The Battle of Bardon Pass - Recap

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The scene opens with Igraine looking at herself face to face. She asks herself if she has gone mad. She touches herself and realizes that it is a real person not realizing that it is Morgan in disguise. The fake Igraine tells the real Igraine that she is her damaged soul. She runs off and meanwhile, Morgan changes back and rides from Camelot. In the village of Bardon Pass, a boy named Albian and a group of soldiers are playing around when a boy sees riders approaching. The men kill the soldiers that guard the outpost. The boy runs to his father and he is told to ride to warn King Arthur of the attack. Albian rides and the men don’t stop him because he is doing exactly what he wants. Back at the castle, Igraine goes to her room and Merlin is still there. He asks what has happened to her and she tells that she was at Castle Pendragon and was locked up. Merlin tells that she was with him last night. Merlin realizes that it was Morgan who tricked him and he tells that he is going to make things right.

Morgan gets back to Castle Pendragon and she says Sybil that everyone is going to think that she has gone mad. Back at Camelot, Leontes and Guinevere talk and Leontes asks her to swear on the Bible that nothing happened. However, she can’t do it and says that it wasn’t anything. She tells that before they were married, she slept with Arthur. He asks when and she tells him that it was on their wedding day. He tells her that he is not his wife and leaves the room. Merlin bumps into Leontes in the hall and asks where he is going. Leontes tells that he is to find the King. Merlin forbids it and asks why. Leontes tells that Arthur had Guinevere on his wedding day. Merlin tells that he will deal with the King. He tells Leontes and let Guinevere tell about it. Back at Morgan’s, Sybil tells that plans are already in action and Morgan talks to villagers and tell them that she needs people who are going to be her captains instead of payment. They agree and bow at her feet.

Guinevere pulls Arthur to the side and tells that Leontes knows about her and him. He asks how and she tells that he already knew. Arthur tells that he needs to tell Leontes that it was his fault. He tells that it will be alright, but Guinevere doesn’t believe that. Back at Morgan’s Castle, Morgan is underwater and Sybil tells Vivian that she is practicing. She tells that Igraine thinks that she has gone mad and no one will believe her. At Camelot, Merlin tells that no one is to speak to the King until he does. Igraine didn’t think that anything was going on between Arthur and Guinevere. He tells Igraine that she needs to talk to the people and get their trust. Albian arrives at Camelot, but the guards tell that the King is busy. Back at Castle Pendragon and Morgan tells that women are the rightful rulers and tells Sybil to invite their friends. Back at Camelot, Guinevere tries to explain herself, but Leontes doesn’t want anything to do with it. She kisses him and she tells Leontes to make love to her. Leontes asks if that is what she told Arthur and suggests that she and him made love when they went to visit her father. She swears on her honor, but Leontes says that she gave her honor to Arthur. She tries to gain his favor, but Leontes tells her that he doesn’t know how to forgive her for this. She asks what made him ask her and he says that Igraine told him something. She tells that she would have lied so that she wouldn’t hurt him, but that is not what Leontes wants to hear.

Merlin finds Arthur and hits him. Arthur tells that he wanted to protect her and Merlin tells him to cover it up or risk losing everything. Albian speaks to Merlin and Arthur through a window and tells that his family is under attack. He tells the men that they need to ride out and protect Bardon Pass. Merlin tells Leontes to get to Bardon Pass, but he tells that he is going to his village. Merlin tells him that he has a duty to his men. He tells that after he gets back, he is done with Camelot. Igraine tries to stop going after the men and she tells that she is not listening to Igraine again. Igraine says that she didn’t tell Leontes and that there are things that have gone on that are bad. Guinevere tells that Leontes forgot his Bible and tells that he never leaves without it. The men assemble and Merlin tells Gawain if Leontes or anyone goes to harm the King, do what he has to do. Meanwhile, Morgan gathers the villagers and tells them that they need to have patience with Arthur and she tells that Merlin, Arthur’s sorcerer is mad and says that their King will keep him in check.

Back at Camelot, Igraine tells Merlin that she is going with Merlin and tells that she is sorry that she wasn’t there when Merlin made love to her. Merlin tells that they are going to drag Morgan back to Camelot. Arthur and his men arrive at Bardon Pass and move on the back side of the village. The men climb up and Arthur is about to fall when Leontes offers his hand. They put up the banner and Morgan’s men prepare. The main man tells that Arthur’s men are extremely well trained. Later, Merlin and Igraine arrive at Castle Pendragon and calls for Morgan. She comes out and pretends to be kind and generous to the people. The people deny it and Igraine tells that she was being held and there were markings in the room. However, when she shows the room, it is a room of prayer now. Morgan tells Sybil that she will answer to the King. Back at Bardon Pass, Arthur tries to talk to Leontes and tells him not to blame Guinevere. He spits at him. Back at Castle Pendragon, Merlin tells that he will take Morgan by force, but Morgan’s followers don’t allow it. Sybil tells the guards to hold Merlin and Igraine. In the dungeon, Sybil tells that people have lost faith in the King and says that they have nowhere to go now. Merlin tries to figure out Sybil, but she is not talking. Merlin says that he has patience.

Kaye sees that something is bothering Leontes and asks what is wrong. He says that it is nothing. Guinevere rides toward Bardon Pass and Leontes and Arthur go out to save her. She is unharmed by the falling arrows. Kaye asks Arthur what he did and Arthur confesses that he had Guinevere before Leontes. Kaye walks off and Arthur tries to explain himself and tells that he loves Guinevere. Kaye tells that they can’t ignore that and it is the same as they were kids. He says that he is not a worthy King or a worthy brother. Morgan ties Merlin and Igraine behind a horse and tells the villagers that she is taking them to Camelot to expose the corruption. Back at Bardon Pass, Guinevere tells that she made a promise in front of God on their wedding day. She tells that he forgot his Bible and he tells her to keep it. She tells that it is his and he tells that she was his too once. Morgan walks through villages and spreads the lie that Merlin and Igraine are traitors to the King. Meanwhile, the battle of Bardon Pass begins and Arthur and his men drive Morgan’s men back. Kaye is shot with an arrow when he turns around. They take Kaye in and Arthur tells the men to retreat and Arthur says that he is going to create a diversion.

They get the men out and Arthur tells them to get a move on. Gawain tells that he is not going to set everything strait by making some stupid gesture. He says that he will be right behind them and that it will be alright. Kaye looks up at Arthur and he walks off over the mound and yells at Morgan’s men and calls them cowards. However, the leader tells that Arthur is going to die tonight so that he can get his sword from him and deliver it to Morgan. Arthur is all alone now and he kneels with his sword and tells himself that it is “to the death”. The episode ends.