Igraine - Recap

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The scene opens with Morgan, disguised as Igraine, taking a bath. She gets out and practices her greeting. Meanwhile, the real Igraine is being locked in the dungeon of Pendragon Castle and Sybil says that she is safe now. As Morgan practices her greeting, Merlin comes in tells her “Good Morning”. At Pendragon Castle, Vivian comes in and Sybil asks how absolute her loyalty and says that Morgan requests that Vivian accept Sybil’s requests no matter what. She tells that she needs someone she can trust. Merlin talks to the fake Igraine and tells her that he is open to what they have discussed and tells that he is out of practice. Back at the Pendragon Castle, Vivian realizes that Igraine is in the dungeon. She is shocked. Back at Camelot, the fake Igraine walks the halls and greets everyone. She goes up to Arthur and he thanks her for her help. She sees Guienevere and follows her outside the castle.

Arthur meets Guienevere outside and he tells that he shouldn’t have said what he said, but he meant it. Guienevere tells him that it will never happen. Arthur says that he is sorry for telling her. The fake Igraine goes inside and a little boy, Grimhold tells her that he has been waiting. They go back to his room and play with his castle. Grimhold tells that Igraine could be his queen when he grows up. He asks if the fake Igraine is lonely because her eyes look so sad. She says that she can’t because she has a friend like him. Back at Pendragon Castle, Igraine asks Sybil why she is there. She asks why Igraine didn’t accept Morgan when she returned to the castle. Sybil insults her and Igraine wraps the chains around her neck and threatens to kill her, but the plan doesn’t go to Igraine’s plan and Sybil is released. She tells Vivian and the guard to not listen to her. Meanwhile, Arthur and his knights are out and talk about what they want to achieve and how the people are the key to things. Brastias tells that they are hunting and Leontes tells that whoever gets the bigger catch wins.

Back at Camelot, the fake Igraine goes into Morgan’s room and sees the different drawings. He is there and says that he had more thoughts. Merlin says that Morgan is toying with them and says that she wants the crown still. Merlin says that they need to execute Morgan at the next chance they get. The fake Igraine asks why and Merlin says that they need to cut off their enemies as quick as possible. The fake Igraine says that Morgan is just misunderstood because Uther beat her and humiliated her too. Merlin says that he wishes Morgan was there to see what they are trying to do. He asks if she brought the food and he says that they need to surprise him. Meanwhile, Leontes and Arthur are hunting and Kaye causes two birds to come out. Both Leontes and Arthur hit their target. Back at Camelot, the fake Igraine starts to have pains from being transformed. Merlin knocks on her door and asks if she is ready. She composes herself and goes out. Back in the woods, Gawain and two other knights spot a deer. They get above it and kill it.

At Camelot, the fake Igraine escorts Redwald to Merlin and he says that Redwald never knew his birthday. Merlin says that it is today and gives him a present. It is wooden dolls for his castle. He sits down and tells Redwald the story of Camelot. Meanwhile at Pendragon Castle, Igraine tells the guard that is posted out the door that bad things are going to happen to them. He tells Igraine to save her energy. In the forest, Arthur and his men gather to find that Gawain’s group got the bigger game. At the same moment, there is a creature watching them. Arthur talks about a Council of Champions and back at Camelot, Merlin and the fake Igraine put Redwald to sleep. She tells Merlin that he is good with him. Merlin tells that she can ask him anything. She asks what he thinks about her and he tells that knowing is not important and the fake Igraine tells that she knows who she is and they are about to kiss, but Merlin is scared that he will lose control. He says goodnight to her and walks away. In the forest, Leontes sees the creature that has been watching them. It is a wolf. He reaches for his bow and the wolf disappears. He turns around and it is in front of him. He reaches for his sword, but it is gone. It is a sign to him.

Later that night at Camelot, the fake Igraine starts to change over back to Morgan and Redwald sees her. He tells that he is going to get Merlin and she grabs him and tells him not to. Redwald’s shirt rips and he falls to his death. The next day in the forest, Arthur and the knights pack up. Leontes tells about the wolf and that it is a sign. At Camelot, the fake Igraine leads Merlin to Redwald’s body. He tells that he will find out who killed him. The fake Igraine tries to tell him that he probably fell, but Merlin doesn’t believe that. At Pendragon Castle, Igraine talks to the guard and recognizes him to be Donald, the Blacksmith’s son. He tries to ignore her charms, but Igraine tells him that she will do anything to get out of there. He opens the door and walks in. Back at Camelot, Guinevere cleans up Redwald and the fake Igraine asks what happened between her and Arthur. She confesses that she had an affair with Arthur on the day of her wedding. She tells her not to tell and the fake Igraine tells that she won’t. Back at Pendragon Castle, Donald takes what he wants and starts to get “busy” with Igraine. She stabs him repeatedly and runs off.

Back at Camelot, Leontes is praying and the fake Igraine lets it slip purposely that Guinevere and Arthur had a fling together on day of his and Guinevere’s wedding. She runs off without saying another word. Meanwhile, Igraine runs off and gets a robe. She turns around to find Vivian there. However, Vivian turns back around and ignores that Igraine was there. She takes a horse and rides away. Back at Camelot, the fake Igraine goes to her room and Merlin is there. He says that he wants to try to be in control and seduces who he thinks is Igraine. The real Igraine rides to Camelot. She enters the castle and runs to the courtyard to find herself standing face to face with herself. The episode ends.