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Under the Gun - Recap

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The scene opens with a man walking into a building. He has a gun. At home, Alexis brings Richard Castle breakfast in bed and he wants to know what the catch is. She says that she wants a Vespa and that all her friends have one. Castle says that he will think about it. He gets a call from Kate Beckett. He is about to eat the breakfast that Alexis made for him, but she stops him and says that he doesn’t do good at crime scenes on a full stomach. Richard arrives at the crime scene and Deon Carver, a bail bonds employee, is lying dead. Beckett says that he was hit on the head with a trophy before Deon could use the gun that he registered. She says that she is having Ryan and Esposito looking around for more clues. They radio in and tell that they didn’t find anything. Suddenly the radio receives feedback and they find a surveillance bug. At the station, Kate says that the bug is actually a commercial device and that anyone can buy one. Esposito ran the shoe print found on scene and is waiting for results. Kate says that they need to get on it. Richard asks how Kate feels about Alexis feels about wanting a Vespa and she says that she is going through her wild stage.

Ryan says that they found Carver’s wife and Lani says that she found something weird. It is like a complex code and it is possible that someone would kill him over it. Kate and Castle meet with Brooke Carver and she says that Deon had a good heart but he wasn’t stupid. Castle shows the cryptic message and Brooke says that she has never seen it. Esposito comes over and a waitress told that Random Pierce and Deon and the waitress says that they were yelling at each other and Random told Deon that if he didn’t give it to him, then he would take it. They go to the home and the last known address for Random Pierce and Kate and Castle yell at a boy climbing down the draining pipes. It is Random. He jumps down and runs away. Kate and Castle run after him and a car speeds up next to Random and cause him to tumble over the car. The man gets out and tackles him. It is Mike Royce, bounty hunter. Kate remembers him from the training academy and Royce is her ex-partner.

At the station, Kate asks how Royce got the bounty on Random and that if he is not a suspect in the murder, he would love to collect his bounty. Kate meets with Random and he says that he wasn’t running, but he was jogging. He dodges every question and then reacts to the news that Deon Carver was found dead. He says that he was shoplifting during the murder. Kate comes out to find Royce telling stories from her past and she says that was a long time ago. Ryan comes over and tells Kate that Random’s alibi checks out and says that he can be taken away. Kate tells to let Royce take him. Royce thanks her. Castle talks to Esposito and asks why Kate and Royce aren’t partners anymore and Esposito says that Castle needs to ask her that and pulls out the secret code and wonders what it means. Kate walks over and says that there is a man named Clifford Stuckey who was in the office of Deon Carver before. Ryan and Esposito visit Clifford Stuckey, the man who owns the apartment that Random broke into and he is an old man. He is taken to the station and he says that he was at Carvers’ office because he wanted to drop the charges on Random if he will only tell him that he is going to be good from now on. Kate says that he is too late and that Random is back on his way to jail. As Clifford walks by the board, his eyes fall on the code that was in Carver’s sock. Castle and Kate walk into Lani’s examination room and she says that she found that someone performed last rights on Carver.

Castle wakes up the next day and says that Alexis is going to have to earn the money herself and then she could get the Vespa. Martha says that he just opened the window to trouble. This scares Castle and he asks Kate how wild was her wild phase and she says that he doesn’t want to know. Father Arron Roe enters and he says that he has never been to Carvers place. Castle recognizes his shoes and says that the same shoes were at the murder scene. Father Roe confesses that he was there but that Carver was already dead. He has talked to inmates in prison because they were framed and he didn’t want that to happen to him. He says that he was at Mass and couldn’t have killed Carver. He says that Carver and him were talking about his wife Brooke and his marriage and how they constantly fight. In the station, Royce is there showing a photograph of Kate when they were partners. She laughs and Royce asks her out on a date. She agrees. Esposito tells Kate that Brooke Carver ordered the bug to be put in Deon’s office. Kate and Castle visit Brooke and she admits that they were fighting and that she ordered the bug to be put there and that she was expecting to hear that Deon was cheating but instead she heard that he was talking about her and how much he loved her. Ryan and Esposito tell that Father Arron and Brooke have alibi and there is a connection to Stuckey and Lloyd, a cell mate that who died in prison of a heart attack. Stuckey and Lloyd were arrested for the same crime. The reason why Random broke into Stuckey’s apartment was because the jewels that were stolen, have never been found. Castle says that he knows what the paper is and he says that it is a treasure map.

Father Arron and Kate and Castle meet and he says that Lloyd came clean to him and told that there was a map to buried gems and that Deon was cut into the deal. Deon told that he had figured out the map and that they were told that they had 24 hours to give up the map or bodies were going to stack up. Ryan and Esposito question Stuckey and he runs. Ryan and Esposito are too slow. At the office, Castle places Adult Diapers and Prune Juice on Ryan and Esposito’s desks. Royce arrives and asks if Kate is ready. She tells Castle that sometimes it is good to take some time off. At a bar, Royce and Kate meet for drinks and she says that she should have been on Stuckey before. Kate says that Royce taught her how to be a cop. She says that she caught the man who killed her mother and he told that someone paid him, but she had to shoot him before he could tell her who. Castle looks at the map and Alexis comes in and says that she says that it is a puzzle maybe. Castle thinks it is a folding map to read what you want when it is folded. They fold it and read the words “Under the Gun”. Back at the bar, Royce says that he has to be going and Kate gets a call. It is Esposito and he says that Royce never dropped Random off in central lockup. Kate looks up and sees Royce disappear and leave.

At the station, Kate can’t believe that Royce was in on the scam and Ryan brings the file of the jewelry heist and Royce was part of the investigation. Royce calls Kate and she tells him to turn himself in. He says that he didn’t mean for it to go down like this and she tells Royce that she was in love with him and that he was the only one who understood her. She says that she dreamed that he was her hero and she says that she is going to catch the killer, get the score, and make him realize that he ruined the chance. She hangs up the phone and asks if it was long enough to get the trace and all are shocked to hear the words that Kate told Royce. Kate says that it was all an act to get the trace, but it is clear that it was not just an act. They get to the place and find Random handcuffed to the radiator. He says that Royce went out and that he fooled both of them. Random says that Carver’s wife wanted in and Father Arron didn’t like that. They go to Carver’s office and they tell that the conversation that Brooke heard was not on how much he loved her, it was the details of the treasure. They see that Brooke has cemetery brochures and that the treasure is there.

They arrive at the cemetery and they find the grave. Brooke is there and soon Stuckey and Royce are there and they are aiming their guns at each other. Castle is the one that has to dig for the treasure and then throws dirt in the air. The crooks get arrested and Royce tells Kate to do what she has to do and offers his handcuffs to her. She says that he is under arrest. Castle asks if anyone wants to know if the treasure is there. Turns out there was no treasure and Kate and Castle look at the map and says that they were looking in the wrong spot. They go digging again and the scene shows a grubby Castle walking in and telling that they found the treasure but they had to return it to the rightful owners. Alexis says that she is not going to get the Vespa and Castle says that he can buy himself one and let her borrow it.