The Peanut Butter Pact - Recap

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The day of the hunt begins for the five remaining teams. Teal is upset with Pink because they aren't sharing the peanut butter that they found in their supply chest. Luke Tipple calls everyone over to get the game started. Today's advantage point will grant a team the ability to sabotage another team. The sabotage is an altitude mask that will make breathing more difficult. One member of the sabotaged team must wear the mask during tomorrow's hunt. To make things more interesting, the hunt will start with every team's alarms ringing. Luke won't reveal how to turn these alarms off yet, but does hint that teamwork will be involved. There are also looking glasses scattered around that allow teams to see where the others are. Today's hunt team is the White team.

White is excited to finally be the hunt team. The other four teams run off into the hunting grounds while their alarms ring. The prey teams receive a video from Luke that explains how to stop the alarms. Each team is given a number and they must all meet together to crack the code.

Luke asks White team how being fighters will set them apart from the other teams. Their goal is to use the competition money to start a gym for kids. Luke releases White and they run into the woods. Red and Green meet up and travel to the looking glass together. They see that the hunt team is right behind the Pink team and both are headed toward the looking glass. White decide to rush at Pink but they lose them in the woods for a minute. White team gets in an argument about which direction to head and end up going the wrong way.

The location of the advantage point is revealed and Teal is nearby. Green and Red decide to head there hoping that Pink also heads there. Teal reaches advantage first and they have to choose who will wear the mask tomorrow. Red and Green get there soon after and the three teams leave to find Pink. The four teams meet up and enter the code to stop the alarms. The teams are so relieved to finally have silence. White was following the alarms but now has nothing to go on. They lie in wait for a team to pass by them.

White hears a branch crack and they move in that direction. They rush in the direction of the noise they heard and see Pink. White follows after them and manage to catch them after an intense chase. No one feels bad for Pink because they were the only team to separate from the others after they broke the code.

Teal decides to give the altitude mask to Green, since they are already friends with Red. White decides to aim for Green in tomorrow's hunt. Teal really hopes for Pink to be kicked out since they didn't share the peanut butter. Teal, Red and Green agree to kick out Pink.

During the next hunt, there will be a supply station open with a full turkey dinner with mashed potatoes. Green puts on the altitude mask and the teams prepare to run off. The hunt team is released and they just want to catch another team to avoid elimination. The supply station opens and Red heads there immediately. The Green member with the mask took a stick in the eye and has trouble seeing as well as breathing. Teal also heads to the supply station.

Green is the first team to arrive at the supply station and they are soon followed by Red and Teal. White plans to get one of the teams when they leave the station. With only a few minutes left for the supply station to remain open all of the teams feel like they can't run because of how full they are. The prey teams leave the supply station and the White chases after them. Red hides behind a tree to let White pass by. White manage to catch Teal.

When they arrive back at the camp, Pink is upset to see Teal was captured. Pink think that the other teams will vote against them because they are seen as a stronger team than Teal. Green is still unsure of who to vote for.

At the elimination, Luke asks Pink if they regret not being more social with the other teams. Pink offers a deal where they agree not to hunt whatever team doesn't vote for them. Teal says that they can't promise the same thing because the point of the game is to hunt and capture. White is the first to vote and they vote against Teal. Red was helped by Teal and apologizes to Pink for voting against them. Green has the final vote and they choose to eliminate Pink because they are the stronger team. Pink leaves the competition but says they had a great time.