There Is Another Sky - Recap

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Sam shows up in Joseph's apartment to find William at home instead of school and his brother asleep on the couch. Sam gives him grief for his lax behaviour and proceeds to take William to school.

In the V-world Tamara walks in a caged hallway, pushing past people waiting in line before being stopped. She demands to see someone named Vesta who can help her get out. They allow her access and inside a large room where everyone is placing bets. Vesta sits at a table with three others, a wheel rests on the table with guns. The game begins, the wheel is spun, and everyone picks up the gun that rests before them. They put the guns to their head and on command they fire. The others smile in victory as one derezzes. It's explained to Tamara that the loser has been sent back to the real world. Realising that this is her ticket home, Tamara demands to play the game, but Vesta has little patience for the girl and shoots her. However, to everyone's astonishment, Tamara doesn't derez. Vesta and her underlings speculate as to how Tamara wasn't sent back, but whatever the issue is, Vesta won't help until she gets from her something she needs. She orders one named Heracles to get her cleaned up and new clothes.

Joseph gets a call from school. It seems William hasn't been in attendance for about a week. Joseph shows up at the club William has been working in and is furious, more so at Sam it seems than his son. Sam continues to criticise his brother, telling him that he has lost his son.

Both dressed in more retro-style clothing, Heracles leads Tamara into a different part of the V-world, a game called New Cap City. No one's won the game, so the objective isn't clear to anyone. Their mission is to swipe an avatar from Vesta's rival, Chiron, the best gamer in the city who's surrounded by heavy security. Tamara gets his attention by pretending to be a forgotten girlfriend. She then pulls out a gun, shooting one of the guards, but is fired on in response. Immediately, everyone pays attention to the fact that hasn't derezzed, and Heracles uses a device to quietly copy the avatar of a distracted Chiron. Heracles can now switch to Chiron's avatar and is able to walk right into his bank. He dismisses the guards, after which Tamara helps him enter the code he reads to access the vault, which proceeds to spew coins Heracles gathers. The victory is short-lived when an alarm goes off and two guards enter. They fire and for once, Tamara doesn't fall back to the floor. Instead, she somehow derezzes the guards.

After finding photos off himself, wife, and children on a fishing trip, Joseph takes William to a fishing spot to reconnect with his son. However, William is only embarrassed, especially as there are nearby kids who taunt him for being Tauron. Despite Joseph's insistence to ignore them, William takes action and hurls a rock at one boy before repeatedly beating him as Joseph tries to pull him off.

At Graystone Industries, Daniel confronts Cyrus over receiving the silent treatment. Cyrus finally lets him in on that the board of directors has called for an emergency meeting regarding Daniel's announcement on forfeiting the holoband's license. When he asks if there are enough votes to support his removal, Cyrus seems reluctant to answer. Inspired by Amanda's recounting of how he managed to beat the odds and make a successful deal that would shape his career, Daniel walks into the middle of the board meeting the next day with the U-87. He flat-out tells everyone that the holoband is dead. It's useless to try and hold on to it due to the increase in hacked sites. The future lies in the Cylon. Despite a heavy cost, the Cylon will be a tireless servant that will never question or deny orders. The profit will come in the demand to anthropomorphise the machine and thus connect to it. His presentation wins him enough votes to avoid getting the boot.

Tamara and Heracles meet with Vesta who has moved into Chiron's club for the transaction. Unfortunately, Vesta can't help her. Having looked into it, she's found out that Tamara Adams is dead. Distraught yet determined not to continue being a pawn in anymore of Vesta's schemes, she shoots everyone save only for Vesta and Heracles. Taking him aside, she orders him to leave the game and find her father. Once Heracles has derezzed, Tamara confronts Vesta and eliminates her.

Admitting that he is indeed losing William, Joseph is lost as to what to do, but Sam - both know what has to be done. A Tauron ritual is performed. Family and friends gather as Joseph and William sit before an altar with a photo of Shannon and Tamara. A ferryman stands before them and the father and son each present him with a coin for wife and sister, respectively. Agreeing that they now have passage and that both have allowed them to go and say goodbye, the ferryman promises them that they will live forever in peace and in their hearts. With Sam standing by, the ferryman proceeds to give Joseph a tattoo on his chest.

With the solemn service ended, everyone socialises and is smiling, including Joseph. He then answers the door where the teenager we know as Heracles from the V-world asks for Joseph. He tells him that Tamara is in the V-world and still believes that she's simply asleep. Shocked to hear that his daughter still exists, Joseph demands he take him to see her. However, Heracles races off after Joseph confirms that she's dead. He chases after him all the way out to the street, but is unable to keep up.

In New Cap City, Tamara walks down the empty streets, gun in hand.