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Kick the Ballistics - Recap

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The scene opens with a construction crew pouring cement when suddenly a woman’s body is pulled out. Beckett and Castle arrive at the crime scene and Lanie says that she is going to have to chisel through the concrete before she can do the autopsy. The rounds from the gun are found and it appears to be a 9mm. They find the woman’s ID and it belongs to Jane Herzfeld. She was a college student. They get to the station and Esposito tells Ryan that Jane was an only child and that she was a tutor to other students. However, she cancelled on her students to do something important. Beckett and Castle see Lanie and she says that she found bruising and also had cocaine residue on her. Jane knew the killer. Jane’s mother comes in and Castle asks if Jane was into something else. Beckett says that there were drugs on Jane and says that there could have been people who would have been doing drugs. She tells them that Jane had a boyfriend she didn’t like. Ryan pulls up “Fin” McQueen, the boyfriend of Jane. He has a cocaine charge on his file and Beckett says that that would explain the residue that they found on Jane.

They get him in the station and he tells Esposito and Ryan that he hasn’t seen Jane in weeks. He says that he is friends with Jane and Beckett gets a call. She calls Esposito and Ryan into the other room and tells that they have the ballistics back. The bullet that they found belonged to Ryan’s old service weapon. Ryan can’t think strait and says that it was his gun that killed Jane. Later, Ryan and Beckett talk to Capt. Gates and tell her about how Ryan lost his gun and badge when they were securing a witness that turned out to be the 3XK Killer, Jerry Tyson. Beckett says that Ryan was cleared of all the charges. Gates says that she just wants to know the details and tells that she wants Tyson behind bars. They go out and Esposito says that Fin’s alibi checks out. She says that he can be set free. Castle says that this is not Ryan’s fault, but he says that it was his service weapon and thus it is his fault. He tells he is going to go to Jane’s apartment and show a photo around. Esposito says that there is a locker in Grand Central Station and will get the video footage.

Castle goes home and tells Martha that he dreamed of the day coming and Martha reminds him that he is not a cop, but says that he has done a lot that has saved New York. He says that he realizes that he has been play-acting and Martha tells him to stand by his friends. The next day, Ryan and Beckett talk to Jane’s roommate and she says that Jane got calls from someone. Esposito gets the call trace to a bar. Ryan and Beckett go there and the barman tells that he has seen Jane with a guy named Seth and says that he carries a weapon. Castle asks Esposito if Ryan is doing alright. Esposito says that Ryan is just waiting for the next hint. Seth gets into the bar and runs away from Beckett and Ryan when they identify themselves. They catch him and mumbles that he is Detective Carter and says that they need to put him in the car. They take him down to the station and he says that he pulled over Jane for having cocaine and says that it belonged to Ben Lee, the son of Clifford Lee, the Chinese Mafia. He says that he dropped the charge if she agreed to feed him Intel on the Lee Crime Family. However, Ryan doesn’t believe him and says that he meant to send Jane in alone. Carver says that he knows about the gun that Ryan lost and he slams Carver against the wall. Beckett comes in and breaks it up.

Beckett tells Ryan that Carver is jerk and Ryan tells her about a story when he was a young cop and how he made a mistake. Beckett says that they could go and talk to Clifford Lee about the incident and he agrees. Esposito says that the things that they were waiting on at Grand Central Station is read and asks Ryan if he wants to come with. He says that he is going to go with Beckett. Castle declines and says that he is going to go through Tyson’s records to see if there is a connection to any of Tyson’s cellmates. Beckett and Ryan go to the Lee’s restaurant and Ryan asks questions about Jane and Beckett says that they have news for him. However, Clifford Lee tells them that they know about Detective Carver and says that Jane went to them after he framed her for possession. Clifford says that Carter could be Jane’s killer. Ryan asks what they were doing and he says that they were at home.

Castle gets home and says that he has paperwork to go through and Alexis says that the Student Council has given her a position so that she can have that on her resume. However, the job is listening to people complain all the time. Martha says that she set her up. Castle has an idea. Later, Ryan says that the Lee Family has an alibi. Esposito brings a duffel bag and it belongs to Jane. Inside they find men’s clothing and an inhaler. Esposito says that he is running the bar code and has pulled video. In the video, they see “Fin” talking to Jane and is a little violent. They bring him back in and he says that he didn’t kill Jane and that although he has a gun, he wasn’t the one. They get the ballistics back on it and it is not the gun. Castle comes in and says that he knows who the killer is. He says that it is Phillip Lee, Clifford’s oldest son. Phillip has Ryan’s old service gun because Tyson gave it to him knowing that he would use it in a crime. Esposito says that Phillip had a personal motive because Ben was going to run off with Jane. However, Beckett says that they need proof.

Ryan goes to Fin and tells him to tell the truth. Ryan calls Fin a screw-up and says that Jane would earn points with the Lee Family and says that Fin was working for the Lee Family. To protect himself, he called Phillip to deal with it. Ryan says that Jane was afraid and knew that she was going to die. However, when Beckett and Ryan meet with Phillip and his lawyer, they don’t have enough evidence. Ryan tells Phillip that he is going to make him carry the weight of Jane’s murder. They tell Gates about the update and Ryan gets upset when Gates won’t let them go after the Lee Family more. Esposito says that he is going to go with Ryan and make sure that he is not going to do anything stupid. Ryan says that he is going to lean on Ben Lee, Jane’s client. However, they can’t go as cops. They go to the library and Esposito acts like a gang member pretending to know the guard. He gets escorted out and Ryan tells him that Phillip was the one who killed Jane, but they need Ben’s help to take him to justice. Ben says that he can’t betray his family and Ryan shows Jane’s autopsy picture. He tells him to come to him.

Esposito and Ryan get back and Beckett doesn’t like that they went behind the Captain’s back and hers. However, Ben comes to the station. Later that night, Ben meets with Phillip and he asks him if he killed Jane. Phillip catches on that Ben is wearing a wire and pulls a gun on him. Beckett, Ryan, Esposito and Castle go in with the SWAT team and take Phillip down. Ben pulls a gun and the SWAT team shoots him. Ryan runs over and makes sure that Ben stays alive. Afterward, Beckett and talks to Phillip and his lawyer. He offers the location and name of Jerry Tyson. However, Beckett walks out to Castle who tells her that Tyson probably bet that Phillip would use the gun and that he would have given him false information. He says that Phillip shouldn’t get any deals. Ben comes into the station and he is alive. Ryan thanks him for the help and gives him a nice picture of Jane. The team drinks to catching the killer and they are happy that everyone got out safe. Ryan toasts to the memory of Jane. The episode ends.