Call of the Wild - Recap

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It's the morning of the first hunt and the teams wonder what other surprises are in store for them. Luke Tipple gathers the teams for the first hunt. He warns them that the game continues to get harder. A supply station will be opening and the prey teams will want to get there because tonight they are not returning to the village. The prey teams must survive on the hunting grounds. There will be no beds or rations for the teams. The hunt team, chosen at random, is Black. They are very excited that they won't have to sleep in the forest tonight.

The teams race off into the forest while Black waits at the starting line. The other teams aren't too worried abouit Black because they aren't the strongest team. Black would love to prove everyone wrong.

Black team spots Green and tries to slowly creep up on them. They crawl and then run toward Green but the hunt team isn't fast enough to catch them. They plan to go to the supply station to catch some other teams.

The supply station contains items that will be necessary to survive the night. Green are the first to the supply station. Black waits outside the station, hidden, hoping to catch Green or any other team that gets near them. White are the next team to approach the station, followed by Red. Black is still hidden but assumes the other teams know that they are nearby. The hunt team chases after White but they make it into the supply station before Black can catch them. Red takes this chance to run in as well. Black gets frustrated that they keep getting close but haven't captured anyone yet.

The supply station closes soon and Red takes the opportunity to run away while White talks to Black. The hunt team thinks that they have the best chance to catch White and chase after them. Yet again another team eludes Black. The first day's hunt ends with no captured prey. If Black doesn't catch someone tomorrow they will be going home.

Those who made it to the station will have supplies while the others get sleeping bags. Teal is impressed by Pink's amazing shelter-building capabilities. Teal goes to bed wondering what Black is eating at the hunter's den. Black team have been best friends for a long time and they feel that this game has really strengthened their relationship. They promise each other that they will catch someone during the next hunt.

The second day's hunt begins from where they already are. There is an advantage point that will give a team the ability to sabotage another. The sabotage will tether the two team members together by a rope. The advantage point will also be visible to the hunt team. The hunt starts and everyone runs from their beach location.

The advantage point is revealed and the hunt team heads straight there. Black is the first team to the advantage point and decide to put the tether on White. Black ends up close to the tethered White team. They stalk their prey and give chase when White notices. White manages to lose Black in the trees.

Green sees White run by, followed by Black. The hunt team chases after both of them but can't catch anyone. White is getting frustrated with their tether. Black catches up to White and chases them again. They get away again and Black starts to panic.

Pink hear a noise and stop to listen. Just then Black walk by. The two teams pass by very close together but the hunt team doesn't spot them.

With only five minutes left in the hunt, Black needs to catch someone or they are automatically eliminated. White team has an argument when Black spots them. They decide this is their last chance and gives chase. It comes right down to the last second but Black doesn't catch White. They are sad they had to lose this way but happy about how hard they competed.

Back at the elimination area, Luke announces that for the first time there is a hunt team that failed to capture a team. There is no need for a vote since Black is the only team up for an elimination. Black says they will never forget this competition and walk away.