The Reins of a Waterfall - Recap

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The media is going rampant over Amanda's confession regarding her daughter and there is talk of boycotting Daniel Graystone's holoband. Amanda herself is confronted as she passes by protesters as she leaves her hospital. A reporter asks her about the possibility of being fired and as Amanda states that she has resigned, a glass bottle is thrown and she is hit with some shards before she gets in her car and leaves.

At the Athena Academy, Lacy is harassed and given dirty looks by other students. One boy seems ready to give her sympathy before he agrees with a passing threat and retreats.

Daniel spars in a gym, as Xander urges him to do PR in order to get the recover the Graystone public image. He even has someone in mind for the job. Daniel is dead-set against the whole thing. As he exits the gym, his driver hands the keys off to Sam who takes Daniel in an alley and roughs him up before they are joined by Joseph. He wants to see his daughter's avatar and for Daniel to make one of his wife. Daniel explains that he can't make anymore because the programme was lost with Zoe's. Joseph is willing to buy this, but is adamant that his daughter's still exists. The Adamas leave, with Joseph demanding Daniel answer next time he calls, which he will.

William brings burritos for Taurons in the back of a seedy club. His uncle is annoyed that William skipped school altogether rather than waiting for them to call attendance. However, he is going to call in to tell the school that it's a day of devotion to Mars because Taurons are too much a minority for them to know better.

Daniel and Amanda return home and find they've both been injured. It's the consequence of Amanda's public claims and Daniel is reluctant to believe it, but relents.

In her office, Sister Clarice makes tea for Lacy and warns her that she and all the other could be linked to the bombing now that Zoe has been brought up. Clarice tries to nudge Lacy towards opening up to her, but Lacy is clearly uncomfortable with the notion and leaves after only a short stay.

Joseph is ordered to waits outside Judge Maximus's office because he's very upset. When Maximus comes out, they talk privately. Joseph is confused by the Judge's outrage as everything has been taken care of, including the "special delivery". The problem is that the two didn't talk about his latest client beforehand. Joseph, according to Maximus, is getting sloppy and it'll cost him double the usual - right out of his own pocket.

At the Caprica City Bureau of the Global Defense Department, Agents Duram and Youngblood are confronted in their office by Director Gara Singh over a year-old tape he found. It's of Youngblood interviewing a teenager over some explosives that were found in his backpack. The boy in the video is Ben Stark - misspelled with an 'e' at the end of his last name, thus causing it to be misfiled. Singh advice them to be more careful and leaves. Duram then destroys the tape and prepares to alert the media that the Graystone home has yet to be searched due to red tape.

Lacy gets a e-message from Zoe with a hyperlink she enters with the holoband. Zoe has accessed the V-world from Daniel's computer. Knowing that the room Daniel created is shared with the rest of the virtual world, the two look around for a room to the outside. Lacy brings up Clarice and her odd behaviour, but Zoe believes that there was a reason why she was cut off from the avatar. When Lacy finds the door and opens it, the light shines on a third girl in the room - Tamara. She is confused and the other girls assume that she is simply an original avatar. They then guide her out the door and into the V-Club. Zoe offers Tamara help, but she turns it down and ventures on her own. Elsewhere in the club, Lacy and Zoe later talk in a private room and where Zoe asks her to find a boy by the name of Keon Gatwick who knows about the transportation to a safehouse on Gemenon. Lacy has doubts, but Zoe reminds her not to let her down the same way she did the real Zoe.

Daniel is in talks with Cyrus and PR officer Priyah Magnus over the spike talk show host Baxter Sarno is receiving in ratings at the Graystones' expense. They insist he go and pinpoint Zoe's actions on her, so as to take it off the holoband. Daniel refuses to tatter his daughter in public, and the conversation ends when he requests their exit from his home.

In her home, Clarice puts on the holoband and enters a room to meet with someone named Alvo whose identity is revealed only through silhouette and distorted voice. They tell her that contact was ill advised, but she insists on reporting positive progress in acquiring the Zoe avatar. Yet, Alvo points out, the quest for apotheosis has resulted in a lose of control and unwanted exposure to the STO.

Back in reality, Lacy waits and tackles Keon to the ground - the same boy who gave her flack at school. She coerces him into admiting STO alliance and asks for help in getting something to Gemenon.

Daniel takes Joseph down into his lab, assuring him that the computer detected Tamara's avatar three hours earlier. However, when they enter the virtual room, Tamara is nowhere in sight and doesn't answer Joseph's calls. Daniel leaves to check the computer again and finds that it no longer reads her avatar. As far as they know, she's gone for good.

At the GDD office, Singh, Youngblood, and Duram are watching news coverage regarding a report to the Caprica Tribune about the red tape delaying a search on the Graystone premises. Thankfully for them, it's enough to get the search warrant.

Daniel watches more news on the Graystone backlash. He then calls Cyrus to have him booked on Sarno's show.

When Joseph returns home he takes his brother aside and suggestively requests Sam kill Amanda Graystone to bring "balance".