Reversal of Fortune - Recap

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The teams are getting hungrier and more exhausted. Day one of the hunt is about to start and the competition is already half over. Luke announces that today everyone's alarms will go off as soon as the hunt starts. There is a box in the woods that is shown to every team on their map. If someone activates the box it will stop the alarms and also earn a game-changing advantage. Luke warns that no one is safe. The hunt team for today is the Gold team.

Everyone runs from their starting positions as the hunt starts. Gold's strategy is to find Red. When Gold is released, every team's alarms go off. The location of the mystery box is revealed and several teams head for it. Teal team is the first team there and it deactivates the alarms. They won't find out what the advantage is until after the day's hunt. All the nearby teams scramble to get away from the box and fear the Gold team is near them. Gold and Red spot each other at the same time. Gold chases and catches Red.

Back at camp, Luke announces that the advantage that Teal unlocked, is the power to select a new hunt team. Gold is no longer hunt team and must leave the hunter's den. Teal team gets to eat Gold's meal. Gold is angry about losing their food and chance at being the hunt team. They are upset at the way Teal acts about taking the food.

At the start of the next day, Teal decides to select Red as the new hunt team. Today a supply station will open that will have drinks and also a phone to call home with. The hunt starts and all the teams run out into the forest. Red wants to catch the Gold team as revenge. The hunt team is released and sets off after their prey. They plan to catch at least one of Gold, Green, or White. The supply station opens and some teams head for it but some stay clear of it. Pink, Teal, and Green are at the supply station when Red arrives. White approaches the supply station but Red makes no effort to catch them. Green runs from the supply station and Red chases after them but Green proves to be too fast.

Red team returns to the supply station where Luke announces that the hunt team can enter the station. Red makes a call home and searches for another team. They hear a team talking nearby and they see that it's Gold. The hunt team chases after Gold, knowing this could be their last chance to catch someone. Both teams are exhausted from climbing uphill and Red catches Gold when one of them falls.

Day two of the hunt ends and Teal is happy to see that their plan worked. Two of the strongest teams are up for elimination at the vote. Teal votes against Gold because they are already friends with Red. White thinks Red is the stronger team so votes against them. Green feels like they can relate more to the Gold and vote against Red. Black never connected with Gold and they vote against them. Both teams have two votes against them with Pink being the final vote. Pink votes against who they think is the strongest team, Gold. Red will stay in the competition while Gold is eliminated.