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Head Case - Recap

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The scene opens with a truck pulling out trailing blood behind. Meanwhile, Castle gets the new SkyMall magazine and sees that Alexis’ acceptance letter arrived. Castle is still not that happy that Alexis is going to go to college. Alexis comes in and opens the acceptance letter. She is shocked when she reads that she didn’t get in. Castle meets Beckett at a crime scene and says that he was sure that Alexis was going to get accepted. Castle and Beckett arrive and Lanie tells them that she doesn’t know where the body is, but there is a lot of blood. Ryan and Esposito tell that there are witnesses that saw a white van drive off. Beckett sees a tire imprint and tells them to bag the evidence. Esposito says that the victim was shot and then the killer waited 20 minutes before taking the body away. They get back to Capt. Gates and she says that she says that it is a long shot. The victim is a male and Gates says that is not enough. Castle asks Beckett where they are going to start without a body. She doesn’t know. However, Ryan comes up and says that the trucks are narrowed down to three. Esposito comes in with the results from the tread testa and get the right van. They get to the location and find it empty. However, when they go in another room, they find containers with bodies in them. Beckett is confused.

Beckett calls CSU and then suddenly they hear noises in another room. They approach and aim their guns at two employees trying to work. The employees admit that they were only doing their job and says that they had to get to the man before his brain stopped working. Beckett says that the man is dead, but Dr. Ari Weiss, CEO of Passageway comes in and has his lawyer, Johnny Rosen, with him. He says that the victim to the crime was Lester Hamilton. He was a Biology Professor who was an studying life extension techniques. Castle asks if they have any Celebrities as clients. He says that he can’t discuss patients and Beckett says that it is their case and need the body. However, Rosen says that they are going to keep the body because of the contract that they have from Lester stating that he wants to be frozen at the time of death. Castle says that he can’t believe that a Murky Law protects them and that they are allowed to do as they please with the body. Beckett says that she doesn’t know how she is going to explain it to Capt. Gates. She gets to the station and tells Gates that they are not going to get the body because of the fact that they don’t have anything to support that Lester was murdered. Beckett says that Cynthia, Lester’s wife, and Dr. Phillip Boyd are on their way in and that a briefcase wasn’t found at the scene, but Cynthia said that Lester always had his briefcase.

Ryan comes up to Beckett and says that there was a break-in at Lester’s University and that his laptop, the one with all of his research, was broken. She realizes that there had to be something in the briefcase that was worth killing for. Beckett and Castle meet with Cynthia and Boyd about releasing Lester’s body. However, she is as adament of the preservation of Lester’s body as Weiss was. She refuses to release the body to them. She says that one lifetime is not enough with Lester and that they are going to be together again. Beckett asks what Lester was working on and Boyd says that he was working on Pharmaceutical Implants that will extend the life expectancy by 10 years. Cynthia says that Beau Randolph, a porn producer, was an investor for the research, but Lester ended it with him by saying that he wanted to post his research online. They had their falling out 3 days ago, the same time when Lester’s office was broken into. Ryan and Esposito clarify that Randolph has a gun that would match the holes in Lester’s body. Beckett and Castle get to Randolph’s place of business and he says that he is busy. However, they take him in for questioning. They get to the station and he tells that he didn’t want “Ambrosia”, Lester’s creation, to go online. He says that he thinks that Lester stated human testing. Randolph says that the real killer is going to be a lowlife. However, Beckett says that they have the gun that was fired recently. He says that he shot a pigeon. He calls for his lawyer.

Beckett tells Gates that they are going to need the body if they are going to do anything to solve the murder. Gates meets with Rosen and Weiss and tells them that the District Attorney says that they have enough to get a warrant. They agree to release the body, but ask to keep the head. They come to a compromise. Later, Lanie says that the bullets are not a match to Randolph’s gun because they came from a .38 caliber. Castle says that there has to be another person who wanted Lester dead. Castle gets a text from Alexis. Ryan comes up to Esposito and sees the dead pigeon that Randolph shot. Ryan says that Eddy Peck, one of Lester’s students, was the one who broke the laptop. They bring him in suspecting that he stole the information for his father. However, he did it only to change his grade. Ryan says that Eddy got an A in Lester’s class. Eddy says that is because he saw Lester come out of a run down hotel one day and he told him that he would change his grade if he didn’t tell anyone about it. They go to the hotel and the landlord says that Lester paid for it and she didn’t ask questions. They enter to find that it is an operating station.

The next day, Castle talks to Martha about Alexis’s behavior when she comes downstairs and says that she is throwing out all her achievements. He says that she is not a failure because she didn’t get into a school. He gets in the station and Beckett says that Alexis will find her way. Beckett says that someone was upset with the treatment. They go to Lanie and she tells that Lester was having the tests done to him. Lanie says that they are going to need his head. Beckett goes back to Passageway and they find that the head is gone. Ryan talks to Cynthia about the head and inside a room, Beckett talks to Weiss and says that he is part of a cover-up and wonders why he is in her way then. Esposito confirms that there was a break-in and they watch the video. It is Dr. Phillip Boyd. They get to his place and hear a crash. They chase him down and the head falls in the dumpster. Boyd is caught and Castle gets the head. Beckett asks why the head was wanted by Boyd and he says that he was operating on Lester because he had a tumor in his brain and only had a few months to live. Castle and Beckett go out to find Alexis there. She asks how he does it and allows him to see the rejection letter from the publishing company. He says that it drives him. He tells her that she will figure it out one day too.

Beckett says that Boyd has an alibi. She realizes that the brain tumor would have kicked Lester out of the program and they realize that Cynthia had something to do with it because she always says that one lifetime is not enough. They talk to her and she denies it. Beckett and Castle sit down and ask about the computer and the list of downloads. One was a cancellation form for the Passageway program. She says that they found the briefcase in Cynthia’s basement with Lester’s blood. She admits to murdering Lester to be able to preserve him. Weiss comes in and signs the paperwork when his pager goes off. One of the patients died. However, he sees that it is coming from inside the police station. They run into the cell where Cynthia was being held to find her dead. She took a cyanide pill. Weiss asks if they can take the body and they agree. The episode ends with Cynthia getting frozen and Castle says that he hopes that Cynthia and Lester are reunited one day.