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Camp: Heat Wave

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As a record-breaking heat wave descends upon Camp Little Otter, everyone tries their best to keep cool. Buzz, who is celebrating his 16th birthday, begins planning "the greatest party Little Otter has ever seen." Sarah’s trip over to Camp Ridgefield to borrow a much-needed generator gets interesting when she runs into her secret crush Miguel Santos. When Buzz spies Kip kissing Chloe, he is hurt that his friend didn’t share the news and retaliates by starting up a rousing game of "Truth or Dare," that is meant to humiliate Kip into confessing to everyone. Meanwhile, Mack gets an unwelcome surprise when her ex-husband gives Buzz the night vision goggles she had planned to give him for his birthday. Cole comes to her aid to help re-think a perfect birthday gift and the two spend a carefree afternoon in town.

Source: NBC