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Cloudy With a Chance of Murder - Recap

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The episode begins with Kate trying to decide what she needs to wear to work. It is her first day back at work and she doesn’t want anyone to know that she and Castle are dating. NYPD has a strict policy of against dating coworkers. She gets a call about a murder and she leaves. Later, they arrive at the scene. Castle doesn’t bring coffee for Kate and Esposito is the first one to notice. The victim is Many Michaels, the weather girl. The victim has bruises and there are signs of struggle. It looks like a mugging gone wrong. Ryan arrives and states that Mandy was last spotted by the crew in a children’s hospital doing a weather spot.

Esposito tells the team that Mandy’s phone is active and the GPS tracker has identified the current location. Esposito and Ryan go to the address and arrest Jonathan as they find him with the phone and Mandy’s purse. Esposito enters the interrogation room and states that Jonathan has had priors for staking and indecent exposure. He says that he found it in a dumpster. At the station, they find a note in Mandy’s purse which says: If any of this gets out, you will be killed. Lanie tells Castle and Kate that this wasn’t mugging. She says that the blood patterns show that her blouse was ripped after she was shot. The bruising also is post mortem, which shows that this was made to look like a mugging.

Lanie then asks Kate who is the guy she is having sex with. She can see a glow and she knows what it is. There is also make-up found on Mandy’s blouse which indicates close contact. Next, Kate and Castle go to WHNY. They find out that Mandy got into a scuffle last night with a new girl in the weather department; Rebecca. They watch a footage in which they see what happened at the office. The cameraman was the one who broke up the fight. And an hour later, Mandy was dead. They then talk to Rebecca who tells them that she did hate Mandy but she did not kill her. She says that Mandy stole equipments from her office and she only confronted her.

She then tells them that they should ask the people in the silver wagon who picked her up; looked like Mandy knew them. Kate is on the phone and Castle runs into Christina. She asks Castle out for dinner. Kate isn’t too happy as Christina is the one who shows up for cover stories in her bikini. Kate then tells Castle that Mandy has been getting calls from a burner cell. In fact the last call she got was from that number. They then talk to Mandy’s make-up artist and find out that Mandy was dating an athlete named Reggie Blake and he is married and he drives a silver wagon. Esposito and Ryan go to pick up Reggie. But they have a tough time with his giant bodyguard; one of them punches Esposito in his face.

Castle is worried as Esposito and Ryan have been gone for a long time. They then arrive and Esposito has a black eye. Reggie apologizes for his bodyguard’s behavior. Reggie tells them that there was no affair between them. He and his wife, both knew Mandy and they were just friends. He says that he was on the hospital chair drive and they were leaving together. He tells them that he did not want her coworkers to know as that is how rumors get started. Reggie says that he dropped Mandy at the park around 10 and she seemed nervous; but she didn’t tell him why she wanted to be dropped at the park. He then tells them that few days ago; she called him asking for a ride from the emergency room. She wasn’t hurt but she looked upset.

Esposito tells Kate and Castle that Reggie’s alibi checked out. In fact his wife bought him the burner cell as Reggie’s phone was being hacked. Ryan arrives with some important news; it turns out that Mandy was dating WHNY reporter Miles Hackston for a couple of months. Castle and Kate meet Miles. He did not tell anyone as the office has a strict policy against inter-office dating. Initially, they were on a high but later it imploded. They were drowning in the lies they had to tell. He couldn’t let anyone know as it would ruin his career advances. Miles tells them that Mandy was acting strange last week and there was something that was bothering her.

Esposito calls Kate and tells her that Mandy was treated in the ER for an extreme asthma attack. She arrived at the ER in the WHNY news helicopter. They wonder what she was doing in the helicopter when she has asthma. They are about to leave to talk to the pilot when the makeup artist tells Castle that it is time for his segment with Christina. The pilot tells Kate that Mandy paid him 1000 bucks and tells him that she needed the chopper for twenty minutes. He tells her that Mandy had a lot of equipments and she wanted to go to Jersey; why, he doesn’t know. All Mandy told him was that it is a matter of life and death. In his interview segment, Castle tells Christina that he is single and Christina asks him if he would have dinner wit her.

Castle agrees and Kate is pissed. Later, Castle tells Kate that it is a perfect cover and no one will suspect their affair. Back to the case, Kate tells him that all the equipment Mandy was carrying was Rebecca’s. Rebecca is surprised to learn that Mandy was actually using her stuff and it wasn’t a prank. Rebecca checks the equipment and she finds out that the monitor shows high levels of styrene and this is a dangerous chemical which causes respiratory problems. So, Mandy got the attack after the exposure; maybe she was on to something! Kate and Castle then decide to talk to the kid from the hospital, where Mandy was last supposed to do a weather spot. The kid tells them that Mandy asked him a lot of things about Conway field and told him that it might have something to do with his asthma.

Ryan and Esposito find out the factory that produces styrene-a chemical byproduct. The factory’s logo is also on the note that they found on the threat note. The owner of the company is George Gazzouli and he has had priors. They have George brought in and after a bit of pressure, he admits that he wrote the note to scare her away. Ryan arrives with more information. From all the files and photos that were gathered on the styrene case4, it seems that Mandy had a partner as there was no way she could be at two places at the same time. Castle leaves for his date with Christina. But Christina arrives at his place with some oysters and chocolate covered strawberries. At the office, Ryan talks to everyone at the station and no one admits to being Mandy’s partner.

Ryan and Esposito tell Kate that Castle is going to be seduced by Christina. At home, Christina pulls her moves on Castle and accidentally ends up dialing Kate’s number. Kate listens to the noises and she misunderstands. Kate rushes to his place. She draws her gun and kicks the door open. She then sees Christina is on top of Castle in her bikini. Castle tells her that he knows who the killer is. Castle tells Kate that he tried to get away but Christina didn’t give up. He says that he will make it up to her. They then go the WHNY and talk to Miles. He was the one man who rejected Christina and so she did a little digging. She found out that Miles had a boyfriend. This means that he lied to them about why he was at Mandy’s apartment and about his affair with Mandy.

They tell him that they figured out that Mandy was his work partner. They also figure out that Mandy was covering the styrene story and that she was about to turn it to the APA; and this means that he would lose his big exclusive. And so he killed her. They have also found gun powder residue on his clothes. Miles tells them that it was an accident. All he wanted to do was scare her into giving back the files to him. But she fought him and he didn’t even know that the gun was loaded.

Next, Castle arrives at Kate’s place. She tells him that she isn’t able to pretend to be single. He too is finding it difficult. They then try to kiss but Kate stops and tells him that she can’t as she keeps seeing Christina’s boobs in his face. The episode ends.