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Season 6

106 :06x01 - Valkyrie (1)

While taking on a high-stakes investigation, Beckett decides what to do about whether to take a job in DC, and if she should accept Castle's proposal.
Guest Stars: Lisa Edelstein as Rachel McCord | Yancey Arias as Carl Villante | Jocko Sims as Matt Hendricks | Andrea C. Robinson as Jeanette Miller | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis |
Co-Guest Stars: Jack Kennedy as Jack Bronson | Obren Milanovic as Leather Jacket | Myko Olivier as Pi | Peter James Smith as Agent Richmond | Garvin Funches as Police Officer | Isaac Johnson as Agent | Eugenia Kuzmina as Blonde | Trevor Olsen as Security Guard (as Trevor H. Olsen)
Director: John Terlesky
Writer: Rob Hanning

107 :06x02 - Dreamworld (2)

Continuing from the season premiere episode, Beckett races against time to find a stolen toxin capable of killing tens of thousands of people. To make matters worse, Castle was exposed, leaving him with less than 24 hours to live.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Lisa Edelstein as Rachel McCord | Yancey Arias as Carl Villante | Jocko Sims as Matt Hendricks | Warren Christie as Brad Parker | Glenn Morshower as Defense Secretary Michael Reed | Omid Abtahi as Waqas Rasheed |
Co-Guest Stars: Ellen Bry as Mary Elizabeth Reed | Jack Kennedy as Jack Bronson | Myko Oliver as Pi | Peter James Smith as Agent Richmond | Celeste Den as Julie | Dan Glenn as Security Detail Member | Cedric Scott as Admiral Johnson | Dan Warner as House Security Detail |
Uncredited: Michael Bofshever as Dr. Goldberg
Writer: David Grae

108 :06x03 - Need to Know

With Beckett still in D.C., Castle and the boys investigate the murder of former child star Charlie Reynolds, who rose to fame playing the lovable nerd on an early 90s High School sitcom. But the case takes a turn for the strange when Agents Beckett and McCord arrive from Washington to take over the investigation, creating competitive tension in the precinct. But why would a washed-up actor's death warrant Federal scrutiny? Whatever the reason, Beckett and McCord aren't telling. Meanwhile, Castle has to contend with a new face at the 12th, NYPD Detective Frank "Sully" Sullivan.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Lisa Edelstein as Rachel McCord | Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Ramon Russo | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Joshua Biton as Grant "Sully" Sullivan | James Patrick Stuart as Ethan Wright | Emily Foxler as Svetlana Renkov | Alan Blumenfeld as Hank Harper | Ruth Williamson as Geraldine Powers |
Co-Guest Stars: Jon Paul Burkhart as Potential Dewey | Jeff Grace (2) as Charlie Reynolds | Nick Gracer as Vlad Bardinov | Kiyano La'Vin as Construction Worker | Myko Olivier as Pi | Jennifer Jean Snyder as Reporter
Director: Larry Shaw

109 :06x04 - Number One Fan

A desperate young murder suspect, Emma Briggs, takes hostages at gunpoint then mysteriously insists that she will only negotiate with one person: Richard Castle.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Alicia Lagano as Emma Briggs | Tom Amandes as Aaron Stokes | Joshua Biton as Grant "Sully" Sullivan | Peter MacKenzie as Sgt. Roman | Patrick Heusinger as Raymond Vance | Billy Miller as Mickey Gerhardt | Charlie Bodin as Julian Cutter |
Co-Guest Stars: Brandon Morales as Cop | Myko Olivier as Pi | Tim Snay as Dr. Abe Kogan | Amy Tolsky as Sue Williams | Kayla Wong as Suki Chung | Adrienne Zi as Lisa Chung
Director: John Terlesky

110 :06x05 - Time Will Tell

A grisly murder investigation leads Castle and Beckett to a suspect who claims he's traveled back in time to stop terrible events from unfolding, events that will change the course of human history. Is he simply a deluded killer, or is it possible that he's telling the truth.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Joshua Gomez as Simon Doyle | Vanessa Bell Calloway as Beryl Wickfield | Tim Russ as Dr. Malcolm Wickfield | Sam Daly as Jack Hastings | Rodney Rowland as Mick Linden | Yvonne Zima as Veronica |
Co-Guest Stars: Jess Allen as Garrett Ward | Anna Campbell as Maddie | John R. Colley as Paul Deschile | Fred Cross as Dr. Haver | Myko Olivier as Pi | Jeris Lee Poindexter as Older Man | Michael Raynor as Dr. Silverman | Christopher Wolfe as Officer | John J. York as Interviewer
Director: Rob Bowman

111 :06x06 - Get a Clue

Castle and Beckett investigate the bizarre murder of a young woman who was found ritually posed. When the team finds a collection of strange symbols in her apartment and the prime suspect turns out to be a mysterious monk, Castle becomes convinced they've stumbled onto a "Da Vinci Code" style conspiracy. Meanwhile, Castle tries to come to grips with the fact that Alexis and Pi have moved in together.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Christopher Cousins as Nolan Burns | James MacDonald (1) as Benjamin Wade | Erik Jensen as Professor Jason Byford | Aaron Craven as Henry Collins | Jeffrey Odachowski as Kenny (Swordsman) |
Co-Guest Stars: Daniel E. Mora as Silas Mora | Myko Olivier as Pi | Pamela Shaddock as Marcella
Director: Holly Dale

112 :06x07 - Like Father, Like Daughter

Alexis enlists Castle's help on an Innocence Review case to prove that a death row inmate, Frank Henson, was wrongly convicted. With only 72 hours left before his execution, Castle and Alexis (with help from Beckett) urgently investigate the original murder, only to uncover explosive secrets that may seal Frank's fate.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: James Carpinello as Frank Henson | Joelle Carter as Maggie Ingram | Alexis Cruz as Lyle Gomez | Wes Ramsey as John Henson | Drew Rausch as Officer Ted Lane | Joyce Guy as Judge Kerry Fallbrook |
Co-Guest Stars: Laura Gardner as Patrice Tolbert | Janet Hoskins as Betty | David Wells (1) as Professor Edgar McDonald | Mark Withers as Alan Lane | Stephen Jordan as Young Alan Lane | Caleb Ruminer as Young John Henson | Swen Temmel as Young Frank Henson
Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Marc Dube

113 :06x08 - A Murder is Forever

When a famed relationship therapist is murdered, it appears that her access to the secrets of her elite and powerful clients led to her death. But when Castle and Beckett discover the victim was in possession of a rare object worth millions of dollars, they realize that this case may be even more complicated - and dangerous - than they thought.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Anthony Ruivivar as Barrett Hawke | Jason Antoon as Steve Warner | David S. Lee as Matt Lanchet / Leo Wyngaard | David Blue as Kyle | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Dominic Hoffman as Andrew Spencer | John Hans Tester as Edward Peters |
Co-Guest Stars: Christine Corpuz as Receptionist | Bonnie Hellman as Frumpy Nightgown Woman | Tina Morasco as Janet Warner | Carter Roy as MC
Director: Bill Roe

114 :06x09 - Disciple

A female victim bares a shocking resemblance to examiner Lanie Parish when Castle and Beckett arrive at a crime scene. They soon realize that the killer is targeting 12th precinct detectives.
Guest Stars: Annie Wersching as Dr. Kelly Nieman | William Mapother as Carl Matthews | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Shashawnee Hall as Calvin Hodges | Jim Holmes as Dr. Ian Fuller | Marta McGonagle as Daniel Santos' Neighbor |
Co-Guest Stars: Heidi Fecht as File Clerk | Jess Henecke as Mr. Graham (as Jesse Henecke) | Chris McDaniel as Bryce (as Christopher McDaniel)
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: David Amann
Songs: Vera Lynn -- We'll Meet Again

115 :06x10 - The Good, the Bad & the Baby

A priest receives a mysterious bundle when a bleeding man collapses and dies in his church. The bundle turns out to be a baby boy, leading Castle and Beckett to nanny the newborn. Their investigation soon uncovers that the baby and victim aren't related at all and that finding the parents of the now orphaned baby could solve to be as hard as solving the murder case.
Guest Stars: Teri Reeves as Miranda Vail | John Allen Nelson as Walter Dennis | Matt Gerald as Jimmy Wolfinsky | Anthony Mangano as Roman Valanciaga | Kristen Ariza as Sandra Whitman | Emil Beheshti as Dean Seahorn | Christie Ann Burson as Mrs. Ducane |
Co-Guest Stars: Don Baldaramos as Priest | Chris Andrew Ciulla as Cameron Ducane | Kate Rene Gleason as Officer | Adrian Quinonez as Paul Vail
Director: John Terlesky
Writer: Terri Miller

116 :06x11 - Under Fire

A murder victim at a fire scene leads the team onto the trail of a serial arsonist. Ryan and Esposito find more trouble than they bargained for as Ryan's wife Jenny goes into labor.
Guest Stars: Nicholas Bishop as Fire Chief Miller (as Nic Bishop) | Wendy Davis as NYFD Lt. Delia Burton | Juliana Dever as Jenny Ryan | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Jamie Harris as Adam Ferguson | Ethan Cohn as Milo Pavlik | Robert Cicchini as Mr. Turino |
Co-Guest Stars: Kimberly Fox as Newscaster | Tim Meinelschmidt as Mark Kimball
Director: Paul Holahan

117 :06x12 - Deep Cover

A seemingly innocuous murder of a simple store clerk leads the team into the world of high stakes espionage, and ultimately, Castle's father.
Guest Stars: James Brolin as Anderson Cross / Jackson Hunt | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Rick Peters as Tony Blaine | Jeff Austin as Mr. Rollins |
Co-Guest Stars: Michelle Alegria as Reporter | Jae Jung as Receptionist | Connor Ross as Grant Collins

118 :06x13 - Limelight

An out of control pop star is murdered, and the investigation leads Castle and Beckett into a world of paparazzi and debauchery, with Alexis thrown in to boot.
Guest Stars: Alexandra Chando as Mandy Sutton | Lola Glaudini as Marilyn Sutton | Bug Hall as Jesse Jones | Greg Cromer as Harvey Stryker | Peter Asle Holden as Ken Castor (as Peter Holden) | Kelly McCreary as Kelly Jane | Carlton Byrd as Sam | Sean McGowan as James Lockhart | Henning Fischer as Photographer |
Co-Guest Stars: Brad Benedict as Zach Benton | Jennifer Ferdinand as Woman | Brian Fitzpatrick as Doorman | Myko Olivier as Pi | Carly Steel as TV Reporter (as Carly Steel) |
Uncredited: Deanna Moore as Claire Samuels
Director: Bill Roe
Writer: Rob Hanning

119 :06x14 - Dressed to Kill

A fashion magazine assistant is found murdered, and Castle and Beckett must wade through the halls of the glitzy fashion world to find the killer.
Guest Stars: Frances Fisher as Matilda King | Rex Lee as Yumi | Rob Estes as Julian Bruckner | John Eric Bentley as James Kavanaugh | Paul Cassell as Marcus Conway | Brian Elerding as Armando Montoya | Thea Gill as Gloria Robbins | Denyce Lawton as Lillian Hernandez | Emily Wilson as Grace Jacobs |
Co-Guest Stars: Gina Alvarez as Teresa Gomez | Nadege August as Leslie | Angelique Cinelu as Lola | Abigail Klein as Carrie | Danny Max as Justin | Jonathan Roumie as Serge Belmonde |
Uncredited: Meredith Richardson as Ella Hayes
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

120 :06x15 - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a high school girl, and find themselves bewildered when the evidence indicates the perpetrator has telekinetic powers.
Guest Stars: Sam Anderson as Principal Duncan | Hannah Marks as Jordan Gibbs | Malese Jow as Hillary Cooper | Leigh Parker as Lucas Troy | Victory Van Tuyl as Kris Howard | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Lori Alan as Ms. Papen | Cas Anvar as Dr. Rampanel | Jackie Debatin as Realtor | John Mese as Mr. Charles Beaumont | Julie Pinson as Mrs. Diane Beaumont |
Co-Guest Stars: Liz Benoit as Assistant | Will Deutsch as Nerdy Guy | Natasha Hall as Madison Beaumont | Arianna Ortiz as Librarian | Sam Towers as Riley Mitchum
Director: Kevin Hooks
Songs: Andrew Belle -- In My Veins

121 :06x16 - Room 147

The murder of a man in a hotel room seems like an easy case when Beckett gets a confession, but due diligence by the NYPD reveals the woman has an alibi, and things get more bizarre when a second and then a third person confesses.
Guest Stars: John Getz as Dr. Gustavo Bauer | Alexie Gilmore as Anita Miller | Drew Powell as Sam Carson | Bradford Anderson as Dwight Carruthers | Phil LaMarr as Dr. Holloway | Kelly Kruger as Laura Westbourne | Samantha Sloyan as Pam |
Co-Guest Stars: Julia Cho as Gwen | Jarrod Crawford as Field Tech | Alexis DeLaRosa as Eddie | Zack Duhame as Justin Marquette | Evelyn Edwards as Jasmine | Sylvester Foster as Precinct Detective | Erika Godwin as Jane | Kelly Hawthorne as Ella
Director: Bill Roe

122 :06x17 - In the Belly of the Beast

Beckett is requested to join a narcotics sting that is supposed to be straight-forward, but the meet goes bad and she ends up in a fight for her life.
Guest Stars: Carlos Gomez as Captain Fowler | Jonathan Adams (1) as Vulcan Simmons | Jack Coleman as Senator William H. Bracken | Al Sapienza as Mr. Jones | Kenny Johnson as Mr. Harden | Daniel Hugh Kelly as Evan Potter | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Britt Rentschler as Elena Markov | Regi Davis as Dr. Bailey | Jennifer Jean Snyder as Anchor (as JJ Snuder) |
Co-Guest Stars: Meg Cionno as Tessa | Stephanie Escajeda as Tourist
Director: Rob Bowman

123 :06x18 - The Way of the Ninja

The murder of a Japanese ballet dancer leads the team down the path of revenge, the Yakuza, and ninjas, much to Castle's delight.
Guest Stars: Brittany Ishibashi as Amaya Tagami / Saya Ozu | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Ron Yuan as Michio Saito | Chris Bruno as Randall Bedford | Arden Cho as Kiara | Mike Moh as Lee Tong | Cameron Deane Stewart as Dean Bedford |
Co-Guest Stars: Carin Chea as Secretary | Caitlin Gold as Yumi | Tarri Markel as Sharon Bedford | Anna Moon as Aiko | Faye Viviana as Jade Yamata | Momo Yashima as Mama-San
Director: Larry Shaw

124 :06x19 - The Greater Good

The investigation into the murder of a Wall Street broker gets complicated by the arrival of the U.S. Attorney's office. The complication increases when the D.A. turns out to be Gates' sister.
Guest Stars: Salli Richardson-Whitfield as U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Weston | Kevin Kilner as Jamie Berman | Laurie Fortier as U.S. Attorney Stephanie Goldmark | Ramon Fernandez as Hector Nunez | Rosie Garcia as Maria Cordero | Juan Carlos Cantu as Luis Delgado |
Co-Guest Stars: David Landry as Neal Wentworth | Robert Maffia as Lawyer | Andres Perez-Molina as Peter Cordero | Noree Victoria as Secretary
Director: Holly Dale
Writer: David Grae

125 :06x20 - That ’70s Show

The discovery of a murdered 1970's era mobster leads Beckett and Castle to a man who still believes it is the '70s. With no other leads, the NYPD pulls out all the stops to convince their witness to reveal all that he knows.
Guest Stars: Jon Polito as Harold Leone | Ray Abruzzo as Frank Russo | Richard Portnow as Detective Milt Boyle | Larry Joshua as Michael Carcano | James Martin Kelly as Robert Decker | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Dawnn Lewis as Yvonne |
Co-Guest Stars: Gregory Bach as Louie 'The Lip" Maneri | Julien Cesario as Snookie Watts | Dre Michael Chaney as Reno | Linc Hand as Ray Price | Gina Hecht as Marie Russo | Eme Ikwuakor as Worker | Jill Jacobson as Deanna Maneri | Amanda Jaros as Junkie | Guy Nardulli as Bodyguard
Director: John Terlesky
Writer: David Amann
Songs: Donna Summer -- Last Dance, Bob McGilpin -- Let The Music Take You High

126 :06x21 - Law & Boarder

After a skateboarder is gunned down by a killer on a motorcycle, Castle and Beckett must enter the extreme sports world to find the killer.
Guest Stars: Michael Lombardi as Tommy Fulton | Ned Vaughn as Brett Zaretsky | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Jesse Luken as Carter Wexland | Eric Etebari as Enver Kotta | Anabelle Acosta as Holly | Claudia Christian as Logan Moore's Mother | Yani Gellman as Manny Castro | Blake Griffin as Ross De Koning (as Blake Cooper Griffin) |
Co-Guest Stars: Chase Clarke as Logan Moore | Samantha Cutaran as Gym Clerk | Wendy Rosoff as Cathy
Writer: Jim Adler

127 :06x22 - Veritas

Since her near death at the hands of Vulcan Simmons, Beckett has been investigating the man and trying to connect him to Senator Bracken. When an associate of Simmons is found murdered, Beckett's investigation turns into a fight for her life, both from Bracken and the NYPD.
Guest Stars: Jack Coleman as Senator William H. Bracken | Jonathan Adams (1) as Vulcan Simmons | Alex Fernandez as Capt. Marcus Donovan | David Gautreaux as Dr. Oliver Pressing |
Co-Guest Stars: Ayanna Berkshire as Interviewer | Tom Billett as Sergio | Joshua Wolf Coleman as Reporter #2 | Chic Daniel as Thomas | Brent Alan Henry as Uni | Grace Rowe as Reporter #1 |
Uncredited: Geoff Pierson as Mr. Smith | Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Captain Roy Montgomery
Director: Rob Bowman

128 :06x23 - For Better or Worse

With the wedding only days away, Castle and Beckett learn a shocking truth that leads the pair on a wild chase filled with bikers, gangsters, and a former love interest of Beckett's.
Guest Stars: Eddie McClintock as Rogan O'Leary | Scottie Thompson as Tildy McGuire | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Chris Browning as Biker | R.D. Call as Mickey Barbozza | Randy Oglesby as Pastor | Nicole J. Butler as Cassandra | Kristina Hayes as Willow Creek Deputy Sheriff | Sarah Karges as Sapphire | Doug Simpson as Henry Browning |
Co-Guest Stars: Reatha Grey as Geneva | Mercy Malick as Crystal | Helen Wilson (2) as Cloris Maguire
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: The Band of Strangers -- Bait n' Pole, Antonio Vivaldi -- Spring
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 09, 2009
Episode Order: 23
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