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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Flowers for Your Grave

Popular murder writer Richard Castle is called in to answer questions when the New York Police Department notes that two murders are left in situations that are strikingly similar to those of plots in his books. He volunteers to help on the case, much to the displeasure of the lead detective in charge.
Special Guest Stars: Stephen J. Cannell as Himself | James Patterson as Himself |
Guest Stars: Jon Huertas as Detective Javier Esposito | Seamus Dever as Detective Kevin Ryan | Dan Castellaneta as Judge Markway | Tamala Jones as Dr. Lanie Parish | Keir Dullea as Jonathan Tisdale | Colby French as NYPD Detective | Brian Avers as Harrison Tisdale |
Co-Guest Stars: Kurt David Anderson as Kyle Cabot | Ian Jarvis as Silver Fox | Caitlin McHugh as Receptionist | Kevin Jiggetts as Uniformed Cop
Director: Rob Bowman
Songs: OneRepublic -- Stop and Stare, Pussycat Dolls -- When I Grow Up

2 :01x02 - Nanny McDead

When a body of a young woman is found inside the dryer at a laundry room, Castle and Beckett uncover that the young woman worked as a nanny in the upscale building. Meanwhile, as Castle works on his "Nikki Heat" novel series he watches Beckett's actions as she works the murder case.
Guest Stars: Jayne Brook as Claudia Peterson | Sarah Drew as Chloe Richardson | George Newbern as Howard Peterson | Jason Brooks (1) as Ian Harris | Melinda Page Hamilton as Diana Harris | Ken Lerner as NYPD Attorney | Michael Graziadei as Brent Johnson | Len Lesser as Elderly Neighbor |
Co-Guest Stars: Lony'e Perrine as Bethany | Eamon Hunt as Frank Garrison | Claudia Choi as Video Technician | Rodney J. Hobbs as Worker
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: Tommy Fields -- Come On In, Pink -- So What

3 :01x03 - Hedge Fund Homeboys

When a teenaged boy whose family has recent fallen on hard times is found dead in a boat in Central Park, Castle and Beckett must piece together the mystery behind the boy's final moments. Meanwhile, Castle mulls over leaving Martha home while he chaperones Alexis' trip to Washington, D.C.
Guest Stars: Jamie Chung as Romy Lee | Nolan Gerard Funk as Brandon | Michelle Page as Amanda | Kunal Sharma as Spencer | Steve Talley as Kent Scoville | Charlie Finn as Ian Yankman | Caitlin Dulany as Mrs. Kendall |
Co-Guest Stars: Creagen Dow as Max Heller | Drew Van Acker as Donny Kendall | Patrick O'Connor as Chris Markum | David A. Kimball as Mr. Kendall | Keisuke Hoashi as Mr. Lee | Julia Nickson as Mrs. Lee | Peggy Dunne as Mrs. Heller | Anita Finlay as Margo Falcigno | Jesse D. Goins as Spencer's Lawyer
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: David Grae
Songs: Alex & Sam -- Buy Your Side, Eric Hutchinson -- Food Chain, Brighton, MA -- Graceland '02, Two Hours Traffic -- Jezebel

4 :01x04 - Hell Hath No Fury

The body of a New York City Councilman up for reelection is found murdered and rolled up in a rug, sending Beckett and Castle deep in to the world of politics. Meanwhile, Castle's final novel of the Derrick Storm series arrives at bookstores, sending his mother out looking for any sign of failure.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Banks as Bruce Kirby | Bruno Campos as Calvin Creason | Michael Reilly Burke as Frank Nesbit | Joshua LeBar as Jason Bollinger | Lisa Waltz as Laurie Horn | Alicia Ziegler as Tiffany | Amy Hathaway as Creason's Attorney |
Co-Guest Stars: Ron Roggé as Wolkowski | Carla Lorraine as Aide | Tim Barraco as Delivery Guy | L.T. Tolliver as Uniform |
Uncredited: John Prudhont as Jeff Horn
Director: Rob Bowman
Songs: Amp Fiddler -- If I Don't, Annie Stela -- Lovesong, 1990s -- You're Supposed to Be My Friend

5 :01x05 - A Chill Goes Through Her Veins

A woman, frozen solid, is found hanging on the exposed rebar at a construction site. The body is identified as that of a long-closed missing persons case. The slapdash manner in which the case was handled and subsequently closed touches hard against some of Beckett's own personal experiences with shoddy police work, revealing some of her background to Castle.
Guest Stars: Bill Smitrovich as Ben Davidson | Charles Malik Whitfield as Charles Wyler | Channon Roe as Kevin Henson | Peter Jason as Sheriff Sloan | Jerry Kernion as Albert Bolland | Kerrie Keane as Julie Davidson | Erin Matthews as Elizabeth Forte | K Callan as Delores Marsh | Phil Abrams as Roger |
Uncredited: Allison Curtis as Simone Cavanagh
Director: Bryan Spicer
Songs: Emiliana Torrini -- Beggar's Prayer, Joshua Radin -- No Envy, No Fear, Scott MacLeod -- This Old Farmhouse

6 :01x06 - Always Buy Retail

When a ritualistic murder takes place which has all the earmarks of a Vodou rite, Castle and Beckett must probe into the Nigerian roots of the deceased. Castle is well prepared for this, having researched the religious practices of Vodou for one of his books. He is less well prepared when his first ex-wife, Alexis's mother, announces an interest in returning to New York City to find acting work.
Guest Stars: Darby Stanchfield as Meredith | Aldis Hodge as Azi | Nicki Micheaux as Michelle | Michael Benyaer as Oscar | Dohn Norwood as Charles Oni |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Okumu as Mukhta Baylor | Debbie Campbell as Diana Edwards | Laura Simms as Jill Button | Loren Lester as Mr. Simmons | Asia De Marcos as Yoga Manager | Kwahbena Darkwah as Man
Director: Jamie Babbit
Songs: Plain White T's -- 1, 2, 3, 4, Brett Dennen -- Make You Crazy, Dick Dale -- Nitro

7 :01x07 - Home is Where the Heart Stops

Beckett must enter into Castle's mileau of celebrity and money, portraying his date at a formal social event in the hopes finding those behind a rash of high society home invasions and thefts, the latest of which ended in a brutal murder. Castle finds his own problems when he seeks the assistance of a presumably retired, but dangerous master thief he used as a character model, who at one time made threats to Castle's life. Does he still bear a grudge? Is it him behind the robberies?
Guest Stars: Patrick Bauchau as Caine Powell | Caterina Scorsone as Joanne Delgado | Nick Chinlund as Evan Mitchell | Joseph C. Phillips as Mayor | Katie Lowes as Rachel Maddox | Erik Van Wyck as Paul Reynolds | Elizabeth Ann Bennett as Ruth |
Co-Guest Stars: Angela Oh as Anne Greene | Michael Papajohn as Karl Nadir
Director: Dean White
Writer: Will Beall
Songs: The Rosenbergs -- Birds of a Feather, Civalias -- No Escape, Fatboy Slim -- Wonderful Night, Joel Evans and Patrick Maier -- You're The One For Me

8 :01x08 - Ghosts

A woman was found murdered inside a transient hotel in a bathtub full of motor oil as Castle and Beckett investigate. After uncovering the dark past of the woman, they decide they'll need to seek the help of a crime journalist who may know more about this woman than he is telling. Meanwhile, Beckett uses her best poker face as she squares off against Castle, with both money and pride at stake.
Guest Stars: Joanne Kelly as Lee Wax | Dan Castellaneta as Judge Markway | Joseph C. Phillips as Mayor | Alex Carter as Michael Goldman | Fred Koehler as Adam Pike | Jillian Armenante as Susan Mailer | Susan Ruttan as Eleanor Pike | Keith Diamond as Jared Swanstrom | Michael Edwin as Night Desk Clerk |
Co-Guest Stars: Van Epperson as Postal Clerk | Jack Forbes as Captain Sam Pike
Director: Bryan Spicer
Songs: Anya Marina -- Move On, The Virgins -- Rich Girls

9 :01x09 - Little Girl Lost

When a little girl is kidnapped, the lead FBI agent in charge of the case asks for Beckett to assist. He asks this because he was an old flame of Beckett. The ensuing testosterone battle as Castle and Sorenson face off over their different approaches, as well as Kate, is not pretty.
Guest Stars: Bailey Chase as Will Sorenson | Judy Reyes as Theresa Candela | Julian Acosta as Alfred Candela | Francis Capra as Juan Restrepo | Jeannette Sousa as Lucia Gomez | Todd Waring as Doug Ellers |
Co-Guest Stars: Jacqueline Torres as Nina Mendola | Melanie Lora as FBI Technician | Kurt Long as Todd | Mario Perez as Man
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: Bitter:Sweet -- Get What I Want

10 :01x10 - A Death in the Family

Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a plastic surgeon who disappeared and was found a week later dead in the front seat of his vehicle parked curbside. While delving into the world of surgery obsessed patients and secret operations, Castle has a fatherly experience as Alexis attends her first prom. And as Castle looks back into Beckett's past, he discovers information which could stop their relationship forever.
Guest Stars: Bailey Chase as Will Sorenson | Ion Overman as Candace Robinson | Robert Picardo as Dr. Clark Murray | Jackie Geary as Maggie Dowd / Carla "Coldblood" Dante | Robert Costanzo as Sal Tenor | Joe Marinelli as Jimmy Moran | DeLane Matthews as Jacey Goldberg | Kari Coleman as Julia Hammond | Carrie Southworth as Courtney Morantz |
Co-Guest Stars: Drew Osborne as Owen | Rey Herrera as Mario Guerrera | Matt Riedy as Attorney | Scott Connors as FBI Agent #1 (Debney) | Catherine Christensen as FBI Agent #2 | Ronnie Althoff as Heavy (Vito)
Director: Bryan Spicer
Songs: Greg Laswell -- Comes and Goes (In Waves), Minnutes -- More to Luv, Minnutes -- Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag, Tyler Lane -- Please Don't Go

Season 2

11 :02x01 - Deep in Death

Castle is trying to repair his estranged relationship with Beckett, exasperated by the publicity for his upcoming book, which adds to the annoyances around the office. When a man's body is found hanging in a tree, the publicity needs, align to force Beckett to continue to tolerate his presence despite her wishes. When the body gets stolen from the coroner's van, though, on its way to the morgue, it gets really mysterious. When the body is found again, hacked up, it gets stranger still.
Special Guest Stars: Stephen J. Cannell as Himself | Michael Connelly as Himself |
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Ho as Amy Saunders | Laurel Holloman as Sandy Allen | David Bowe as Max Haverstock | Robert Gant as Ron Bigby | David Meunier as Sasha |
Co-Guest Stars: Jonathan T. Floyd as Luther | Luis Moncada as Jesus | Bill Tangradi as Hank | Adam Smith (1) as Tom Moroni | Peter Randolph as Photographer | Dmitri Boudrine as Ilya | Michael Petrone as Ivan | Stefan Ionesco as Serge
Director: Rob Bowman
Songs: Charles Fearing -- 50-96, Junior Senior -- Can I Get Get Get, The Datsuns -- Highschool Hoodlums, Lex Land -- My Fault, Your Mistake, DJ Dimi -- River To Your Soul

12 :02x02 - The Double Down

When two different murders fall towards the team, they are split between Ryan and Esposito, along with Castle and Beckett. Challenges are exchanged, and Castle wagers that he and Beckett will solve their case first. In each case, the results lead to an obvious suspect, each of which has an airtight alibi. When further evidence shows an odd connection between the two murders, unravelling the mystery will require the talents of all four.
Guest Stars: Diana-Maria Riva as Det. Roselyn Karpowski | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Brennan Elliott as Jason Cosway | Matt Winston as Evan Hinkle | Gareth Williams as Wesley Grovner | Amy Stewart as Brandy Rossi | Jim O'Heir as Hal Rossi | Linara Washington as Christina Marx |
Co-Guest Stars: Marco Antonio Martinez as Eric Marx | Dinora Walcott as Det. Mindy Stegner | Brian Allen (2) as Messianic-Looking Guy
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: David Grae
Songs: Actionslacks -- We Are Not The Losers (Anymore), Sloan -- Who Taught You To Live Like That?

13 :02x03 - Inventing the Girl

When an up and coming young fashion model is found dead, stabbed in the back, just before she was announced as the face of an important new advertising promotion, Castle and Beckett get a good look at the cold, impersonal fashion world from the inside. Was someone stabbing her in the back metaphorically, before she was, literally?
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Pierce as Wyatt Monroe | Matt Barr as Travis McBoyd | Torrey DeVitto as Sierra Goodwin | Shanna Collins as Rina | Julian Sands as Teddy Farrow | Jon Fleming as Will James |
Co-Guest Stars: Jason E. Kelley as Event Organizer | Candice Patton as Young Woman | Paul Diaz as Young Man
Director: Dwight Little
Songs: Chad Hannah -- Friends Forever More, Lindsey Katt -- Heart Place, Ultraviolet Sound -- In A Magazine, Madison Park -- My Personal Moon, Mahjong & D'Layna -- So Thankful, Jaconfetti -- We Swing

14 :02x04 - Fool Me Once...

When an Arctic explorer is killed during a mission on live television before a class of students, the mysterious detail of why his body turns up in New York City take Castle and Beckett on a topsy-turvy path where all is smoke and mirrors, and nothing is real, and Castle's appreciation for the case grows by leaps and boungs. Did the dead man find his One True Love, or was it all an elaborate hoax?
Guest Stars: Kathleen Rose Perkins as Elise Finnegan | David Ramsey as Jim Wheeler | Robert Pine as Gerry Finnegan | Tyler Hoechlin as Dylan | Stephanie Faracy as Patty Schultz | Chet Grissom as Agent Gray |
Co-Guest Stars: Jennifer Riker as Sue Vaughn | Ilene Graff as Gayle Finnegan | Will Beinbrink as Steven Fletcher | Frank Gallegos as Keith Lopez | Kahlil Joseph as Bank Manager
Director: Bryan Spicer
Writer: Alexi Hawley
Songs: MoZella -- Can't Stop, Winter Gloves -- Factories, (Unknown artist) -- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

15 :02x05 - When the Bough Breaks

Castle's book agent has gotten him an offer that would be a dream job and could greatly enhance his career. Signing the offer, however, would mean the end of his relationship with Beckett, as he would have to turn away from Nikki Heat, and both Castle and Beckett are realizing a reluctance to do that, even as they work a case that may be their last... a lonely woman whose body was found tossed down a manhole.
Guest Stars: Reed Diamond as Dr. Cameron Talbot | Diana-Maria Riva as Det. Roselyn Karpowski | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Elaine Hendrix as Melissa Talbot | Ivo Nandi as Teodor Hajek | Jeff Doucette as Super | Timi Prulhiere as Talbot's Nurse | Debi Mazar as Paula Haas |
Co-Guest Stars: Griffin Cleveland as Zane Talbot | Francisco Viana as Manager | John Brantley Cole, Jr. as NYPD Uniform
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: Bad Boy Bill -- Do What U Like, OneRepublic -- Everybody Loves Me, Alyx -- Fever Burning, El Presidente -- Rocket, Derby -- Sunk a Few

16 :02x06 - Vampire Weekend

It's Halloween week, the week all cops dread, according to Beckett, when all the really strange stuff happens. This year is no exception, when a young man is found in a cemetery with a stake through his heart, a bite on his leg, and fangs in his mouth. The trail leads from there into the blood play community and off towards the graphic horror novel he and a friend were writing, which may well contain important clues to the killer's identity and motives. Meanwhile, Alexis and a friend are off to a Halloween party.
Guest Stars: Anita Barone as Janice Freeman | Robin Thomas as Alan Freeman | Samantha Shelton as Vixen | Phil LaMarr as Dr. Holloway | Amy Hill as Alma | Jim Gleason as Dr. Barry Frank |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Arbogast as Morlock | Erin Sanders as Rosie Freeman | Glenn Taranto as Douglas Lawson | Emily Bicks as Paige |
Uncredited: Zoe Taylor as Elizabeth Dryden McGinty
Director: Karen Gaviola
Writer: Terri Miller
Songs: Lobster -- Easily Amused, Nate Connelly -- Inside Misery, Moloko -- Pure Pleasure Seeker, Salme Dahlstrom -- Reality Check, Jocko Marcellino -- The Monster Stroll

17 :02x07 - Famous Last Words

When a promising young singer's body is found posed in a scene from a recent music video, it falls upon Beckett, Castle, and the team to discover who did it, and why. Was it an ex-bandmate, her ex-producer, her sister? Alexis, herself a major fan of the singer and her band, gets personally involved as well, to Castle's chagrin.
Guest Stars: Anne Elizabeth Ramsay as Bree Busch | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Robert Curtis Brown as Ian Busch | Erin Foster as Sky Blue | Clayton Rohner as John McGinnis | Jesse Head as Zack Metzger (as Jesse John Head) |
Co-Guest Stars: Bernardo De Paula as Franco Marquez | Brianna Haynes as Hayley Blue | Rashawn Underdue as Tony
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Jose Molina
Songs: Billy Idol -- Dancin' With Myself, Anna Waronker -- Here Kitty Kitty, Anna Waronker -- Threshold, Anna Waronker -- Underground

18 :02x08 - Kill the Messenger

When a bike messenger is killed and his package stolen, Castle and Beckett must chase the clues on their contorted path to a twenty-year old case of Captain Montgomery's that was believed solved. When the sender winds up dead, as well, the trail leads into the secret parts of a senator's wealthy and powerful family. Meanwhile, Martha gets onto MySpace, and finds both old friends she wants and old friends she doesn't want.
Guest Stars: Gregg Henry as Winston Wellesley | Mark Moses as Blake Wellesley | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Hattie Winston as Sally Niedermeyer | Ron Melendez as Jeff Dilahunt | Jill Andre as Lenanne Wellesley | Josh Daugherty as Trent Wellesley | Sonya Leslie as Valerie Thompson | Judy Kain as Sara |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Harlan as Frank Davis | Taneka Johnson as Edwina | Rod Damer as Bartender
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Songs: Salme Dahlstrom -- Coming Fast, Coming Hard, Locksley -- I'm On Fire

19 :02x09 - Love Me Dead

When an Assistant DA is dropped from the fifth floor of a parking garage onto the street below, Castle and Beckett find his empty, single life is somewhat more busy than it appeared. When a co-worker is found to have a shady background, the DA's secrets begin to unravel. Castle's desire to help her and another person connected to the DA raises Beckett's hackles. And, in the midst of the case, Alexis comes to Beckett for advice, to the consternation of Castle, who feels concerned about her not coming to him instead.
Guest Stars: Michaela McManus as Scarlett Price | J.B. Smoove as Norman Jessup | Jonathan LaPaglia as John Knox | Danny Nucci as Gilbert Mazzara | Charles Chun as Paul Cho (as Charles Rahi Chun) |
Co-Guest Stars: Shari Headley as Nicole Cameron | Ray Laska as Dan Tonelli | Christian R. Conrad as Husband | Nancy Young (2) as Wife
Director: Bryan Spicer
Writer: Alexi Hawley
Songs: Vetiver -- Everyday, The Emeralds -- Love Fire, The Shys -- Madly In Action, The Thermals -- Now We Can See, Swingfly -- Winner

20 :02x10 - One Man's Treasure

When a man's body is stuffed into a garbage chute in an apartment building, Castle and Beckett are forced to untangle a twisted web of dual identities, one married, one engaged, and an underlying tale of cutthroat corporate competition that wound up with two very offended women, a dead body, and a lot of confusing facts. Meanwhile, Alexis's school encourages her to do volunteer work, which she arranges to do at Beckett's precinct.
Guest Stars: Abigail Spencer as Sarah Reed / Lauren Branston | Perrey Reeves as Helen Parker | D.B. Woodside as Lance Carlberg | Alex Skuby as Charlie DePetro | Matt Champagne as Andy Berman |
Co-Guest Stars: Nick Jaine as Forensic IT Guy | Link Baker as Officer | David Appelbaum (2) as Clerk | Ana Ayora as Young Woman
Director: Helen Shaver
Songs: Brakesbrakesbrakes -- Crush On You, Mads Langer -- I'm Still Fact, She's Fiction, Regina Spektor -- The Calculation

21 :02x11 - The Fifth Bullet

When an art dealer was gunned down in his gallery, five shell casings plus four bullets equals a missing bullet. When the bullet is found in the possessions of an apparent witness, the answers appear to be in reach, except for the witness, who has no memory at all -- not his name, not his history... and certainly no ideas about what happened the night of the murder.
Guest Stars: Marc Blucas as Jeremy Preswick | Anne Dudek as Emma Carnes | Carlo Rota as Bahir Harun | J.P. Pitoc as Darius Langley | Phil LaMarr as Dr. Holloway | Marisa Ramirez as Angelica Fink | Dahlia Salem as Tory Westchester | Rider Strong as Rocco Jones |
Co-Guest Stars: Eltony Williams as Officer Marino | Desiree Taylor as Attendant | Courtney Geigle as Driver
Director: John Terlesky
Writer: David Grae
Songs: Jenny Alpert -- All We Need Is Love, Amy Stroup -- Chin Up

22 :02x12 - A Rose for Everafter

When a bridesmaid fails to show on the wedding day, mainly because she's, well, dead, it falls to Castle and Beckett to find the murderer. Castle is stunned to find that the bride-to-be is an old flame, Kyra -- "the one that got away". Complications follow as Kyra, distraught by the event and with the wedding briefly in abeyance as the investigation takes place, begins to question her choices. Beckett rightly doubts if Castle can be objective about the case and Kyra's place as a suspect, but when it looks to Beckett like Castle and Kyra might rekindle their romance, her own objectivity may be just as compromised .
Guest Stars: Brady Smith as Greg Murphy | Graham Beckel as Ted Murphy | Ryan Alosio as Mike Weitz | Mimi Kuzyk as Sheila Blaine | Joe Nieves as Boyd Gamble | Alyssa Milano as Kyra Blaine |
Co-Guest Stars: Deborah Strang as Ruby | Peter Katona as Keith Murphy | Gina Hiraizumi as Laurie Hill | Kimberly Estrada as Lisa Bloomfield | Brian Patrick Mulligan as Justice of the Peace | Kevin Herrera as Waiter
Director: Bryan Spicer
Songs: Golden State -- Love Song, The Magic Numbers -- Take A Chance

23 :02x13 - Sucker Punch

A known Irish mobster is found dead with multiple stab wounds in his own home, weapons undrawn. Investigations lead to a local turf war that connects a real-estate infomercial guru with an international drug smuggling operation... but when the manner of death for the mobster turns out to match up with that of Beckett's mother, the case becomes personal, and Beckett must face up to her own demons while hunting for her own mother's killer.
Guest Stars: Jay R. Ferguson as Dick Coonan | Eddie Shin as Johnny Vong | James Cosmo as Finn Rourke | Scott Paulin as Jim Beckett | Robert Picardo as Dr. Clark Murray | Danny Nucci as Gilbert Mazzara | Patrick St. Esprit as Special Agent Emmett Forrest |
Co-Guest Stars: Jenna Leigh Green as Molly | John Brantley Cole, Jr. as Officer Clayton Lee | Mark Adair-Rios as Trucho | Bernard K. Addison as Attorney | Glenn Keogh as Tommy | Tom Morga as Tall Guy
Writer: Will Beall
Songs: Pearl Jam -- The End, Bosshouse -- We All Go Down As One

24 :02x14 - The Third Man

When a family returns from their vacation and finds a dead man in their daughter's bed, they believe that a squatter was murdered. However, as Castle and Beckett investigate, they soon find the murder was part of a multi-million dollar heist. Meanwhile, Castle tries to hide the fact that they've been romantically linked from Beckett after he's named one of New York's most eligible bachelors.
Guest Stars: Rick Gonzalez as Mickey Carlson | Sarah Brown as Amanda Livingston | Scott Elrod as Brad Dekker | Senta Moses as Michele Langford | Jack McGee as Dale Fickas | Siena Goines as Donna Vincennes | Christie Lynn Smith as Melanie Kopek | Jon Curry as Stan Kopek |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Enright as Noel Du Preez | Corey Mendell Parker as Reggie Dyson | Shania Accius as Candace Dyson | David Appelbaum (2) as Morgue Assistant | Kortney Nash as Simone Dyson | Yurie Ann Cho as Hostess | Adrian Neil as Maitre D' |
Uncredited: Wesley Sellick as Douglass Bishop | Jay Caputo as Anton Francis
Songs: Channel Two -- Across Waters, Linear B -- Cold Turkey, Tim Hanauer -- Dream A Better Way, The Voluntary Butler Scheme -- Trading Things In

25 :02x15 - Suicide Squeeze

When a former major league baseball fan-favorite player is found dead after a trip to Cuba, the investigation, which includes Joe Torre, leads Beckett and Castle to look into the Cuban community. Meanwhile, Alexis' genealogy project forces Castle to look into who his father was.
Guest Stars: Ray Wise as Bobby Fox | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Don Franklin as Tommy Zane | Chandra West as Maggie Vega | Julio Oscar Mechoso as Mario Sanchez | José Zúñiga as Alfredo Quintana | Vanessa Martinez as Lara Blanco | Dayo Ade as Anton Wade | Rebeka Montoya as Ana Rivera | Joe Torre as Himself |
Co-Guest Stars: Nina Rausch as Receptionist
Director: David Barrett
Writer: Jose Molina
Songs: Dragonette -- I Get Around, All Night Chemists -- Whole Again

26 :02x16 - The Mistress Always Spanks Twice

A scantily clad woman found dead in bondage gear leads Castle and Beckett into the world of sexual domination.
Guest Stars: Amy Gumenick as Danielle | Devon Gummersall as Matt Haley | Dina Meyer as Lady Irena | Keiko Agena as Kelly | Tom Schanley as William Carraway | Gil McKinney as Tyler Benton | Azita Ghanizada as Mistress Sapphire | Juliana Dever as Jenny Duffy-O'Malley | Paul Schackman as Barry | Mark D. Espinoza as Professor Stevenson (as Mark Damon Espinoza) |
Co-Guest Stars: Angel Parker as Receptionist |
Uncredited: Kimberly Whittaker as Mistress Amber
Songs: Noirhaus -- Asphyxia, Band Of Skulls -- Patterns, Lindsey Ray -- Picture Perfect, The Come Ons -- Red Lips & Fingertips, Carnaby -- Save Me, Ghost In The Machine -- Standalone, Beautiful Small Machines -- Super Conductor

27 :02x17 - Tick, Tick, Tick... (1)

When a serial killer is loose in New York, Federal Agent Jordan Shaw is called in to take over Castle and Beckett's investigation.
Special Guest Stars: Dana Delany as Special Agent Jordan Shaw |
Guest Stars: Leonard Roberts as Special Agent Jason Avery | Andrew Rothenberg as Donald Salt |
Uncredited: Nicholas Patitucci as Ben Conrad
Director: Bryan Spicer
Songs: Apples in Stereo -- 7 Stars

28 :02x18 - Boom! (2)

As the explosion in Beckett's apartment proves, the killer is not the man who the task force believed committed suicide. As the FBI and NYPD resume their search, the killer ups the ante by abducting one of the team.
Special Guest Stars: Dana Delany as Special Agent Jordan Shaw |
Guest Stars: Leonard Roberts as Special Agent Jason Avery | Dameon Clarke as Scott Tucker | Mary-Pat Green as Erin Murphy |
Co-Guest Stars: Isaiah Mustafa as Team Leader
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: The Genders -- We Aright

29 :02x19 - Wrapped Up in Death

An upcoming Mayan exhibit experiences multiple deaths among the museum personnel that collected the artifacts and are preparing it for exhibit. Are the deaths the result of a Mayan curse? Castle hopes not as he took a quick peek inside a sarcophagus without permission.
Guest Stars: Currie Graham as Stanford Raynes | Navi Rawat as Rachel Walters | Erick Avari as Rupert Bentley | Gil Birmingham as Cacaw Te | Steve Cell as Charles Taylor | Al Vicente as Norton Grimes |
Co-Guest Stars: Kevin Foster as Will Medina | Omid Zader as Cab Driver
Director: Bill Roe
Writer: Alexi Hawley
Songs: MoZella -- Love Is Endless

30 :02x20 - The Late Shaft

The day following Castle's appearance on a late night talk show, the host drops dead of an apparent heart attack. But Castle thinks different as he tells Beckett that the host confided to him that someone wanted him dead.
Guest Stars: Tom Bergeron as Bobby Mann | Kelly Carlson as Ellie Monroe | Bill Bellamy as Mickey Reed | Amy Aquino as Janine Marks | Dan Cortese as Howard Weisberg | French Stewart as Zach Robinson | Nicholle Tom as Cindy Mann | Beth Broderick as Barbara Mann | Sydney Walsh as Patty DeLuca | Nika Williams as Angel Santana | Fred Willard as Hank McPhee |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Cummings as Burt | Brittany Belt as Kayla
Director: Bryan Spicer
Writer: David Grae
Songs: David Pack -- How Much I Feel, Soul P -- Turn Around, Graham Colton -- With You

31 :02x21 - Den of Thieves

A man murdered and tortured after he committed a bank heist lead the team into a case with ties to Esposito's previous assignment. In addition, the robbery detective working the case with Beckett is interested in more than just the case.
Guest Stars: Scott Cohen as Lt. Stan Holliwell | Michael Ironside as Victor Racine | Abby Brammell as Carol Thornton | Merrin Dungey as Monica Finch | Aaron D. Spears as Ike Thornton | Bruno Amato as Fred Cana | Michael Trucco as Detective Tom Demming |
Co-Guest Stars: Marcus Scribner as Tim Thornton |
Uncredited: Erik Betts as Paul Finch
Director: John Terlesky
Writer: Will Beall
Songs: Steve McDonald and Anna Waronker -- Not Bad At All, Pearl Jam -- Unthought Known

32 :02x22 - Food to Die For

A chef from an exclusive new restaurant is found murdered. The investigation leads Beckett to reunite with a friend from high school, who sets her sites on Castle to Beckett's dismay. Meanwhile, detective Denning is still sweet on Beckett, a fact which is troubling to Castle.
Guest Stars: Julie Gonzalo as Madison Queller | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Suzy Nakamura as Jennifer Wong | Max Greenfield as David Nicolaides | Erin Cahill as Cecily Burkett | Richard Gleason as Wesley Slade | Rocco DiSpirito as Himself | Allison Dunbar as Sandra Meyers | Benny Nieves as Domingo Verdugo | Michael Trucco as Detective Tom Demming |
Co-Guest Stars: Ryan Dobson as Balthazar Wolf | Colin Kim as Spike | Ronnie Alvarez as Juan
Director: Ron Underwood
Writer: Terri Miller
Songs: Malpais -- Sleep Comes Lately, Dry Spells -- Slow Down, Alexander Cardinale -- So Far So Long

33 :02x23 - Overkill

When Beckett asks detective Demming for help in a murder case that also included the theft of some rare books, Castle takes it as a challenge to prove his theory over Demming's.
Guest Stars: Julie Claire as Lisa Jenkins | William R. Moses as Blake Wilder | Jennifer Hall as Rebecca Strong | Kasey Mahaffy as Lance Newman | Ella Thomas as Natasha Piper | Stephen Full as Benny | Paul Carafotes as Lukas Canby | Jim Hoffmaster as Clerk | Michael Trucco as Detective Tom Demming |
Co-Guest Stars: Melanie Laenani Lewis as Daphne | Monica Garcia as Cleaning Lady
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: Lifehouse -- Crash And Burn, Aceyalone -- Workin Man's Blues, Jes -- You And Me Belong

34 :02x24 - A Deadly Game

A murder victim becomes a mystery when none of his background information is real. Castle jokingly suggests he is a spy and that turns out to be less humorous the more they learn. Meanwhile, Castle is getting behind on his next book and he makes a decision that makes Beckett second guess herself.
Special Guest Stars: Stephen J. Cannell as Himself | Michael Connelly as Himself | James Patterson as Himself |
Guest Stars: Monet Mazur as Gina Cowell | Mitch Pileggi as Hans Brauer | Allison McAtee as Andrea Fisher | Rick Worthy as Jason Penn | Melissa De Sousa as Liz Penn | Ian Reed Kesler as Hugo Morrison | David Starzyk as Lee Copley | David Kelsey as Ken Fisher | Lucia Sullivan as Melinda Farraday | Michael Trucco as Detective Tom Demming |
Co-Guest Stars: Dean Cates as Roger Farraday | Cristina Ainoa as Operator
Director: Rob Bowman
Songs: Sara Jackson-Holman -- Into the Blue

Season 3

35 :03x01 - A Deadly Affair

Castle makes a grand return to the NYPD when Beckett finds him bent over the dead body of a woman with a gun in his hand. When two more bodies show up, Beckett must decide whether to let Castle help her with the case.
Guest Stars: Michael Rady as Evan Murphy | Lisa O'Hare as Kitty Canary | Charlene Amoia as Ana Marie | Gino Cafarelli as Dean Carbino | Ethan Erickson as Xander Doyle |
Co-Guest Stars: Craig Gellis as Earl Moreland | Justice Gamble as Bartender | L.T. Tolliver as Uniform
Director: Rob Bowman
Songs: Sarah Vaughan -- Fever (Adam Feeland Remix), Lucy Schwartz -- Those Days

36 :03x02 - He's Dead, She's Dead

A famous psychic is murdered, and of course Castle is a true believer while Beckett is the doubting Thomas. As they dig deeper into the case, Castle's theories seem to be validated, but Beckett insists there is a logical explanation for everything.
Guest Stars: Bess Armstrong as Paula Casillas | Rachel Boston as Penny Marchand | Mercedes Masöhn as Marina Casillas | Bre Blair as Toni Johnston | Rick Ravanello as Steve Adams | David Gianopoulos as Albert Moreno | Kieren Hutchison as Cody Donnelly | Evan Helmuth as Nick Johnston |
Co-Guest Stars: Paige Rowland as Loreen Carter
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: Laura Scott -- The Librarian

37 :03x03 - Under the Gun

The murder of a bail bondsman, a mysterious document and the involvement of Beckett's ex-partner provide a puzzle that may solve a 10 year old rare gems theft.
Guest Stars: Jason Beghe as Mike Royce | Keith Robinson as Random Pierce | Sophina Brown as Brooke Carver | James Handy as Clifford Stuckey | Brian Krause as Father Aaron Low
Director: Bryan Spicer
Writer: Alexi Hawley
Songs: Citizen Cope -- Healing Hands

38 :03x04 - Punked

A murdered man presents a challenging mystery, he was killed with an antique bullet. Castle's ridiculous theory of a time traveling killer is supported by various clues the team finds.
Guest Stars: Andrew Leeds as Adam Murphy (as Andrew Harrison Leeds) | Ian Nelson as Troy Kenworth | Ken Baumann as Ashley | Victor Webster as Josh Davidson | Muse Watson as Ivan Podofski | Thomas Kopache as Abe Sandrich | Jim Piddock as Lord Henry | Ramon De Ocampo as Owen Peterson | Randall Reeder as Roland D'Andre | Eden Riegel as Rachel Goldstein |
Co-Guest Stars: Jen Lilley as Julia Foster | Eugene Shaw as Joe
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: David Grae
Songs: Nitzer Ebb -- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Alec Ounsworth -- Me You And Watson

39 :03x05 - Anatomy of a Murder

The discovery of a second corpse inside a casket at a funeral home leaves Castle and Beckett with multiple lines of inquiry that range from hospital professionals to a drug lord.
Guest Stars: Michael Cassidy (1) as Greg McClintock | Monet Mazur as Gina Cowell | A. Martinez as Cesar Calderon | Carlos Sanz as Manuel Calderon | William Allen Young as Jerry Camden | Bo Foxworth as Leonard Maloney | John Kassir as Mr. Dreyfus |
Co-Guest Stars: Nathan Lam as Rabbi | Erin Fleming as Amy Porter | Cynthia Frost as Tova | Brea Cola as Dr. Imani Phelps | Allyssa Maurice as Dr. Lissa Akerman
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: Jules Larson -- You Know It's True

40 :03x06 - 3XK

The circumstances of the murder of a beautiful young blonde woman leads the team to believe that 3XK, the Triple Killer has struck again.
Guest Stars: Lee Tergesen as Marcus Gates | Michael Mosley as Jerry Tyson | Brian Klugman as Paul McCardle | Anne Marie Howard as Angela Russo | Joe O'Connor as Cal Townsend |
Co-Guest Stars: Ping Wu as Dr. Lee
Director: Bill Roe
Writer: David Amann
Songs: Uncle Lucius -- A Million Ways, Derek Evry -- Without You

41 :03x07 - Almost Famous

Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a male stripper found dressed as a NYPD police officer.
Guest Stars: Mary Page Keller as Rebecca Dalton | Samantha Quan as Kathleen Park | Christina Vidal as Jamie Ruiz | Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Michael Grant | Gideon Emery as Lloyd Saunders | Blake Gibbons as Billy Grimm | David Barry Gray as Bert Kramer | Adriana Demeo as Bella Lombardo | Clint Glenn as Hans Von Mannschaft | Austin Highsmith as Camille Roberts |
Co-Guest Stars: Corey Saunders as Derek Brookner | Kelsey Gunn as Sarah Lieberman | Sam Doumit as Mandy Carson | Leandro Cano as Bouncer | Dana Ward as Sexy Reporter
Songs: Jim Bacchi -- Friday Rock, Nelly -- Hot In Herre, Pierluigi Ferrantini, Pierfrancesco Bazzoffi & Alessandro Sg -- Never Easy, Troy MacCubbin -- Stars Like You

42 :03x08 - Murder Most Fowl

A mild mannered subway worker is found murdered in Central Park. The curious circumstances surrounding the case get even more bizarre when they indicate the abduction of a child, and the NYPD gets dragged into a race to save the boy and solve the murder.
Guest Stars: John Pyper-Ferguson as Dean Donegal | Ever Carradine as Mirielle Lefcourt | Ken Baumann as Ashley | Carmen Argenziano as Mario Rivera | Rick Hearst as Dr. Elliot Lefcourt | David Bottrell as Byron H. Singer (as David Dean Bottrell) | Presciliana Esparolini as Teresa De La Torre | Christopher May as Arthur Sansone |
Co-Guest Stars: Gattlin Griffith as Tyler Donegal | Paul Eric Jerome as Man #1 | J. Marvin Campbell as Man #2 | Claudia Choi as CSU Photo Technician | Al Pugliese as Pretzel Vendor | Danny Downey as BMX Rider #1 | Eddie Fiola as BMX Rider #2
Director: Bryan Spicer
Writer: Matt Pyken
Songs: Cliff Lin -- Infiltraitor, Pajaro Sunrise -- Salt & Spoon

43 :03x09 - Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind

After a prominent astrophysicist's body is found in her car -- the victim of explosive decompression - Castle jokingly theorizes that perhaps she was killed in the vacuum of outer space. Yet as they delve deeper into the victim's life, they're confronted with a succession of evidence that keeps pointing them back to the impossible: Alien Abduction. Benny Stryker, a well-known alien abduction expert, and Lovett plays a mysterious government agent intent on shutting down the investigation.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Lance Henriksen as Benny Stryker | Lyle Lovett as Agent Westfield | Jeanette Brox as Ayyana Holder | Neil Hopkins as Ted Carter | Nicole Bilderback as Joy Harrison |
Co-Guest Stars: Karl T. Wright as Dr. Chuck Vaughn | James Ellis Lane as Agent Eastman | J. David Krassner as Bob Linden | Jeremy Forte as Security Guard
Director: Bethany Rooney

44 :03x10 - Last Call

When the body of a dockworker turned bar owner is found floating in the East River, Castle and Beckett's investigation takes them into the forgotten tunnels and passageways of turn-of-the-century New York, where they uncover a secret that's been buried since the days of Prohibition. The story celebrates New York bar culture, setting Castle on a quest to preserve history by buying a bar of his very own.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Sam Page as Brian Elliott (as Sam Page) | Chris Mulkey as Wilbur Pittorino | Alexandra Barreto as Annie Swift | Rand Holdren as Pete Mucha | Oliver Muirhead as Steven Heisler | Guy Wilson as Jeffrey McGuigan |
Co-Guest Stars: Jillian Clare as Gracie | Nathaniel Marston as Grant Vyro | Ritu Lal as Jill | Christopher Carrington as Man | Michelle N. Carter as Woman
Director: Bryan Spicer
Songs: Billy Joel -- Piano Man, The Ditty Bops -- Sister Kate

45 :03x11 - Nikki Heat

Castle's novel "Heat Wave" is being turned into a movie, and the Hollywood hottie cast as the movie's lead shows up at Beckett's invitation to better understand the character she's going to play. As our threesome investigates the murder of a high-class matchmaker, Natalie goes to extremes in the name of "character research," transforming herself into the spitting image of Beckett -- much to Castle's delight and Beckett's dismay.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Thomas Calabro as Scott Donner | Stephen Macht as Bill Wellington | Juliana Dever as Jenny Duffy-O'Malley | Randall Batinkoff as Brad Williams | Tymberlee Hill as Julie Taylor | David Parker (2) as Duke Jone | Laura Prepon as Natalie Rhodes |
Co-Guest Stars: Melody Thomas Scott as Tonya Wellington | Kelly Thiebaud as Chloe Graves / Greta Morgan | John L. Curtis (1) as Desk Clerk | Jon Briddell as Rich Weiss | Rene Ashton as Amelia Weiss | Lenny Citrano as Lead Lawyer | James Andrew Walsh as Desperate Man | Juan Alfonso as Delivery Man | Schae Harrison as Uniform Police Officer
Director: Jeff Bleckner
Writer: David Grae
Songs: Amos Lee -- Flower

46 :03x12 - Poof! You're Dead

When the owner of historic Drake's Magic Shop in New York is found drowned in Houdini's famous water torture tank, Castle and Beckett must delve into the world of magic, magicians and their secrets to find his killer. As part of their investigation, Castle & Beckett meet master magician Tobias Strange.
Meanwhile, the magicians aren't the only ones keeping secrets, as a new romantic relationship is revealed for Esposito and Lanie.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Gilles G. Marini as Tobias Strange | Carrie Genzel as Naomi Dahl | Jeff Hephner as Edmund / Zalman Drake | Brett Cullen as Christian Dahl | Chadwick Boseman as Chuck Russell | Vanessa Lengies as Eliza Winter | Lenny Schmidt as Jerome Aspenall | Adrian Sparks as Thaddeus Magnus |
Co-Guest Stars: Henry Hayashi as Lawyer
Writer: Terri Miller

47 :03x13 - Knockdown

Old wounds are reopened when the retired lead detective on Beckett's mother's homicide case contacts her with new information, but then is gunned down right in front of Beckett before he can tell her what he knows. The investigation into his death leads back to a decades-old conspiracy that may hold the answer to who was behind Beckett's mother murder and why. With the stakes and emotions running high, Castle and Beckett take their partnership to the next level.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Max Martini as Hal Lockwood | Joel Polis as John Raglan | Brian Goodman as Gary McCallister | Jonathan Adams (1) as Vulcan Simmons | Scott Paulin as Jim Beckett | Chryssie Whitehead as Kathy Moore | Brian Norris as Chad Rodrick | John Kapelos as Joe Pulgatti |
Co-Guest Stars: Ajay Vidure as CSU tech
Writer: Will Beall
Songs: The Frames -- Rise

48 :03x14 - Lucky Stiff

The brutal murder of a lottery winner has Castle and Beckett up to their eyeballs in suspects, envious and angered by the victim's sudden move from the poorhouse to the penthouse.
As the precinct buzzes with fantasies of what our cops would do if they won the lottery, Martha struggles with the reality of such a decision when she suddenly inherits money she feels she doesn't deserve.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Clare Carey as Noreen Hixton | Wilmer Calderon as Marvin "Oz" Osminkowski | Gregory Alan Williams as Jim Van-Eps (as Gregalan Williams) | Ned Bellamy as Logan Meech | Alastair Duncan as Reginald Easley | Joe Reegan as Shawn York | Rachel Melvin as Nicole Hixton | Josh Wingate as Greg Page | Brian Michael Jones as Ty Page | John Hemphill as Tom Walters | J. Salome Martinez as Todd Shipley
Director: Emile Levisetti
Writer: Alexi Hawley

49 :03x15 - The Final Nail

Castle and Beckett find themselves on opposite sides of the case when Castle's old school friend emerges as the prime suspect in his own wife's murder. As they work to solve the crime, Castle comes to realize that one of two terrible things must be true... Either Detective Beckett is about to arrest an innocent man for murder, or his old friend is a cold-blooded killer.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Jason Wiles as Damian Westlake | Tom Irwin as Simon Campbell | Alicia Coppola as Amber Patinelli | Efrain Figueroa as Ray Salazar | Andrea Bogart as Callie Langston | Ethan Phillips as Wallace Benner | Jack Dimich as Morris Hasberg | Marlene Forte as Blanca | Michelle Anne Johnson as Officer Greta Bailey |
Co-Guest Stars: Kareem Grimes as Omar Lincoln | Paul Clausen as Charles Utley
Director: John Terlesky

50 :03x16 - Setup (1)

Castle and Beckett investigate the apparent robbery-homicide of a New York cab driver, only to discover that the victim was involved in a mysterious conspiracy with unimaginable consequences. As the stakes continue to rise, hard-charging federal agent Mark Fallon takes over the investigation. Together, Fallon, Beckett and Castle must race to unmask the truth about the victim before it's too late.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Adrian Pasdar as Agent Mark Fallon | Victor Webster as Josh Davidson | Bahar Soomekh as Nazihah Alhabi | Lochlyn Munro as Kevin McCann | Alon Aboutboul as Fariq Yusef (as Alon Moni Aboutboul) | David Weidoff as Craig | Matt Bushell as Leeman Jones |
Co-Guest Stars: Piter Marek as Jamal Alhabi | Billy Mayo as Senior Officer | Hahn Cho as Hazmat Specialist
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: David Amann

51 :03x17 - Countdown (2)

With time running out, Castle and Beckett must put aside their differences with Agent Fallon to avert a city-wide catastrophe.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Adrian Pasdar as Agent Mark Fallon | Victor Webster as Josh Davidson | Lochlyn Munro as Kevin McCann / Radford Hayes | Bahar Soomekh as Nazihah Alhabi | Monica Keena as Colleen McCann | Alon Aboutboul as Fariq Yusef (as Alon Moni Aboutboul) | Piter Marek as Jamal Alhabi |
Co-Guest Stars: Benjamin Patterson as Paramedic | Jeff Denton as Evan Bauer | Billy Mayo as Senior Officer | Jonathan Runyon as DHS Technician
Director: Bill Roe

52 :03x18 - One Life to Lose

A murder has been committed on the set of "Temptation Lane," one of New York's longest running soap operas. Sarah Cutler, the head writer on the soap, has been killed with a fire axe. Castle & Beckett quickly discover that the behind the scenes drama at "Temptation Lane" is just as scandalous as the fictitious storylines, and just about everyone would kill to get ahead. Ultimately, Castle's unique skill set as a writer leads to a discovery about the killer and the secret he or she would do anything to protect.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Corbin Bernsen as Lance Buchanan | Rebecca Budig as Mandy Bronson | Cameron Mathison as Vince Bowers | Jane Seymour as Gloria Chambers | Tina Majorino as Reese Harmon | David Eigenberg as Peter Connelly | Colleen Foy as Lauren Goldberg | Jodi Taffel as Carrie Albert | James C. Victor as Johnny Dimes
Director: David Barrett

53 :03x19 - Law & Murder

During the high-profile trial of a murdered socialite, a juror suddenly tumbles out of the jury box -- dead! When Castle & Beckett learn the juror was poisoned, their investigation soon uncovers that this seemingly innocent juror may not have been so innocent after all.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Bruce Davison as D.A. Lou Karnacki | Jay Paulson as Eddie McUsic | Kwame Patterson as Wardell Williams | Larry Clarke as Tony Muller | Jeremy Glazer as Nick Keller | Judith Moreland as Sandy Jenkins | Kathleen M. Darcy as Dawn Craig | Michael Maize as Hank Ponzell |
Co-Guest Stars: Ray Stoney as Otis Williams | Tom Virtue as Judge Fitz | Jim Meskimen as Randolph Addison | Houston Rhines as Stephen Addison | Jesse Hlubik as Joe McUsic |
Uncredited: Arne Starr as Police Sketch Artist
Director: Jeff Bleckner

54 :03x20 - Slice of Death

Castle & Beckett work the case of a man found dead inside a pizza oven, but it turns out not to be someone associated with the restaurant - it was a reporter. Was his story, "The Pizza Wars," enough to get him killed, or was it something much deeper than that?

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Gary Basaraba as Ralph Carbone | Peter Onorati as Sal Malavolta | Joe Guzaldo as Luca Sabalini | Liz Vassey as Monica Wyatt | Gregg Daniel as Walt Shaw | Darin Brooks as Nick Jr. | Beth Behrs as Ginger |
Co-Guest Stars: John Ciccolini as Vinnie Delfino | Alton Clemente as server | Stephan Smith Collins as Harley
Director: Steve Boyum

55 :03x21 - The Dead Pool

When a champion swimmer and Olympic hopeful is found dead in a training pool, Castle & Beckett dive in to investigate his murder, and uncover myriad secrets that might have led to his death.

Source: ABC
Special Guest Stars: Michael Connelly as Himself | Dennis Lehane as Himself |
Guest Stars: Justin Bruening as "Rocket" Rob Tredwyck | Erik Palladino as Coach Rome | Brendan Hines as Alex Conrad | Andrew Lawrence (1) as Tommy Marcone | Josie Loren as Bridget McManus | Kathleen Mary Carthy as Lorraine Dinovi | Peter Parros as Dr. Raymond Colabro |
Co-Guest Stars: Ben Bledsoe as Brian Morris | Zoran Radanovich as Jimmy Lennon | Bruce Katzman as Benjamin Morris | Tom Jourden as Lawyer | Roy Huang as Aaron Choi | Kelley Robins as Julie Singer (as Kelley Robins Hicks) | Katrina Nelson as Bartender | Crispin Belfrage as Photographer (as Crispian Belfrage) | Yasmine Abriel as Girl
Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Matt Pyken

56 :03x22 - To Love and Die in L.A.

While investigating the shooting death of her ex-partner in New York, Beckett comes to believe the suspect has fled to Los Angeles. Against orders, she travels to L.A., going renegade to track down the killer, with Castle unexpectedly along for the ride. As they dig deeper into the motives, they uncover a trail that leads from a rooftop pool in Hollywood to the sandy beach of Santa Monica. Along the way, they visit the set of the "Heat Wave" movie and enlist the cast to help break the case. But as they get closer to apprehending the killer, Castle begins to wonder whether Beckett is out for justice -- or revenge.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Gene Simmons as Himself | Dominic Purcell as Russell Ganz / Neel McCauley | D.B. Sweeney as Detective Kyle Seeger | Jason George (2) as Charles Kelvin | Jason Beghe as Mike Royce | Todd Sherry as Maurice | P.J. Byrne as Tony | Derek Phillips as Reggie Walsh | Ransford Doherty as Donald Mannis |
Co-Guest Stars: Justice Gamble as Actor Esposito | Ryan Deal as Actor Ryan | Julia Voth as Violet Young | Randa Walker as Flight Attendant | Exie Booker as LAPD Officer
Director: John Terlesky
Writer: Alexi Hawley

57 :03x23 - Pretty Dead

During rehearsal for "Baron's All-American Beauty Pageant," the contestants are shocked to discover the body of Miss Illinois - strangled, but by whom? As Castle and Beckett delve into the cut-throat competition of the pageant world, they learn that a number suspects had motive for murder, including jealous fellow contestants, the pageant's larger-than-life millionaire sponsor, Victor Baron, and the show's host -- hedonistic TV personality, Bobby Stark.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Michael McKean as Victor Baron | Sasha Roiz as Bobby Stark | Teri Polo as Kayla Baron | Ken Baumann as Ashley | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Bellamy Young as Candace Ford | Jonathan Slavin as Justin Hankel | William Francis McGuire as Dan Middleberry | Amanda Schull as Joy Jones | Paul Terrell Clayton as Dax Lattimer (as Terrell Clayton) | Judith Scott as Evelyn Montgomery |
Co-Guest Stars: Nan McNamara as Stage Mother | Stephanie Lynn as Amber Middleberry | Krystal Joy Brown as Sascha | Rosero McCoy as Felix
Director: Jeff Bleckner
Writer: Terri Miller

58 :03x24 - Knockout

Kate Beckett's investigation into her mother's death is reactivated when Hal Lockwood - a professional hitman with knowledge of Beckett's mother's murder - stages a spectacular escape during a court hearing. As police launch a manhunt for Lockwood, Castle and the team uncover evidence of a deeper conspiracy involving a mysterious figure with law enforcement connections who is linked to both Lockwood's escape and the killing of Johanna Beckett. The search for Lockwood and the quest to identify his co-conspirator leads to a shocking and deadly conclusion.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Max Martini as Hal Lockwood | Brian Goodman as Gary McCallister | Scott Paulin as Jim Beckett | Matt McTighe as Chuck Ryker | Malcolm Foster Smith as Officer Haskell | George Gerdes as Michael Yanavich | Judith Scott as Evelyn Montgomery |
Co-Guest Stars: Danièle Watts as Rebecca Montgomery | LaNiesha Irvin as Mary Montgomery | Sean Blodgett as Avery Zussman | Priscilla Garita as Bridge Officer
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Will Beall

Season 4

59 :04x01 - Rise

In a riveting opening that picks up just moments after last season's climactic finale, Detective Beckett fights for her life as Castle, plagued by guilt over his role in the events, struggles to uncover who's behind her brutal shooting. Meanwhile, back at the precinct, Ryan and Esposito have to adjust, as Victoria "Iron" Gates becomes the precinct's new uncompromising Captain.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Geoff Pierson as Mr. Smith | Michael Dorn as Dr. Carter Burke | Victor Webster as Josh Davidson | Scott Paulin as Jim Beckett | John M. Jackson as Rod Halstead | Larry Anderson as Dr. Kovaks | Valerie Azlynn as Officer Ann Hastings |
Co-Guest Stars: Joshua Dov as Dale Landers | Landon Ashworth as Mitch Yancey | Azure Parsons as Ginny | Roger Narayan as ER Resident | Paris Tanaka as ER Nurse | Ruben Dario as EMT
Director: Rob Bowman

60 :04x02 - Heroes & Villains

When an ex-con is mysteriously slain in an alley, Castle and Beckett believe a vigilante is behind the murder. But efforts to identify their suspect are thwarted when they discover that he roams the city in a Superhero costume -- and may indeed be a Superhero. Can they capture and unmask the killer before he strikes again?

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Valerie Azlynn as Officer Ann Hastings | Kenneth Mitchell as Paul Whittaker (Sean Elt) | Hank Harris as Chad Hockney | Jamie McShane as Tony "The Butcher" Valtini | Eric Tiede as Mike Hoover | Maura Soden as Mrs. Faris | Michelle Van Der Water as Marie Marcado |
Co-Guest Stars: James Ferris as Tyler Faris | Maxine Hayden as old lady
Director: Jeff Bleckner
Writer: David Amann
Songs: Chain Gang Of 1974 -- Devil Is A Lady, Jen Hirsh -- Finish Line

61 :04x03 - Head Case

Gunshots, a fleeing van and a massive blood pool all point to murder, but when Castle & Beckett arrive at the crime scene, they discover that it lacks something - the victim! The investigation leads to the cutting-edge world of life-extension science, a cunning high-tech researcher, and a sleazy porn mogul who invested in a modern-day "fountain of youth." Meanwhile, Alexis finds out whether she got into Stanford.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: William Atherton as Dr. Ari Weiss | Shaun Toub as Dr. Philip Boyd | Judith Hoag as Cynthia Hamilton | Jordan Belfi as Beau Randolph | Andy Umberger as Johnny Rosen | Jared Hillman as Eddie Peck | Susan Grace as Carla |
Co-Guest Stars: Christopher Goodman as man #1 | Keith Lal as man #2 | Tiffany Panhilason as Monica
Director: Holly Dale
Writer: David Grae
Songs: Black Mustang. -- The One

62 :04x04 - Kick the Ballistics

While investigating the mysterious shooting death of a young woman, Castle and Beckett face a cop's worst nightmare when they discover that the gun used in the killing is Det. Ryan's old service weapon - the one that was stolen by the serial killer, 3XK. Now with the clock ticking, the team must work to solve the murder, track down 3XK and retrieve Ryan's gun before the killer strikes again.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Ross McCall (1) as Seth Carver | Tim Jo as Ben Lee | Billy Lush as Finn McQueen | François Chao as Clifford Lee | Lanny Joon as Philip Lee | Mercedes Colon as Philip Lee's Attorney | Nadine Crocker as Jane Herzfeld's roommate | Stephanie Nash as Mrs. Herzfeld |
Co-Guest Stars: Joe Martin Thomas as Bodyguard | Sam Ayers as Bartender | Michael Yavnieli as Marshall Drooen
Director: Rob Bowman

63 :04x05 - Eye of the Beholder

Castle & Beckett work a murder case around the theft of a valuable sculpture. Kristin Lehman ("The Killing") guest stars as Serena Kaye, a smart, sexy insurance investigator, who joins Castle & Beckett in the investigation, but she also has her eyes set on Castle, all the while hiding a very important secret from the team. Jessica Tuck ("True Blood") also guest stars as Joy McHugh, a wealthy museum benefactor who becomes a suspect in the murder investigation.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Kristin Lehman as Serena Kaye | Jessica Tuck as Joy McHugh | David Hunt (1) as William Holt / Falco | Michael Dorn as Dr. Carter Burke | Aasha Davis as Alyssa Lofters | Jessica Lundy as Myrna Ramsey | James Read as Anton McHugh | Benjamin Ciaramello as Vin |
Co-Guest Stars: Carolyn Ratteray as Waitress
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: Astrud Gilberto -- The Girl From Ipanema, Shana Halligan -- True Love

64 :04x06 - Demons

Castle & Beckett confront the possibility of paranormal foul play when a world renown ghost hunter is mysteriously murdered while investigating a haunting at a legendary New York mansion.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Fredric Lehne as Addison Smith | Amanda Walsh as Lulu | Vernee Watson-Johnson as Mercy LaGrande | Mark Harelik as Pete Benton | Juliana Dever as Jenny Duffy-O'Malley | Vincent Guastaferro as Steve Fuller | Joel Stoffer as Ron Berger | Shawn Carter Peterson as Barry Bavetta |
Co-Guest Stars: Philipp Karner as Jack Sinclair | Christian S. Anderson as Harry Boyer | Jennifer Cortese as Margaret Boyer
Director: Bill Roe
Writer: Rob Hanning
Songs: Ray Parker, Jr. -- Ghostbusters

65 :04x07 - Cops & Robbers

When Castle and Martha are taken hostage by a crew of bank robbers dressed in hospital scrubs and using classic television doctor names (Trapper John M.D., Dr. Huxtable, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and Dr. Doogie Howser), Beckett finds herself on the outside, desperately trying to rescue them -- which proves to be even more difficult with a by-the-book hostage negotiator watching her every move. Castle becomes the de facto leader of the hostages, which includes Barry Livingston, and discovers that the robbery is actually a skillfully orchestrated distraction for an even more sinister plan. But with Castle stuck on the inside and Beckett on the outside, will either be able to foil the bank robbers' plans before it is too late?

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Dean Norris as Captain John Davis | Darren Pettie as Trapper John | Ian Kahn as Ron Brandt / Sal Martino | Jack Laufer as Mr. Davenport |
Co-Guest Stars: Ty Upshaw as Dr. Huxtable | Noa Dori as Dr. Quinn | Jonah Wharton as Dr. Hoswer | Dawn-Lyen Gardner as Simone Jenkins | Barry Livingston as Abe | Aimee Parker as Grace | Frank Birney as Father McCaskey | Matt Medrano as Officer Monfriez | Tatum Shank as Officer Billups | Holly Daniels as Tanya Brandt | Quinn Friedman as Connor
Director: Bryan Spicer
Songs: J. Mascis -- Too Deep

66 :04x08 - Heartbreak Hotel

During the investigation of the murder of an Atlantic City casino owner at an abandoned warehouse, strong leads emerge for the team in both New York and Atlantic City. As Beckett and Capt. Gates work the New York leads together, Castle naturally chooses to join the detectives for the road trip to "America's Playground," hoping to help solve the case while throwing an impromptu bachelor party for Ryan.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Richard Burgi as Charlie Turner | Eric Ladin as Daniel Sullivan | Laura Regan as Rebecca Siegel | Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Tommy Moretti | David Figlioli as Ralph Marino | Ashley Wood (2) as Amber Lively |
Co-Guest Stars: Susie Castillo as Nadine Espinoza | Jennifer Del Rosario as Juliette Chang | Ben Seaward as Jeremy | Markus Silbiger as Brian | Nathalie Walker as Hot Showgirl
Director: Bill Roe
Songs: Lyrics Born ft Sam Sparro -- Coulda Woulda Shoulda (Party Ben Remix), Jesse Malin -- In The Modern World, Soul Coughing -- Super Bon Bon, Kenny Rogers -- The Gambler, Fred -- Trial By Fire

67 :04x09 - Kill Shot

A sniper on a killing spree is terrorizing New York City. With the clock ticking down to the next murder and nothing to go on except a killer with no apparent motive but to instill terror, this could prove the team's toughest case yet. The hunt is made even more complicated when Beckett begins to experience increasingly strong moments of PTSD - moments she tries hard to hide from Castle and the detectives.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Michael Dorn as Dr. Carter Burke | Scott Michael Campbell as Lee Travis | Troy Winbush as Marcus Ford | Mandy June Turpin as Lee Travis' sister | Antonio Elias as Chris Nunez (as Tony Elias) | Karissa Vacker as Emily Reed |
Co-Guest Stars: Christina Ferraro as Sarah Vasquez | Alexis Carra as Julie | Joy Regullano as Anna | Natalie Lander as Marie | Marc Istook as Newscaster #1 | Diane Mizota as Newscaster #2 | Adam Pilver as Manager | Marcus Choi as EMT | Mark Nelson (1) as Hot Shot
Director: David Barrett
Writer: Alexi Hawley
Songs: Mostar Diving Club -- Give A Little Love

68 :04x10 - Cuffed

When Castle and Beckett wake up in bed, handcuffed together, in a locked room with no memory of how they got there, they must piece together the mystery of where they are and why, all while trying to escape. But as the two of them adjust to being shackled together, what's the biggest threat they face... the people who abducted them or each other? Meanwhile, Ryan, Esposito and Gates are left to investigate their disappearance in a case where all is not what it seems.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Darin Heames as Agent Chuck Martinez |
Co-Guest Stars: Deborah Van Valkenburgh as Ruth Spurloch | Brett Wagner as Jack Spurloch | Brad Carter as Bobby Spurloch | Brian David Jones as State Trooper McNichols (as Brain Jones) |
Uncredited: Arne Starr as Police Sketch Artist
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: Mostar Diving Club -- Give A Little Love

69 :04x11 - Till Death Do Us Part

When a lothario is killed, Castle and Beckett suspect that the victim's mysterious double life holds the key to his murder. Their investigation leads to a shocking twist that threatens to disrupt Ryan's wedding with Jenny.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Jaime Ray Newman as Holly Franklin | Sam Hennings as Seth Harris | Juliana Dever as Jenny Duffy-O'Malley | Mo Mandel as Max Landon | Desmin Borges as Pablo | Jenna Gering as Lisa Hill |
Co-Guest Stars: Parisa Fakhri as Colette Roth | Brian D. Johnson as Ron Hill | Donald Agnelli as Barry | Donna Feldman as Jody Lopez | Timon Kyle Durrett as Toby Lang | Crystal Coney as Judy Doyle | Tammy Felice as Sexy Woman #1 | Kristina Geddes as Sexy Woman #2 | Byrne Offutt as Manager | Lindsay LaVanchy as Assistant | Haley Strode as Hot Young Woman | Daniel Romer (1) as Cute Young Guy |
Uncredited: Wendy Benson-Landes as Amy Kemp
Director: Jeff Bleckner
Writer: David Grae
Songs: Boston Symphony Orchestra -- Bolero

70 :04x12 - Dial M for Mayor

Derek Webster guest stars as Mayor Robert Weldon, Castle's longtime friend and the Mayor of New York City. It was Mayor Weldon's political clout that allowed Castle to partner up with Beckett. But now, when a woman is found dead in a car that traces back to the Mayor's motor pool, that partnership comes under fire as the scandal surrounding the investigation threatens to bring down Weldon's administration.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Geoff Pierson as Mr. Smith | Derek Webster as Mayor Robert Weldon | Adam Kulbersh as Brian Shay | Michael Grant Terry as Jordan Norris | Rebecca Field as Marilyn Kane | Germaine De Leon as Edgar Navarro | Steven Brand as Trevor Haines | Cara Pifko as Roberta Cambridge | Dave Florek as Harvey | Victoria Platt as Connie Park | Mimi Michaels as Sarah Marx |
Co-Guest Stars: Susan Spano as Kitty | Patrick Cohen as Patrick McConnell | D.C. Douglas as Bill Moss | Tracy Scoggins as Lana | Tara Platt as Janelle | Cecelia Specht as Screaming D.A.G. Operator |
Uncredited: Deanna Tryon as Mayor Weldon's Wife
Director: Kate Woods

71 :04x13 - An Embarrassment of Bitches

When a famous dog trainer is killed, the investigation keeps coming back to charismatic reality TV star Kay Cappuccio. Kay, a favorite of tabloids and gossip websites the world over, has achieved stardom without possessing any discernible skill or talent. But there seems to be more to her story than she is letting on -- does that include murder?

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Hilarie Burton as Kay Cappuccio | Justin Hartley as Reggie Starr | Nana Visitor as Dr. Patty Barker | Kevin E. West as Kenny Weizer / Jack Patterson | Tommy Savas as Marcus Hiatt | Scott Lowell as David Hernand | Jim Abele as Adam Greene |
Co-Guest Stars: Tiffany Lowery as Phoebe | Ed F. Martin as Francisco Pilar | Dale Waddington Horowitz as Kelly Gunther | Robin Sachs as Announcer | Charles Carpenter as Reporter | Andre Ing as Photographer | Diane Modafferi as Uniform Cop
Writer: Rob Hanning
Songs: Pink Martini -- Lilly, Fefe Dobson -- Watch Me Move

72 :04x14 - The Blue Butterfly

When Castle and Beckett investigate the killing of a treasure hunter, they discover the case is linked to a mysterious homicide from 1947 involving a hard-boiled private detective. Castle realizes the only way to solve the present-day murder is to solve the murder from the past. The 1947 case comes to life through stylized flashbacks, featuring Castle as the private eye and Beckett as a femme fatale.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Mark Pellegrino as Tom Dempsey / Tom Dempsey III | Chad Everett as Jerry Maddox / old Joe | Ellen Geer as Viola Maddox / old Vera | Patrick Cassidy as Clyde Belasco | Zahn McClarnon as Ray Horton | Lorin McCraley as West Side Wally | Andrea Grano as Mrs. Stan Banks |
Co-Guest Stars: Adam Bay as Leonard | Sarah Lilly as Luella McManus | Darin Toonder as Frankie | Jared Ward as Bartender
Director: Chuck Bowman
Songs: Tamala Jones -- "Comes Love", Louis Armstrong -- I Can't Give You Anything But Love

73 :04x15 - Pandora (1)

In the first episode of a two-part "Castle" event, Castle and Beckett pursue a ruthless killer who, they discover, is part of a sinister, international conspiracy. Castle and Beckett are joined on the case by Sophia Turner, a smart, sexy CIA operative who has a complicated past with Castle.

Source: ABC
Special Guest Stars: Jennifer Beals as Sophia Turner |
Guest Stars: Josh Stamberg as Martin Danberg | David Chisum as Thomas Gage | Timothy Carhart as Dr. Nelson Blakely | Julia Whelan as Tina Massey | Bruno Oliver as Tracy's Boss |
Co-Guest Stars: Russell Edge as Jones | Dave Shalansky as Tech #1 | Burnadean Jones as Tech #2
Director: Bryan Spicer
Writer: David Amann

74 :04x16 - Linchpin (2)

In the explosive conclusion of a two-part story arc that began last week with "Pandora," Castle & Beckett race to find the "Linchpin" in order to stop the first domino in a chain of events which will plunge the United States into war.

Source: ABC
Special Guest Stars: Jennifer Beals as Sophia Turner |
Guest Stars: Josh Stamberg as Martin Danberg | David Chisum as Thomas Gage | Jim Turner (2) as Janacek Spivey | Cal Gibson as Chess Player |
Co-Guest Stars: Russell Edge as Jones | Burnadean Jones as Tech #2 | Lak Rana as Tech #3 | Jade Carter as Agent Jack Corrigan | David Lim as Agent Trahn | Steve Kramer as Super
Director: Rob Bowman

75 :04x17 - Once Upon a Crime

When a woman dressed as Red Riding Hood is found dead in the woods with claw marks covering her body, and soon after a murdered Snow White is discovered with a poison apple in her hand, Castle & Beckett find themselves on a Grimm hunt to catch a fairytale killer before he kills again. But nothing is as it seems in a case filled with deceit, betrayal, secrets and murder.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Meghan Markle as Charlotte Boyd | Taylor Kinney as Darren Thomas | Sarah Jane Morris as Leslie Morgan Thomas | June Squibb as Jamie Isaacson | Jason Thompson as Noah Curtis | Gloria Garayua as Kristina Curtis |
Co-Guest Stars: Nicholas Downs as Marcus O'Neill | Lindsey Santefort as Amy Morgan / Red Riding Hood
Director: Jeff Bleckner
Songs: The Droge and Summers Blend -- Sad Clown

76 :04x18 - A Dance With Death

When Odette Morton, a contestant on the hit competition show "A Night of Dance," is found murdered in her dressing room, Castle and Beckett must navigate the case's many twists and twirls without stepping on each other's toes. But as they delve into Odette's past, they discover that this reality starlet was harboring a shocking secret that may have led to her death.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Adam Harrington as Brad Melville | Tim Ransom as Max Renfro | Larry Sullivan as Samuel Lynchberg | Millicent Martin as Oona Marconi | Mike Faiola as Paul Morton | Bruce Gray (1) as Charles Carson | Neil Brown, Jr. as Eddie Gordon | Arlene Santana as Jasmine | Matthew Alan as Jason Bagwell | Shelli Boone as Chantal | Erin Chambers as Suzanne Steiner |
Co-Guest Stars: Lauralee Bell as Pam Francis | Braeden Marcott as Pierre Dubois | Krishna Cole as Santino | Anna Lunberry as Jeanine | Karla Mosley as P.A.
Director: Kevin Hooks

77 :04x19 - 47 Seconds

When a bomb explodes at a protest rally killing five people, Castle & Beckett realize the key to solving the case is to reconstruct the 47 seconds prior to the explosion. Using video and witness accounts, they uncover the shocking truth about who planted the bomb.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Christine Woods as Leann West | Tim Guinee as Andrew Haynes | Walter Perez as Bobby Lopez | Matthew Carey as Mr. Levine |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Edward Rose as Agent Johnson | Samuel Child as Jesse Friedman | Gilbert Owuor as Malik | Lorin McCraley as West Side Wally | Nikki Novak as Corinne | Ann Reilly as Val Brookstone | John Ruby as Mark | Kate Siegel as Nadia | Michael Alperin as Beethoven | Wil Bowers as Male Reporter | David C. Scott as Host
Director: Paul Holahan

78 :04x20 - The Limey

A devilishly handsome detective from Scotland Yard, Colin Hunt, teams up with Castle & Beckett to find the person responsible for the murder of his friend's daughter. Meanwhile, Lanie convinces Beckett that she needs to make a move on Castle before it is too late.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Brett Tucker as Detective Inspector Colin Hunt | Charles Shaugnessy as Nigel Wyndham | Omar J. Dorsey as Biggie Slim | Danielle Bisutti as Claire Panchard | Chrystee Pharris as Nicky Jay |
Co-Guest Stars: Matthew Brenher as Bryson | Keith Chandler as Tech | Joe Coots as Morgan | Tiffany Jeneen as Motel Maid
Director: Bill Roe
Songs: (Unknown artist) -- "It Had To Be You (piano version)"

79 :04x21 - Headhunters

With tensions rising between Castle and Beckett, Castle finds himself a new partner -- Detective Ethan Slaughter, a tough and colorful cop from the city's gang unit. But Castle gets more than he bargained for when Slaughter shows him a grittier side of police work that puts Castle in the line of fire like never before.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Adam Baldwin as Detective Ethan Slaughter | Michael Dorn as Dr. Carter Burke | Michael McGrady as Brian Reilly | Reynaldo Gallegos as Cesar Vales (as Rey Gallegos) | Anna Zielinski as Laura Wilson |
Co-Guest Stars: Christopher Michael Rivera as Detective Marc Gibson | Clifford McGhee as Maxi | Mario Ardila, Jr. as Gilbert Mendoza | Stefan Niemczyk as Shea | Ramona DuBarry as Reporter | Jan M. Janssen as Officer Jenkins | Carter Mitchell as Homeless Man
Director: John Terlesky
Writer: Alexi Hawley
Songs: The Crossroads Band -- "The Devil's Got My Soul"

80 :04x22 - Undead Again

When Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a man with human bite marks on his body, Castle's wild theories start flying. But none are as wild as what their only witness insists happened - a Zombie attack. As the evidence pointing towards an undead assailant piles up, the team plunges into New York's Zombie subculture to find the killer and bring him in -- dead, undead or alive.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Ryan Doom as Tom Williams | Tiffany DuPont as Greta Mastroianni | Josh Braaten as Kyle Jennings | Brandon Keener as Charlie Coleman | Kevin Symons as Mike Matthews |
Co-Guest Stars: Kevin Sheridan as Paul | Maxwell Glick as Rhett | Ross Kurt Le as Aleem | Amaris Davidson as Jen
Director: Bill Roe

81 :04x23 - Always

In the fourth season finale, Castle and Beckett confront the issues between them while they must deal with a case that takes them back to Beckett’s shooting and her mother’s murder.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Tahmoh Penikett as Cole Maddox | Geoff Pierson as Mr. Smith | Judith Scott as Evelyn Montgomery | Onahoua Rodriguez as Marisol Cartagena | Lobo Sebastian as Diego Gutierrez | Sal Lopez as Priest |
Co-Guest Stars: Riccardo Lebron as Orlando Costas
Director: Rob Bowman

Season 5

82 :05x01 - After the Storm

After four seasons of "will they" or "won't they," Richard Castle and Kate Beckett finally gave in to their feelings for each other in the much anticipated Season 4 finale. Season 5 picks up on the proverbial morning after, with Castle and Beckett facing new questions -- Was this a one-time fling, or are they now a couple? But before they find the answers, they must take on the forces responsible for Beckett's mother's murder that now threaten Kate Beckett's life.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Jack Coleman as Senator William H. Bracken | Geoff Pierson as Mr. Smith | Tahmoh Penikett as Cole Maddox / Cedric Marks | Valerie Azlynn as Officer Ann Hastings |
Co-Guest Stars: Nick Hoffa as Staff Sgt. Cass | Maurice Warfield as Vice President Russell | Amy Vorpahl as Paramedic | Rico Devereaux as Uniformed Officer | Dan Wells as Uniformed Cop | Michael Duisenberg as Bodyguard | Janet Song as Nurse
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: David Amann

83 :05x02 - Cloudy With a Chance of Murder

On Beckett's first day back from her suspension, she and Castle are thrown into the salacious world of local TV news when WHNY's veteran weather girl is found dead. As if navigating an industry full of backstabbing and ruthless ambition weren't difficult enough, they have to do it while hiding their new relationship from their coworkers.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Shannon Lucio as Rebecca Fog | Josh Randall as Miles Haxton | Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Kristina Coterra | Kevin Daniels as Reggie Blake | Tyrees Allen as Harvey Milton | Louis Mandylor as George Cazuli | Andrew A. Rolfes as Lenny (Helicopter Pilot) |
Co-Guest Stars: Laura Niemi as Bernie Cosetti | Christopher Elwood as Chip Chambers | Herbie Jackson as Bobby Jones | Scott Subiono as Johnny Goodheart | Candice Mann as Mandy Michaels | Bo Kane as Chuck Harrison | Christine Elise as Suzanne Rizzo | Jaye Razor as Security Guard | Scott L. Schwartz as Big Guard
Director: Kate Woods

84 :05x03 - Secret's Safe With Me

When a young woman is mysteriously murdered, Beckett and Castle discover her death may be linked to a repossessed storage unit up for auction. Was the unit connected to her death? Was something inside it worth killing for? The investigation leads Castle and Beckett to colorful "Storage Wars"-like treasure seekers and Manhattan socialites as they uncover the shocking truth.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Caroline Lagerfelt as Angelica Henley | Shaun Duke as Felix Gozarian | Chad Lindberg as Marco Vinstrolli | Kevin Brown (2) as Big Percy Jenkins | Rob Nagle as Kirby Smith | John Littlefield as Joel Pratt | Dennis Cockrum as Auctioneer | Carlease Burke as Storage manager |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Zies as Frankie | Jacqueline Herrera as Peggy
Director: John Terlesky

85 :05x04 - Murder, He Wrote

Castle and Beckett's plans for a romantic weekend in the Hamptons are interrupted when a dying man stumbles into Castle's backyard, collapsing into his pool. Unable to escape the lure of the investigation they join up with the small town's well-intentioned, but inexperienced sheriff to find the killer.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: David Burke (1) as Chief John Brady | Brian Howe as Aaron Lerner | Don Stark as Vincent Cardano | Tamara Braun as Natalia Roosevelt | Shane Johnson as Deputy Adam Jones | Natacha Roi as Mrs. Franklin |
Co-Guest Stars: J.R. Nutt as Casius McMurray | Patrick Robert Smith as Marty Bentley | Larry Rippenkroeger as ND Cop | Dwight Hicks as Lawyer
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: David Grae
Songs: Eddie Vedder -- Longing to Belong

86 :05x05 - Probable Cause

While investigating a shocking ritualistic murder, Beckett and her team uncover surprising evidence linking Castle to the killing. As the evidence against him mounts, loyalties are tested, and when surprising revelations come to light, Beckett begins to wonder how well she really knows her new lover and partner of four years.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Michael Mosley as Jerry Tyson | Alexa Havins as Elle Daniels | Romi Dias as ADA Toni Gonzalez | Gerald Downey as Lloyd Kurtzman |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Anthony Scott as Paul Dyson | Dasha Flynn as Receptionist | Dawnmarie Ferrara as Female Uniform | Jason Sims-Prewitt as Uniformed Officer | Sylvester Foster as Precinct Detective
Director: John Terlesky

87 :05x06 - The Final Frontier

A murder at a science fiction convention leaves Beckett and Castle caught between avid fans and celebrity egoes.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Ed Quinn as Gabriel Winters | Christina Moore as Stephanie Frye | Armin Shimerman as Benjamin Donnelly | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Erin Way as Audrey O'Neill | John Bobek as Davis Hawthorne | Chris McKenna (2) as Simon Westport (as Chris L. McKenna) |
Co-Guest Stars: Juan Monsalvez as Commander Walsh | Melinda Y. Cohen as Lt. Chloe Preston (as Melinda Cohen) | P.J. Ochlan as Lt. Shane | Jeff Galfer as Henry Barnett | Anna Bowen as Officer Tate | John Gloria as Bartender | Kari Ann Klinkenborg as Pretty Woman | Brian Treitler as Friend | Channing Nichols as Teenage Girl |
Uncredited: Jonathan Frakes as Himself
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Songs: William Shatner -- Ideal Woman

88 :05x07 - Swan Song

When the lead guitarist of a rock band is murdered, the documentary crew that were following the band turn their cameras on Castle, Beckett and the team as they try to solve the case. The result is a documentary style episode of "Castle," which offers us a unique glimpse at our characters as they navigate a world that goes far beyond the rock & roll stage.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Andrew J. West as Keith Blue | C. Thomas Howell as John Campbell | Daniel Roebuck as Joe Silva | Nick Thurston as Buck Cooper | Chris Coy as Zeke | Amir Talai as Sam Spear | Kristen Miller as Caroline |
Co-Guest Stars: Max Arciniega as Billy Bash | Brian Maillard as Joel Mitas | Sarah Scott as Butterfly | Hunter Jackson as James Swan | Lydia Hull as Front Desk Clerk | Brian Kong as Uniform Officer
Director: David Barrett
Writer: Rob Hanning

89 :05x08 - After Hours

In the aftermath of a disastrous "Meet the Parents" dinner, a bickering Castle and Beckett are sent to retrieve the only witness to a murder. But when they get ambushed, they're forced to take the witness on the run. Stranded in the middle of the night in a bad part of town, with no phone, badge or gun, Castle and Beckett must find a way to protect him from a team of mobsters who want him silenced -- that is, if they don't kill each other first.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Anthony John Denison as Michael "Mickey" Dolan (as Tony Denison) | Patrick Fischler as Leo | Scott Paulin as Jim Beckett | Bonita Friedericy as Sister Mary | Jamison Haase as FBI Agent Lucas |
Co-Guest Stars: Jonathan Emerson as Father Joe McMurtry | Joshua Feinman as Jerry Jenkins (as Josh Feinman) | Devin McGinn as Colin Clark | Bryan Friday as Thug #2 | Daniel Gonzalez (2) as Bronx PD Officer | Bart Braverman as Cabbie | Glenn Herman as Burly Tenant
Director: David Barrett

90 :05x09 - Secret Santa

When a bearded, rotund man in a red Santa suit with an ID reading Kris Kringle falls from the sky in Central Park, Castle and Beckett are on the hunt to find the person who killed Santa. But everything isn't holiday cheer, as they discover St. Nick may have been more naughty than nice. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett prepare for their first Christmas together.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Dakin Matthews as David Dunne | Leslie Hope as Gwenn Harwin | Steven Eckholdt as Michael Case | Tembi Locke as Beth Cabot | Titus Makin, Jr. as Tim Cabot | Andrew Borba as Mr. Mudge |
Co-Guest Stars: Christine Lucas as Denise McKay | Laura Parker as Mom | Emily Sandifer as Receptionist | Luke White as NYPD Cop | Hannah Swain as Little Girl
Director: Paul Holahan
Songs: Ben Rector -- Let It Snow, The Reverend Horton Heat -- Run Rudolph Run

91 :05x10 - Significant Others

When a powerful divorce attorney who only represented women is murdered, Castle and Beckett are confronted with a plethora of angry ex-husbands, any one of whom could be the murderer. Meanwhile, Castle's ex-wife, Meredith, moves into the loft to take care of Alexis while she recovers from Mono, and to make matters worse, Beckett is also forced to move in while her apartment is being fumigated, causing tension, humor and more than a little awkwardness.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Darby Stanchfield as Meredith | Mark Deklin as Corey Francis / Noah Kesswood | Jack Wagner as Billy Piper | Nancy Lee Grahn as Samantha Voss | Victoria Pratt as Jane Garrison / Leann Piper | Allan Wasserman as Samuel Schuster | Deji LaRay as Herman Poquille | Adrian LaTourelle as Rob Garrison |
Co-Guest Stars: Stephanie Drapeau as Michelle Twohey | Brendan Ford as Walter Voss
Director: Holly Dale
Songs: Missy Higgins -- Secret

92 :05x11 - Under the Influence

When an up and coming DJ is killed at a pop star's album release party, Beckett and Castle must dive into the raucous world of New York's music industry. Then, when the investigation leads to a troubled teenager, Esposito takes the kid under his wing, hoping to put him on the right track before it's too late.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Michael Irby as Shane Winters | Nadji Anthony Jeter as Joey Malone | Taylor Cole (2) as Regina Cane | James Black as Darius Carson | Ursula Burton as Ms. Cooper (Joey's Caseworker) | Geno Monteiro as Tyrese Wilton | Travis Wester as Paul Travers |
Co-Guest Stars: Katrina Norman as Josie Lang | Briana Barran as Holly Rhodes | Erica Shaffer as Extra Reporter | Kat Feller as Barmaid | Esteban Cueto as Thug (as Esteban C. Cueto) | Ingrid Walters as Publicist
Director: John Terlesky

93 :05x12 - Death Gone Crazy

When Beau Randolf, the founder of hit adult video franchise "College Girls Gone Crazy," is murdered, Castle and Beckett are confronted with a lengthy list of husbands, fathers and ex-college girls who all have motive. So to find the killer, they must delve deep into the victim's life, where they find surprises at every turn. Also in the episode, Alexis starts a video blog, but Castle is not happy that personal and intimate details about her life are being made public.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Kelly Hu as Scarlet Jones | Jordan Belfi as Beau Randolph | Chad E. Donella as Troy Strickland | Gillian Alexy as Candice Mayfield | Conor O'Farrell as Ronald Armstrong | Lex Medlin as Seth Parrino | Spencer Garrett as Evan Pierce | Anthony Starke as Gary Moore | Vail Bloom as Tiffany Shaw |
Co-Guest Stars: Sean Poolman as Bartender
Director: Bill Roe
Songs: Kool & the Gang -- Jungle Boogie

94 :05x13 - Recoil

While investigating the murder of a young woman, Castle and Beckett find evidence that links her death with Senator William H. Bracken, the man responsible for Beckett's mother's murder. Determined to finally bring Bracken to justice, Beckett soon realizes that things are far more complicated than they seem.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Jack Coleman as Senator William H. Bracken | Michael Dorn as Dr. Carter Burke | Brett Rickaby as Robert McManus | Erin Krakow as Julie Rogers |
Co-Guest Stars: Matthew Kaminsky as Evan Howard (as Matt Kaminsky) | David Grant Wright as Ben Moss | Kristin Carey as Sheila Bracken | Darren Dupree Washington as Security Aide | Aaron Norvell as Officer | J. Anthony McCarthy as Hotel Manager | Michael A. DiBacco as Store Owner | Elizabeth Pan as Reporter #1 | Bryan Okes Fuller as Reporter #2 | Hart Boykin as Homeless Man | Ann Hu as Audio Tech |
Uncredited: G. Grant Jewett as Noah Charles | Brittany Buckner as Melanie Rogers

95 :05x14 - Reality Star Struck

Castle & Beckett get an up-close-and-personal view of a "Real Housewives"-esque reality TV series, "The Wives of Wall Street," when they investigate the murder of the show's rising young star. Meanwhile, Castle's attempt to give Beckett a Valentine's Day gift goes horribly wrong.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Gina Torres as Penelope Foster | Gail O'Grady as Margo Gower | Chris Butler as Bob Foster | Lachlan Buchanan as Stone Gower | Patrick Fabian as Peter Monroe | Julian Stone as Mike Chilean | Joseph Williamson as Charlie Green |
Co-Guest Stars: Heather Ann Davis as Ashley Robinson | Nancy La Scala as Colette Robinson | Makinna Ridgway as Hannah Green | Jessica Manuel as Abby Rollins | Mark Elias as Jeff | Artie O'Daly as Building Manager
Director: Larry Shaw
Writer: David Grae

96 :05x15 - Target (1)

In the first half of a two-part story arc, Castle and Beckett find themselves in a race against time when they unearth a plot to kidnap Sarah el-Masri, the daughter of a powerful foreign dignitary. The stakes are raised when they learn that Alexis was also kidnapped, and every lead they follow ends with the discovery of another dead body.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Dylan Walsh as FBI Agent Harris | Karen David as Sara El-Masri | Bernard White as Anwar El-Masri | Katherine Kamhi as Lina El-Masri | Skyler Stone as Douglas Stevens | Eric Jungmann as Bram Stoker |
Co-Guest Stars: Morgan Peter Brown as Ted Archer | Amy K. Harmon as Darlene Stevens | Brandon Dunaway as FBI Tech | Serdar Kalsin as Man |
Uncredited: Mehdi Merali as Hasim Farouk
Director: Bill Roe
Writer: David Amann

97 :05x16 - Hunt (2)

In the powerful conclusion of a two-episode story arc, when the FBI fails to get his daughter back, Castle takes matters into his own hands, reaching out to a shadowy fixer to help him recover Alexis. But Castle soon learns that his daughter's kidnapping may be part of an even more sinister agenda

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Dylan Walsh as FBI Agent Harris | Nestor Serrano as Gregor Volkov | Christopher Heyerdahl as Jacque Henri | Bernard White as Anwar El-Masri | Katherine Kamhi as Lina El-Masri | Crystal Allen as Ms. Pauline DeGarmo | Christopher Curry as Gaston | Paul Rogan as Le Taupe (The Mole) | James Brolin as Jackson Hunt |
Co-Guest Stars: Branton Box as Volkov's Man | Chase Kim as FBI Specialist | Brandon Dunaway as FBI Tech
Director: Rob Bowman

98 :05x17 - Scared to Death

When a young woman appears to have literally been scared to death three days after watching a "haunted" DVD, Castle and Beckett delve into one of their creepiest cases yet. To make matters worse, Castle becomes convinced that he too is marked for death when he accidentally watches the cursed video.

Source: ABC
Special Guest Stars: Wes Craven as Himself |
Guest Stars: Brad William Henke as Mark Heller | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Romy Rosemont as Nurse Lockhart | Bob Bancroft as Brunwick Inn Manager | Jeffrey Nicholas-Brown as Freddie Baker | Sean Whalen as Leopold Malloy |
Co-Guest Stars: Alison Trumbull as Val Butler | Vivian Kerr as Amanda Lowery | Christian Anderson (2) as Nigel Malloy | Bill Parks as Tommy | Stephanie Maura Sanchez as News Anchor
Director: Ron Underwood

99 :05x18 - The Wild Rover

When a man is found dead in an industrial cake mixer, Castle and Beckett trace the murder to an Irish gang in Staten Island and a beautiful bar owner named Siobhan O'Doul. Much to everyone's surprise, Detective Ryan has a complicated history with Siobhan and the Staten Island crime family from his days working undercover in narcotics. When the case hits a dead end, Ryan must go back undercover to expose the killer, complicating his relationship with his wife.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Cara Buono as Siobhan O'Doul | Juliana Dever as Jenny Ryan | Benito Martinez as FBI Special Agent Sam Walker | Brian Letscher as Liam Finch | Christina Cox as Maggie Finch | Michael Rodrick as Robert "Bobby S" Shannon | Jeremy Ray Valdez as Todd |
Co-Guest Stars: Patrick Scott Lewis as Marcus Dunn | Will McFadden as Danny Keane
Director: Rob Hardy
Songs: The Mahones -- Angels & Devils

100 :05x19 - The Lives of Others

In the show's 100th episode, Castle finds himself in the unfortunate position of NOT being able to work a case. While he's holed up in the loft with a broken leg, Beckett goes off to investigate the death of an IRS agent without him, leaving Castle miserable and bored. But when he thinks he witnesses the murder of a young woman in the apartment across the street, he is thrown into a "Rear Window"-esque murder mystery that hits much too close to home.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: John Griffin (2) as Gavin DeWinter | Raquel Alessi as Selena Rigas | William de Vry as Dan Renner | Eric Nenninger as John Dessens | Sal Viscuso as Tommy Valentino |
Co-Guest Stars: Brent Witt as Brent Lansky | Jason Mac as Michael | Lauriane Gill as Emily (as Lauriane Gillieron) | Lou George as Charlie Blunt | Jim Pacitti as Jack Langstrom (as James Pacitti) | Caroline Whitney Smith as Mother | Angela Matemotja as Maid
Director: Larry Shaw

101 :05x20 - The Fast and the Furriest

When Castle and Beckett find giant footprints at the site of a vicious murder, the team is forced to confront the unlikely theory that Bigfoot is the killer. But as they trek into the world of primate research, big game hunting and mythological creatures, they realize that finding the man (or beast) responsible may put them on the endangered species list.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Raphael Sbarge as Dr. Darrell Meeks | Aaron Hill as Kurt Wilson | Albie Selznick as Dr. Paul Devlin | Matthew Holmes as Chase Diggins | James Madio as Eddie Maslon | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Paul S. Tracey as Franco Ruiz |
Co-Guest Stars: Palmer Davis as Garland Meeks | Marisa Quinn as Anne Cardinal | Jeryl Prescott Sales as Nurse | Michanne Quinney as Trainee
Director: Jonathan Frakes

102 :05x21 - The Squab and the Quail

When Beckett is assigned to protect Erik Vaughn, a charming billionaire entrepreneur whose life is in danger, she's forced to reflect on her relationship with Castle which has begun to plateau. Meanwhile, consumed with jealousy, Castle goes to extraordinary lengths to solve the case and separate the two of them.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Ioan Gruffudd as Eric Vaughn | Erin Cardillo as Cindy Paralti | Scott Rinker as David Anderson (as Scott Allen Rinker) | Russ Bain as Bruno Toft | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis |
Co-Guest Stars: Andy Wagner as Lucas Shaw | Robert Craighead as Arthur Felder | Michael Buonomo as Cory Harrison | Mark Bloom as Neal Morris | Jamie Hill as Petra Vasker | Leonard Jackson (2) as Hotel Attendant
Director: Paul Holahan

103 :05x22 - Still

Beckett's life is on the line when she steps on a pressure sensitive bomb. While the team searches for a way to disarm the explosive, Castle distracts Beckett by arguing with her about who fell for whom first.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Allan Louis as Capt. Frank Mahoney | Adam Rose as Mike Boyer |
Co-Guest Stars: Andy Goldenberg as Diego Jimenez | Stefan Marks as Archibald Fosse | Jerry Ying as Tech
Director: Bill Roe
Writer: Rob Hanning
Songs: Billy Squier -- Stroke Me

104 :05x23 - The Human Factor

When Homeland Security inexplicably seals the crime scene of a car bombing, Castle and Beckett find themselves with two mysteries on their hands: who murdered the victim, a government whistleblower, and why are federal agents trying to take over the case? The plot thickens when they discover that the victim wasn't killed by a car bomb but by a missile from a military drone.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Carlos Bernard as Jared Stack | Eric Lange as Simon Warburg | Catherine Dent as Beth Tanner | Shane Coffey as Sean Tanner | Hrach Titizian as Omar Dixon | Steven M. Gagnon as Colonel Fortis | Jeffrey Meek as Captain Hooper | Amanda Tepe as Monica Lane |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Keith as Myron Mayblee | Jed Bernard as Agent Guerrero | James Stellos as Dale Tanner
Director: Bill Roe
Writer: David Amann

105 :05x24 - Watershed

In the season finale, an interview with a high-profile federal law enforcement agency forces Beckett to reconsider what she wants out of her job and out of her relationship with Castle. Meanwhile, the body of a young woman is found floating inside the water tank of a skid row flop house, but as the team investigate, they discover that her final resting place is just one of many strange things about her death.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Kyle Secor as Deputy Director Anthony Freedman | Scott Paulin as Jim Beckett | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Stacy Edwards as Jessica Banks | Mekenna Melvin as Talia McTeague | Niko Nicotera as Ziff Falgrad | Peggy Blow as Hotel Resident | Jim Garrity as Mitch Bauer | Penny Peyser as Mrs. Albrook |
Co-Guest Stars: Danielle Courter as Erika Albrook | Michael Gambino as Martin Tillage | Drew Pillsbury as Ted Albrook | Matthew Rocheleau as Hans Spiffle | Chris Cordone as Colin Rigsdale III | Seth Coltan as Maintenance Worker
Director: John Terlesky

Season 6

106 :06x01 - Valkyrie (1)

While taking on a high-stakes investigation, Beckett decides what to do about whether to take a job in DC, and if she should accept Castle's proposal.
Guest Stars: Lisa Edelstein as Rachel McCord | Yancey Arias as Carl Villante | Jocko Sims as Matt Hendricks | Andrea C. Robinson as Jeanette Miller | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis |
Co-Guest Stars: Jack Kennedy as Jack Bronson | Obren Milanovic as Leather Jacket | Myko Olivier as Pi | Peter James Smith as Agent Richmond | Garvin Funches as Police Officer | Isaac Johnson as Agent | Eugenia Kuzmina as Blonde | Trevor Olsen as Security Guard (as Trevor H. Olsen)
Director: John Terlesky
Writer: Rob Hanning

107 :06x02 - Dreamworld (2)

Continuing from the season premiere episode, Beckett races against time to find a stolen toxin capable of killing tens of thousands of people. To make matters worse, Castle was exposed, leaving him with less than 24 hours to live.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Lisa Edelstein as Rachel McCord | Yancey Arias as Carl Villante | Jocko Sims as Matt Hendricks | Warren Christie as Brad Parker | Glenn Morshower as Defense Secretary Michael Reed | Omid Abtahi as Waqas Rasheed |
Co-Guest Stars: Ellen Bry as Mary Elizabeth Reed | Jack Kennedy as Jack Bronson | Myko Oliver as Pi | Peter James Smith as Agent Richmond | Celeste Den as Julie | Dan Glenn as Security Detail Member | Cedric Scott as Admiral Johnson | Dan Warner as House Security Detail |
Uncredited: Michael Bofshever as Dr. Goldberg
Writer: David Grae

108 :06x03 - Need to Know

With Beckett still in D.C., Castle and the boys investigate the murder of former child star Charlie Reynolds, who rose to fame playing the lovable nerd on an early 90s High School sitcom. But the case takes a turn for the strange when Agents Beckett and McCord arrive from Washington to take over the investigation, creating competitive tension in the precinct. But why would a washed-up actor's death warrant Federal scrutiny? Whatever the reason, Beckett and McCord aren't telling. Meanwhile, Castle has to contend with a new face at the 12th, NYPD Detective Frank "Sully" Sullivan.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Lisa Edelstein as Rachel McCord | Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Ramon Russo | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Joshua Biton as Grant "Sully" Sullivan | James Patrick Stuart as Ethan Wright | Emily Foxler as Svetlana Renkov | Alan Blumenfeld as Hank Harper | Ruth Williamson as Geraldine Powers |
Co-Guest Stars: Jon Paul Burkhart as Potential Dewey | Jeff Grace (2) as Charlie Reynolds | Nick Gracer as Vlad Bardinov | Kiyano La'Vin as Construction Worker | Myko Olivier as Pi | Jennifer Jean Snyder as Reporter
Director: Larry Shaw

109 :06x04 - Number One Fan

A desperate young murder suspect, Emma Briggs, takes hostages at gunpoint then mysteriously insists that she will only negotiate with one person: Richard Castle.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Alicia Lagano as Emma Briggs | Tom Amandes as Aaron Stokes | Joshua Biton as Grant "Sully" Sullivan | Peter MacKenzie as Sgt. Roman | Patrick Heusinger as Raymond Vance | Billy Miller as Mickey Gerhardt | Charlie Bodin as Julian Cutter |
Co-Guest Stars: Brandon Morales as Cop | Myko Olivier as Pi | Tim Snay as Dr. Abe Kogan | Amy Tolsky as Sue Williams | Kayla Wong as Suki Chung | Adrienne Zi as Lisa Chung
Director: John Terlesky

110 :06x05 - Time Will Tell

A grisly murder investigation leads Castle and Beckett to a suspect who claims he's traveled back in time to stop terrible events from unfolding, events that will change the course of human history. Is he simply a deluded killer, or is it possible that he's telling the truth.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Joshua Gomez as Simon Doyle | Vanessa Bell Calloway as Beryl Wickfield | Tim Russ as Dr. Malcolm Wickfield | Sam Daly as Jack Hastings | Rodney Rowland as Mick Linden | Yvonne Zima as Veronica |
Co-Guest Stars: Jess Allen as Garrett Ward | Anna Campbell as Maddie | John R. Colley as Paul Deschile | Fred Cross as Dr. Haver | Myko Olivier as Pi | Jeris Lee Poindexter as Older Man | Michael Raynor as Dr. Silverman | Christopher Wolfe as Officer | John J. York as Interviewer
Director: Rob Bowman

111 :06x06 - Get a Clue

Castle and Beckett investigate the bizarre murder of a young woman who was found ritually posed. When the team finds a collection of strange symbols in her apartment and the prime suspect turns out to be a mysterious monk, Castle becomes convinced they've stumbled onto a "Da Vinci Code" style conspiracy. Meanwhile, Castle tries to come to grips with the fact that Alexis and Pi have moved in together.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Christopher Cousins as Nolan Burns | James MacDonald (1) as Benjamin Wade | Erik Jensen as Professor Jason Byford | Aaron Craven as Henry Collins | Jeffrey Odachowski as Kenny (Swordsman) |
Co-Guest Stars: Daniel E. Mora as Silas Mora | Myko Olivier as Pi | Pamela Shaddock as Marcella
Director: Holly Dale

112 :06x07 - Like Father, Like Daughter

Alexis enlists Castle's help on an Innocence Review case to prove that a death row inmate, Frank Henson, was wrongly convicted. With only 72 hours left before his execution, Castle and Alexis (with help from Beckett) urgently investigate the original murder, only to uncover explosive secrets that may seal Frank's fate.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: James Carpinello as Frank Henson | Joelle Carter as Maggie Ingram | Alexis Cruz as Lyle Gomez | Wes Ramsey as John Henson | Drew Rausch as Officer Ted Lane | Joyce Guy as Judge Kerry Fallbrook |
Co-Guest Stars: Laura Gardner as Patrice Tolbert | Janet Hoskins as Betty | David Wells (1) as Professor Edgar McDonald | Mark Withers as Alan Lane | Stephen Jordan as Young Alan Lane | Caleb Ruminer as Young John Henson | Swen Temmel as Young Frank Henson
Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Marc Dube

113 :06x08 - A Murder is Forever

When a famed relationship therapist is murdered, it appears that her access to the secrets of her elite and powerful clients led to her death. But when Castle and Beckett discover the victim was in possession of a rare object worth millions of dollars, they realize that this case may be even more complicated - and dangerous - than they thought.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Anthony Ruivivar as Barrett Hawke | Jason Antoon as Steve Warner | David S. Lee as Matt Lanchet / Leo Wyngaard | David Blue as Kyle | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Dominic Hoffman as Andrew Spencer | John Hans Tester as Edward Peters |
Co-Guest Stars: Christine Corpuz as Receptionist | Bonnie Hellman as Frumpy Nightgown Woman | Tina Morasco as Janet Warner | Carter Roy as MC
Director: Bill Roe

114 :06x09 - Disciple

A female victim bares a shocking resemblance to examiner Lanie Parish when Castle and Beckett arrive at a crime scene. They soon realize that the killer is targeting 12th precinct detectives.
Guest Stars: Annie Wersching as Dr. Kelly Nieman | William Mapother as Carl Matthews | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Shashawnee Hall as Calvin Hodges | Jim Holmes as Dr. Ian Fuller | Marta McGonagle as Daniel Santos' Neighbor |
Co-Guest Stars: Heidi Fecht as File Clerk | Jess Henecke as Mr. Graham (as Jesse Henecke) | Chris McDaniel as Bryce (as Christopher McDaniel)
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: David Amann
Songs: Vera Lynn -- We'll Meet Again

115 :06x10 - The Good, the Bad & the Baby

A priest receives a mysterious bundle when a bleeding man collapses and dies in his church. The bundle turns out to be a baby boy, leading Castle and Beckett to nanny the newborn. Their investigation soon uncovers that the baby and victim aren't related at all and that finding the parents of the now orphaned baby could solve to be as hard as solving the murder case.
Guest Stars: Teri Reeves as Miranda Vail | John Allen Nelson as Walter Dennis | Matt Gerald as Jimmy Wolfinsky | Anthony Mangano as Roman Valanciaga | Kristen Ariza as Sandra Whitman | Emil Beheshti as Dean Seahorn | Christie Ann Burson as Mrs. Ducane |
Co-Guest Stars: Don Baldaramos as Priest | Chris Andrew Ciulla as Cameron Ducane | Kate Rene Gleason as Officer | Adrian Quinonez as Paul Vail
Director: John Terlesky
Writer: Terri Miller

116 :06x11 - Under Fire

A murder victim at a fire scene leads the team onto the trail of a serial arsonist. Ryan and Esposito find more trouble than they bargained for as Ryan's wife Jenny goes into labor.
Guest Stars: Nicholas Bishop as Fire Chief Miller (as Nic Bishop) | Wendy Davis as NYFD Lt. Delia Burton | Juliana Dever as Jenny Ryan | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Jamie Harris as Adam Ferguson | Ethan Cohn as Milo Pavlik | Robert Cicchini as Mr. Turino |
Co-Guest Stars: Kimberly Fox as Newscaster | Tim Meinelschmidt as Mark Kimball
Director: Paul Holahan

117 :06x12 - Deep Cover

A seemingly innocuous murder of a simple store clerk leads the team into the world of high stakes espionage, and ultimately, Castle's father.
Guest Stars: James Brolin as Anderson Cross / Jackson Hunt | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Rick Peters as Tony Blaine | Jeff Austin as Mr. Rollins |
Co-Guest Stars: Michelle Alegria as Reporter | Jae Jung as Receptionist | Connor Ross as Grant Collins

118 :06x13 - Limelight

An out of control pop star is murdered, and the investigation leads Castle and Beckett into a world of paparazzi and debauchery, with Alexis thrown in to boot.
Guest Stars: Alexandra Chando as Mandy Sutton | Lola Glaudini as Marilyn Sutton | Bug Hall as Jesse Jones | Greg Cromer as Harvey Stryker | Peter Asle Holden as Ken Castor (as Peter Holden) | Kelly McCreary as Kelly Jane | Carlton Byrd as Sam | Sean McGowan as James Lockhart | Henning Fischer as Photographer |
Co-Guest Stars: Brad Benedict as Zach Benton | Jennifer Ferdinand as Woman | Brian Fitzpatrick as Doorman | Myko Olivier as Pi | Carly Steel as TV Reporter (as Carly Steel) |
Uncredited: Deanna Moore as Claire Samuels
Director: Bill Roe
Writer: Rob Hanning

119 :06x14 - Dressed to Kill

A fashion magazine assistant is found murdered, and Castle and Beckett must wade through the halls of the glitzy fashion world to find the killer.
Guest Stars: Frances Fisher as Matilda King | Rex Lee as Yumi | Rob Estes as Julian Bruckner | John Eric Bentley as James Kavanaugh | Paul Cassell as Marcus Conway | Brian Elerding as Armando Montoya | Thea Gill as Gloria Robbins | Denyce Lawton as Lillian Hernandez | Emily Wilson as Grace Jacobs |
Co-Guest Stars: Gina Alvarez as Teresa Gomez | Nadege August as Leslie | Angelique Cinelu as Lola | Abigail Klein as Carrie | Danny Max as Justin | Jonathan Roumie as Serge Belmonde |
Uncredited: Meredith Richardson as Ella Hayes
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

120 :06x15 - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a high school girl, and find themselves bewildered when the evidence indicates the perpetrator has telekinetic powers.
Guest Stars: Sam Anderson as Principal Duncan | Hannah Marks as Jordan Gibbs | Malese Jow as Hillary Cooper | Leigh Parker as Lucas Troy | Victory Van Tuyl as Kris Howard | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Lori Alan as Ms. Papen | Cas Anvar as Dr. Rampanel | Jackie Debatin as Realtor | John Mese as Mr. Charles Beaumont | Julie Pinson as Mrs. Diane Beaumont |
Co-Guest Stars: Liz Benoit as Assistant | Will Deutsch as Nerdy Guy | Natasha Hall as Madison Beaumont | Arianna Ortiz as Librarian | Sam Towers as Riley Mitchum
Director: Kevin Hooks
Songs: Andrew Belle -- In My Veins

121 :06x16 - Room 147

The murder of a man in a hotel room seems like an easy case when Beckett gets a confession, but due diligence by the NYPD reveals the woman has an alibi, and things get more bizarre when a second and then a third person confesses.
Guest Stars: John Getz as Dr. Gustavo Bauer | Alexie Gilmore as Anita Miller | Drew Powell as Sam Carson | Bradford Anderson as Dwight Carruthers | Phil LaMarr as Dr. Holloway | Kelly Kruger as Laura Westbourne | Samantha Sloyan as Pam |
Co-Guest Stars: Julia Cho as Gwen | Jarrod Crawford as Field Tech | Alexis DeLaRosa as Eddie | Zack Duhame as Justin Marquette | Evelyn Edwards as Jasmine | Sylvester Foster as Precinct Detective | Erika Godwin as Jane | Kelly Hawthorne as Ella
Director: Bill Roe

122 :06x17 - In the Belly of the Beast

Beckett is requested to join a narcotics sting that is supposed to be straight-forward, but the meet goes bad and she ends up in a fight for her life.
Guest Stars: Carlos Gomez as Captain Fowler | Jonathan Adams (1) as Vulcan Simmons | Jack Coleman as Senator William H. Bracken | Al Sapienza as Mr. Jones | Kenny Johnson as Mr. Harden | Daniel Hugh Kelly as Evan Potter | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Britt Rentschler as Elena Markov | Regi Davis as Dr. Bailey | Jennifer Jean Snyder as Anchor (as JJ Snuder) |
Co-Guest Stars: Meg Cionno as Tessa | Stephanie Escajeda as Tourist
Director: Rob Bowman

123 :06x18 - The Way of the Ninja

The murder of a Japanese ballet dancer leads the team down the path of revenge, the Yakuza, and ninjas, much to Castle's delight.
Guest Stars: Brittany Ishibashi as Amaya Tagami / Saya Ozu | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Ron Yuan as Michio Saito | Chris Bruno as Randall Bedford | Arden Cho as Kiara | Mike Moh as Lee Tong | Cameron Deane Stewart as Dean Bedford |
Co-Guest Stars: Carin Chea as Secretary | Caitlin Gold as Yumi | Tarri Markel as Sharon Bedford | Anna Moon as Aiko | Faye Viviana as Jade Yamata | Momo Yashima as Mama-San
Director: Larry Shaw

124 :06x19 - The Greater Good

The investigation into the murder of a Wall Street broker gets complicated by the arrival of the U.S. Attorney's office. The complication increases when the D.A. turns out to be Gates' sister.
Guest Stars: Salli Richardson-Whitfield as U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Weston | Kevin Kilner as Jamie Berman | Laurie Fortier as U.S. Attorney Stephanie Goldmark | Ramon Fernandez as Hector Nunez | Rosie Garcia as Maria Cordero | Juan Carlos Cantu as Luis Delgado |
Co-Guest Stars: David Landry as Neal Wentworth | Robert Maffia as Lawyer | Andres Perez-Molina as Peter Cordero | Noree Victoria as Secretary
Director: Holly Dale
Writer: David Grae

125 :06x20 - That ’70s Show

The discovery of a murdered 1970's era mobster leads Beckett and Castle to a man who still believes it is the '70s. With no other leads, the NYPD pulls out all the stops to convince their witness to reveal all that he knows.
Guest Stars: Jon Polito as Harold Leone | Ray Abruzzo as Frank Russo | Richard Portnow as Detective Milt Boyle | Larry Joshua as Michael Carcano | James Martin Kelly as Robert Decker | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Dawnn Lewis as Yvonne |
Co-Guest Stars: Gregory Bach as Louie 'The Lip" Maneri | Julien Cesario as Snookie Watts | Dre Michael Chaney as Reno | Linc Hand as Ray Price | Gina Hecht as Marie Russo | Eme Ikwuakor as Worker | Jill Jacobson as Deanna Maneri | Amanda Jaros as Junkie | Guy Nardulli as Bodyguard
Director: John Terlesky
Writer: David Amann
Songs: Donna Summer -- Last Dance, Bob McGilpin -- Let The Music Take You High

126 :06x21 - Law & Boarder

After a skateboarder is gunned down by a killer on a motorcycle, Castle and Beckett must enter the extreme sports world to find the killer.
Guest Stars: Michael Lombardi as Tommy Fulton | Ned Vaughn as Brett Zaretsky | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Jesse Luken as Carter Wexland | Eric Etebari as Enver Kotta | Anabelle Acosta as Holly | Claudia Christian as Logan Moore's Mother | Yani Gellman as Manny Castro | Blake Griffin as Ross De Koning (as Blake Cooper Griffin) |
Co-Guest Stars: Chase Clarke as Logan Moore | Samantha Cutaran as Gym Clerk | Wendy Rosoff as Cathy
Writer: Jim Adler

127 :06x22 - Veritas

Since her near death at the hands of Vulcan Simmons, Beckett has been investigating the man and trying to connect him to Senator Bracken. When an associate of Simmons is found murdered, Beckett's investigation turns into a fight for her life, both from Bracken and the NYPD.
Guest Stars: Jack Coleman as Senator William H. Bracken | Jonathan Adams (1) as Vulcan Simmons | Alex Fernandez as Capt. Marcus Donovan | David Gautreaux as Dr. Oliver Pressing |
Co-Guest Stars: Ayanna Berkshire as Interviewer | Tom Billett as Sergio | Joshua Wolf Coleman as Reporter #2 | Chic Daniel as Thomas | Brent Alan Henry as Uni | Grace Rowe as Reporter #1 |
Uncredited: Geoff Pierson as Mr. Smith | Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Captain Roy Montgomery
Director: Rob Bowman

128 :06x23 - For Better or Worse

With the wedding only days away, Castle and Beckett learn a shocking truth that leads the pair on a wild chase filled with bikers, gangsters, and a former love interest of Beckett's.
Guest Stars: Eddie McClintock as Rogan O'Leary | Scottie Thompson as Tildy McGuire | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Chris Browning as Biker | R.D. Call as Mickey Barbozza | Randy Oglesby as Pastor | Nicole J. Butler as Cassandra | Kristina Hayes as Willow Creek Deputy Sheriff | Sarah Karges as Sapphire | Doug Simpson as Henry Browning |
Co-Guest Stars: Reatha Grey as Geneva | Mercy Malick as Crystal | Helen Wilson (2) as Cloris Maguire
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: The Band of Strangers -- Bait n' Pole, Antonio Vivaldi -- Spring

Season 7

129 :07x01 - Driven

Beckett works on her hardest case yet as she waits at the scene of Castle's accident and finds out details about the car crash.
Guest Stars: Matt Letscher as Henry Jenkins | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Jon Lindstrom as Agent Connors | Ryan Sands as Sgt. Taggert | Don Stark as Vincent “The Scar” Cardano | Rose Abdoo as Dr. Cynthia Swann | Benjamin Parrillo as Coast Guard Lt. Mundy (as Ben Parrillo) | Rob Yang as Dr. McLean |
Co-Guest Stars: Jaime Alvarez as Cal Harper | J. Teddy Garces as Firefighter | Josh Latzer as Gary Duffin | Ken Meseroll as Man | Christopher Michael as Officer Simms
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: David Amann

130 :07x02 - Montreal

The team take a look at the murder of a toy company CEO and Castle uncovers a lead to his mysterious disappearance which sees him becoming involved in a dangerous investigation of his own.
Guest Stars: Matt Letscher as Henry Jenkins | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Lilli Birdsell as Samantha Williger | Gina Ravera as Marsha Stoller | Brian Tichnell as Matt Monroe | Scott Klace as Wallace Williger | Jennifer Marsala as Natalie Mendoza | Tava Smiley as Brooke | David Salsa as Guard | Stephen Snedden as Man |
Co-Guest Stars: J.P. Gillain as Bank Manager | Max Hambleton as Rower | Sean Simbro as Mike Adams | Selina Kaye as Lauren Adams
Director: Alrick Riley

131 :07x03 - Clear and Present Danger

After a pool shark is killed by an unseen force, Castle and Becket discover evidence that the killer could have paranormal powers. Castle and Beckett try to get their lives back to normal following his disappearance.
Guest Stars: Tate Ellington as Henry Wright | Tom Wright as Fats Shepherd | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Chad Michael Collins as Tom Talmadge | Roberto Sanchez as Jiggy Michaels | Camille Chen as Donna Brooks | Rebecca Wisocky as Dr. Elena Sarkov |
Co-Guest Stars: Nick McCallum as William Fairwick | Adalgiza Chermont as Receptionist | Chuck McCollum as Clerk | Brian Oblak as Head of Security
Director: Kate Woods
Songs: David Rolfe (1) -- Payback, Am & Shawn Lee -- Somebody Like You

132 :07x04 - Child’s Play

An ice-cream vendor is shot and an unidentified schoolchild could be able to help with the case. Castle attempts to find the child by working undercover at an elementary school.
Guest Stars: Michael Hyatt as Mrs. Leslie Ruiz | Bess Rous as Natalie Barnes | Elya Baskin as Sergei Vetotchkin | David Barrera as Principal Joe Silva | Quinn Friedman as Jason | Rachel Eggleston as Emily | Laura Kai Chen as Detective Miranda Daniels | Alexsandra Kaniak as Mrs. Vetotchkin | Juan Gabriel Pareja as Greg Maxwell |
Co-Guest Stars: Kai Scott as Jack | Suzanne Sena as Emily's Mom | Kyla Drew Simmons as Sophie (as Kyla-Drew Simmons) | Cliff Simon as Polkovnik (as Cliff Marc Simon)
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Rob Hanning

133 :07x05 - Meme is Murder

After Castle and Beckett investigate an Internet star's murder, they discover some photos of the crime posted online by the killer.
Guest Stars: David Marciano as Bill Garrett | Jared Kusnitz as Adam Lane | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Derek Krantz as Oren Wilder | Matt Pascua as Carlos Villegas | James Huang as Edward Han | Aly Mawji as Evan | Lisa Datz as Mary Fuchs | Skyler Vallo as Tatiana Fisher |
Co-Guest Stars: Michelle Alegria as Reporter | Mo Darwiche as Director | Emily Davenport as Abby Smith | Brett Weinstock as Kent Wilder
Director: Bill Roe
Writer: Jim Adler
Songs: Imani Coppola & Tim Myers -- What's The Good Word

134 :07x06 - The Time of Our Lives

Castle finds himself in an alternate universe where he's never met Kate Beckett as he investigates a murder. Castle has to convince Kate, Esposito and Ryan to allow him to help in their investigation so he can find his way back home.
Guest Stars: Julian Scott Urena as Renzo Conrad | Jeffrey Nordling as Marcus Lark | Scott Paulin as Jim Beckett | Daniella Alonso as Maria Sanchez | Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Chelsea
Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Terri Miller
Songs: Andrew Belle -- In My Veins (feat. Erin McCarley)

135 :07x07 - Once Upon a Time in the West

When Castle and Beckett learn that a murder victim may have been poisoned at an Old West-style resort, they visit the resort posing as newlyweds to uncover the truth.
Guest Stars: Hector Hank as Dr. Neville | Tyler Hilton as Tobias | Keith Szarabajka as James Grady | Dale Midkiff as Sheriff Conklin | Matt Roth as Philip Dagmar | Molly Hagan as Daisy May | Matt Burns as James 'Ollie' Oliver | Eloy Casados as Yavapai Elder | Tim De Zarn as Bartender |
Co-Guest Stars: Sarah Butler as Whitney Williams
Director: Alrick Riley

136 :07x08 - Kill Switch

When subway passengers, including Detective Esposito, are taken hostage by a mysterious gunman, Castle, Beckett and the team must uncover the gunman's agenda before it’s too late.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Will Rothhaar as Jared Stone | Jessica Camacho as Officer Marisa Aragon | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Nathan Anderson as Brent Reeves | Wendy Braun as Carol Jarvis
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Writer: David Amann
Songs: Ludwig Van Beethoven -- Symphony No. 6 In F Major - "Pastoral"

137 :07x09 - Last Action Hero

When the star of Castle’s favorite '80s action movie is mysteriously murdered, Castle and Beckett delve into the victim’s secret past and pursue his killer with help from a team of aging action heroes.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Ted McGinley as Brock Harmon | Kathleen York as Kat Kingsley | Nicholas Jandl as Trey Harmon | Adoni Maropis as Henry Allen Boothe | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Krista Allen as Naomi Duvray | Gonzalo Escudero as Enrique Gomez | Geno Segers as Ernest Howe
Director: Paul Holahan
Songs: Chazztraxx -- DJ Make The Party Jump (feat. J. Dash & Paloma)

138 :07x10 - Bad Santa

When an ER physician is gunned down in the street, Castle and Beckett soon discover that the victim was a mob doctor to a Mafia family run by an old friend of Castle's. Also, against the backdrop of Christmas, Esposito and Lanie reach a defining moment in their relationship.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Paul Ben-Victor as Dino Scarpella | Vincent Spano as Christopher Carlucci | Larry Poindexter as Det. McBride | Alex Frnka as Jane Scarpella | Mo Gallini as Rocco Carlucci | Jackie Tohn as Cyber Rita | Brent Antonello as Luca Tessaro | Carole Gutierrez as Dr. Deb Lander (Co-Worker of Eric Mercer, Talks with Beckett and Castle in the E.R.) |
Uncredited: Paul Lacovara as Eric Mercer (Victim, E.R. Doctor)
Director: Bill Roe
Songs: Rufus Thomas -- I'll Be Your Santa Baby

139 :07x11 - Castle, P.I.

After being forbidden to work with Kate Beckett or the 12th Precinct, Castle obtains a P.I. license and shows up unannounced at Beckett’s crime scene, hoping to investigate alongside her as a private eye. But things don’t go as Castle had planned.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Tim Griffin as Spalding Elliot | Alimi Ballard as Frank Jackson | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Heather McComb as Nicole Morris | Mac Brandt as Jeremy | Kim Hawthorne as Angela Matthews | David Shatraw as Brian Whitman | Gia Mora as Shana Baker (Victim, Admissions Director at The Eastbourne School)
Director: Milan Cheylov
Writer: Rob Hanning
Songs: Richard Wagner & Simon Holland -- Ride of the Valkyries

140 :07x12 - Private Eye Caramba!

When a young Latin telenovela actress is murdered, Beckett and the team delve into a case that is as flamboyant and full of intrigue as any telenovela. Meanwhile, Castle is hired as private investigator by the show’s sultry star to pursue the case from another angle.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Daya Vaidya as Sophia Del Cordova | Jackson Hurst as Harlan Mathis | Arye Gross as Dr. Sidney Perlmutter | Erick Lopez as Marcus Segundo | Nazneen Contractor as Layla Nazif | Kamar de los Reyes as Manuel Villalobos | Adam Wylie as Ronny | Franco Barberis as Francisco Herrara | Valorie Hubbard as Pam
Songs: Ella Eyre -- Home, Mikel Bou -- La Torre, Eskimo Twins -- Modechine, Billy Joel -- My Life, Flavio Lemelle -- Obsessive Compulsive Tick

141 :07x13 - I, Witness

Castle is hired to uncover if a client’s husband is having an affair, but the case takes a shocking turn when Castle witnesses the client’s murder – by her husband. But with no proof that the killing took place, Castle and Beckett must investigate to expose the truth.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Brianna Brown as Eva Whitfield | Ivan Sergei as Cole Whitfield | Audrey Marie Anderson as Aubrey Haskins | Suleka Mathew as Detective Neely | India de Beaufort as Taylor McKinley | Trent Dawson as Robert James |
Co-Guest Stars: Gregory Zarian as Scott Galloway

142 :07x14 - Resurrection (1)

Evidence regarding a young woman's murder implicates Dr. Kelly Neiman.
Guest Stars: Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Michael Mosley as Jerry Tyson | Annie Wersching as Dr. Kelly Nieman | Lily Knight as Gretchen Cutler | Amy Rosoff as Katrina |
Co-Guest Stars: Laura Coover as Susan Watts | Maya Elise Goodwin as Laura
Director: Bill Roe
Writer: David Amann
Songs: Vera Lynn -- We'll Meet Again

143 :07x15 - Reckoning (2)

The 12th precinct tries to stop Dr. Kelly Nieman and Jerry Tyson before they claim another victim.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Michael Mosley as Jerry Tyson | Annie Wersching as Dr. Kelly Nieman | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Lee Tergesen as Marcus Gates |
Co-Guest Stars: Laura Coover as Amy Barrett
Director: Rob Bowman

144 :07x16 - The Wrong Stuff

When an astronaut training for a trip to Mars is mysteriously killed inside a Mars simulation, Castle and Beckett don spacesuits to investigate. But when they discover no one inside the sealed simulation could have committed the murder and no one from the outside could get in, the case takes a shocking turn.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Gwendoline Yeo as Elise Kim | David Clayton Rogers as Viggo Jansen | David DeSantos as George Reyes | Sterling K. Brown as Ed Redley | Maxwell Caulfield as Sir Ian Rasher | Dilshad Vadsaria as Angela Olvera | Assaf Cohen as Dr. Rusham Haroun | Konstantin Lavysh as Mikhail Dankov | Matthew Marsden as Clint Granger
Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Terri Miller

145 :07x17 - Hong Kong Hustle

A detective from Hong Kong with information on a murder victim teams up with Beckett and Castle.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Joe Sabatino as Gus Kreiger - Owner, Go-Quick Towing | Rosalind Chao as Mimi Tan | Linda Park as Chief Inspector Zhang | Susan Park as Mei Wu | Ellen Wong as Zhu Yin | Hector Luis Bustamante as William 'Billy' Hicks | Robb Derringer as Jeffery Wadlow | David Paluck as FBI Agent Michael Glassman
Director: Jann Turner

146 :07x18 - At Close Range

Ryan finds himself involved up in an assassination plot whilst on the security detail of a congressman.
Guest Stars: Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Congressman Alex Lopez | David Conrad as Frank Kelly | David Andrews as Carl Shelton | Charlie Hofheimer as Eric Chambers | Reiko Aylesworth as Mia Lopez | Ali Hillis as Megan Brooks | Heather Mazur as Gwen Kelly
Director: Bill Roe
Writer: Jim Adler

147 :07x19 - Habeas Corpse

When Richie “The Pitbull” Falco, a larger-than-life personal-injury attorney is found dead, Beckett and Castle investigate the many clients and competitors who had motive to kill him. But the mystery deepens when they discover a shocking secret that may be linked to Richie’s murder.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Don McManus (1) as Archie 'The Savannah Hammer' Bronstein | Brian McNamara (2) as Mike Sampson | Meredith Monroe as Elise Resner | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Roshawn Franklin as Derek 'Lightning' Bolt | Nikki DeLoach as Annie Klein | Brina Palencia as Jody Evans
Director: Kate Woods
Writer: Rob Hanning

148 :07x20 - Sleeper

A recurring dream causes Castle and Beckett to try and find some answers about Castle's disappearance.
Guest Stars: Matt Letscher as Henry Jenkins | Michael Dorn as Dr. Carter Burke | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Usman Ally as Bilal Jafari | MacKenzie Astin as Phillip Bartlett | Meera Simhan as Cafe Hostess
Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: David Amann

149 :07x21 - In Plane Sight

After an air marshal is murdered on Alexis and Castle's flight, they attempt to work out the identity of the killer.
Guest Stars: Paula Newsome as Debbie Parker | Josh Dean as Jim Kogut | Inbar Lavi as Farrah Darwaza | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Nick Greene as Aiman Haddad | Kincaid Walker as Marilyn Singer | Lisa Kaminir as Captain Edmunds | Roy Werner as Victor Dietrich
Director: Bill Roe

150 :07x22 - Dead from New York

Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of Sid Ross, the creator of "Saturday Night Tonight".
Guest Stars: Carly Rae Jepsen as Herself | Jaleel White as Mickey Franks | Gregory Harrison as Danny Valentine | James Eckhouse as Gene Vogel | Mark Rolston as Kurt Van Zant | Dustin Ingram as Chad | Eden Malyn as Tina Tamino | Joey Honsa as Sid's Wife |
Co-Guest Stars: Joy Osmanski as Liz Bell
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

151 :07x23 - Hollander’s Woods

Castle remembers a traumatic event from his childhood as he investigates a death in the woods. Beckett faces a crossroads in her life.
Special Guest Stars: Michael Connelly as Himself |
Guest Stars: Lance Reddick as Keith Kaufman | Wallace Langham as Dr. Van Holtzman | Cullen Douglas as Noah Lewis | Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis | Juliana Dever as Jenny Ryan | Michelle Bonilla as Maxine Collins | Mitchell W. Fink as Paul Gibney | Michael Dempsey as Frank Malloy | Brian Konowal as Mr. Walters
Director: Paul Holahan

Season 8

152 :08x01 - TBA

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 09, 2009
Episode Order: 23
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