Sabotage! - Recap

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With only four teams remaining, hunger and exhaustion take their toll on the remaining teams. Red feels like they are on a team with Teal against White and Green, but they know that will all change when the hunt team is announced.

Luke Tipple explains that today's advantage will give the ability to trap another team in a small zone for the remainder of the hunt. If the trapped team leaves the area their alarms will go off and the hunt team will be shown their location. In this hunt there is one significant difference, every team will start as prey. The hunt team won't be announced until everyone is already out in the forest. Luke counts down and releases the teams into the game area.

Red plans to play as if they will be prey, if they turn out to be the hunt team things will change. Teal plans to hide from the other teams in case they aren't the hunt team. Green heads to the advantage in the hopes of getting a heads up over everyone else. Luke reveals that the secret hunt team is Red. This is the third time they have been the hunt team and they head to the hunt box to collect their tagging devices.

Red is now prepared and sets off in the search for another team. Red knows that if they don't catch anyone they will be going home. Red stops when they hear some branches crack. White also hears something but the two teams don't see each other. The advantage point opens and Green and White head for it. Teal decides to stay far away. Green and White both run to the advantage point but Green is the first team to get there.

Green decides to use the sabotage against White. Red would love to go after the sabotaged team but they have no idea where they are. Red hears another team walk nearby. It's Green and they are in a noisy area. Green spots Red so they lay low for awhile. Red doesn't see anything and continue on their way. White sees Red and hope that they will just walk by without seeing them.

With only 5 minutes left in the hunt, Red hears a team but can't see them. It is Teal and they are completely unsuspecting. Red gives chase and Teal makes a break for it. Red proves to be too fast for Teal though and catch them. They apologize for catching them but they had to catch someone today. If Red doesn't catch anyone tomorrow they will be up for elimination against Teal. Red thinks that if that happens they will definitely be kicked out.

White sees Teal in jail and worries that Red will be really hungry to catch someone on the next day. In the village, White and Green stay separate and the tension remains high. Red watches them as they enjoy their hunter's meal. White tries to remain positive as they prepare for the next day.

In the morning, Luke announces that today's advantage is a case of digital land mines that create a 100ft perimeter. If another teams enters that area the hunt team is alerted to their location. The hunt begins and Green and White head into the forest. The hunt team is released soon after and they are desperate to catch someone.

Green refuse to give up and say they will run as hard and for as Long as they can to escape capture. White feels that their relationship is stronger than ever now, even with all of the drama they have. The advantage is revealed and both teams head for it. Green gets there first though and White runs away feeling dejected. Green set up some landmines when they hear some noises. Red also hears something and both teams stop to listen. Green sees Red and run away.

White triggers a digital landmine and their location is revealed to Red. Red heads to the location with high hopes for a capture. Red stops to listen but White has also stopped moving. Red decides to flush them out and they see White when they start to run. The hunt team chases after White and manages to catch them when one of the team falls. Kaliesha congratulates Red and then breaks down crying.

Luke announces that there has been a capture and the day's hunt is over. When Red brings White to the village jail, Teal does their best to not look happy. White feel as if they have already been eliminated. They are the stronger team so it would make more sense for the other teams to vote them out.

At the elimination, Luke introduces the two teams that are up to be voted on. He asks White what it would mean to make it to the finals and they don't show any emotion. Red is the first team to vote. They believe that White is the strongest team since they have never been caught. Red thanks Teal for giving them the strength to continue when they needed help in the competition. That is why they are repaying the favour and voting against White. Up next is Green, they say that White doesn't quit and they are a strong team. That is why they must vote against White. With two votes against them, White is eliminated from the competition.