The Mixer - Recap

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Kip is showering in one of the outdoor showers when Chloe sneaks in to recite some poetry to him. Standing on his truck, Cole unveils a dirty hot tub to Robbie and Sarah. They are unimpressed but agree to keep it secret while Cole goes to talk to Mack. She is worried about falling attendance at the camp.

Buzz excitedly informs Kip that he will be the DJ for the mixer. As they walk past the hot tub Buzz makes plans to be in it with multiple girls. Marina can't find her bathing suit and blames her cabin mates for taking it. They are taking the lifeguard test and make fun of Marina for working in the kitchen.

Mack announces that Camp Little Otter is hosting the summer mixer kick-off with Ridgefield. Marina and Kip are talking in the kitchen when Greg flirts with Marina. After he eaves Marina confesses to Kip that she has had a bad run with boys this year. Sarah delivers a letter to Mack from Ridgefield that outlines a list of food allowed at the mixer.

Mack and Sarah visit Roger over at Ridgefield to discuss the food list. While they are there Sarah meets up with Miguel and Mack runs into a family that has stayed at Little Otter for the last five years. They have decided to stay at Ridgefield from now on. Roger invites Mack to come over if she's ever feeling lonely.

Mack has a discussion about the lost family with Sheila, Raffi and Todd. They come up with Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream as the theme for the mixer. Kip helps Marina find a bathing suit so that she can try out for lifeguarding. She convinces him to try out with her.

Sarah receives a phone call from her swim coach but hangs up on him. Mack asks why and Sarah tells her that she was kicked off the team for a DUI and calling her coach a Nazi. So Mack tells her she'll join for a phone call. Sarah is allowed to rejoin the team if she submits to drug tests. She has 48 hours to make a decision. Their meeting is interrupted by the power going out due to a small electrical fire that is caused by Cole's hot tub being plugged in.

Kip is practising swimming in preparation for the life guard try outs but as Buzz points out he is not a very good swimmer. Greg is playing guitar for the popular girls out on the dock. Marina walks by and the girls make fun of her second hand bathing suit she found. To get back at them she asks Greg to put sunscreen on her back.

Buzz and Grace drop Mentos into pop to create a fountain and he tells Grace that he really needs to help his mom out with the upcoming mixer. Cole walks into Mack's office to apologize about blowing the power out earlier. Mack fears losing more customers because of not having a cell tower, it doesn't help that her husband has left her.

Sarah tells Robbie about how she was kicked off the swim team. Robbie tells her it doesn't matter to him if she is a swimmer or not. Kip has a confusing run in with Chloe about taking the lifeguard test. Sarah tells Marina to check the lost and found again. Marina is surprised to find a new bathing suit with a note from Sarah.

Mack boats over to Roger's to take him up on his offer but finds that he is already with a younger woman. This drives her to put up a cell tower. The day of the life guard test has finally come. Kip doesn't fare too well and is saved by Cole. The rest of those trying out get an automatic fail for not helping the drowning Kip. Cole tells Kip that it's okay if he failed to impress Marina this one time, there will be plenty more opportunities during the long summer.

Everyone is getting ready for the mixer. Sarah meets Miguel at the general store while buying cheap liquor. He knows where to get some better quality liquor. Buzz asks his mom not to interfere with his set list. At the mixer Buzz blasts very loud electronic music.Sarah and Miguel gather the good booze from Ridgefield and he tells her not to give up on her dreams. Cole and Robbie have a plan to make the party better. Mack tells Buzz to play her favourite song because no one likes the music he's playing. He reluctantly switches the music and it's at that moment that Cole and Robbie start spraying fog from under the floorboards of the dance hall.

Kip goes outside to comfort Marina after she leaves the mixer because she is embarrassed by the popular girls. Mack blows off Roger after she says she doesn't want the family back that left for Ridgefield. At the after party Buzz is in the hot tub chatting up a girl. Things go well until she vomits onto him.

The next day the cell tower is removed. Marina passed the lifeguard test after everyone had to retake it. Buzz complains to Kip about his failures with girls and Kip passes on the advice that Cole gave to him after failing to impress Marina.

Sarah is trying to get back onto the swim team and thanks Robbie for supporting her. Chloe visits Kip at his cabin, she thinks that his almost drowning was inspired by her poem. She kisses him and leaves. In the hot tub Mack asks Cole how he got the power back. He admits that he tapped into Ridgefield's power line.