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Lucky Stiff - Recap

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The scene opens with an old man coming home and he finds a few hundred dollar bills on the ground. He sees that his door has been opened. He walks in and finds a man dead on the floor. Meanwhile, Castle gets some books in the mail from his publisher for back cover quotes. Martha gets a check in the mail from her dead boyfriend’s attorney. It is for $1 Million. Castle goes to the station for the murder case and tells Beckett about the check that she got. She says that there was a murder. The victim is lottery winner, Jay Hixton and Beckett says that the gunshot wound didn’t come from the weapon at the place. The money that was in the safe is gone. Castle asks what everyone would do with that money. Esposito says that he would buy a Ferrari. Reginald Easley, the man who found Hixton, says that $100,000 was in the safe. He says that Hixton flaunted his money around. He says that there is a dye pack that has a 3 minute timer. Beckett asks when he last the victim and Reginald says that he saw him before Hixton had dinner with his wife.

They meet with Hixton’s wife and teenage daughter, Nicole. They tell that they moved to New York from Florida because everyone wanted a piece of it. They got divorced because Hixton went weird and Nicole got hooked on drugs. However, Hixton made a turn around and bought a soup kitchen to help out less fortunate. She says that they were supposed to have dinner, but he canceled. He said that something had happened and that he had to do something. Castle says that the butler did it. Castle asks Beckett what she would do with the millions and she says that she hasn’t thought of it. They get to the soup kitchen and the manager says that Hixton was a great man. He says that there was one guy that was talking to him and they knew each other. They have a suspect. However, the serial number on the gun was filed down. Esposito comes in and says that Todd Shipley is the person with the bag. Ryan and Esposito sit down with the guy and he says that he found the bag when it went off. He says that he asked Hixton where his car was and Hixton told him that someone had taken it. They check Todd’s alibi and it checks out.

They get a hit on the Escalade that Hixton owned and it is headed off the coast. They find Sean York and there is no trace of the money. Castle asks Ryan what he would do with the money and he says that he would buy a winery. Castle says that everyone thinks about what they would do and Montgomery says that he would buy a big boat. Beckett meets with Sean and he says that Hixton gave him the Escalade because Sean told him that he was down on his luck. He says that Hixton signed over the deed and everything. He has an alibi that checks out and Beckett says that the signature of Hixton’s is real on the deed of the Escalade. They try to settle the time line and there are still a few gaps. Castle asks if he spent any money on his credit cards and Esposito says that no charges were made on Hixton’s 32 credit cards and tells of the expenses, including a mausoleum for his dead neighbor and a spot on the moon. Castle says that Hixton’s spot is right next to his. Ryan comes up and says that he found a camera. A man is photographed a man and Beckett asks him to look him up. Castle tries to get Beckett to tell what she would do with the money and Beckett tells Esposito to look up the finances. He says that Hixton was paying 20,000 Meech Industries. Beckett knows the man involved and says that he is a scam artist.

Beckett and Castle meet with Logan Meech and he says that Hixton was investing in his company. He says that he saw Hixton last night because he wanted a gun for protection. He said that his past was coming back to get him. Grey and Ty Page, career criminals were put into prison because Hixton testified against them. They were released a month ago. Later, Martha comes in with bags of shopping bags and says that she is going to give back the money. Castle gets a call from Beckett and tells him to meet her. They have found Greg Page’s car and Ryan and Esposito are there too. Esposito says that Ryan’s fiancé has done a number on him. Ryan says that he knows about him and Lanie. Beckett asks what the wild spending got Castle and he says that he learned that money isn’t everything. They see a man approach the car and they throw him on top of it and ask where the Page brothers are. He says that they are upstairs.

They go upstairs and see that they are making a rap album. They stop the music and talk to them. They have $60,000 in their bag. One of the brothers says that Hixton hired them to take care of Nicole’s drug dealer, Oz. They tell that they beat him up really good for it and told him to back off. They hear an explosion and run out and see that the Page brother’s car is on fire. Beckett meets with Nicole and Noreen and she admits that she went back. Esposito says that Oz has a club and has bodyguards. Castle says that there is a way to slip under the radar. Beckett walks in with Castle and tells Martha that they are only doing undercover work. Martha says that she is struggling with spending the money. Beckett uses Castle’s quote about money not changing a person. Beckett says that she is driving and Castle says that it is a vehicle that shouldn’t be taken lightly. She grabs the keys from him.

They arrive at the club and Beckett gets into the undercover work and Castle is turned on. He orders drinks while Beckett gets Oz’s attention. She sits down next to him and asks for some drugs. He shows her his supply and she slams Oz on the table and kicks his guard in the groin. At the station, Beckett says that they are going to pin Oz for murder. Oz says that he didn’t kill Hixton and that he was going to do something, but saw that an old guy was there. Castle says that it was the butler. Ryan comes up and says that Reginald has a history of disappearing when things get stolen from his owner’s houses. They go back to Hixton’s place and sees that the door is open. They enter with guns drawn and Reginald is packing up Hixton’s things. They tell that they know of Reginald’s past and Reginald says that he did steal two books from Hixton’s “Dickens Collection” and then had a change of heart and was coming back to return them. He says that his bad luck would have become his. Reginald says that Hixton let it slip that Hixton stole the ticket.

Beckett tells Castle at the station that there is no evidence and Montgomery says that the person that Hixton stole the ticket from had motive. They find the neighbor’s information, because they feel that he was the one that Hixton took the ticket from. Hank Walters was the neighbor and he died the day of the drawing. They find out that Walters had a son. They meet with him and he says that he would never do such a thing and that Walters has another son. The birthday matches the remaining numbers on the ticket. They sit down with Sean York, definitely a fake name. He says that he was entitled to that money and approached Hixton about it at the soup kitchen. He got the Escalade, but it wasn’t enough. He followed Hixton and then approached him with the gun and it went off. Castle leaves and Beckett asks about the questions. Castle gets home and Martha says that she is going to be opening the Martha Roger’s School of Acting. She says that she is going to commission for a portrait to be painted of her former boyfriend and have his legacy live on forever. Castle says that he knows what Beckett would do with the millions. He rushes over there and says that she would make her mother’s legacy live on. They are starting a scholarship under Joanna Beckett’s name to offer a free ride to law school. Beckett says that he can’t stay out of her personal life. She thanks him for that and the episode ends with them planning the fundraiser.