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Season 2

11 :02x01 - Deep in Death

Castle is trying to repair his estranged relationship with Beckett, exasperated by the publicity for his upcoming book, which adds to the annoyances around the office. When a man's body is found hanging in a tree, the publicity needs, align to force Beckett to continue to tolerate his presence despite her wishes. When the body gets stolen from the coroner's van, though, on its way to the morgue, it gets really mysterious. When the body is found again, hacked up, it gets stranger still.
Special Guest Stars: Stephen J. Cannell as Himself | Michael Connelly as Himself |
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Ho as Amy Saunders | Laurel Holloman as Sandy Allen | David Bowe as Max Haverstock | Robert Gant as Ron Bigby | David Meunier as Sasha |
Co-Guest Stars: Jonathan T. Floyd as Luther | Luis Moncada as Jesus | Bill Tangradi as Hank | Adam Smith (1) as Tom Moroni | Peter Randolph as Photographer | Dmitri Boudrine as Ilya | Michael Petrone as Ivan | Stefan Ionesco as Serge
Director: Rob Bowman
Songs: Charles Fearing -- 50-96, Junior Senior -- Can I Get Get Get, The Datsuns -- Highschool Hoodlums, Lex Land -- My Fault, Your Mistake, DJ Dimi -- River To Your Soul

12 :02x02 - The Double Down

When two different murders fall towards the team, they are split between Ryan and Esposito, along with Castle and Beckett. Challenges are exchanged, and Castle wagers that he and Beckett will solve their case first. In each case, the results lead to an obvious suspect, each of which has an airtight alibi. When further evidence shows an odd connection between the two murders, unravelling the mystery will require the talents of all four.
Guest Stars: Diana-Maria Riva as Det. Roselyn Karpowski | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Brennan Elliott as Jason Cosway | Matt Winston as Evan Hinkle | Gareth Williams as Wesley Grovner | Amy Stewart as Brandy Rossi | Jim O'Heir as Hal Rossi | Linara Washington as Christina Marx |
Co-Guest Stars: Marco Antonio Martinez as Eric Marx | Dinora Walcott as Det. Mindy Stegner | Brian Allen (2) as Messianic-Looking Guy
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: David Grae
Songs: Actionslacks -- We Are Not The Losers (Anymore), Sloan -- Who Taught You To Live Like That?

13 :02x03 - Inventing the Girl

When an up and coming young fashion model is found dead, stabbed in the back, just before she was announced as the face of an important new advertising promotion, Castle and Beckett get a good look at the cold, impersonal fashion world from the inside. Was someone stabbing her in the back metaphorically, before she was, literally?
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Pierce as Wyatt Monroe | Matt Barr as Travis McBoyd | Torrey DeVitto as Sierra Goodwin | Shanna Collins as Rina | Julian Sands as Teddy Farrow | Jon Fleming as Will James |
Co-Guest Stars: Jason E. Kelley as Event Organizer | Candice Patton as Young Woman | Paul Diaz as Young Man
Director: Dwight Little
Songs: Chad Hannah -- Friends Forever More, Lindsey Katt -- Heart Place, Ultraviolet Sound -- In A Magazine, Madison Park -- My Personal Moon, Mahjong & D'Layna -- So Thankful, Jaconfetti -- We Swing

14 :02x04 - Fool Me Once...

When an Arctic explorer is killed during a mission on live television before a class of students, the mysterious detail of why his body turns up in New York City take Castle and Beckett on a topsy-turvy path where all is smoke and mirrors, and nothing is real, and Castle's appreciation for the case grows by leaps and boungs. Did the dead man find his One True Love, or was it all an elaborate hoax?
Guest Stars: Kathleen Rose Perkins as Elise Finnegan | David Ramsey as Jim Wheeler | Robert Pine as Gerry Finnegan | Tyler Hoechlin as Dylan | Stephanie Faracy as Patty Schultz | Chet Grissom as Agent Gray |
Co-Guest Stars: Jennifer Riker as Sue Vaughn | Ilene Graff as Gayle Finnegan | Will Beinbrink as Steven Fletcher | Frank Gallegos as Keith Lopez | Kahlil Joseph as Bank Manager
Director: Bryan Spicer
Writer: Alexi Hawley
Songs: MoZella -- Can't Stop, Winter Gloves -- Factories, (Unknown artist) -- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

15 :02x05 - When the Bough Breaks

Castle's book agent has gotten him an offer that would be a dream job and could greatly enhance his career. Signing the offer, however, would mean the end of his relationship with Beckett, as he would have to turn away from Nikki Heat, and both Castle and Beckett are realizing a reluctance to do that, even as they work a case that may be their last... a lonely woman whose body was found tossed down a manhole.
Guest Stars: Reed Diamond as Dr. Cameron Talbot | Diana-Maria Riva as Det. Roselyn Karpowski | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Elaine Hendrix as Melissa Talbot | Ivo Nandi as Teodor Hajek | Jeff Doucette as Super | Timi Prulhiere as Talbot's Nurse | Debi Mazar as Paula Haas |
Co-Guest Stars: Griffin Cleveland as Zane Talbot | Francisco Viana as Manager | John Brantley Cole, Jr. as NYPD Uniform
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: Bad Boy Bill -- Do What U Like, OneRepublic -- Everybody Loves Me, Alyx -- Fever Burning, El Presidente -- Rocket, Derby -- Sunk a Few

16 :02x06 - Vampire Weekend

It's Halloween week, the week all cops dread, according to Beckett, when all the really strange stuff happens. This year is no exception, when a young man is found in a cemetery with a stake through his heart, a bite on his leg, and fangs in his mouth. The trail leads from there into the blood play community and off towards the graphic horror novel he and a friend were writing, which may well contain important clues to the killer's identity and motives. Meanwhile, Alexis and a friend are off to a Halloween party.
Guest Stars: Anita Barone as Janice Freeman | Robin Thomas as Alan Freeman | Samantha Shelton as Vixen | Phil LaMarr as Dr. Holloway | Amy Hill as Alma | Jim Gleason as Dr. Barry Frank |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Arbogast as Morlock | Erin Sanders as Rosie Freeman | Glenn Taranto as Douglas Lawson | Emily Bicks as Paige |
Uncredited: Zoe Taylor as Elizabeth Dryden McGinty
Director: Karen Gaviola
Writer: Terri Miller
Songs: Lobster -- Easily Amused, Nate Connelly -- Inside Misery, Moloko -- Pure Pleasure Seeker, Salme Dahlstrom -- Reality Check, Jocko Marcellino -- The Monster Stroll

17 :02x07 - Famous Last Words

When a promising young singer's body is found posed in a scene from a recent music video, it falls upon Beckett, Castle, and the team to discover who did it, and why. Was it an ex-bandmate, her ex-producer, her sister? Alexis, herself a major fan of the singer and her band, gets personally involved as well, to Castle's chagrin.
Guest Stars: Anne Elizabeth Ramsay as Bree Busch | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Robert Curtis Brown as Ian Busch | Erin Foster as Sky Blue | Clayton Rohner as John McGinnis | Jesse Head as Zack Metzger (as Jesse John Head) |
Co-Guest Stars: Bernardo De Paula as Franco Marquez | Brianna Haynes as Hayley Blue | Rashawn Underdue as Tony
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Jose Molina
Songs: Billy Idol -- Dancin' With Myself, Anna Waronker -- Here Kitty Kitty, Anna Waronker -- Threshold, Anna Waronker -- Underground

18 :02x08 - Kill the Messenger

When a bike messenger is killed and his package stolen, Castle and Beckett must chase the clues on their contorted path to a twenty-year old case of Captain Montgomery's that was believed solved. When the sender winds up dead, as well, the trail leads into the secret parts of a senator's wealthy and powerful family. Meanwhile, Martha gets onto MySpace, and finds both old friends she wants and old friends she doesn't want.
Guest Stars: Gregg Henry as Winston Wellesley | Mark Moses as Blake Wellesley | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Hattie Winston as Sally Niedermeyer | Ron Melendez as Jeff Dilahunt | Jill Andre as Lenanne Wellesley | Josh Daugherty as Trent Wellesley | Sonya Leslie as Valerie Thompson | Judy Kain as Sara |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Harlan as Frank Davis | Taneka Johnson as Edwina | Rod Damer as Bartender
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Songs: Salme Dahlstrom -- Coming Fast, Coming Hard, Locksley -- I'm On Fire

19 :02x09 - Love Me Dead

When an Assistant DA is dropped from the fifth floor of a parking garage onto the street below, Castle and Beckett find his empty, single life is somewhat more busy than it appeared. When a co-worker is found to have a shady background, the DA's secrets begin to unravel. Castle's desire to help her and another person connected to the DA raises Beckett's hackles. And, in the midst of the case, Alexis comes to Beckett for advice, to the consternation of Castle, who feels concerned about her not coming to him instead.
Guest Stars: Michaela McManus as Scarlett Price | J.B. Smoove as Norman Jessup | Jonathan LaPaglia as John Knox | Danny Nucci as Gilbert Mazzara | Charles Chun as Paul Cho (as Charles Rahi Chun) |
Co-Guest Stars: Shari Headley as Nicole Cameron | Ray Laska as Dan Tonelli | Christian R. Conrad as Husband | Nancy Young (2) as Wife
Director: Bryan Spicer
Writer: Alexi Hawley
Songs: Vetiver -- Everyday, The Emeralds -- Love Fire, The Shys -- Madly In Action, The Thermals -- Now We Can See, Swingfly -- Winner

20 :02x10 - One Man's Treasure

When a man's body is stuffed into a garbage chute in an apartment building, Castle and Beckett are forced to untangle a twisted web of dual identities, one married, one engaged, and an underlying tale of cutthroat corporate competition that wound up with two very offended women, a dead body, and a lot of confusing facts. Meanwhile, Alexis's school encourages her to do volunteer work, which she arranges to do at Beckett's precinct.
Guest Stars: Abigail Spencer as Sarah Reed / Lauren Branston | Perrey Reeves as Helen Parker | D.B. Woodside as Lance Carlberg | Alex Skuby as Charlie DePetro | Matt Champagne as Andy Berman |
Co-Guest Stars: Nick Jaine as Forensic IT Guy | Link Baker as Officer | David Appelbaum (2) as Clerk | Ana Ayora as Young Woman
Director: Helen Shaver
Songs: Brakesbrakesbrakes -- Crush On You, Mads Langer -- I'm Still Fact, She's Fiction, Regina Spektor -- The Calculation

21 :02x11 - The Fifth Bullet

When an art dealer was gunned down in his gallery, five shell casings plus four bullets equals a missing bullet. When the bullet is found in the possessions of an apparent witness, the answers appear to be in reach, except for the witness, who has no memory at all -- not his name, not his history... and certainly no ideas about what happened the night of the murder.
Guest Stars: Marc Blucas as Jeremy Preswick | Anne Dudek as Emma Carnes | Carlo Rota as Bahir Harun | J.P. Pitoc as Darius Langley | Phil LaMarr as Dr. Holloway | Marisa Ramirez as Angelica Fink | Dahlia Salem as Tory Westchester | Rider Strong as Rocco Jones |
Co-Guest Stars: Eltony Williams as Officer Marino | Desiree Taylor as Attendant | Courtney Geigle as Driver
Director: John Terlesky
Writer: David Grae
Songs: Jenny Alpert -- All We Need Is Love, Amy Stroup -- Chin Up

22 :02x12 - A Rose for Everafter

When a bridesmaid fails to show on the wedding day, mainly because she's, well, dead, it falls to Castle and Beckett to find the murderer. Castle is stunned to find that the bride-to-be is an old flame, Kyra -- "the one that got away". Complications follow as Kyra, distraught by the event and with the wedding briefly in abeyance as the investigation takes place, begins to question her choices. Beckett rightly doubts if Castle can be objective about the case and Kyra's place as a suspect, but when it looks to Beckett like Castle and Kyra might rekindle their romance, her own objectivity may be just as compromised .
Guest Stars: Brady Smith as Greg Murphy | Graham Beckel as Ted Murphy | Ryan Alosio as Mike Weitz | Mimi Kuzyk as Sheila Blaine | Joe Nieves as Boyd Gamble | Alyssa Milano as Kyra Blaine |
Co-Guest Stars: Deborah Strang as Ruby | Peter Katona as Keith Murphy | Gina Hiraizumi as Laurie Hill | Kimberly Estrada as Lisa Bloomfield | Brian Patrick Mulligan as Justice of the Peace | Kevin Herrera as Waiter
Director: Bryan Spicer
Songs: Golden State -- Love Song, The Magic Numbers -- Take A Chance

23 :02x13 - Sucker Punch

A known Irish mobster is found dead with multiple stab wounds in his own home, weapons undrawn. Investigations lead to a local turf war that connects a real-estate infomercial guru with an international drug smuggling operation... but when the manner of death for the mobster turns out to match up with that of Beckett's mother, the case becomes personal, and Beckett must face up to her own demons while hunting for her own mother's killer.
Guest Stars: Jay R. Ferguson as Dick Coonan | Eddie Shin as Johnny Vong | James Cosmo as Finn Rourke | Scott Paulin as Jim Beckett | Robert Picardo as Dr. Clark Murray | Danny Nucci as Gilbert Mazzara | Patrick St. Esprit as Special Agent Emmett Forrest |
Co-Guest Stars: Jenna Leigh Green as Molly | John Brantley Cole, Jr. as Officer Clayton Lee | Mark Adair-Rios as Trucho | Bernard K. Addison as Attorney | Glenn Keogh as Tommy | Tom Morga as Tall Guy
Writer: Will Beall
Songs: Pearl Jam -- The End, Bosshouse -- We All Go Down As One

24 :02x14 - The Third Man

When a family returns from their vacation and finds a dead man in their daughter's bed, they believe that a squatter was murdered. However, as Castle and Beckett investigate, they soon find the murder was part of a multi-million dollar heist. Meanwhile, Castle tries to hide the fact that they've been romantically linked from Beckett after he's named one of New York's most eligible bachelors.
Guest Stars: Rick Gonzalez as Mickey Carlson | Sarah Brown as Amanda Livingston | Scott Elrod as Brad Dekker | Senta Moses as Michele Langford | Jack McGee as Dale Fickas | Siena Goines as Donna Vincennes | Christie Lynn Smith as Melanie Kopek | Jon Curry as Stan Kopek |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Enright as Noel Du Preez | Corey Mendell Parker as Reggie Dyson | Shania Accius as Candace Dyson | David Appelbaum (2) as Morgue Assistant | Kortney Nash as Simone Dyson | Yurie Ann Cho as Hostess | Adrian Neil as Maitre D' |
Uncredited: Wesley Sellick as Douglass Bishop | Jay Caputo as Anton Francis
Songs: Channel Two -- Across Waters, Linear B -- Cold Turkey, Tim Hanauer -- Dream A Better Way, The Voluntary Butler Scheme -- Trading Things In

25 :02x15 - Suicide Squeeze

When a former major league baseball fan-favorite player is found dead after a trip to Cuba, the investigation, which includes Joe Torre, leads Beckett and Castle to look into the Cuban community. Meanwhile, Alexis' genealogy project forces Castle to look into who his father was.
Guest Stars: Ray Wise as Bobby Fox | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Don Franklin as Tommy Zane | Chandra West as Maggie Vega | Julio Oscar Mechoso as Mario Sanchez | José Zúñiga as Alfredo Quintana | Vanessa Martinez as Lara Blanco | Dayo Ade as Anton Wade | Rebeka Montoya as Ana Rivera | Joe Torre as Himself |
Co-Guest Stars: Nina Rausch as Receptionist
Director: David Barrett
Writer: Jose Molina
Songs: Dragonette -- I Get Around, All Night Chemists -- Whole Again

26 :02x16 - The Mistress Always Spanks Twice

A scantily clad woman found dead in bondage gear leads Castle and Beckett into the world of sexual domination.
Guest Stars: Amy Gumenick as Danielle | Devon Gummersall as Matt Haley | Dina Meyer as Lady Irena | Keiko Agena as Kelly | Tom Schanley as William Carraway | Gil McKinney as Tyler Benton | Azita Ghanizada as Mistress Sapphire | Juliana Dever as Jenny Duffy-O'Malley | Paul Schackman as Barry | Mark D. Espinoza as Professor Stevenson (as Mark Damon Espinoza) |
Co-Guest Stars: Angel Parker as Receptionist |
Uncredited: Kimberly Whittaker as Mistress Amber
Songs: Noirhaus -- Asphyxia, Band Of Skulls -- Patterns, Lindsey Ray -- Picture Perfect, The Come Ons -- Red Lips & Fingertips, Carnaby -- Save Me, Ghost In The Machine -- Standalone, Beautiful Small Machines -- Super Conductor

27 :02x17 - Tick, Tick, Tick... (1)

When a serial killer is loose in New York, Federal Agent Jordan Shaw is called in to take over Castle and Beckett's investigation.
Special Guest Stars: Dana Delany as Special Agent Jordan Shaw |
Guest Stars: Leonard Roberts as Special Agent Jason Avery | Andrew Rothenberg as Donald Salt |
Uncredited: Nicholas Patitucci as Ben Conrad
Director: Bryan Spicer
Songs: Apples in Stereo -- 7 Stars

28 :02x18 - Boom! (2)

As the explosion in Beckett's apartment proves, the killer is not the man who the task force believed committed suicide. As the FBI and NYPD resume their search, the killer ups the ante by abducting one of the team.
Special Guest Stars: Dana Delany as Special Agent Jordan Shaw |
Guest Stars: Leonard Roberts as Special Agent Jason Avery | Dameon Clarke as Scott Tucker | Mary-Pat Green as Erin Murphy |
Co-Guest Stars: Isaiah Mustafa as Team Leader
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: The Genders -- We Aright

29 :02x19 - Wrapped Up in Death

An upcoming Mayan exhibit experiences multiple deaths among the museum personnel that collected the artifacts and are preparing it for exhibit. Are the deaths the result of a Mayan curse? Castle hopes not as he took a quick peek inside a sarcophagus without permission.
Guest Stars: Currie Graham as Stanford Raynes | Navi Rawat as Rachel Walters | Erick Avari as Rupert Bentley | Gil Birmingham as Cacaw Te | Steve Cell as Charles Taylor | Al Vicente as Norton Grimes |
Co-Guest Stars: Kevin Foster as Will Medina | Omid Zader as Cab Driver
Director: Bill Roe
Writer: Alexi Hawley
Songs: MoZella -- Love Is Endless

30 :02x20 - The Late Shaft

The day following Castle's appearance on a late night talk show, the host drops dead of an apparent heart attack. But Castle thinks different as he tells Beckett that the host confided to him that someone wanted him dead.
Guest Stars: Tom Bergeron as Bobby Mann | Kelly Carlson as Ellie Monroe | Bill Bellamy as Mickey Reed | Amy Aquino as Janine Marks | Dan Cortese as Howard Weisberg | French Stewart as Zach Robinson | Nicholle Tom as Cindy Mann | Beth Broderick as Barbara Mann | Sydney Walsh as Patty DeLuca | Nika Williams as Angel Santana | Fred Willard as Hank McPhee |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Cummings as Burt | Brittany Belt as Kayla
Director: Bryan Spicer
Writer: David Grae
Songs: David Pack -- How Much I Feel, Soul P -- Turn Around, Graham Colton -- With You

31 :02x21 - Den of Thieves

A man murdered and tortured after he committed a bank heist lead the team into a case with ties to Esposito's previous assignment. In addition, the robbery detective working the case with Beckett is interested in more than just the case.
Guest Stars: Scott Cohen as Lt. Stan Holliwell | Michael Ironside as Victor Racine | Abby Brammell as Carol Thornton | Merrin Dungey as Monica Finch | Aaron D. Spears as Ike Thornton | Bruno Amato as Fred Cana | Michael Trucco as Detective Tom Demming |
Co-Guest Stars: Marcus Scribner as Tim Thornton |
Uncredited: Erik Betts as Paul Finch
Director: John Terlesky
Writer: Will Beall
Songs: Steve McDonald and Anna Waronker -- Not Bad At All, Pearl Jam -- Unthought Known

32 :02x22 - Food to Die For

A chef from an exclusive new restaurant is found murdered. The investigation leads Beckett to reunite with a friend from high school, who sets her sites on Castle to Beckett's dismay. Meanwhile, detective Denning is still sweet on Beckett, a fact which is troubling to Castle.
Guest Stars: Julie Gonzalo as Madison Queller | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Suzy Nakamura as Jennifer Wong | Max Greenfield as David Nicolaides | Erin Cahill as Cecily Burkett | Richard Gleason as Wesley Slade | Rocco DiSpirito as Himself | Allison Dunbar as Sandra Meyers | Benny Nieves as Domingo Verdugo | Michael Trucco as Detective Tom Demming |
Co-Guest Stars: Ryan Dobson as Balthazar Wolf | Colin Kim as Spike | Ronnie Alvarez as Juan
Director: Ron Underwood
Writer: Terri Miller
Songs: Malpais -- Sleep Comes Lately, Dry Spells -- Slow Down, Alexander Cardinale -- So Far So Long

33 :02x23 - Overkill

When Beckett asks detective Demming for help in a murder case that also included the theft of some rare books, Castle takes it as a challenge to prove his theory over Demming's.
Guest Stars: Julie Claire as Lisa Jenkins | William R. Moses as Blake Wilder | Jennifer Hall as Rebecca Strong | Kasey Mahaffy as Lance Newman | Ella Thomas as Natasha Piper | Stephen Full as Benny | Paul Carafotes as Lukas Canby | Jim Hoffmaster as Clerk | Michael Trucco as Detective Tom Demming |
Co-Guest Stars: Melanie Laenani Lewis as Daphne | Monica Garcia as Cleaning Lady
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: Lifehouse -- Crash And Burn, Aceyalone -- Workin Man's Blues, Jes -- You And Me Belong

34 :02x24 - A Deadly Game

A murder victim becomes a mystery when none of his background information is real. Castle jokingly suggests he is a spy and that turns out to be less humorous the more they learn. Meanwhile, Castle is getting behind on his next book and he makes a decision that makes Beckett second guess herself.
Special Guest Stars: Stephen J. Cannell as Himself | Michael Connelly as Himself | James Patterson as Himself |
Guest Stars: Monet Mazur as Gina Cowell | Mitch Pileggi as Hans Brauer | Allison McAtee as Andrea Fisher | Rick Worthy as Jason Penn | Melissa De Sousa as Liz Penn | Ian Reed Kesler as Hugo Morrison | David Starzyk as Lee Copley | David Kelsey as Ken Fisher | Lucia Sullivan as Melinda Farraday | Michael Trucco as Detective Tom Demming |
Co-Guest Stars: Dean Cates as Roger Farraday | Cristina Ainoa as Operator
Director: Rob Bowman
Songs: Sara Jackson-Holman -- Into the Blue
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 09, 2009
Episode Order: 23
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