Blowback - Recap

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At a Caprican spaceport, Lacy meets a boy named Odin Sinclair who's there because of his fervently religious parents. Diego rounds them up along with other recruits on a jumpship. Shortly after take-off, Lacy notices another ship flying nearby in the window. It suddenly hitches onto theirs and is soon boarded by hijackers who kill the STO trainers. The hijackers are polytheists and begin making demands on the phone to an unspecified authority. They make an example of one boy as he pleads for his life as they take him into another part of the ship where he is airlocked shortly afterwards. As the hijackers continue to make demands, Odin has discovered a bar that is loose, but needs time to loosen it behind the hijackers' backs. One recruit saves his life by denouncing the One God and is taken to be treated with care. Another stands up, but instead denounces the false gods before she is airlocked. Odin and Lacy are overheard talking and Lacy is then taken to be airlocked. She attacks Odin for buying his time, allowing the hijackers to get close enough for all the recruits to make their move. The tables have turned as the recruits begin fighting back, but are stopped by none other than Diego. The whole thing was a ruse concocted by the STO to test the recruits, with dummies being airlocked.

After Alvo is told that Zoe's avatar programme was backed up on infinity pin that was seized during a GDD raid, he enters the evidence room and takes out a box containing material from the Graystone house. After retrieving the infinity pin, Director Singh places it in a case and places the box back on the shelf.

Meeting with Duram, Amanda tells him that Mar-Beth caught her spying on Clarice on her holoband and fabricated a story about Clarice's possible relapse onto drugs. She's not sure Mar-Beth bought it and knows that she can't afford to be caught again. Despite her suggestion, Duram is weary about procuring her with any type of equipment, as he would need a warrant, which would in turn force him to confess to having a CI in the home. However, after thinking about it for a few moments, he decides to get it for her anyway.

In a boardroom at Graystone Industries, Daniel shows the Adamas surveillance footage of members of the Ha'la'tha loading Cylons into crates and eventually shipping them off-world. Sam is upset when Joseph tells him that they aren't going to Tauron, but instead to Gemenon. He's even more infuriated, less at the Guatrau and more at his brother, to learn that the Cylons are being given to the STO. With so much danger hanging over his head should they be caught, Daniel asks Joseph to set up a meeting with the Guatrau.

After failing to get Singh to sign off on his request without naming his CI, Duram bribes the clerk at the evidence room to look the other way so as to allow him access to retrieve a camera. Inside, he happens to notice that the box from the Graystone house has been moved. Opening it up, he finds one of the bags is empty.

Down in his lab at the Graystone home, Daniel tries to convince the Guatrau that selling the Cylons could jeopardise the far more profitable outcome of the resurrection programme. The Guatrau seems swayed enough to halt exporting more Cylons, but will only give him two weeks instead of the three months Daniel needs. Later, the Guatrau is conversing with the Adamas and other Ha'la'tha about Daniel. He finds him to be ambitious, but also believes that they need to protect themselves for the same reason. With much to gain, but little to lose from Daniel's work, the Guatrau orders Sam to take out Daniel, quietly. Jopseh is clearly uncomfortable with the thought.

Daniel enters V-world to find Amanda preparing them a table. With time running low, he's disappointed to find the avatar is even further off-target. Amanda then begin going after him about her emotional reaction to the point where she gets mad and throws down a plate. A pause and she shifts to her placate mood, asking how well she did. Daniel gives up, removes his holoband, and requests Serge delete both the programme and the backup.

Singh drops off the case inside a newspaper box, calls Clarice where Olaf then picks it up. Taking it home, they examine the pin and find that it does indeed hold Zoe's avatar programme.

At GDD headquarters, Duram has given up and surrenders his CI, but urges Singh to destroy the papers and not to pass it on elsewhere. Duram only asks to be allowed enough room to do what he needs to do. Singh agrees. After Duram leaves his office, Singh slips on his holoband and contacts Clarice. Meeting in V-world, Singh, as Alvo, prepares to disclose the spy she's unknowingly been housing. In the real world, Clarice removes her holoband and looks down from the attic window, watching Amanda carrying in groceries for Mar-Beth. Knowing what she now knows, Clarice's anger is terribly palpable.

At the Graystone home, Daniel and Amanda are talking. He wants her home, but she's not ready. He lets on that he's in a bind and unsure if he can manage without her, steering clear of telling her anything. He's convinced that he's loosing it, but she knows that his anxiety is what has always been given him his momentum. This dialogue clearly breaks the dramatic atmosphere in the room, and the two eventually kiss.

Sometime later, the two are in their bed, clearly having physically reconciled. As Daniel sleeps, Amanda gets a call and leaves.

Elsewhere, Clarice is on her phone. Amanda gets off hers, as she walks through the park. Clarice pulls out a knife, as she waits just out of sight. As Amanda continues walking, Clarice begins to stalk. Amanda finds an empty bench and sits. Underneath is the tech she needs, and she pockets it. Clarice gets closer and finally pounces on Mar-Beth as she takes her baby in its stroller. Clarice grabs Mar-Beth from behind and reaches out to her throat with the knife and the dropping both to the ground. As two of her husbands take away the body, Clarice wipes the blood from her hands and pushes the baby stroller.

In the city, Duram meets with Singh. He tells him that they fished out a body from Theoresos with its head, hands, and feet removed, believed to have recently given birth. Duram claims to not have heard from his CI, but Clarice did report Mar-Beth missing. Duram's suspicion over the mole have now been confirmed.

On Gemenon, the recruits are gathered for a party. As they are brought inside to eat, Odin lingers behind, joined by Lacy. He walks over to the balcony and looks down on the ground to see the recruits who failed the test being executed by gunfire. Odin warns her to never forget what the STO are capable of. As he leaves, Lacy stays and makes eye contact with the shooter below - a U-87 robot.