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Slice of Death - Recap

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The scene opens with a man and woman kissing and they go into a pizza shop that the man’s father owns. The woman says that she can’t believe that she is with Authentic Nick. She takes a picture. They smell something and open the oven to find a dead body. Meanwhile, Castle makes turkey beacon for Alexis, but she says that she is not in the mood. He asks what is wrong and she says that she is not invited to Lauren’s party. Castle offers to call Lauren’s mom and Alexis says that she can handle it on her own. Castle meets Beckett and tells her that he wants to help Alexis and Beckett warns against it. They arrive at the crime scene at Authentic Nick’s Pizzeria where they find Nick Jr. there. They talk to him and he says that he came back from a date and had a girl with him, but she had to be taken away in the ambulance for vomiting too much. He gives Castle her number. Ralph “Nick” Carbone comes in and is devastated. He tells that it has to be the other Nicks around the square. He points the finger at Sal Malavolta, Luca Sabalini and Vinny Delfino. He says that one of them put a gallon of soap. He says that he is upset that they put a cadaver in his oven, but Beckett says that it is not a cadaver, it is murder.

They go outside and Beckett asks Lannii if she is going to be able to get an ID on the body and she tells that it is going to be a while. Castle suggests that they talk to the other Nicks around and Ryan says that Castle is right. Beckett tells Ryan to talk to them. At the station, Castle says that he wrote about this story and how the body was put into a pottery kiln. Lt. Montgomery comes up and asks if they found a body at Terrific Nick’s. They correct him and tell that it was Authentic Nick’s place. Ryan says that all the employees of Ralph Carbone and they all check out. However, the other Nicks have a past of defacing the competition. Beckett says that is all Frat Pranks. Lannii calls them in and shows that titanium plates were implanted. She ran the serial numbers and she came up with an ID. Gordon Burns. Castle recognizes the name and says that he was a reporter. She tells that there was a melted cell phone holder, but no cell phone. Beckett pulls out a picture of a woman. Castle wants to know why Gordon was in a pizza oven. They talk to his editor and he tells that after his child was killed, he was a changed man. He says that he was working on a “puff” piece on the Pizza Wars. He says that he stumbled onto something bigger.

They look at their case board and Castle says that Gordon survived much worse than this and then snuffed out. Esposito says that it is like being a cop. Ryan comes in and says that Gordon’s cell phone is off. They go to Gordon’s apartment and the door has been kicked open. Castle picks up a picture of Gordon and his daughter. He says that he saw her coloring. Esposito says that Gordon’s neighbor has been holding his mail for him for a week. Beckett says that they have to find where Gordon was hiding. Ryan calls and tells that Sal Malavolta’s finger prints were all over Ralph’s oven. They talk to Sal at the station and he tells that he didn’t kill the reporter. He says that he touched Ralph’s oven to steal it. Sal says that he has an alibi. He points the finger to Ralph and says that he is connected. They meet with Ralph and he laughs at the idea of being connected with the mafia. He says that he makes money with his pizza. Ralph points the finger back at Sal and tells that he also has an alibi. Ryan says that there is nothing on his call and Esposito says that Gordon and another guy yelling at each other. They meet with Luca and say that his alibi doesn’t check out. Luca says that Gordon was going to expose his cheese not being fat-free. He says that Gordon called him to set up a meeting.

Castle and Beckett go to the Hotel Beta and go to the room Gordon was staying at. They find his laptop only to find the article that he was writing. Castle starts to flip through Gordon’s notebook and sees a time and date of a meeting along with a phone number. Beckett says that she will run the number on the new application the NYPD issued. Castle tries to see it, but Beckett blocks. He says that he won’t show her his new game then. Castle reads in Gordon’s notebook two names: Jonny Farrell and Swede Anderson. Castle thinks he knows the two names. Beckett finds that the number is registered to Monica Wyatt. She is the same girl from Gordon’s wallet. They go to her apartment and talk about Gordon. She tells that she never met up with Gordon. She says that she bumped into him a couple days ago and she says that he was like him old self. She tells that Gordon found something in the Hall of Records. At the station, Ryan says that Gordon used his ATM card, but the transaction never completed. She tells that she is going to the Hall of Records.

Castle goes home to find Alexis crying and Martha says that Alexis decided to crash the party and that Lauren took Ashley on stage and kissed him in front of everyone. She says that Ashley and her ran out of there, but found out that Ashley has been cheating on her with Lauren. Castle gets to the office and Ryan says that Beckett is at the Hall of Records. He asks if he gives Ryan a website, could his tech friends hack into it and delete some pictures. He says that he can and Beckett comes up asking if Castle is using police software for personal gain. She tells that Harley Romero is a person who was murdered. However, when they look at the ATM surveillance video, they see that Harley Romero is not dead. Lt. Montgomery asks why Gordon would write something instead of running. They talk to the editor and he tells that he never saw Harley. Castle asks about the two names and he says that they are characters from an old movie. He says that story Gordon wrote ended his career about “Covallo”. However, Beckett says that it is a fairy tale. The editor says that it was real to Gordon because his daughter was killed by a car and Gordon had his leg shattered.

They go back to the station and they theorize that Harley is “Covallo”. They look at the video and Castle gets the message that Gordon was writing. It is an address. However, when they get there, it is empty. Later at home, Alexis is going out and Castle sees that she has a scratch under her eye. He asks what happened and she tells that Lauren was upset at her for hacking into her website and taking down the pictures of her and Ashley. She scratched Alexis and Alexis punched her. Castle says that retaliation is not always good and she needs to learn to be smart enough to rise above. Castle goes to the station and tells Beckett that he should have gotten involved sooner. She tells that it is good that he didn’t. Montgomery tells that the traces of heroin found in the warehouse matches the same that is being smuggled in. Beckett says that they need more concrete evidence. Ryan says that they found Gordon’s phone. They look at the pictures and it is outside the drug lab. Monica is involved. They go to her place and hear a scream. Esposito kicks in the door. They find Monica on the floor and she tells that he ran off. They ask who did this to her and she tells that it was “Covallo”. She tells that she got involved because they needed locations for their labs and says that she owed people money and got into it. Beckett asks which pizzeria “Covallo” is running the drugs. She doesn’t know where the names are from but says that the new codes that “Covallo” uses is from the Maltese Falcon.

They go to the Sal’s pizzeria and use one of the names. The employee gives Castle a pizza box. It is filled with heroin. They bring Sal in and he says that he had nothing to do with the murder. He says that Harley went to him and said that he would burn down Ralph’s pizzeria. He says that he was getting mad about it and accepted. Harvey came up to Sal and said that he needs to put “something” in his oven. He says that he turned him down. He says that when he runs out of product, Harvey delivers. They arrest Harvey, but he is not talking without a lawyer. Ryan tells that Monica has been helped out and she tells them to release her. Castle wonders why Gordon was focused on Harvey. Beckett realizes that the only picture Gordon had was Monica. As Monica walks out, she smiles. However, Beckett stops the door and tells that they have a few more questions. They unveil that Monica is the real “Covallo” and that she was the one who had Gordon and his daughter killed. She tells that she needs her lawyer now. Later that evening, Alexis tells that she went to the counselor and talked to Lauren. They hugged it out and Lauren was only jealous of the time she was spending with Ashley. He tells that it will take time to heal. The episode ends with Castle and Alexis eating pizza.