Season 1

1 :01x01 - Dougies First Day

Gracen begins to think when his "house flipper" wife, Leila, can afford to spend $200 on a toaster and how his deadbeat son, Marmaduke, landed a job that pays more than his. The guys band together to get Gracen the respect that he deserves by any means necessary.
Guest Stars: Troy Evans as Mr. Heggie | Taylor Parks as Aubrey's Daughter | Drew Matthews as Aubrey's Son | Stephanie Reibel as Woman | Scott Thompson (1) as Rich Carpooler #1 | Eddie Goins as Rich Carpooler #2 | Irene White as Sue | Stephen T. Brophy as Ted | Andrew Cherry as Rikki
Songs: Air Supply -- All Out Of Love, Boston -- More Than A Feeling

2 :01x02 - Laird of the Rings

Laird pretends that he's married in order to impress a woman who's into married guys. Dougie suspects that Aubrey is having an affair after seeing her sneak into a motel. Marmaduke suspects that Laird may be his father.
Guest Stars: Sasha Barrese as Holly | Irene White as Sue Henzel | Stephen T. Brophy as Ted Henzel |
Co-Guest Stars: Byron Field (1) as Brokeback Guy | Vince Pavia as Delivery Guy | Jordan Robinson as Aubrey's Kid #1 | Khamani Griffin as Aubrey's Kid #2 | Jay Jay Ellis as Aubrey's Kid #3
Director: Joe Russo

3 :01x03 - Who Would You Do?

While trying to spice up his love life, Gracen asks Leila who she fantasizes about. However, when Laird is her answer, Gracen becomes awkward around his best friend.
Guest Stars: Jordan Robinson as Aubrey's Kid #1 | Don Perry as Old Man | Bre Blair as Shayla
Director: Joe Russo
Writer: Emily Cutler

4 :01x04 - Down for the Count

When Laird learns that he has a low sperm count, Gracen becomes the leader of the carpooling pack. Meanwhile, Dougie must do manual labor to get his kids into preschool.
Guest Stars: Robert Munns as Geezer #1 | Earl Schuman as Geezer #2 | Adolphus Ambrose Ward as Geezer #3 (as Adolphus Ward) | Edith Jefferson as Old Lady | Colleen Smith as Nurse | Matt Braunger as Patient | Rasika Mathur as Barista | Sarah Poynter as Beautiful Woman | Steve Glickman as Rust Bucket Boy
Director: Joe Russo

5 :01x05 - A Divorce to Remember

Laird hooks up with his crazy ex-wife, which proves to be a disruption to the carpoolers' lives. Meanwhile, Dougie and Cindy renew their vows in order to forget how terribly their first wedding went.
Guest Stars: Rebecca Romijn as Joannifer | Michael McCafferty as Reverend Horton | Shon Little as Judge
Director: Joe Russo

6 :01x06 - The Code

The guys keep a deep secret when one of their pranks goes terribly wrong and sets a rival carpool's car on fire. Meanwhile, Marmaduke's latest business venture is cut short.
Guest Stars: Scott Thompson (1) as Tom | Netta Most as Attractive Woman | Anthony Griffith as Policeman
Director: Anthony Russo
Writer: Marsh McCall

7 :01x07 - The Seminar

Laird claims he's being sexually harassed at work by a female co-worker in order to be able to spend time with the sexual harassment seminar leader.
Guest Stars: Jay Jay Ellis as Shawna | Kodi Kitchen as Younger Woman | Fiona Hale as Old Woman | Ian Roberts (1) as Doctor
Director: Anthony Russo
Writer: Kit Boss

8 :01x08 - First Fight

Dougie and Cindy have their first fight after a disagreement about going to a concert. Laird adopts a dog while Leila's attempt at real estate falls flat.
Guest Stars: Jeanette Miller as Mrs. Ducketts | Kirk Zipfel as Pizza Guy | Kerris Dorsey as Phone Girl | Kara Stribling as Latero's daughter
Director: Jason Weiner

9 :01x09 - The Handsomest Man

Laird's office stud status is put to the test when another guy is nicknamed "handsomest man". To make himself stand out from the new handsomest man, Laird takes up the clarinet.
Director: Joe Russo
Writer: Emily Cutler

10 :01x10 - Wheels of Fortune

When there are no parking spots available at the carpool lot, Laird decides to take a handicapped spot and forces Gracen to pretend he can't walk to his office. When a parking attendant discovers the hoax, the guys not only lose their carpool privileges, the bad karma keeps on coming --- Gracen refuses to ride with Laird, and Laird is accused of sexual harassment by Aubrey's favorite babysitter.

Source: ABC
Director: Anthony Russo
Songs: AC DC -- Back in Black

11 :01x11 - The Recital

Aubrey invites the carpoolers to his daughter's piano recital and Dougie accepts for a reluctant Gracen and Laird, which causes the group to examine their friendship. Meanwhile, with Marmaduke's visualization coaching, a determined Gracen trains heavily to finally beat wife Leila in an annual charity run.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Jay Jay Ellis as Shawna | Kodi Kitchen as Younger Woman | Fiona Hale as Old Woman | Ian Roberts (1) as Doctor
Director: Anthony Russo
Writer: Kit Boss

12 :01x12 - Lost in America

When Gracen refuses to support Marmaduke's newest business venture -- a lawn-cutting business using a flock of sheep -- Marmaduke moves in with Laird, who enjoys being a "dad" to Marmaduke, but this "father/son" bond causes a rift between him and Gracen.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Ernie Grunwald as Loan Officer | Terrance Christopher Jones (1) as Mailman | Jeanette Miller as Mrs. Ducketts | Khamani Griffin as Brady |
Co-Guest Stars: Rachel Quaintance as Neighbor Lady
Director: Joe Russo

13 :01x13 - Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Aubrey is fired during "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," but the gang still manages to preserve his hero status in his daughter's eyes.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 2007
Ended: March 04, 2008
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