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Camp Lazlo: Snow Beans / Irreconcilable Dungferences

Snow Beans: The Squirrel Scouts and the Bean Scouts are going skiing at Mount Whitehead. While being there, Slinkman announces that Lumpus and Lazlo are beginners and must ski together.
Irreconcilable Dungferences: After Chip and Skip argue with each other when they are fly fishing, they decide to never speak to each other again. Skip plays with the Jelly Beans, but doesn't know that his brother, Chip is also playing with them. Now the Jelly Beans try to get them to have a "Perfect Buddy Match."

Episode Info  
Guest Stars
Tom KennyTom Kenny
voiced Fat Rabbit Man
Jeff BennettJeff Bennett
voiced Fish
Episode Notes
Lazlo and Lumpus are beginners. Scoutmaster Lumpus is one because of an incident that happened last year at Mount Whitehead.

Lumpus seems to be afraid of heights.

Chip is three seconds older than Skip.

Chip and Skip's heights are 6.1 ft.

Credits: Lumpus keeps falling down when trying to get on his skis while Lazlo says, "Pizza, french fries," while skiing down a slope.

Episode Quotes
Lazlo: I think we stopped.
Lumpus: What do you mean by stop?
Lazlo: Stop means---
Lumpus: (angrily) I know what stop means!!!

Lazlo: (To Ms. Doe) Hi, sweetie.

Cultural References
The episode title is a pun of a snow pea, a kind of pea with edible, flat pods.

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