The Final Countdown - Recap

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For weeks competitors have battled brutal weather, grueling terrain, starvation and most importantly, each other. One by one teams have been eliminated. The three final teams will face off and one team will walk away with $250,000.

Luke wakes everyone up with a one hour hunt warning. Red thinks they have had the toughest time because they have been the hunt team the most. Over breakfast, every team talks about what they want the money for and how far they have come. Teal feels they are the underdog because Green is so fast and Red is so powerful.

Luke congratulates the final teams on surviving 18 hunts. Today is a one day hunt where one team will be eliminated at the end of the first day. To guarantee a place in the final two, the hunt team must make two captures in one day. There is a little twist though. Luke says that a hunter's most useful tools are their eyes and ears and he will take one of those away today. The twist will be revealed later on. Today's random hunt team is Green. Luke releases the prey teams and they run out into the forest. Red and Teal run the same way and wish each other good luck.

If Green doesn't catch both teams they will likely be eliminated because Teal and Red have a partnership. Green isn't sure which direction to go in and they decide to just follow their instincts. Teal moves through the trees and one of their team gets hit in the head with a branch and bleeds. They make a lot of noise and Green hear them. Teal thinks they can also hear Green and quiet down. The two teams spot each other and Green chases after Teal. They tun into an open area and they are no match for Green's speed. Teal wanted to avoid capture today and feel terrible about being caught. Green hopes that Red does something wrong that allows them to be found.

Red hear Green behind them and decide they need to hide in the trees. Green runs ahead but lose track of Red. Luke announces that he will now take one of their senses from them. The forest will now be filled with smoke. Green complains that they can't see two feet in front of them, let alone chase down another team.

With only a few minutes left in the hunt, Green hear Red. They run toward them and Red sprints away. Green chases after Red and catch them with only a few seconds left. This motivates Green and they think they now have a chance to win this. Red thinks that their time may now be over.

Green brings Red to the jail and Teal is sad to see their friends have been caught. Green discuss who they are going to vote for at elimination. It's a tough decision and they aren't sure who they want to keep.

At the elimination Luke tells them they have the power to choose which team they want to face in the final hunt. Green says both teams are strong competitors and today is the only day they have seen Teal out in the forest. Green chooses to eliminate Red because they feel they have the best chance to win the money against Teal. While they are sad to lose, Red is still proud of all the have accomplished.

The next morning, Teal and Green prepare for the final hunt. Luke congratulates them on being the final two teams. He knows that motivation is hard to come by so he has a special surprise for them. Over the speaker a message from their families plays. Teal cries when they hear their grandparents and they feel like the competition has changed their outlook on life. Since there are only two teams left, the playing ground is shrunk drastically. Both teams will start as prey. The first team to retrieve their talons becomes the hunt team. If the hunt team doesn't catch the other team after 15 minutes, their roles will reverse. Luke wishes them luck and starts the countdown. Green and Teal rush into the forest in search of their talons.

After a minute the locations of their talons are revealed on the maps. Green looks relaxed while Teal isn't sure how they will fare against them. The first team to reach their talons is Teal. They have 15 minutes until they will switch to prey. Teal plans on hiding now and pouncing later when Green is closer. Green plans to get deep into the woods and listen for Teal.

Teal doesn't feel very confident about their chances of catching Green. Teal knows their only chance is to surprise Green. Looking around for Teal, Green stands in a clearing listening. Teal sneaks up and run after them. They are close but Green gets away. Teal runs away because Green will soon be the hunt team.

The teams switch and now Green is the hunt team. Teal takes to hiding in the woods. Teal is very anxious about the whole situation. As Teal walk down a path they see Green. They try to hide but Green sees them. Green sprints after them but they are lost in the woods. The teams switch again and Teal is back to being the hunt team. Teal decides to just stand and listen for a moment. They have a hard time deciding which direction to go and end up just waiting around. Green is on high alert because they have no idea where the hunt team is.

Green nears Teal's location but the hunt teams switch. Green see Teal sneaking through the woods and chase after them. Teal is no match for Green's speed though and they are caught. Teal congratulates them and they don't have any hard feelings.

Luke walks out to the teams and congratulates Green. He hands them golden talons. They are not only the winners of Capture but they also win $250,000. Both members of Green agree that there is no one they would rather be on a team with.