Reckoning - Recap

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The scene opens at Bardon Pass where Harwell is talking to his men about what their next plan is. He says that they are going to send someone in to see how many men are in there. Meanwhile, the men arrive at an outpost and Leontes says that they should shelter and heal the wounded. Back at Bardon Pass, a single soldier comes and Arthur attacks and kills him. Arthur prepares for a battle by making a variety of traps that will kill his opponent. Back at the outpost, Gawain says that Arthur stayed behind to prove himself and Guinevere asks how many Arthur is up against. Wallace goes up to Harwell and says that it has been too long. Harwell says that it is his turn now. He and a few men come into the barrier and Arthur kills them one by one until his feet are wrapped up and he falls. They take Arthur’s sword away from him and Wallace says that he will finish off Arthur, but Arthur manages to get free and the trap trips up Wallace. The sword is delivered to Harwell and he tells the soldier to deliver it to Morgan as fast as he can. He says that he is going to put a torch to King Arthur’s body first before joining him.

At Camelot, Morgan comes in dragging Merlin and Igraine behind her horse and demands to see the King. Bridgett says that he is defending an attack on Bardon Pass. Morgan says that she has people who have been attacked in their villages that Arthur was meant to protect. Sybil says that Merlin and Igraine threatened Morgan’s life and Morgan says that her men can help and tells the people to restrain Merlin until Arthur returns. Back at the outpost, Guinevere tries to comfort the woman who was shot in the shoulder. Leontes comes up and says that she is doing the wrap wrong. He walks away without a word to Guinevere. Back at Camelot, Morgan takes over the castle by instructing people to go inside. Igraine asks why she is doing this and she says that she is worried about the realm. Morgan goes up to Merlin, who is in the stocks, and asks him if he enjoyed their time together. She plays with him and he tells her to leave Igraine alone. Back at Bardon Pass, Arthur gets Wallace to tell that they fight for Morgan and says that she told them to kill Arthur. He is stunned and doesn’t want to believe him and hits him unconscious.

Back at Camelot, Bridgett goes up to Merlin and says that she can’t go out of the castle. She asks why he doesn’t break free and Merlin says that they need the love of the people and that would be dumb to do. Inside, Morgan goes into Arthur’s room and sees the crown. The soldier from Bardon Pass comes in and gives Morgan the sword of Arthur. Thinking that Arthur is dead, she pretends to morn. However, Arthur is still in Bardon Pass preparing for more attacks. He sees reinforcements come for the opponent’s side. They attack Bardon Pass and Arthur sets traps that start to kill man after man. Suddenly, a man jumps behind Arthur. It is Leontes. They attack further and kill more men. The other knights arrive and start to kill the men. They force them to retreat. Feeling the victory, the men celebrate. However, Harwell sees the opportunity to draw an arrow. Leontes sees that Arthur is about to be killed and pushes him out of the way. He is shot with the arrow. Gawain runs after Harwell and kills him. Leontes tells Arthur to cherish Guinevere. The men get wood that surround a tree and put it on a wagon.

Back at Camelot, Sybil gets Merlin from the stocks and tells him that she thought that he would like to see this. They go inside and Morgan enters with Arthur’s sword. She says that Arthur is dead. The villagers get nervous and ask who will protect them now and who will be the new king. Sybil says that Morgan should be the one because she has the experience. She tries to object, but says that if the people will it, then it will be done. Morgan goes in to see Igraine and says that she is responsible for Uther not wanting her when she returned. Morgan stabs Igraine and says that she will die a slow death for that betrayal. However, Igraine tells her that she saved her and told the King to banish her rather than kill her like Uther did to Morgan’s mother. Morgan is shocked and tries to deny that what Igraine says is true. She goes to a corner and starts to self mutilate her wrist.

The knights get to the outpost and Guinevere sees that Leontes is dead and morns him. Later at Camelot, the coronation of Morgan as Queen of the Britons begins and just as Sybil places the crown on her head, someone claps. It is Arthur and he is upset that the people have turned on him so quickly. Morgan tries to greet Arthur, but he has nothing to do with her. He brings in Wallace who confirms that Morgan plotted against the King, but Sybil confesses that it was not Morgan’s idea, but hers. Morgan is shocked and Arthur reminds Morgan that the punishment of Treason is death. She is not affected. Merlin finds Igraine dying. He says that he is going to save her and starts to kill himself by using magic. She tells him to stop and says that she is ready to die. Later, they clean Igraine up and Arthur says goodbye to his birth mother.

Meanwhile, Gawain carries out Sybil’s punishment and tells her to kneel. Sybil says that she thought that Morgan would be there for her. She sees Merlin on top of the hill saying that there is no God and her head it cut off and her body falls into the shallow grave. Arthur goes in to see Morgan and says that he knows that she killed his mother and that is why he is removing the protection of Camelot and also taking away the name of Pendragon and says that she is not worthy of it. She says that it is her birthright, but he doesn’t car. Later, they clean up Leontes and burn the bodies in a ceremony. The knights assemble the pieces of wood that they gathered from the tree and form the round table. Merlin comes out and tells Arthur that he is leaving and says that he has suffered a lot. Morgan goes to Sybil’s grave and asks the mound what she should do. She hears the voice of Sybil that says for her to give birth to a King. Later that evening, Guinevere comes to Arthur’s room and says that she doesn’t want to be alone. They kiss and get “busy”. Afterward when Arthur is asleep, Guinevere’s nose starts to bleed, she runs out and it was really Morgan in disguise. She walks off and the episode ends.