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Things We Lock Away - Recap

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In New Cap City, a decrepit Atlas Arena is busy with an audience watching a couple of players battle it out to the death with swords. Soon Zoe enters the stage, demanding to see Tamara. However, they insist she play the game and readies to engage a couple of players in combat. She is then shot and falls to the ground in pain, with flashes of the fire she became trapped in when she was six-years-old. From the shadows emerges Tamara with shotgun in hand. In her wounded state, Zoe continues to flash back to the fire and then herself as a young girl, painting the house on fire. On the stairs, she sees what appears to be herself as a teenager, who apparently rescued and befriended the young Zoe. Back in the arena, she comes to and tries to reach out to Tamara because they both can't die. Just then, someone comes to her to deliver a newspaper clipping of the Maglev bombing having killed Tamara. Zoe tries to explain that she is only a copy and therefore not responsible, but Tamara doesn't buy it because she herself has all the same memories of the flesh-and-blood girl who died on the train. Zoe is then surrounded by players who lost someone on the train. One stabs her in the stomach with a knife and in her moment of pain, Zoe sees the same angelic being she first met as a little girl. They all then gang up and assault her.

Lacy is dragged to the Willow attic. She is given water, and follows with it are blurred visions and encounters with Nestor who first berates and then consoles her. She later manages to tear off a board, break the window, then yell for help before Olaf runs in and stops her. She drinks more water, then wakes up later and finds that the windows have all been boarded back up.

At Graystone Industries, Vergis is taken off-guard by a sudden emergency meeting by the board of directors to vote for Daniel's reinstatement as CEO. Later at his home, Daniel gets a call from Cyrus congratulating him, as the vote was unanimous in favour.

Mar-Beth questions Clarice's actions, but she seems fit only to answer to God. She leaves to return to the cabin where Amanda desperately searches for evidence, but comes up empty. She texts Duram, and he tells her to infiltrate Clarice's home. Later, the two are ready to leave. Amanda asks if she can stay at her home, but Clarice dismisses and notes that her family wouldn't like it.

At Joseph's apartment, Daniel is told that the transition isn't finished. He instantly knows this means killing Vergis. Joseph explains that Vergis is Tauron and would fight back if allowed to live. Daniel wants to be given the chance to talk to Vergis.

Amanda returns home, but Daniel is currently out.

Nestor tries to feed Lacy, but she demands only to eat until she sees Clarice and hears what she wants from her.

Following her beating from the angered players, Tamara returns to question why Zoe won't fight back. Zoe explains that she's tired of fighting, but Tamara suggests that it's because she knows she deserves it. Zoe turns to her counterpart for the answer. We see an earlier time when a teenage Zoe enters her father's lab to ask him to go snow-ramming. She notices the U-87 layout on Daniel's computer looks like what she used to draw when she was younger; Daniel suggests that he might have absorbed it subconsciously. Left alone, Zoe takes out her drawings that show the similarities to be a bit more than just passing. Zoe dismisses the idea of theft, but the other suggests outdoing Daniel by creating life. Sometime later, she uploads the avatar of herself. They meet in V-World. The avatar has all the same memories of Zoe, excluding creating herself, which didn't happen until after Zoe last scanned herself. Though limited in activity, she is nevertheless a perfect living person. Back in the present, the incorporeal Zoe reminds the avatar that she doesn't have to continue following the original Zoe. She can either continues to pay for her sins, or be her own person. With a new lease on her life, Zoe rises up, gets her sword, and engages in combat with Tamara, as the crowd cheers on. Zoe tries to plead with Tamara. Zoe believes that she has a purpose that's for more than the cheap entertainment in New Cap City. Tamara has her same abilities, and therefore seems to be meant to help her. The thought seems to sink in, as Zoe helps Tamara up, and the continue holding hands. From the sides, the other Zoe watches on approvingly.

Clarice is now with Lacy in the attic. She explains that she didn't know if she could be trusted. In order to prove this, she needs Lacy's help to recover Zoe's avatar programme, convincing her that it isn't a betrayal. Lacy tells her that the avatar was downloaded into the U-87, but was lost when it was destroyed. Clarice asks about a backup, but Lacy doesn't recall one. However, she then remembers that Zoe's infinity symbol pin could hold data on it, and is the only possible place any potential backup might be. Clarice thanks her, and Lacy wonders about what will happen to her. Clarice suggests going to Gemenon, which have STO training programmes. Lacy refuses, but Clarice convinces her that it's what's best for her given the feelings of her husbands.

Clarice visits Amanda at her home to continue befriending her. She wonders aloud if Amanda will ever recover Zoe's things from the GDD raid. Amanda doesn't care, but Clarice keeps pushing, trying to use the idea of memories attached to the things. Amanda plays into this by explaining that she believes it's destiny that brought them together to keep Zoe's memory alive, and is why she earlier asked about staying with her. Clarice is reeled in and brings Amanda to her home and clearly, yet quietly upset spouses.

Olaf forces Lacy in the back of the car. He tells her that it's a one-way trip, but he knows she'll be back and is looking forward to it.

At the Graystone residence, Daniel offers Vergis a large severance package as a sign of respect. Vergis doesn't accept it. The deal Daniel made with the Ha'la'tha doesn't allow for Vergis to live. Vergis takes out a dagger and offers Daniel the opportunity to "finish the job." Daniel refuses, offering to reason with the Guatrau, but Vergis knows that there is no reasoning. Vergis accepts his fate and is ready to control his "return to the soil," ready to choose the time and place of his death - that being at the hands of his enemy. Daniel, again turns down the act, and instead offers to make a pact to bring down the Ha'la'tha. Vergis reacts positively to the idea and wants to swear an oath on the blade. He offers it to Daniel who takes it by the handle. Vergis then grabs Daniel's hand, and aims the blade at his heart as he lurches forward and dies moments later. Daniel then calls Joseph. Shortly later, a couple of men from the Ha'la'tha take away Vergis's body and subsequently clean up the blood and evidence.