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Cuffed - Recap

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The scene opens with Beckett and Castle finding themselves handcuffed to each other. When Castle thinks it is kinky, Beckett knows she has not done it, which means there has been someone else around. However, only after a while do they realize that they are in an unusual place. It feels like a dungeon and it appears to be a basement of some place. They also discover that they have been drugged before being thrown in there, and have a hard time remembering anything. However, they gradually pick up with cues from each other. They remember that Beckett called Castle to check out a dead body. When they got there, Dr. Parish and Detective Esposito were in the middle of an argument. At the site, they learnt that the dead body was yet to be identified, and so was the cause of death. However, asphyxiation seemed to be the most likely hit. Javier confirmed that it was murder, especially because of the charred fingers. Whoever did it wanted to delete his identity.

In flashback, it turns out that the same drug mark now on Beckett’s lower back was also on the murder victim. Beckett figures out that deleting identity is a step that only confirms a very good reason for whoever did it. She wanted Detective Ryan to sort through the suspect profiles. Back at the dungeon, they remember that they visited the morgue next. Over there, Ryan came in to hand them a chit of postal address, but only with a zip code on it. While Dr. Parish keeps thinking the finger chars are only due to hard labor of some kind, Becket and Castle got together to mine out the fact that the postal code on the back of the chit found on the victim will lead them to a crucial address. When they reached, they did not find anyone, but a dangerous looking old woman inside a cage. That is all they remember, and surely, they were drugged soon after that.

Back at the police office, Ryan and Javier discuss Ryan’s partner. Everything seems okay, and they have a waitress to testify that she saw someone with the guy recently killed. However, none of them are aware about Castle and Beckett’s conditions. They presume they are still investigating the murder case. Back at the dungeon, Beckett cannot understand why he has to follow her all the time. Why does she have to be the first with everything – from entering a room to getting on an elevator. Exasperated, Beckett tells him to lead the way, and after discovering the lights, they are able to locate an intriguing box, and later a hatch. Meanwhile, Javier and Ryan get talking about the suspect as described by the restaurant waitress. It turns out to be a ruffle haired bearded man of middle age. Then they start wondering why they have not been able to get in touch with Beckett and Castle. Meanwhile, the duo thinks about getting the box under the hatch, so that they can reach it with a little advantage of height. However, the box is so heavy that it does not move an inch. Exhausted, the both decide to take out whatever is inside, and then try. Castle announces his safe breaking technique, and gets down to business.

Ryan and Javier go out looking for the lost duo. They discover Beckett’s car somewhere, and realize that they might have been taken down. Javier notices a security camera in the vicinity, and tries playing it back to the time when the car arrived there. It turns out that the vehicle was driven there by neither Beckett nor Castle. They get back to HQ, where Captain Victoria tells them to find out everything possible related to the murder victim and more importantly, find the duo. If they do not get cracking, time is already running out. Meanwhile, Beckett is running out of patience as Castle is still unable to break though the lock. They realize that they are not safe, but as Castle points out, the good thing is that the team is surely going to start looking for them.

Meanwhile, Dr. Parish is livid about the detectives pressing for information at the morgue. Javier insists that they need autopsy reports and intelligently sort out details. Their friends are in danger. The ones in danger are her friends too and with the fingers charred, she insists she will take time. However, Ryan manages to get her acting in spite of the possibility of damaging the skin sample. Meanwhile, Beckett and Castle are able to find what lies inside the box – a large range of torture knives and chains. Back at the morgue, Dr. Parish is ready to sample fingerprints, but does a shoddy job as the skin is hardly ready enough. However, Ryan and Javier are able to figure out by arranging the broken pieces. Identifiers say it belongs to a Hank Spooner. It turns out he had major business connections between Texas and New York, and would make a stop at Del Rio. While they try to solve the mystery behind the dead guy, Chuck Martinez is walking towards Captain Victoria’s office. He is the person identified as the one who was with the murder victim Hank Spooner in a restaurant. Martinez announces he is DEA, and reveals that he met Spooner on one of his chases. Spooner would have told him the information they needed if he had enough physical protection, but by the time he could talk about it to his seniors, Spooner was already dead.

Later, the Captain receives information about a truck where the troop gets in to find a little hair and a large splash of blood. Without much progress, the Captain, Ryan and Javier discuss the case, and wonder where Beckett and Castle could be. However, Ryan is quick to point out that they have a clue and that is the bar code behind the address chit found on the victim. Troops raid the place, but that is not the place where the lost duo is struggling to reach the hatch. After a failed attempt in flinging open the hatch, and falling off scared by a person that opens it from above, Beckett falls off Castle’s shoulders. However, they later hear some voices on the other side of their wall. One speaks Arabic, and the other English. Next, they hear the breathing of somebody. They decide to find out if someone is being trafficked. After managing to break through the stucco wall, it turns out a hungry tiger is waiting to maul them down. Meanwhile, Captain Victoria and team find out that Spooner’s consignments usually move through houses with basements, but more importantly through the ones that have been in foreclosure, and now under the National Bank. She orders the detectives to find out such houses in the suspected area. They are able to come down to a cluster of such properties, and decide to raid the suspected ones.

Back in the dungeon, Castle and Beckett are terrified about the tiger. However, they manage to get up on the box after placing it vertically. However, hardly are they safe, and the tiger is persevering at toppling them down. Meanwhile, when Ryan and Javier are out to find the place where the duo might be stuck, they are screaming for help. The detectives rush to the site, and close in on the hatch. However, the old woman who had shown herself in a cage before the duo was drugged, is standing armed, pointing at them. With her are the two sons, also armed. Javier decides to help the duo first, but the tiger has already toppled the box. The duo is nowhere to be seen, as the criminals leave unharmed. However, Castle and Beckett managed to jump and grab one of the bars near the hatch. They are safe, and now too high for the tiger. When the criminals are about to leave in the dark, a large police contingency is waiting to pick them up. Back at the HQ, it turns out the convicts are into trading of exotic animals – something illegal in most parts of the world. And they kill to stay strong in this multi-million dollar business. It gets clear to Beckett and Castle why the tiger had to be there. She later tells him that she hopes she does not have to spend a night in handcuffs with anybody, but if it were Castle, she would hardly mind.