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After the Storm - Recap

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The episode begins with Castle waking up from a dream. Kate walks in wearing his shirt and with two cups of coffee. Castle asks her if she is on board with ‘this’ and she says a yes. But she also tells him that she quit her job and so he has the day off. They are about to get back in bed when his mother arrives. He asks Kate to hide in the closet. She wants to tell him a lot about Alexis and he tells her that he will be a lot more comfortable talking to her with his clothes on. While leaving his mother tells him that Alexis too has come. Alexis is hung over; thanks to the graduation party. Kate manages to sneak out while castle keeps his mother and daughter distracted.

Next, Ryan and Gates are discussing Beckett’s case. Ryan tells her that the shooter took Montgomery’s wedding album from his house. Ryan tells her that they might be able to track it down, but he is going to need few more people. But she says that he has to manage it on his own. Next, Castle goes to Kate’s house to apologize to her for hiding her in the closet. She feels that he is embarrassed being seen with her. He says that he wants to keep this between them for the moment. Just then Ryan arrives and Kate asks him to hide; but he doesn’t as he says that he has his pants on! So it is alright if Ryan sees him in her house. Ryan wants to talk to them about the case.

He shows her the picture of the Maddox took from the wedding album and Kate doesn’t recognize the man. But Castle has seen this man before; he is the same guy who is keeping Kate safe. He is older now, but he is the same guy. And they need to get to get to him before Maddox does. Kate tells Castle that she thought this was over and that she doesn’t know how to do this as she has quit her job. But Castle assures her that she is good at her job and so now she should focus on getting to Maddox. They look at the picture and analyze it. Looking at the wristwatch, they infer that the man is well to do.

Next, we see that Esposito is working on the case to find the man who almost killed Kate. He talks to one of his acquaintances from the Army and shows him Maddox’s photo. He wants Maddox IDed. Alongside, Castle finds out from the watch company that 17 of those watches were sold in New York in ’81 between January and May. 9 out of the 17 were given as gifts for winning a tobacco lawsuit; this means a lot of publicity. They search online for the legal team who won the case; they get a photo but there are only 8 in there. Castle thinks that ‘their guy’ could be someone who works behind the scenes, like a counsel. Ryan calls with the information that the man in the photo called Castle once from a bad network area and so the call was routed through some wireless network.

He traces it and finds out that the call was made from a place in Connecticut. Kate and Castle then manage to narrow down their guy, Michael Smith. They go to Smith’s house. But they find Smith bad beaten up; Maddox got there first. Kate notices that a file was burnt. Later, the med team arrives. Smith keeps saying “86”. Castle thinks that it is a clue about the file. But Kate says that the file has been burnt. Castle starts looking for the file. He finds a paper which has the address as 86 Markwell Street, and Smith owns a property there. And that is where the file is. They go to the building and it is a ten storied building. It is under construction. It looks like smith owns this building and he also has an office on the fifth floor.

Just then Maddox arrives with a gun aimed at them. Maddox tells Kate that once he finds the file, he is going to settle their account. He ties them up and locks them in a room. Castle uses a nail to cut the zip-ties. But he isn’t even able to make a dent. Just then Kate hears footstep; he is coming. But to their relief it is Esposito. He rescues them and tells them that Maddox’s real name is Cedrick Marks and he worked for a black ops military contractor. Meanwhile, Marks/Maddox has found a safe and is trying to open it. The trio finds Maddox and asks him to raise his hand. He tries to reach for the file with one hand and a gun from his jacket with the other. But just then we see that the file is a booby trap.

A bomb goes off and Maddox is blown into pieces. Next, Gates and the team reach the site and demand an explanation. They all say that they didn’t know anything and were walking by when they heard the explosion and so they came in to check. Next, Ryan arrives with lots of pieces of shredded paper. They set down to put the pieces together and find an account number. The guy that account belongs to is their guy! The account belongs to a guy named William Bracken, who is currently the Senator and the account was closed 19 years ago. Bracken was the District attorney at that time and he got involved with the mob for money. just then Ryan gets a call and he informs his friends that Smith is out of surgery and is awake. Castle and Kate go to the hospital to meet Smith. They tell Smith that they know that Bracken is dirty.

Smith tells them that there is no proof and that he will not testify. He says that he owed Montgomery and so he protected her; but he doesn’t owe her anything and he doesn’t want to risk anymore. He says that the best option for him is to disappear and suggests that Kate should do the same. Kate tells him that they would find him again and kill him; so the best chance is to work with her. But Smith asks them to leave. They are outside the hospital building when Ryan calls Castle and tells him that he found no concrete proof to prove Bracken was dirty. Just then Kate sees that the guard who is supposed to be with Smith is standing outside; he was asked to stand down. The duo rushes inside; only to find Smith dead; heart attack!

Kate feels helpless that she is not able to do anything even though she found out who killed her mother. Next, we see that Castle is asleep and Kate quietly leaves with a gun in her hand. The next morning, Ryan and Esposito arrive and Castle tells them that Kate is gone. Castle figures out that she has gone to kill Bracken. Kate arrives at the charity event and manages to get through the security check. Ryan, Castle and Esposito also arrive at the event and they rush to find Kate. Kate slips a phone in to Bracken’s pocket and a while later, the phone rings. Kate tells him that she has information that can incriminate him and that he should do as he is told to. Later, we see Bracken arrives to meet Kate and he is alone with her. She wants him to admit to all the murders he has committed.

He says that he is deeply sorry about her mother’s death and that he cannot give her what she wants. He tells her that she is nothing but a disgraced cop and he is the Senator. He is the one with the power and he will not let anyone stand in between him and his position of power. He begins to leave and Kate tells him that she has the file. Smith had another copy. To prove this, she states the account number in which he deposited the dirty money. she tells him that the deal he had with Montgomery, he will now have it with her. Nobody will touch her or her people; else the file goes public. She then slaps him across his face. She says that the scar that will remain will always remind him of her. She is done being afraid; it is his turn now.

She leaves and Castle is relieved to see the Senator alive. She tells them that they have reached an understanding. The next day, she arrives at work and tells Gates that she wants to be reinstated. But Gates tells her that she has to serve her suspension, the same as Esposito. The episode ends.