Double Jeopardy - Recap

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The day begins with the one-hour warning message. Everyone feels much happier now that the Blue team is gone. Black team hopes to disassociate themselves from the Blue team as much as they can. Everyone gathers around Luke Tipple as he explains the rules. This week's sabotage will show every team a compass pointing in the direction of the sabotaged team. The hunters are the Teal team and they are very excited about it.

The hunt starts and the remaining teams rush out into the forest. Teal is released and plans to hunt the other teams like a lion. Luke reveals the location of the advantage point. Teal thinks there will be a lot of teams heading there so that's where they set their goal. Lime reaches the advantage point first and selects Red so that Teal heads away from Lime. Teal follows the compass and heads toward Red.

Teal thinks they hear someone nearby and pulls out their targets. Red maneuvers themselves onto the other side of White, hoping that the hunt team will reach them first. Teal sees White and chases after them. White escapes though when Teal gets stuck in branches.

With only five minutes remaining, Teal spots Red walking along the beach. Teal chases them but Red proves to be too fast for them. Day One ends with no teams caught. Lime admits to the others that they played the sabotage.

The next day there will be a supply station opened with an Italian dinner. The Teal team can't enter the area but they do have a chance to catch two teams today. The hunt team are released and they are desperate to catch at least one team. The Teal are the first to reach the supply station and they hide in wait for other teams. Gold and Black make it into the station and Teal decide to wait until they leave. Lime also heads to the station. One of them trips just outside the perimeter and Teal doesn't tag her because they think she is hurt. The other Lime team member pulls her in. The Teal team complains that it's not fair how the Lime team acts. Luke Tipple rules that the Lime team was captured and the Teal team leads them back to jail.

Black feels safe at the supply station and remains there drinking wine. Teal team hopes that more teams have arrived at the supply station so they rush back. Teal sees that Black has not left and surrounds them. The supply station closes and Black makes a run for it. Teal catches them easily though. Lime worries that they may have angered other teams with their sabotages.

At the elimination, Red accuses Lime of being traitors and Black regrets drinking all of the wine. Gold votes Black because their capture was their own fault. Green votes Black because Lime helped Green catch the Blue team. White team votes Black because of their strategy. If they receive one more vote the Black team will go home. Teal votes Lime because of how Lime handled their capture. Pink votes for Lime because they feel they are the greater threat. Red votes for Lime as revenge. This ties the vote 3-3. The hunt team has the tie-breaking vote so Lime is voted out. Lime thinks that the time they spent bonding together was worth more than the $250,000 prize.