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The Limey - Recap

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The scene opens at a motel, with a dead woman lying on the floor and a guy pillaging through her clothes. Just then the woman who cleans the room walks into the room and the guy pushes his way out the door and the woman enters the room and finds the dead body on the floor. Next, Beckett is telling Laine that there is something different about their relationship this time, and Laine tells her that probably Castle is tired of waiting; it’s been 4 years. Beckett thinks he is drifting away from her. Just then Beckett gets a call. She arrives at the scene with Laine. Castle drives in at the scene with a woman. Beckett tells Castle that she feels that she has ran into a bad episode of Miami Vice.

He tells her that he just came back from Vegas and that girl is a flight attendant. Well, happens! Back to business, the victim is Naomi Allen, and is a British citizen. She checked into the motel two hours before she was killed. There are no signs of a robbery as none of the victim’s belongings were stolen. She was strangled to death. Beckett thinks that this is a one night stand gone bad. Esposito tells Beckett that the maid saw a man walk out. They find a business card and figure out that she is a model. Next, Beckett and Castle go to the modeling agency and meet with the manager. She tells them that Naomi was one of their top models, but lately she has been doing some unconventional gigs, like attending parties and “connecting” with wealthy men.

They show her the sketch of the man, but she does not recognize him. She also tells them that Naomi wanted her to get her an entry for an album launch party last night; but she couldn’t get her in. Next, Ryan informs them that there are more people who have seen this guy, Cullen Hunt and they also know the hotel this guy checked into this morning; seems like he has left trace behind. Castle and Beckett go to this guy’s hotel and bust open the door. He is standing in a towel when Beckett asks him to raise his hands. Hunt tells them that they are making a mistake. But Beckett insists and he follows her instructions. The towel falls on the floor and he introduces himself; Detective Cullen Hunt, Scotland Yard. He admits to leaving the crime scene, as there was nothing much he could do.

The girl was already dead. He informs them that he is a friend of Naomi’s family and he felt that there was some trouble. He had come to help, but it was too late for any sort of help. He also tells the duo that he found a message from the killer, but refuses to give them until he is on the case. He pleads Beckett to put him on the case as well; else he will go and hunt down the bastard himself. Next, Hunt tells Castle that this Naomi is not the girl he knew. Just then Beckett walks in announcing that Hunt is on this case. Apparently he is one of the best at the Yard. Hunt is pleased and hands her a key that belonged to Naomi. Next, we see, Esposito informs the team that Naomi was at the album launch party for Biggie Slim and got into a fight with a woman. Next, Beckett and Hunt interview the woman.

She tells them that she had thrown Naomi out of the party. Just then Castle opts out of the interview and walks out. Next they interview Biggie Slim. He tells them that Naomi was acting paranoid at the party. She felt that somebody was following her to the party. She left from the party and three hours after that she was dead. Next, we see that the autopsy is finished. Her larynx was crushed, and that was the COD. The man who did it must be very strong. But there are partial prints found on Naomi’s body and that is because of the body lotion she was wearing. Next, Hunt tells Beckett that Naomi fell in love with a doctor and he died last year. Just then she gets a call from Ryan and he tells her that Naomi had a day pass at a gym. They arrive at the gym. They check the locker used by Naomi, and in it is the photograph of the killer along with his phone number.

Castle, Hunt, and Beckett magnify the photograph of the killer and find out that the guy works for the British Consulate and his name is Nigel Wyndham. Esposito educates the team that Naomi had dinner with Nigel. Probably they were having an affair and he didn’t want his wife to know about it as it could have destroyed both, his marriage and career. Gates wants to get the fingerprints matched before they could move ahead with the hunch that Nigel is the killer. Next, Beckett and Hunt are dressed up for a prty and they know that Nigel too will be at the party. They could try to get his fingerprints. Castle is awestruck to see how ravishing Beckett looks when she is all dressed up. At the party, Hunt and Beckett are having a dance. He tells her that she is the most beautiful person in the room.

They share their childhood memories and how they grew up. Both of them admit that they are married to their jobs. Just then Beckett notices Nigel and makes her move. He immediately introduces himself and offers her a drink. He asks her if she is there alone and also asks her for a dance. Nigel and Beckett are dancing. She tells him that there is more to her than meets the eye. Nigel has a glass in his hand and he puts it down and puts both his hands on Beckett while dancing. Hunt scrambles to get the glass. But he is caught. The security guard figures out that they are uninvited guests at the party and throws them out. Hunt is really surprised that Beckett managed to get the prints off Nigel’s card case!! At the office, they run the match and find out that Nigel is not the killer. Castle suggests that they should be looking at the number that was written at the back of the photograph they found in Naomi’s locker.

Castle tells them that the number refers to a diplomatic pouch. He knows that because the flight attendant, who he had a date with, recognized that number. Beckett is shocked that he showed her the file, but he tells her that he clicked a picture of the number on his phone and showed it to her. He also tells them that his date recognized the last three digits as the number for the Royal Eastern Airlines. So the pouch was delivered at the airline. He breaks down the series to explain what each set of number denotes. So it appears that Deputy General Nigel signs for all the pouches. After all, this isn’t about an affair gone bad; but its smuggling!! The only way to find out about the contents of that pouch is through the flight attendant and Beckett is not comfortable about sharing confidential information with a stranger. But Castle thinks that he doesn’t see a problem as it has helped them.

They find out more about the pouch from the airlines; it weighed 200 pounds and flew from JFK to Uganda. They also figure out that the pouch is in the airport at the moment. But they can’t open a British Diplomatic pouch as it can end up being an International Incident. Hunt goes to the baggage area and tells them that he is from the Homeland Security and needs to check the baggage for security reasons. He lied to the guard and he doesn’t have much time. The supervisor could be there any moment. He needs to be looking for something sturdy. Well it’s a crate! The guard is asking him to step outside, but Hunt opens the crate and is awestruck. The crate contains missiles. Hunt returns to the office and informs the team that the customs has impounded the crate and the Interpol is on its way.

Now it seems to work out. Naomi’s boyfriend Aiden was killed in Uganda and she was trying to figure out about his murder. And it led to Nigel. But Beckett tells the team that Nigel would never get his hands dirty with murder or missiles and so there has to be a partner. Now the question is who is this partner? Naomi wanted to find out who is supplying the weapons that killed her boyfriend and hence she stopped taking up the modeling gigs. Castle thinks that they could find someone in the list of the party attendees. Hunt eyes the name Paolo Mkuze, a rebel leader from Uganda. So the dinner with Nigel was to get the number from his office.

But then what was she doing with Biggie Slim? They call him in. they tell him that before becoming Biggie Slim, he was Derius Young and that he knows Nigel Wyndham. They did dig into his past. Slim tries to defend but to no avail. They also know about his cousin who works at an armory and that he supplies the missiles. Slim knew that Nigel had access to the diplomatic pouch and he saw an opportunity. Naomi was looking for evidence and once Slim found out that she was the same girl Nigel caught snooping around, he followed her to the motel room and killed her. Hunt tells Slim that the partial print on the dead body runs a match to him.

But then, why Uganda? Slim tells them that it isn’t about Uganda but only the money. Hunt and Beckett walk into Nigel’s office and arrest him for International Arms Trafficking and also for abetting in the murder of a British citizen. Hunt is going to London and wants to buy Beckett a drink as he has few hours before he flies. But Beckett refuses it, telling him that she has a bit of paperwork to finish…but we know the reason. Guess even Hunt figures it out. But then, Castle is rushing for his date with the flight attendant and Beckett is upset about it. She calls Hunt, asking him whether he still wants to buy her that drink! The episode ends.