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Season 5

The Return of Frank Cannon

A friend and comrade of Frank is believed to have committed suicide.
Guest Stars: William Smithers as William Barrett | Burr deBenning as Charles Kirkland | Arthur Hill as Dr. Curtis McDonald | Joanna Pettet as Alana Richardson | Ed Nelson as Mike Danvers | Diana Muldaur as Sally Bingham | James Hong as Yutong
Director: Corey Allen

98 :05x01 - Nightmare

Cannon receives a confession from a dying hitman who says he was responsible for the murder of his wife and daughter 14 years ago.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Allen (1) as Arlene Thompson Richards | Dean Santoro as Newscaster | Sidney Clute as Carl Pasky | Robert Doyle as Sterling | Joe De Santis as Benito Conforte | Harry Townes as Steve | Janet Ward as Wanda Baggett | John Macleon as Police Captain | John McMartin as Senator "Buck" Andrews

99 :05x02 - The Deadly Conspiracy

Frank Cannon and Barnaby Jones team up for an investigation of a murder at a big corporation in which a deliveryman was charged with the crime.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Bishop as Andrea Wayne | John Zaremba as Arthur Allen Royce | Ron Rifkin as Paul Goldberg | Hayden Rorke as Senator | Charles Durning as Don Corcoran | Diana Douglas as Alex Parks | Murray Hamilton as Bud McKenna | Barry Sullivan as Gordon McKenna | Sharon Acker as Laura Vaner
Director: Michael Caffey

100 :05x03 - The Wrong Medicine

Cannon investigates a doctors claim that he is innocent of a death he was charged with concerning a patient he was treating that had slipped into a diabetic coma. Cannon becomes involved in a medical malpractice suit when a young resident physician is charged with making the wrong diagnosis on a woman in an apparent diabetic coma who dies after his treatment. Hired by the hospital facing a two million dollar suit, Cannon hears testimony of the accused Dr. Jeff Reston, played by guest star David Birney, that the woman he treated wore a diabetic's bracelet. She was, in fact, suffering from hypoglycemia. But the bracelet disappeared and none of the nurses attending with Reston can back up his story. Reston then gives Cannon a motive for a possible conspiracy against him.
Guest Stars: Sheilah Wells as Amy Wilson | Ed Peck as Phil Corbett | Priscilla Pointer as Edith Cunningham | Janice Whitby as Nancy Harris | Eugene Peterson as Dr. Adam Chekko | James Rosin as Intern | Marianne McAndrew as Nurse Laura Hedding | Jack O'Halloran as Wally | Don Gordon as Mr. Tillis | Richard Jaeckel as Cy Carter | David Birney as Dr. Jeff Restin

101 :05x04 - The Iceman

Cannon reopens an investigation when he discovers a convicted man may be innocent, but then refuses parole. Robert Foxworth is the villain. He plays a murderer, an ex-Green Beret who served in Vietnam with overtones of CIA activity. The murdered man was Cannon's friend, and that brings him into the case. When the convicted murderer turns down a parole, Cannon becomes very curious.
Guest Stars: Andrew Parks as Jimmy Carver | John Milford as Bob Costigan | Robert Foxworth as Lanny McCrae | Dennis Patrick as Sturdevant | Margaret Impert as Sondra Munson | John Davey as Danny Fairchild | Paula Victor as Wilma | Brad Stevens as Hoyt Daley | Ted Kristian as Passenger | Paul Fierro as Frank Spinosa
Director: William Wiard

102 :05x05 - The Victim

Cannon investigates the story from a beaten woman who's friend, a famous pop singer, has disappeared somewheres in the Hollywood Hills area.
Guest Stars: Peggy Doyle as Mrs. Olsen | Bernard Fox as Allan Farrell | Alfred Ryder as Leonard | James T. Callahan as Jake | Jess Walton as Janet Elliot | Jack Collins (1) as Mr. Olsen | Vic Vallaro as Harry | Clint Young as Dunn | Milt Kogan as Doctor | Adrienne Marden as Mrs. Parker | Joe Bonny as Cabby | Donna Mills as Lena Michaels | Joel Fabiani as Sean Donohue
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

103 :05x06 - The Man Who Died Twice

With the help of his former police partner, Frank is asked by his former captain to reopen a case of a corrupt cop who has reappeared after being declared dead years ago.
Guest Stars: James Driskill (1) as Detective | James Gregory as Ed Madigan | Michael Baseleon as Harry | Paul Stewart (1) as Stan Holtz | Leslie Charleson as Susan Baylor | Robert F. Hoy as Jerry Musso | Douglas Hume as Club Attendant | Paul Lichtman as Detective | Joe E. Tata as Higgins | Marilyn Nix as Mrs. Crossland | Dante D'Andre as Maitre d' | Leslie Nielsen as Police Lieutenant
Director: William Wiard

104 :05x07 - A Touch of Venom

A group of terrorists have drugged Cannon with a poison, giving him 72 hours to give them a defector and receive the antidote or die.
Guest Stars: Gregory Rozakis as Warren Michaelson | Joella Deffenbaugh as Amanda Williams | Alan Manson as Dr. Norton Browdy | Leo Gordon as Jack Danvers | Robert Karnes as Joseph Matthews | Bill Zuckert as Fred Selberg | Sondra Locke as Stacey Murdock | Robert F. Simon as Senator Murdock | Marland Proctor as Officer Schultz | Brendan Burns (1) as Gus Porter | Catherine Burns as Leslie | Frank Killmond as Simon Margolis | Frank Ramírez as Manuel Ortega | Wings Livinryte as Ethan Morse | Jason Kincaid as Fiat Driver | William Martel as Officer Harris

105 :05x08 - Man in the Middle

As a last request, Frank's former police mentor has asked him to go to Mexico and retrieve his son.
Guest Stars: Lou Peralta as Julio Ganida | Stuart Whitman as Nelson Brill | Chris Robinson (1) as Ernie Morgan | Christine Avila as Maria Morgan | William Jordan as Holt | James McCallion as Walt Morgan | Abel Franco as Molina | Natividad Vacio as Paco Barriga | Ray Victor as Peralta | Robert Tafur as Melendez | Corey Rand as Rodero | Michael Pascal as Padre Perez
Director: Allen Reisner

106 :05x09 - Fall Guy

Cannon has been hired when a VP of a petroleum company is charged with misappropriation of funds and faces dismissal and prison time.
Guest Stars: Denny Miller as Phil Sedakis | Paul Vaughn as Sid Dorland | Ed Call as Reception Guard | Vera Miles as Vivian Kaid | John Lehne as Andrew Kaid | Alan Feinstein as Mike Marsh | Kelley Miles as Marian Bedford | John Len as Andrew Kaid | Curt Lowens as Guy Andre | Alan Mandell as Billings | Patti Heider as Linda | Lola Mason as Talcott
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

107 :05x10 - The Melted Man

Cannon investigates when an heiress finds an ax buried into the head of a snowman outside of her home.
Guest Stars: Diana Hyland as Nedra Cameron | Victor Mohica as Steve Portugal | Midori as Madame Soong | Larry Ward as Sheriff Martin Slade | James Hong as Quan Lee | Jenny Sullivan as Casey Cameron | Keye Luke as Lu Chin | Kaz Garas as Rod Lyman | Frank Michael Liu as Ling Po | Richard Narita as Tang Ho | Rob Hughes (2) as Deputy Joe Morgan | Louie Elias as Michaels
Director: Leo Penn

108 :05x11 - Wedding March

Cannon is asked to find out if a judges fiance is responsible for him being compromised.
Guest Stars: Michael Alaimo as Lawyer | Dan Magiera as Pimp | Irene Gilbert as Secretary | Brick Huston as Gantman | Hollis Irving as Margaret Burke | Billy Beck as Cabbie | James Olson as Judge Norman Killian | Robert Brubaker as Minister | Joseph Burke as Mike Prochak | Tina Louise as Officer Nell Dexter | Julie Adams as Sylvia Killian | Paula Kelly (1) as Cora Blue | Jack Ging as Rick Harnie | Vic Tayback as Captain Marsh | Carmen Argenziano as Alex Shuller | Cherry Davis as Nancy Prochak
Director: Leo Penn
Writer: Brad Radnitz

109 :05x12 - The Hero

Frank investigates the death of a gang member, who seems to have been killed by the son of a General and war hero..
Guest Stars: Laurie Walker as Cult Member | Carl Weathers as Dan Holloway | Phillip Pine as Lt. Harry Gold | Art Hindle as Machner | Thom Christopher as Paul Rogan | Morgan Woodward as General Longman | Lee Purcell as Vickie | Dean Stockwell as Tom Longman | Deirdre Lenihan as Dana Longman | Buck Young as Bartender | Randolph Powell as Grant | Anthony Mumolo as Guard | Charles Howerton as 2nd Newsman | Ed Deemer as Park Guard | Al Hansen (1) as Plainclothesman | James Chandler as 1st Newsman | Mike Monahan as Policeman | John Petlock as Carew | Maurice Kowalewski as Miller | Katie Saylor as Ellen Marks
Director: William Wiard

110 :05x13 - To Still the Voice

Cannon is sent to investigate when a black community leader is murdered, just as he was to reveal a wrong doing.
Guest Stars: Marc Ross as Mike Devery | Jenny Sherman as Lee | Adrian Ricard as Willa Raymond | Michael Taylor (3) as Ferris | Charles Knox Robinson as Hank Colcutt | Mel Bryant as Maitre'd | Pamela Bellwood as Louise Bishop | Joe George (1) as Rafe Peccora | Elaine Giftos as Margaret | Carl Franklin as Garth Raymond | Richard Denter as DA Archie Allen | Herb Edelman as Jordan Price | Robert Puttin as Austin Bishop
Director: Leo Penn

111 :05x14 - The Star (1)

Frank is hired when the son of a former Hollywood movie star suddenly disappears.

Joan Fontaine guest stars as a former film great living in the past, but is abruptly brought back to reality by the disappearance of her son, who only recently returned from three years of international travel, in a special two-hour episode of "Cannon." William Wiard directed from a script by Margaret Armen.
Also guest starring, in alphabetical order, are Jack Carter, Linden Chiles, Dana Elcar, Richard Hatch, David Hedison, Michael McGuire and John Vernon.
Miss Fontaine, an Academy Award-winner making her
first dramatic television appearance in more than 15 years, portrays the imperious Thelma Kane, a faded movie star used to having her own way, who turns to Cannon, played by series star William Conrad, for help.
Guest Stars: Mary O'Brien as Marilee Burton | Linden Chiles as Ned Hurley | Richard Hatch (1) as Terence Robert Cain | John Carter as Hogan | David Hedison as David Farnum | Dana Elcar as John Brinegar | Richard Caine as Taliman | George Clifton as Boat Broker | Ross Bickell as Clements | Norman Stuart as Raymond | David Morick as Sgt. Blaine | Richard Lawrence Williams as Curtis | Mickey Gatlin as Ian Reilly | Morgan Farley as Priest | Hank Brandt as Lt. James | David White (1) as Judge Barnett | John Vernon as Correll | Brian Culhane as Asner | Bernie Kuby as Counterman | Garry Walberg as Room Clerk | Paul Bryar as Wilson | Dennis Oliveri as Cabby | Scott Ellsworth as News Commentator | Victoria Thompson as Maria | Paul Cavonis as Gino Castagna | Ben Frank as Det. Lt. Bernie Hutton | Joan Fontaine as Thelma Cain | Karen Philipp as Sandra | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Gleason | Frank Christi as Lopez
Director: William Wiard

112 :05x15 - The Star (2)

Frank Cannon finds out that Terry is pursued because of some snapshots he took. With the help of the photos Cannon gets in the dark zone between organized crime and high politics. And this becomes extremely dangerous for him.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Gleason | Ben Frank as Det.Lt. Bernie Hutton | Frank Christi as Lopez | Paul Cavonis as Gino Castagna | Richard Bakalyan as Deiter | Michael McGuire as Tom Shaw | Richard Caine as Taliman | George Clifton as Boat Broker | Ross Bickell as Clements | Norman Stuart as Raymond | David Morick as Sgt. Blaine | Richard Lawrence Williams as Curtis | Mickey Gatlin as Ian Reilly | Morgan Farley as Priest | Mary O'Brien as Marilee Burton | Brian Culhane as Asner | John Vernon as Correll | Joan Fontaine as Thelma Cain | Richard Hatch (1) as Terence Robert Cain | David Hedison as David Farnum | Linden Chiles as Ned Hurley | Jack Carter as Hogan | Dana Elcar as John Brinegar | David White (1) as Judge Barnett | Bernie Kuby as Counterman | Garry Walberg as Room Clerk | Scott Ellsworth as News Commentator | Dennis Oliveri as Cabby | Victoria Thompson as Maria | Karen Philipp as Sandra
Director: William Wiard

113 :05x16 - The Games Children Play

Cannon is hired when the only witness to a robbery is a young child who blames an Arabian heir for the crime.
Guest Stars: Scott Ellsworth as Newscaster | Shirley O'Hara as Nurse | Joan Howard Maurer as Prince Ahmad El Mussein | George Planco as Foreman | Tony Gaznick as Man | Philip Larson as Det. Henderson | Ric Carrott as Policeman | Tony Cristino as Russo | Vince Martorano as Boruff | Thaao Penghlis as Yanni Psalidas | Fritz Weaver as Mr. Shumann | Norman Fell as Carl | Charles Drake as Dr. Martin Larkin | Herbie Furlong as Johnny | Paul Jenkins as Martin Spetler | Janet G. Montgomery as Ruth Malin
Director: William Wiard
Story: Jack Turley | Teleplay: Albert Aley

114 :05x17 - The Reformer

Cannon is hired when a crusading newspaper editor is found near a dead body, while drunk and unconscious in a hotel room.
Guest Stars: John Dullaghan as Mitch | James Nusser as Ryan | Steve Pendleton as Businessman | Marla Carlis as Hooker | Jette Seear as Karla Novakovitch | Lawrence Pressman as Kent Brady | Barney Phillips as Police Officer | Reid Cruickshanks as Sgt. Holden | Ed Fury as 1st Patrolman | Tim O'Connor as James Matthews | Ramon Bieri as Capt. Styles | Patricia Smith (1) as Emily Matthews | Otis Young as Kasiman Grant | Wallace Rooney as Blair Simmons
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

115 :05x18 - House of Cards

The accountant of Eden corporation has disappeared. And along with him three million dollars. Does unscrupulous branch manager Sheffield have have to do with the plot? Cannon comes across a discovery and suddenly local reporter Julie Foster also plays an important role.

116 :05x19 - Revenge

Cannon is haunted by the memories of his time in the Korean War.
Guest Stars: Clay Tanner as Capt. Middleman | Jason Johnson as Desk Clerk | James Lydon as Capt. Clawson | Bret Morrison as Judge | Scott Wells as Policeman | Andre De La Roche as Dao Lon | Jack Thibeau as Lt. Hobbes | Florence Sundstrom as Sgt. Mary | Jim Secrest as Doctor | Bartlett Robinson as Col. Ritchie | Kathleen O'Malley as Secretary | Jesse Dixon as Ho Nan | Gary Merrill as Andrew McGill | Frank DeKova as Lucius Delgado | Hari Rhodes as Police Lt. Dexter | Bert Freed as General Beardsley | Noah Keen as Jake Froemmer

117 :05x20 - Cry Wolf

A kidnapping with shady overtones compels a millionaire to hire Cannon for the investigation.
Guest Stars: Carl Benson as Glidden | Sterling Swanson as Lt. Nugent | Emilio Delgado as Dr. Guiterrez | George Margo as Police Sgt. Donner | Richard Ford Grayling as Sgt. Fisher | Joseph D'Alessio as Messenger | Leonard Stone as Sammy Elias | Michael Ebert as Gene Bernard | Ralph Bellamy as Benjamin Holbrook | Gary Lockwood as Mark Terrence | John David Carson as Benjy Holbrook III | Maria Grimm as Julie Armendez | James Keats as Jo Anne's brother | Laura Hippe as Jo Anne Wallace
Director: Lawrence Dobkin
Story: Carey Wilber | Teleplay: Stephen Kandel

118 :05x21 - Quasar Kill

Cannon investigates the mysterious death of a scientist who was killed by a laser beam.
Guest Stars: Virgil Frye as Deputy Sheriff | Owen Bush as Joe | Barry Cahill as Congressman Manly | Barry Delaney as Tony D'Angelo | Drew Denbaum as Bill | Stewart Steinberg as First Technician | Peter Brandon as Dr. John Golden | James Gammon as Sheriff Ryder | W.T. Zacha as Guard | Andrew Duggan as Dr. Laurence | Eric Braeden as Carl Bruckner | Keene Curtis as Sam | Helen Weston as Mrs. Golden | Joshua Bryant as Professor Egan
Director: William Wiard

119 :05x22 - Snap Shot

Cannon investigates when a former hitman seems to now be on someones wanted list.
Guest Stars: Ray Stewart as Hitman | Don Ross as Hotel Clerk | Jon Clemmer as Coach | Janice Durkin as Receptionist | Phil Hoover as Police Officer | Michael Masters as Bodyguard | Karmin Murcelo as Dr. Galavan | Paul Lukather as Dr. Andrew Stone | Reed Diamond as Mark | Robert Loggia as Johnny Behr | Madlyn Rhue as Phyllis Behr | Hari Rhodes as Lt. Dexter | Charles Knox Robinson as Ernie | Michael J. Margetta as Allan Behr | Gabelo Patashu as Borelli
Director: Michael Caffey

120 :05x23 - Point After Death

Cannon investigates the shooting death of the girlfriend of a former basketball star.
Guest Stars: Heather Lowe as Dory | Larry Carroll (1) as Sportscaster | Lee Duncan (1) as Player #24 | Prentiss Molden as Harris | Joann Hicks as Laurie Strickland | Mel Allen (2) as Guard | Steve Gravers as Det. Lt. Sam Blaine | Jo Anne Meredith as Eva Dunne | Richard A. Dysart as Hartford Dunne | Antoinette Bower as Karen Jennings | Scott Hylands as Joe Gantry | Peggy McCay as Nancy Strickland | Frank March as Col. Elliott Strickland | Richard O'Brien (2) as Coach Landon

121 :05x24 - Blood Lines

Cannon is hired by the wealthy family of a young man, who is assumed to have died from an accidental death in Acapulco.
Guest Stars: William Sylvester (1) as Elliot Markham | Ava Readdy as Darla | Alma Beltran as Eugenia | Eduard Ricard as Bell Captain | Judee Morton as Maid | Leslie Moonves as Pascual | Bruce M. Fischer as Director | Mark Schneider as George | Toni Barrell as Secretary | Priscilla Barnes as Linda | Robert Hays as Michael Narak | Robert Drivas as Unknown | Nancy Kovack as Unknown | Titos Vandis as Unknown | Pepe Serna as Unknown | Victor Holchak as Unknown | Frank Aletter as Unknown | Carlos Romero as Unknown | Picos Van Dies as Narak Sr. | Joe Maross as Kelly
Director: David Whorf

122 :05x25 - Mad Man

Cannon is hired to investigate when an Army researcher seems to have gone insane for no obvious reason. Another cry for help comes out of Cannon's past. A girl he once knew is concerned about her husband's -he's a research scientist- fits of irrational behavior. they touch on mind-boggling drugs here, a topical subject.
Guest Stars: Darlene Duralia as Nurse | Marvin Dean Stewart as MP Corporal | Mark Thomas (1) as Capt. Caivete | Mwako Cumbuka as Cpl. Powell | Quinn Redeker as Ben | Charles Aidman as Dr. Danvers | William Watson (2) as Sgt. Buck Martin | Alan Bergmann as Wilson Grovner | Claire Brennen as Janet Grovner | Peter Mark Richman as Col. Roy Haggard | Simon Scott as General Stevenson
Director: William Wiard
Warning: Cannon guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1971
Ended: March 03, 1976
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