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Kill Shot - Recap

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The scene opens with two women coming back from Yoga when suddenly one of the women is shot. Beckett gets off the phone with Roger, her physical therapist. Castle is with her when they arrive on the scene. Esposito tells Beckett that Sara Vasquez is the victim. Castle wonders if it could have been a stray bullet, but Lani says that it wasn’t. Later, Beckett and Castle meet with Chris, Sara’s fiancé. He says that Sara mentioned a man who was following her. Beckett and Castle get to Lani’s lab and Lani says that the bullet is from a sniper rifle. Esposito says that the shooter has to be a sniper. Castle says that it is possible that she was shot at random and wonders how they are going to find him. Later that night, Beckett is home and she looks at her scar on her and remembers the shooting that she was personally involved in. The next day, the sniper lines up a shot and fires.

Henry Wyatt is the next victim and Beckett shows that she is a little rattled by the news that there is a random sniper taking out people. Lani asks if Beckett is alright and Esposito sees that there is a green flag. A police car blares its siren and Becket drops behind a sign. Esposito, Lani and Castle look at her confused. At the station, Beckett really isn’t paying attention to what Capt. Gates is saying. Castle comes up to Beckett and says that it is perfectly natural for her to react the way she did. She yells at him and says that she doesn’t react that way. Gates asks Beckett if there is any connection to Sara and Henry. She says that there isn’t. She tells her to keep looking. Beckett breathes heavily and walks off. Castle asks where she is going and she says that she has to go somewhere. She goes to her psychiatrist and he says that she is suffering from PTSD and has to face the fact and he recommends stepping away from the case. She says that she is fine and walks out.

Castle says that Beckett never snapped at him like that. Esposito says that they have to catch the sniper and then Beckett will be better. They get the footage from the street at the time that the flag was planted. However, the guy who planted it, hides his face well. Ryan says that he is going to see if you can’t run the picture through with people. Esposito gets a call that tells him that they found where the sniper took the shot. They arrive there and Esposito tells Castle exactly where the sniper was based on the range. Castle finds a paper doll on the windowsill. Esposito looks under a table and manages to find the casing. In the elevator, Beckett is definitely not fine and enters the station distorted. Esposito comes up and says that they have a lead and get the name of Marcus Ford. Beckett freezes and Castle suggests that they hang back and wait. Once Marcus gets into custody, Beckett and Castle interrogate him. He says that he didn’t kill anyone. However, Beckett doesn’t believe him and says that he should be on the other end of the scope. She gets out of the room and Esposito says that the guns don’t match and Gates tells them that Marcus’ alibis check out. Castle wants to know how Marcus’ print was on the gun. Esposito says that it could be a reloader bullet. Gates tells them to get Marcus’ cooperation. Castle says that it is going to be hard. Beckett snaps at him and Esposito says that he will play good cop now.

Beckett sits down and looks at the pictures of the victims. She relives the moment when she was shot again and Castle comes up to her and asks if she is alright. She asks what is in the folder and he shows the paper doll to her. He says that the sniper must have made them. Esposito comes up and says that Marcus didn’t recognize the man in the photo. Beckett gets a call from Ryan telling her that they found where the sniper shot Sara. They arrive at the apartment and Ryan shows the paper doll. Castle notices that it is from a different painting and says that it is a pattern. Esposito finds some moleskin and tells the others that snipers have it to catch their sweat. Beckett tells him to get it back to the lab. Beckett tells Castle that the sniper wasn’t removed from their victims. He says that they are going to catch the killer, but she doesn’t think so. That night, Beckett is drinking and freaking out. The next day, Castle is trying to figure out which painting the dolls are from. Alexis looks at it and recognizes it immediately. Castle says that the school is amazing that she goes to.

Meanwhile at the station, Beckett covers up the bandage that she put around the cut she got. She looks at the video when Ryan comes up and tells her that the moleskin was a bust. Gates comes up and asks what the update is and they tell her that they have none. Castle comes in and tells everyone that he has an idea. He says that each doll is a clue as to where the next kill is going to be. He tells them what paintings go where and they realize that there is a Grace Motel. Suddenly the phones ring in. Becket and Castle race to the location and Beckett is distracted. Castle and Beckett meet the victim and she is still alive. However, she wants to know why. Beckett can’t handle it and goes to another room and cries. At the station, Castle tells Esposito that Beckett is losing her ability to cope. He tells him that she shouldn’t be on this case. He asks what helped Esposito when he went through this.

Esposito takes Beckett in the back and shows her the rifle that shot her. She asks what he is doing and he says that the rifle is just a tool and tells her that the guy is not playing God, he is just a guy. He tells her that she needs to get over this by using the same tool that shot her. Beckett walks up and embraces the rifle. Gates asks Ryan why Emily Reeves was the target. She goes up to Castle and he shows the video of the sniper going into the lobby. They see that the sniper has a coffee cup. Gates asks where Beckett is and Esposito says that she is running down a lead. Beckett is at one of the place where Henry Wyatt was shot. She asks herself why the sniper didn’t go to the roof. She goes to the roof and tries to climb the ladder, but she feels pain. She sees something and has something. Back at the station, Ryan and Esposito tell Gates that the coffee shop is the place where the victims have the most in common. She tells them to get down there.

They arrive and Castle goes around and hears people talking about their successes. He goes up and says that the sniper picked out the people who were successful. Beckett comes in and tells them that the sniper has a type of disability, like a limp. They ask the coffee shop manager and he says that there is a homeless man that has come in lately. They get a description and run it through the database. They get a match to Lee Travis. Gates tells them that they are going to put his picture out there. They bring in Lee’s sister and she tells them that she is not surprised because he has been violent. Beckett gets a call and says that they found the third place where Emily Reese was shot from. Beckett and Castle look through the place and Castle finds the doll. However, it is a chain of paper dolls. They get back to the station and they tell Gates that there is going to be a mass murder. Castle gets in with the painting and says that the only meadow is in Central Park. They scramble and Castle tells Beckett that he will hang back.

Meanwhile, Lee loads the sniper rifle and readies it. Castle talks to Gate and they find out that the sniper will be shooting from the south side. Ryan comes in and says that High School students are coming in from winning a track meet. Gates tells Ryan to stop the bus, but he fails to get in touch with the driver. Beckett and a team of officers get to the building they think that the sniper could be in. Beckett finds an open door and sees the picture of the bus on the wall. She busts in and is hit by Lee. He aims a pistol at Beckett and kicks her gun away. Beckett tries to communicate with him and tells him that she knows what it is like to be on the other side of the scope. It looks like she is getting through to him, but he tells her that he has a job to do and is about to fire when he is shot by Esposito from the roof of another building. Afterward, Castle asks if Beckett is back to her self and she says that she is back. She thanks him and Castle leaves. Later, Beckett meets with her psychiatrist and he asks her if she thinks that she is ready to deal with the issues. She says that she is. The episode ends.