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Caprica: Pilot

Two men from different worlds are drawn together when a suicide bombing claims the lives of their daughters. One is Joseph Adams, a lawyer from the poor Tauron colony who hides his ethnic background in a racially tense environment and also lost his wife to the terrorist attack, leaving him to raise his young son alone. The other is Daniel Graystone, a rich and brilliant scientist native to the industrious planet Caprica who discovers that his daughter's consciousness lives on in an online avatar she made before her death. Initially united in grief, the two maybe driven apart by how far Graystone goes to return his daughter to the world.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: 101/102
Airdate: Friday January 22nd, 2010
Special Runtime: 120 Minutes

Alternate Airdates:

CA (SPACE) Jan 22, 2010
UK (sky 1) Feb 02, 2010

Guest Stars
Sasha RoizSasha Roiz
As Sam Adama
Brian MarkinsonBrian Markinson
As Jordan Duram
William B. DavisWilliam B. Davis
As Minister Val Chambers

Co-Guest Stars
Sina NajafiSina Najafi
As William Adams
Jorge MontesiJorge Montesi
As The Guatrau
Hiro KanagawaHiro Kanagawa
As Cyrus Xander
Genevieve BuechnerGenevieve Buechner
As Tamara Adams
Katie KeatingKatie Keating
As Prefect Caston
Karen Elizabeth AustinKaren Elizabeth Austin
As Ruth (credited as Karen Austin)
Jim ThomsonJim Thomson
voiced Serge
Anna GalvinAnna Galvin
As Shannon Adams
Veena SoodVeena Sood
As Secretary of Defense Joan Leyte
Nancy KerrNancy Kerr
As Prosecuter
Angela MooreAngela Moore
As Judge
Josh ByerJosh Byer
As Defendant
Vicky LambertVicky Lambert
As Hecate
Jared KeesoJared Keeso
As Rod Jenkins
Daina AshbeeDaina Ashbee
As Dancer
Adrienne ChanAdrienne Chan
As Dancer
Salma AllamSalma Allam
As Dancer
Shawn StewartShawn Stewart
As Dancer
Donald SalesDonald Sales
As Dancer
Paul BeckerPaul Becker
As Dancer
Cara LongCara Long
As V-Club Patron
Jay DeveryJay Devery
As V-Club Patron
Keita ParkerKeita Parker
As V-Club Patron
Chelsea DardenChelsea Darden
As V-Club Patron
Megan SehnMegan Sehn
As V-Club Patron
Chantal AyreChantal Ayre
As V-Club Patron
Michelle AndrewMichelle Andrew
As V-Club Patron
Eva HartkopfEva Hartkopf
As V-Club Patron
Clay VirtueClay Virtue
As Stunt Fighter #1
Cody LaudanCody Laudan
As Stunt Fighter #2
Brian HoBrian Ho
As Stunt Fighter #3
Colby ChartrandColby Chartrand
As Stunt Fighter #4
Leanne HindleLeanne Hindle
As Stunt Fighter #5
Jennifer MylreaJennifer Mylrea
As Gunfire Stunt Victim #1
Eli ZagoudakisEli Zagoudakis
As Gunfire Stunt Victim #2
Maja Stace-SmithMaja Stace-Smith
As Stunt Sacrifice Woman
Trevor AddieTrevor Addie
As Stunt Sacrifice Victim #2

Feguins ToussaintFeguins Toussaint
As Sean
Main Cast
Eric StoltzEric Stoltz
As Daniel Graystone
Esai MoralesEsai Morales
As Joseph Adama
Paula MalcomsonPaula Malcomson
As Amanda Graystone
Alessandra TorresaniAlessandra Torresani
As Zoe Graystone
Magda ApanowiczMagda Apanowicz
As Lacy Rand
Avan JogiaAvan Jogia
As Ben Stark
Polly WalkerPolly Walker
As Sister Clarice Willow



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Episode Notes
Production for this episode ended June 19, 2008. The subsequent episodes of the season were not produced until the summer of 2009 with production ending on the season ending coinciding close with the pilot's airdate.

In an unprecedented move, this pilot was released on DVD in April 2009, nine months before it aired. The uncut DVD also features a first for the Galactica franchise: nudity. This would later be utilised a second time with The Plan, which was released later the same year.

The television version of this pilot, while not radically different, does feature some nevertheless notable changes from the original DVD version:
•The opening text is superimposed over an aerial shot of Caprica instead of a simple black background.
•The nudity has been edited out and a shot with a topless woman stopping Daniel was reshot with the actress wearing a bra.
•Zoe states that the human brain consist of 300 terabytes of information rather than megabytes (although Daniel later tells Joseph that he found 300 megabytes of information on Tamara).
•When discussing monotheism, a single line from both Duram and Clarice is omitted.
•The virtual reality scenes give everything a strange glow.
•There are a number of exterior shots that feature redesigned effects, such as the sides of the buildings on the street where Joseph sees the bombing, Graystone Industries, the complex where the Adams live, and a different shot where Joseph talks to Sam next to the water fountain which depicts a courthouse.
•The biggest difference is in the opening of the scene of the Pyramid game, which was entirely reshot, complete with an overhead view of the stadium.

This episode, and presumably most, if not the entirety of the series, takes place 58 years prior to the destruction of the Twelve Colonies depicted in Battlestar Galactica.

It's revealed that the word Cylon is actually an acronym: it stands for Cybernetic Life-form Node.

William Adama is 11 years old here. This will make him 69 by the beginning of Battlestar Galactica. It is also revealed that he is of Tauron descent and that he is named after his grandfather.

The Tauron language spoken in this episode is, in reality, Ancient Greek.

The name of William's mother is given as Shannon here even though a dossier seen in the Battlestar Galactica episode "Hero" had given her name as Evelyn.

The V-Club is a redressing of the Opera House from Kobol as seen in visions several times throughout Battlestar Galactica. It's also been oft-observed that the Greystone home looks very much like that of Baltar's on Caprica. However, given the residence on the same colony as well as the level of intellectual respect both have gained leaves it possible that this maybe of a deeper, if even never fully explored, significance to the story.

Actor Roger R. Cross was originally cast as the unseen Tomas Vergis. However, all material featuring Cross/Vergis were cut from the pilot and not available on the deleted scenes. Syfy posted an image from the pilot (with Vergis in bed and Amanada Graystone in the room, suggesting that the two have been having an affair), but has since been removed. The role will be recast for later episodes.

Actresses Karen Austin and Veena Sood have both appeared on Battlestar Galactica. Austin portrayed a follower of Baltar's in the Season 4 episode "Escape Velocity" by the name of Lilly, while Sood had a recurring role in the same season as an unnamed Quorum delegate.

Episode Quotes
Joseph: Gloves are symbolic. They're to keep us away from the world during mourning, or something like that. I don't even know why they do it. It's an old custom.
Daniel: Well, at times like these, old ways are supposed to help, I guess.

Sister Clarice: Zoe walks with Our Mother Goddess Athena now, Lacy. She will be cared for and loved and cherished for all eternity. It's not very comforting, is it? Truth is, it doesn’t do much for me, either. Zoe’s gone. And all the scriptures, all the prayers, all the sacrifices offered in the temples, none of these are going to bring her back to us. Are they?

Sam: The Guatrau is very grateful for the work you've done for him. He has pledged to help us find the nothos that killed Shannon and Tamara.
Joseph: Tell the Guatrau I said thanks, but no.
Sam: (in Tauronese) Blood for blood. It's the Tauron way.
Joseph: We're on Caprica now.
Sam: Caprica. What has this frakking planet ever done for us?
Joseph: I've got a deposition in an hour.
Sam: No, no, we cannot let this pass, Joseph. We need to find them.
Joseph: Let me grieve in my own way.
Sam: Whatever you say, my brother. But I will pray to Mars and all the Gods for a swift and terrible vengeance to come to those who have torn your wife and daughter from this world.
Joseph: There are no gods, Sam.
Sam: (in Tauronese) Then all the more necessary to make our own justice.

William: Do you still think they still feel pain?
Joseph: Sorry?
William: You know, Mom and Tamara, where they are. Do you think they still hurt?

Daniel: So what? You and Zoe came here for - for sex?
Lacy: At first. We used the group sex rooms like everyone else, but then after Ben showed us the way - showed us the way - we saw this place for what it was. Trash.
Daniel: The way?
Lacy: There is good and there is evil in this world. There is a right and there is a wrong, but only through the one true God can we know the difference. And Zoe knew. Because Zoe knew God, and God touched her heart and gave her the ability to create... life itself.

Sam: You do not tell the Guatrau you need to think, about anything. You say, "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. May I have another?"
Joseph: You swore allegiance to him, Sam. Not me.
Sam: You have no problem taking his cubits.
Joseph: I don't care if he put me through law school or not. I'm tired of doing his dirty work for him. You just fire me if you don't like it.
Sam: You of all people should know that the Ha'la'tha does not fire people, Joseph. They bury them.

Duram: Where does the Athenian Academy stand on the question of monotheism, Sister?
Sister Clarice: Are we under investigation now?
Duram: Just a question.
Sister Clarice: The Academy is dedicated to following the path of the Gods, the Goddess Athena being our patroness. We are, however, open to all forms of worship, including belief in a singular God.
Duram: That's very tolerant. And how many of your students are practising monotheists?
Sister Clarice: You know I can't answer that.
Duram: It doesn't concern you, Sister, that kind of absolutist view of the universe? Right and wrong determined solely by a single all-knowing, all-powerful being whose judgement cannot be questioned, and in whose name the most horrendous of acts can be sanctioned without appeal?
Sister Clarice: You seem to know a great deal about the subject.
Duram: Know your enemy, Sister Clarice.
Sister Clarice: Love your enemy, Agent Duram.

Daniel: Do you mind if, uh, if I ask you a somewhat strange and personal question? What would you do if you had the chance to be with your daughter again?
(Joseph seems to have difficulty answering)
Daniel: You don't have to answer that. I'm sorry.
Joseph: No, no.
Daniel: It was a personal question.
Joseph: I just hadn't thought about it. Most of my family, including my parents, died in the Tauron civil war, so my brother and I came here as orphans. When we arrive, they - they drove us to this orphanage. I remember this field of wildflowers on the side of the road. It might seem strange to a Caprican, but there are no flowers on Tauron. Not one. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my life. All the colours, the petals, the softness. And, uh, I wept, openly for the first and last time. So I guess that's what I'd tell Tamara, to find those things in life that make you cry, that make you feel. Because they're what make you human. I guess that's what I'd tell Tamara, if I could.

Minister Chambers: You're not actually threatening me, are you?
Joseph: Minister Chambers, I'm simply delivering a message. There's no threat, real or implied, in anything I've told you.
Minister Chambers: (laughs) You Taurons, you've got stones, I'll give you that.
Joseph: Are you making a racial comment, sir?
Minister Chambers: No more than you're making a threat. Let's be clear. I don't like your boss, I don't like your planet, and I don't like your people, so you crawl under that rock where your Guatrau lives and you tell him that not only will I not be pressured or blackmailed, but the government of Caprica is going to take a very special interest in him, his business, and his low-life lawyers.
Joseph: Perhaps you should sleep on it.
Minister Chambers: Delivery the message, errand boy, word for word.
Joseph: Goodbye, Minister Chambers. Have a safe journey.
Minister Chambers: I'm not going anyplace, you frakking dirt-eater.

Sam: (to Minister Chambers) Never turn your back on a man you call friend.

Joseph: I want you to know who you are. We come from a long, proud line of Tauron peasants who knew how to work the land and still stand proud. You're named after your grandfather. Did I ever tell you that?
William: Nope.
Joseph: William. He was killed during the Tauron uprising. Our last name isn't Adams. I changed it after I arrived here on Caprica. Our family name is Adama. Adama. And it's a good, honourable Tauron name.

U-87: (to Daniel) All targets neutralised. Program completed by your command.

Joan Leyte: What'd you call it?
Daniel: Uh, Cybernetic Life-form Node. A Cylon, Minister.
Joan Leyte: Hmm. Cylon. Interesting.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerRonald D. Moore  |  David Eick  |  Remi Aubuchon
ProducerClara George
Co-ProducerPaul M. Leonard
Consulting ProducerGlen A. Larson
Associate ProducerGregg Tilson  |  Sian McArthur  |  Maril Davis  |  James Halpern
Production DesignerRichard Hudolin
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First Assistant DirectorDavid Markowitz
Second Assistant DirectorSteve Eathorne
MusicBear McCreary
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Video Playback ServicesWest Media Film and Post
Camera Second AssistantLaura Hyvarinen  |  Sasha Proctor  |  Alex Martinez
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