Three Journeys - Recap

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The scene opens with Guinevere remembering what her father used to tell her about wishes. She wakes up from her dream to have her servant, Bridgett telling her that a messenger is there. Meanwhile, Arthur’s men are putting up flags to mark Arthur’s territory. Gawain asks what the point is and Kaye says that it is to tell people that they are in Arthur’s kingdom and that they are protected. Merlin tells the men that they have a bigger mission to complete and says that they are going to Kaye’s hometown to collect books that Kaye’s father, Hector, kept there. He says that they are as valuable to them as gold. Leonetes asks if Kaye is alright. He says that he is. He just thought he would never go back there. Arthur tells servants that there needs to be changes and that the roof needs to be thatched. Bridgett comes up and tells Arthur that Guinevere is gone and says that a messenger knows. Arthur talks to him and he says that she went to see her father, who is sick and dying. Arthur rides out.

Meanwhile, Morgan has guests that want her influence and Cybil tells that she will grow from this. Morgan has a mother and father of a boy approach and the mother says that the father wants to have their son work on his farm even though he ran off with another woman. Morgan says that she will buy him off of them. The mother is against it, but the father starts to bargain with Morgan. After concluding on the supposed deal, Morgan says that the boy is to stay with his mother because the father isn’t fit to be a father. Morgan tells the boy that he has a good mother and says for him to cherish her. Merlin and the knights arrive at a town and find it has been attacked. They find a man dying on the ground. He asks about his wife, but she is dead. Kaye looks to Merlin saying that he can save him, but Merlin says that he can’t. Gawain offers to speed up the man’s death. Meanwhile, Guinevere is setting up to ride when Arthur rides up. He says that it isn’t safe and a villager says that it isn’t safe through the woods. Arthur asks how long it has been dangerous and she says that the king is not doing his job. Arthur says that he will accompany Guinevere and says that they will take the coast and he says that he will take her to her father and says that the past is done with.

Back at Morgan’s castle, a veiled woman walks in with some followers and demands to see Morgan. She says that she needs to see them now. On the road, Arthur and Guinevere talk about what the woman said about Arthur not doing his job. Guinevere says that he is doing a good job because he knows the people and he cares. At Morgan’s, Cybil asks why she shies away from her powers. Morgan gets word that the woman who wants to meet with her says that she is in terrible danger. Meanwhile, Arthur asks if she is thinking of her father and says that they will get to him. She asks if Arthur would want his old life back and Arthur says that he loves his new life. Morgan walks out and talks to the woman and she says that Morgan harbors a devil. The woman removes her veil and she is burned on the side of her face. The woman says that her daughter was in the church when the fire started. She was burned alive inside and the woman says that she couldn’t get to her. She accuses Cybil of setting the fire. Morgan asks what she wants and the woman says that she wants restitution and asks to have Cybil executed. Morgan walks off.

Arthur and Guinevere get to the beach and set up camp. Arthur asks how Guinevere’s swim was and she says that she loses herself and forgets the world for once. Back at Merlin’s camp, Gawain asks why Merlin couldn’t save the man and he talks about how there are forces in the world where he can shape them to his will, but tells that it costs. Leontes says that he sees Merlin more as an angel and not a sorcerer. Back at Morgan’s, she is upset that now there is bad news just when she is trying to secure allies with the people. She gets angry about the fact that Cybil didn’t tell her about it and says that the facts need to be heard. Vivian asks if that is wise and she says that they will uncover the truth. On the beach, Arthur and Guinevere talk about the stars and Guinevere thanks Arthur for his company. The next morning, there are bandits on the beach and Arthur kills them after a quick fight. Merlin and the knights arrive at Kaye’s hometown, but find that the books are gone. Merlin doesn’t believe it and says that it doesn’t make sense. Meanwhile, the trial of Cybil begins and she says that she is sorry that the fire was started. She says that there was a ritual every year and only a few knew of the necessity of the ritual and a priest was going to uncover it and she started the fire to destroy the evidence. However, the woman doesn’t care and demands and execution. Morgan says that she needs time.

Arthur and Guinevere arrive and find her Aunt there. She says that her father is holding on for her. He says that he is glad that she came and says that he has missed her. As he dies, she recites the story of Artimus to him as he did to her when she was a child. She walks out to Arthur and morns the death of her father. Gawain talks with Merlin and asks why he won’t use his skills and he reminds him that he loathes this power and it terrifies him. He says that it pulls him to the dark and Gawain says that he should learn to control it then. Morgan meets with Cybil and asks why she didn’t tell her. She says that she wanted to, but couldn’t. Cybil says that they shouldn’t let this “misunderstanding” push them off course. Guinevere gets ready to leave and thanks people for being there for her father. Arthur says that death could be the greatest good for them and quotes Cicero. Meanwhile, Kaye dreams of his father and sees him. He walks out of the castle and finds a trap door outside. He goes in and finds that the books were hidden near the grounds the entire time. Gawain compliments the books and Leontes asks how Kaye knew where to look and Kaye smiles. Later on the beach, Guinevere asks Arthur to hold her through the night and Guinevere says that the stars are those who have passed on. Arthur says that he likes that.

Later, Leontes is injured and says that a deer threw him off his horse. Gawain says that they have to reset it, but he won’t let them. Merlin forces Leontes to look at the leaves for a distraction. Merlin is making them catch fire and Gawain resets the shoulder. Leontes says that Merlin is really an angel. Meanwhile, Morgan says that the punishment is fitting an appropriate and puts Cybil’s hand in the fire. She says that is the retribution. However, the woman wants more. Morgan says that is all she is going to do and says that if she is challenged, she will face her guards. The woman leaves. Arthur and Guinevere look at the castle from a distance and kiss each other. At Morgan’s castle, she is putting water on Cybil’s burn and Cybil thanks her. Later, Arthur marvels at the books that they got and says that it is exactly what they need. Kaye tells that the village was beautiful. Leontes thanks Arthur for watching over Guinevere and Arthur tells the men to plant more banners. Arthur says that the roof is not to be repaired because they need to remember who is watching over them. The episode ends with Guinevere and Arthur looking at the stars.