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The Final Nail - Recap

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The scene opens with two men coming back from playing basketball. They walk into the house and find a woman dead with nails from a nail gun in her face. Beckett, Esposito and Ryan arrive on scene and Esposito tells that he bets Castle would love to be where they are because it is a rich person home and they are usually freaky murders. They enter and Esposito illustrates his point. The victim is Vicky Westlake, wife of Damian, who found her body. She walks into another room to find that Castle is there already. She chastises him for not calling her about the murder and Castle tells that he just got there. He tells that Damian is an old friend of his and that he called him and told that he needs to talk. They talk to him and Castle blocks Beckett’s questions toward Damian. He tells that he didn’t kill his wife. He tells that Vicky had a fight with one of the contractors and told him that he was fired. He tells that he needs to contact Vicky’s ex-husband and kids.

Castle and Beckett go outside and she tells that Castle can’t interfere when she is questioning a potential suspect. Castle is upset that Beckett would think that Damian killed his wife. She tells that everyone is a victim to start off. Castle tells that he won’t get in her way. Esposito and Ryan come out that Damian was tense and aggressive during their basketball game and it is possible that Damian killed his wife earlier. Ryan and Esposito talk to Amber, Vicky’s assistant. She tells that a contractor named Morris was the one fired and Vicky caught him. Ryan and Esposito go back to the station and tell that Morris’s truck was outside. Morris tells that Vicky told him to come over and she told Morris that she is sorry and that the ring was there. Beckett tells that Morris’s alibi checks out and Beckett goes back to Damian as the prime suspect. Castle tells that Damian is not the killer and that he was the one who gave Castle a chance when he was 15 and publishing his first novel. Beckett tells that she understands Castle’s loyalty, but she has to go with facts. Vicky isn’t the fist family member that Damian lost. His father was murdered and Damian was pegged as the prime suspect.

Castle and Beckett argue and Beckett tells that Castle is wrong about not telling her about Damian’s father being murdered. Beckett tells Castle that he is too close to this murder and he needs to go home. She tells Esposito and Ryan to bring in Simon, Vicky’s ex-husband. Meanwhile, Castle goes and visits Damian and asks about his dad’s murder and he tells that the cops suspected him, but he was out of the country. Beckett meets with Simon and he tells that he and Vicky had a good marriage, but then she went and ran off with Damian. He tells that Damian came from money and tells the two were happy, but lately she was crying and telling that she wanted to get back together with Simon. Later that night, Castle is up and Martha asks what he is thinking. Castle tells that if he is going to accept that Damian could be a murderer, he is going to need evidence. The next day, Castle walks up to Beckett and tells that he is sorry that he doubted her. Beckett shows Damian’s financial records and they show that Damian was tapped out of money and that he was using her. Castle tells that they have to have another suspect and Esposito comes in and tells that the gang tag belongs to Omar Lincoln.

They drive up to find Omar tagging the back of a delivery truck and he tries to talk off. They catch up to him. They take him in and he tells that he tagged the place, but he didn’t kill Vicky. He tells that he heard Vicky and Damian arguing and that Vicky told him that she wanted a divorce. Damian is to stand to gain millions of dollars if Vicky dies. Damian lied about his marriage and Beckett and Ryan tell that Damian was renting a bed and flowers. They go to the “playroom” and meet Callie. She goes to the station and she tells that Damian and her were involved and that Vicky talked to Callie and warned her that Damian was going to be broke. Castle still thinks that Damian is still innocent on Vicky’s murder. Beckett meets with Damian and tells that a secret slithers out every time she gets close. She tells that she knows about Callie and him. However, Vicky stood between him and the fortune of millions. She arrests Damian for the murder of Vicky.

Castle goes home and Martha tells that Alexis is shopping for Ashley and her’s first Valentine’s Day. Castle visits Damian and asks what is going on. Damian tells that Vicky had divorce paperwork when they fought and Castle has an idea. He brings in Blanca, a postal worker. He tells that divorce paperwork was given to her from Vicky while Damian and Charles were at their basketball game. However, Beckett tells that Damian hired someone. Castle tells that they need to look at Simon as the murderer. He tells that he is going to clear the air of Damian’s dad’s murder and solve it and Beckett can look into Simon. Beckett tells that she is going to follow the money and Ryan and Esposito are on Simon’s case. Castle comes home and Alexis bought a frame for a picture of Ashley’s rat that died. Castle tells that he is going to solve Damian’s dad’s murder and Alexis tells that she will help. Back at the station, the money doesn’t tie Damian to hiring someone. However, Beckett tells that they still have the engagement ring that Damian gave Vicky as the means to pay for the contract kill on Vicky.

Beckett goes to a pawn shop and asks if Vicky had anything appraised. However, he told her that the stones were imitation. Castle looks at a picture of a sketch and he knows the person. At Damian’s home, she tells that she knows about the diamonds and tells him to show her. She reaches for his gun in case he tries something. Damian shows the diamonds. Meanwhile, Castle meets with Ray Salazar and tells that he knows the person in the sketch as Michael Rutherford, a scholarship kid with sociopathic behavior. Castle tells that Michael killed Damian’s father. Beckett gets to in and tells that Damian might not be the killer. Ryan and Esposito show that Simon’s business was failing and that he had a lot to gain if Vicky was murdered. They tell that Simon is not answering and she tells them to sit on their house. In the car, Ryan asks what Esposito is doing for Lanii for Valentine’s Day and he tells that he is going to get her a necklace or charm bracelet. Ryan tells that he is getting his fiancé chocolate. They see that Simon gets back, but has a “friend”. It is Amber, Vicky’s assistant. Beckett tells them to bring them both in. Beckett goes to the elevator and Castle is there too. They look at each other and tell that they know who killed Vicky.

Beckett and Castle meet with Simon and Amber and tell that Simon was going to get back with his wife, but Amber and he were involved. They tell that Vicky told Amber that she was going to divorce Damian and go back with Simon, but that wasn’t good for her. They tell that there was a company car that Amber ordered to drive to the house and back. Fingerprints that they couldn’t identify were found on the nail gun. She tells that she wasn’t supposed to be killed and she tried to convince Vicky that she was going to love Simon and not Vicky, she told her no. Later, Castle visits Damian and he tells that he is going to Barcelona. Castle shows that they arrested Michael Rutherford and he made a deal and showed the things that Damian gave him to kill his father. The police arrive and arrest Damian for contracting a kill on his father. Castle tells that he needs a drink and Beckett offers to buy.