Unvanquished - Recap

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A drunken Daniel watches news footage of Tomas Vergis's success in producing Cylons at Graystone Industries, an interview with GDD Agent Duram on the bombing of Clarice Willow's car, a Baxter Sarno monologue, and a Pyramid game with the successful Buccaneers under Vergis's ownership. He abruptly cuts the TV off when a traffic report talks of the Pantheon Bridge where his wife jumped off three weeks earlier.

A young girl is dropped off at the Atlas Arena hugging her mother before she goes, as if she's never going to see her again. On her way in, she exchanges an STO sign with a few other attendees. Clarice is also there, watching from a distance. The girl sits down in her seat and places a device under chair, one that is under the seat of a little girl whose father is also STO. As the game begins, they pray, and the bombs go off, destroying the stadium. On Gemenon, Clarice and a group of church leaders remove their holobands. One of them, Obal Ferras, is not impressed with how such a scenario could recruit new members. She continues by showing the same bombers, and several others, reborn into the V-world, rewarded in the belief in the one true God. Ending the second simulation, she tells the leaders that the virtual reality technology can validate faith and provide people the things God offers.

The next day, Daniel wakes up late and races to meet the Guatrau. With members of the Ha'la'tha present, including the Adamas, Daniel lays out his proposal. He wishes to regain his company from Vergis. In exchange, he wishes to recruit them in a business of recreating lost loved ones via virtual avatars. Daniel even makes an emotional reach to the Guatrau by bringing up his son who died a year ago. As a means of defeating grief, it has unlimited potential. Intrigued, the Guatrau has everyone leaves except for Joseph.

Clarice argues with Obal on the heaven designed by technology. He pines for the idea, not the reality, calling the virtual version "tacky." Clarice, however, believes it will unite the Twelve Colonies under God. Obal dismisses her as a worker for the STO and not in the business of saving souls. She then requests to see Mother.

The Guatrau asks Joseph about Daniel and his claims. Joseph believes that Daniel will use them and discard them. He then talks about the Tamara avatar, calling it "horrible." He believes that it's the Tauron way to grieve and move on. The Guatrau is pleased with his advise and tells him that Joseph will represent his interests. Outside, Joseph tells Daniel to go home and wait for their reply. Sam recognises that Joseph has been given a "bump."

On Gemenon, Obal sits with the blessed Mother over tea. She asks about Clarice's virtual heaven and Obal calls it blasphemy. He noticed during her rise in the STO training camps that Clarice was a zealot with delusions of grandeur. Having riled up the conclave, he warns that things could get ugly should she gain support of the STO higher-ups. Mother knows what he's getting at, and sanctions Clarice's assassination.

Joseph and Sam are at the Graystone home to talk with Daniel about the terms regarding their agreement. The Ha'la'tha will reach out to the board of directors to allow Daniel access to the work he needs. Daniel knows ahead of time that the Ha'la'tha will use his company until it's worthless, but hopes to convince the Guatrau to allow his business to run as usual. To prove his loyalty, they present Daniel with a detonator to a bomb that's in his mother's car. Joseph then slides the detonator to Daniel, to proverbially seal the deal with blood. It's too much for Daniel, however, and backs out. It's a bluff. It was a scenario to make Daniel understand what he's getting into. The Adamas leaves Daniel to rethink the deal.

Barnabas conducts a ritual where the members cut their hands and drain the blood into a bowl. Lacy is unfamiliar with it. When Barnabas questions her loyalty, she boldly takes the knife and cuts herself, then pours the blood to form the infinity symbol. Barnabas is pleased.

On Gemenon, Clarice is inside one of the tents of the soldiers and complains to a man named Diego. In addition to the church not liking to see STO resting in their room, he claims she is safer there amid hostile religious factions. He then tells her that Obal requested the Mother to have her killed. The church has utilised the STO to gain power, but now treats its militant arm like second-class citizens and has gotten too complacent amongst the polytheists. Clarice suggests a power takeover and begins to seduce Diego.

At Graystone Industries, Cyrus explains to Vergis that the U-87 is useless. Rather than simply boxing it, Vergis wants the machine melted down. Cyrus expresses relief of getting rid of the thing.

Clarice recollects Zoe coming to her over something she's discovered, but is broken off from the memory by Obal. He tells her that she is being allowed to talk with Mother. Walking the way there, Clarice explains the virtual programme can change the religion to building physical monuments to creating them in the sky. Obal then asks if her desires are to do God's work, or to be God. He proceeds to take her into the church where they are greeted with Diego and several other soldiers, and she realises that she's been set up. Other leaders gather around, as Mother watches from the balcony. Soon Diego grabs Obal, telling him that he's lost his way, and then stabs him. He holds Obal as the other leaders crowd him and takes their turns in stabbing him while a horrified Mother watches before fleeing. Diego allows Obal's lifeless body to fall, as Clarice approaches to stand over it.

Daniel leaves a video message to Amanda's machine, telling her that he misses her, before he is notified that Cyrus has arrived. Cyrus has told Daniel about Vergis's orders to melt the U-87. He's been able to produce Cylons because of the prototype's damage during the crash made the MCP copyable. However, they aren't sentient, but the military is nevertheless pleased because they've met their performance standards. Daniel is upset about Cyrus's seeming change of priorities. He wants Cyrus to go, but not before warning him to keep his head down.

Clarice walks in Mother's chamber as she burns letters of unknown nature. Mother is a little more willing to indulge Clarice and is prepared to hear her wishes for apotheosis. Clarice wants control over all STO cells on Caprica. The Mother's agreement visibly takes Clarice aback and is unprepared when Mother asks of anything else she needs, but is ready to make a list.

Daniel shakes hands with the Guatrau.

Cyrus has workers quietly box the U-87 and placed in deep storage.

In V-World, someone disguised in hood and cloak roams New Cap City when they're accosted by thugs. Asked if they're one of the "deadwalkers", she pulls back her hood to reveal that it's Zoe. They surround her and begin attacking when she fights back and pulls out a sword, eliminating them from the game, one-by-one until one remains. He approaches her, pointing a pistol at her head when Zoe is able to freeze him in his place, unable to even remove his holoband. She notices the 'T' tattooed on his forehead (seen on the other thugs) in the signature style of Tamara. She asks of her whereabouts, but he pleads ignorance and she allows him to leave, only to kill him.

Daniel's earlier message to Amanda is received in a cabin elsewhere, only it continues where he wishes to have her call him back. Amanda lays in bed, and begins recording a reply, telling him that she can't talk and is in need of time. Before she can finish, Clarice walks in the door and declares that it's good to be home.