Angel With a Broken Wing - Recap

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The host, Luke Tipple, broadcasts a wakeup call that tells the teams the hunt will begin in one hour. The Teal team say the hunts have been exhausting and worry about how they will continue while being so hungry. The other teams get tired of Eric, from the Blue team, bullying people into trading their food for his toothpaste. Gold and Green both agree that if they are chosen as the hunters, they will take Blue out.

When all the teams have gathered, Luke shows everyone the looking glasses that have been set up. Whoever activates one will be able to see where the other teams are for two minutes but their position will also be revealed to the hunt team. The first team to reach the advantage point will be allowed to sabotage another team by placing an alarm on them for today and tomorrow's hunt. The team with the alarm will be able to pass it on to another team if they come in contact. The Green team will be the hunters today and they aim to take out the Blue team. The other teams rush out into the forest.

The hunt team is released with four minutes on the clock. Teal activates a looking glass but the Green team is right near by. The Green team has a track star on it so Teal is very worried about being captured. Green arrive at the looking glass but don't see Teal.

Luke announces that the advantage point is now visible to the teams. Lime is right near it with Red close on their tail. Lime reach it and use the sabotage on Blue. Their vests start lighting up and alarms blare. The Green team hears the alarm go off and see that it is the Blue team.

The Blue team can see where all the other teams are and they decide to target yellow , hoping to transfer the alarm. Green catches Blue but one of the Blue team goes down hard and injures his leg. He needs to be taken away by an ambulance.

Now that the Green team has caught someone, the day's hunt is over. All of the teams arrive back at the start area. Lime is excited that their sabotage worked and Blue was caught. The hunt team is able to invite one team to join them in the hunter's den. They choose Gold to join them. The Pink considers voting to keep Blue in. Since everyone hates Blue, Pink feels safe while Blue are still in the game.

The next day, Shane returns to the village on crutches. The doctor said to stay off it for a few days and he should be okay. He hopes to use his injured knee to gain some sympathy with the other teams.

During the day's hunt, a supply station will open that the hunt team will be unable get within 100 feet. Black team is aligned with the Blue team and worries that the Green team will target them. The teams head into the woods while Green prepares to hunt.

Green starts out at a run, on the lookout for Black. Their strategy is to catch someone who is on their way to the supply station. Green gets caught up in thorns so they return to the path. Black and Gold meet at the supply station and enjoy pizza and beer together. Black leaves first and is on the lookout for Green. Gold sees Green team nearby but they think they are safe. Gold points out where Black headed and Green heads there.

Green sneak up on Black as they are slowly walking away. Black runs but they are no match for Green's speed. The other teams discuss who they will vote out. Blue is injured so probably won't do well on the next hunt. Red points out that being caught alongside Blue would be like a free pass, so maybe it is beneficial to keep them around for that.

Black and Blue are up to be eliminated. Eric from the Blue team insults multiple teams before the vote. White, Gold, and Green all vote for Blue. Lime tells Blue that they are the ones who sabotaged them before they eliminate Blue from the competition with the final vote.