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Always - Recap

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The episode begins with Kate hanging from a building; her hands slipping. She is screaming Castle’s name. Her fingers cannot hold on any longer and her hands are off the railing. Cut to three days earlier; Alexis is too worried about her Valedictorian speech and Castle gives her few topics to choose from. Just then Kate calls and Castle meets her and they reach the crime scene. They see the body but there is no identification in his pockets. The guy was trying to hide something in his shoes- lock picks. He is a thief and it appears that he was carrying something very heavy on his shoulders. The victim is identified as Orlando Costas; he belonged to a gang which is involved in drugs, armed robbery etc. but Orlando has been trying to clean his act.

He served four years, joined the military and was discharged with honors. Next, they track down his girlfriend and bring her in for interrogation. She tells him that Orlando had given up his old ways and had become a new man for him. She says that he used to go to the career center every morning to check for new jobs. She wants them to stop suspecting him and find his murderer. Next, they find an abandoned car with blood and gun in it. They also find a phone. They think that there is a possibility of another dead body somewhere around. They find another address, which leads them to Captain Montgomery’s house. They reach the Captain’s house. The wife tells them that Orlando was trying to steal some documents and when she saw him, she shot him in his shoulders. The wife tells them that it appeared as if the guy knew that they weren’t supposed to be home; but there was some change of plans and the wife stayed back.

Montgomery was involved with Kate’s mother’s murder case; he tried covering up the murder. Kate wonders why Orlando was looking for documents. She wants to know the details of the last guy Orlando spoke to before he was killed. Apparently, Montgomery said that he would protect Kate’s life from the guys who murdered her mother. Despite that the guys tried to kill her. She feels that Orlando was trying to steal her mother’s case papers. Next day, Kate tells Castle that Orlando’s rap sheets show that the break in wasn’t personal. But just then Ryan and Esposito walk in and tell them that there are witnesses who saw a Hispanic man fleeing the crime scene and from his tattoo it was obvious that he belonged to the Cazador gang; the one Orlando was working for and they get information about a man named Vincent Delgado. Vincent had a cousin who Monty had busted years ago.

They break into Vincent’s house and find a gun that matches the one that shot Orlando. Kate is sure that Vincent is their guy but the ballistics report says otherwise. Moreover the DNA of the flesh found in Orlando’s nails matched with the DNA found at another crime scene- it was the shooting in which Kate was shot during Monty’s funeral. So the guy who killed Orlando in the alley is the same guy who put a bullet in her heart. Kate doesn’t want Gates to know about any of this, as she might take her off the case. Castle tries to stop her from pursuing the case; but Kate is adamant. She has been waiting a year for this and she cannot let anyone else screw it up. Next, Castle gets a call. Castle knows the caller. The caller tells Castle that he break in at Monty’s apartment was a clan up job, so that there is no incriminating evidence found. He tells Castle that those guys will retaliate if he doesn’t control Kate.

Next, Kate meets Vincent in prison. He tells her that Orlando was in desperate need of money and he also feared that he might get killed. Vincent agreed to give it to him. But when he reached to meet him, he was already dead. He saw a white guy at the scene. Kate infers that Orlando’s phone was being tapped and the people, who hired him, knew him. Ryan walks in declaring that Orlando was completely under water financially. But then there was a transfer of ten grand into his account and now his girlfriend, Marisol, is withdrawing that money and that she cleaned that account an hour ago. She is planning to run away; but the team manages to get hold of her. Marisol tells Kate that Orlando had told her that he is doing this job for a guy he knew from service. It was a just a one off; and it was big money for a small job. They needed the money. She tells them that she doesn’t know anything about the guy who hired Orlando; but she does remember the church where they once met.

Kate and Castle go to that church. They check the security camera footage and they see the guy’s face. But there is no other information about him. Kate tells them that they have to be discreet in tracing this guy as she doesn’t want to alert the guys involved. She tells them that they need to find a way to find this one. Esposito is going through the footage and he notices a key chain in the guy’s hand, which leads them to a car dealing company. Next, castle arrives at Kate’s house. She tells him about the key chain. Castle tells her that she should stop investigating this case. He tells her that Monty was trying to protect her and that he had agreed to give the guy behind all, the information that could incriminate him. But the package reached him after she got shot. Castle tells her that the guys told Monty that they would spare Kate if she would back off from the case and Castle admits that he made sure that Kate backed off.

She is angry that he has been hiding things from her for a year. He tells her that he loves her and did it to protect her. So finally, Castle and Kate have the ‘I Love You’ moment. He tells her that if she cared about him, she would back out. But Kate doesn’t want to as she feels that it’s her life and she would do what she wants to. Castle tells her that he can’t see her throw away her life; it is over. He says that he is not going to stick around and leaves. Next day, Kate arrives at work and declares that Castle is off the case. Ryan and Esposito tell her that the suspect is going under the name, Cole Maddox. Esposito tells her that they could track the car he has bought from the company. Kate asks Esposito to go along with her and asks Ryan to stay on the grid. Ryan tells her that they should go with back up; but she tells him that she has been preparing herself for this for the past thirteen years, and she is ready.

They reach Maddox’s apartment and find Monty’s files. Kate finds Monty’s wedding album and infers that they are looking for someone and it appears that they have found that person. Before they could leave with the album, someone attacks her. A struggle ensues and Kate chases him to the rooftop. The guy is too strong for Kate and she cannot stand his punches and kicks. While, he is beating her up, he has a smirk on his face. She asks him the name of the person who is behind all this. He tells her that she is wasting her time and she has no idea what she is up against. He then throws her off so bad, that she stumbles off the roof.

Next, we see what we see in the beginning of the episode; she is hanging off the roof. He leaves. Her hands are slipping and she calls out to Castle. Just then a hand grips her; but it is not castle. It is Ryan and he has brought Gates along. Ryan has told Gates everything. She is upset with Gates and tells her that she is not fit to be in a uniform. She tells Esposito and Kate that she is putting them on administrative leave. But instead Kate resigns. Next, Kate is packing her things. Meanwhile, Alexis is giving her speech. After the speech, Castle goes back and deletes all the information on Beckett’s case. Just then Kate arrives at his place and he asks her as to what she wants. She tells him that she wants him.

Saying so, she passionately kisses him. She tells him that she didn’t care when the guy got away and she almost died, all that she could think about was him. They kiss again. Next, we see that the guy who almost threw Kate off the building has tracked down Smith. Smith is the same guy who called Castle earlier and warned him to keep Kate off the case. He asks Smith to hand over all that information that he has with him and also tells him that once he get his hands on that, he will put Kate back into the ground once and for all. The episode ends.