always favored Arthur. He tells Arthur that he needs to take this opportunity and that it would be great for him. Kay admits that he would do it if it was offered to him. Arthur puts the ring around his neck in a necklace and gets ready. He goes up to his mother and says that she will always be his mother. He goes up to Hector and he tells Arthur never to think with his groin and always use his head. Arthur says that he can’t go without Kay and they agree. Meanwhile, Morgan and King Lot get “busy” and Morgan has King Lot swear by his blood to always be with her. The next day, Morgan watches as Lady Igraine leaves the castle. King Lot says that Morgan summoned him and seduced him and asks if there is an end to her ambition. She says that she needs a king. Morgan goes outside and tells Lady Igraine that it suits her as a peasant. She says that she did nothing to harm her. A messenger comes with a message from Merlin saying for Morgan to meet him to welcome the heir to the throne. Morgan tells King Lot that she has the claim and that it is only a game Merlin is playing.

In a field, Arthur goes up to Merlin and asks who is responsible for his birth. Merlin says that it was sorcery. Arthur tells him to prove it and Merlin says that he had a vision where there was a lot of blood. Merlin tells Arthur to concentrate on the present and not the past. They approach a ditch full of bodies and Merlin says that without a King, there will be carnage. Kay says that the dead need a Christian burial, but Merlin says that they can’t help them now. Arthur agrees. They come upon a village and a man tells them to keep riding through. However, when the man sees that it is Merlin, he invites him in. Later that night, Merlin says that Uther desired Igraine, a woman belonging to the Duke of Cornwall. Uther had him change him so that he looked like the Duke. He did so and Arthur asks why Merlin doesn’t still do magic and Merlin says that they cost. Arthur was Merlin’s payment and says that the realm needs a King that is like Arthur.

The next day they ride and Arthur stops to urinate. He hears a sword be removed from its sheath and a man tries to kill Arthur and Merlin recognizes him as a rider for King Lot. They ride on until they get to Camelot, a castle in ruins. Arthur is unimpressed and thought that he meant that there were armies and weapons and women. Merlin says that there are people waiting for them. They enter what used to be the grand hall and there meet with his knights of Camelot. Sir Leontes says that Uther was a great leader and they stand in service. Arthur says that he is humbled to stand before them. Merlin says that King Lot is among Arthur’s enemy and other rivals. He says that he invited them there so that they will know Arthur. Merlin takes Arthur to his chambers and Arthur asks about Uther and Merlin says “unyielding”. He says that Uther had an unyielding strength and that is what Arthur needs. Merlin says that Uther also had a daughter, Arthur’s half sister.

Outside the castle, Morgan says that Merlin had a power once and he hopes to awaken it. Morgan says that she scratch Arthur’s eyes. Morgan enters and Kay is shocked on how pretty she looks. Morgan smells Arthur and says that it is not Uther’s son. Arthur tries to be friendly, but Morgan says that he is not even convincing. Morgan asks why Merlin is doing this and Merlin says that Morgan should ask Arthur’s mother, Lady Igraine. She steps out and Morgan is angry that Igraine hid this from her. Lady Igraine walks up to Arthur and says that it is her son. King Lot walks out and Morgan tells Merlin that it is not the end. Later that night, Arthur says that Merlin told him that he changed Uther’s face. Lady Igraine says that Uther killed her husband and Uther became her husband. Merlin took Arthur from her and she was forbidden to search for him. Kay goes up to Arthur and asks how the meeting with his birth mother. They go to the top and see an etching from a Magnus Quintus. Leontes has been trailing Arthur and says that he believes in what Merlin is fighting for. He tells Arthur to trust his instincts.

As Arthur sleeps, he dreams of the girl from the beginning, Kay’s girl. Merlin is above him asking who she is. Kay runs in and tells Arthur to come. All of the enemies show up and Merlin tells him to show no fear. Merlin says that if he dies, the vision changes. Arthur puts on the ring and goes into the grand hall. Morgan gives Arthur a way out or stay and lose everything. King Lot says for him to speak and calls him a Beardless Bastard. Arthur says that they will swear allegiance to him and calls King Lot a Bearded Fool. He has his men bring in a man. King Lot says that Arthur killed his son. Arthur tells him that he attacked him. King Lot has his men bring in someone. It is their mother, Hector’s wife. He kills her and Arthur and Kay cry. Merlin tells them that this changes nothing. King Lot tells him that he will give him 5 days to grieve and then be gone. If they don’t leave, there will be more slaughter. The episode ends with Arthur asking Merlin what he did to him.