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Secret's Safe With Me - Recap

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The episode begins with a woman lying in a pool of blood and she is writing something on the floor with her blood. She then dies. Next, Alexis is packing her stuff to take to the dorm and Castle tells her that she has packed too much stuff. Martha tells him that he needs to have “the talk” with his daughter. Castle thinks it is sex talk she is talking about, but she tells him that it is the talk about him and Beckett having sex together. Next, Castle tells Beckett that he told Alexis about their affair and Kate freaks out. But Castle reassures her saying that their secret is safe. Castle tells her that Alexis was too pre-occupied with her packing to even comment.

They arrive at the crime scene and find that the victim has written “LIE” on the floor. The victim was shot with a 9mm. the victim’s name is Wendy Dupre and she is from Philadelphia. They find $4000 cash on her. They check her phone and find a threatening message in it from a man named Pratt. They get hold of Pratt and he tells Kate and Castle that Wendy stole from him. Wendy tells him that there was an emergency and will return him double the amount and he did not believe her. Pratt is shocked to learn that Wendy is dead. He tells him that he did not do it as he arrived just an hour ago, before they caught him. At the office, Laine calls Kate and Castle answers the phone.

She tells him that she found trace DNA on the victim and it isn’t a match to Pratt’s. Kate arrives and sees that Castle is answering her call and going through her stuff. She asks him to stay away from her stuff. Esposito arrives with information that Wendy had used her credit card to book a cab to take her to the 8th and Market and also asked the cabbie to pick her up from the same place after a while. Castle and Kate head to that place. They find out that there is an auction of the storage units, which Wendy signed up for. It could be anyone one of the fourteen units they have. Castle knows which one it is. He points out to Kate that they misinterpreted Wendy’s message. It is not LIE, it is 317. And it is now up for auction.

The owner of the unit is Mr. Fleming and they can’t let anyone else have the unit. So Kate and Castle begin to bid. But they realize that they don’t have enough money. So Kate talks to another bidder and convinces him to give her his money and in return, Castle would name a character in his next novel after his mother, Eunice. He agrees. Castle wins the bid. Castle paid $3600 for a store full of junk. But Castle believes that all this junk is going to help them crack this case. Ryan arrives and tells them that the name and address of the store owner is bogus. They go through the junk and figure out that the owner was a travel buff. Just then Gates arrives and she is furious to see all this mess and she wants it out of her precinct.

She notices a doll in Castle’s hand and she exclaims that she has been looking for that doll ever since she was a kid; it is a rare piece. Castle gives her the doll and she walks away, totally forgetting about the mess and her anger. Ryan finds the tax returns papers and finds out that Johan Fleming is actually Wendell Dupre and he is Wendy’s twin brother. If this belongs to her brother, then why was Wendy bidding on it and why was he using an alias? Ryan finds out that Wendell was killed in an accident six weeks ago. The subway cameras were broken, so there was no way to find out. Kate updates the team that one of Wendy’s coworkers told her that Wendell called her telling her that it is over and all of their problems are going to be solved.

She feels that Wendell was murdered. Kate feels that whoever killed Wendy came from Wendell’s world. Ryan tells her that Wendell worked as a chauffeur for Angelica Henley. They go to meet her. Angelica tells them that her 4 million dollar bracelet was stolen and she suspected Wendell. But the police cleared him. Kate and Castle figure out that it might be in the storage and that is why Wendell was killed. Castle returns home. Alexis wants to cancel her dinner with her father. She doesn’t like him dating Kate. Castle tells this to Kate and Kate doesn’t know what to do. Ryan tells them that the robbery at Angelica’s house was a two man job and Wendell was one of them. The cops are going through the junk, but they haven’t found anything yet.

They then try to put the pieces together and Kate infers that the killer could be one of the bidders. While the rest dropped out of the bid after $1500, one guy kept going on as he knew what was inside. Esposito and Kate go to Felix’s apartment. Felix tries to run but they get hold of him. He tells them that he collects stuff and sells them; that is how he makes his living. He also tells them that there was a man who offered him $500 to be his proxy for the bid. But he said a no as to he got curious as to why was that man ready to offer him money to be his proxy. So, Kate and Esposito figure out that the man must be Wendell’s partner. Felix helps them make a sketch of Wendell’s partner. Castle tells Kate that he found nothing in the junk. Gates arrives and tells Castle that she read his book and she loved it.

Ryan calls Kate and Castle and informs them that they have got a hit. The man is Marco Vinstroli and Marco got a parking ticket on the night Angelica’s bracelet was stolen. Ryan then shows them surveillance footage, where they see Marco breaking into the unit and then taking a safe along with him. That is why Castle could not find the bracelet as it was in the safe Marco took. They arrest Marco. The cops are opening the safe. Marco tells Kate that all he did was help Wendell break into the penthouse. He did not even know he stole a bracelet until he read it in the papers. Marco didn’t even know Wendell and Wendell paid him five grand to break the alarms of the house; no questions asked. He says that by the time he broke into the unit, Wendell was dead.

Castle and the team find that the safe is empty. They look at Angelica’s financials and figure out that Angelica could have lied about the bracelet for insurance fraud. They get a warrant to search Angelica’s apartment. They have the safe opened and find the pink bracelet inside. Angelica admits to the insurance fraud but denies the murder. She tells Kate that she did not hire Wendell. In fact she returned home and found that her apartment had been broken into but nothing had been taken. Castle is still confused about the storage locker. He wonders why storage locker Wendell had a storage unit when he did not steal anything. Castle is with Alexis in her dorm. She tells him that she has no problem with him dating Kate. She is worried that he wouldn’t be there when she wakes up in her dorm.

Castle and Martha leave. On their way out, he sees a girl with a stuffed animal bag pack. A thought strikes him. He goes to Gates’ office and breaks the twin dolls from her collectibles. They find a USB drive and one glass eye inside. They check the contents of the drive and they find evidence that links to a crime that took place a decade ago. The crime scene also shows a broken glass eye. Castle declares that Wendell was trying to find his parents’ killer. So, Wendell broke into the house to steal the glass eye. They go to met Angelica and find out that her butler has a glass eye.

Kate tells angelica that her butler, Kirby, caused an accident and then fled the scene. His DNA is a match to the eye that Wendell stole and on the bullet that was found in Wendy’s hotel room. Kirby admits that he killed Wendell and Wendy to cover up his earlier murders. Case closed. At home, Castle finds some of Alexis’ boxes on the floor. Martha arrives and tells him that out of the goodness of her heart, she is moving in with him so that he isn’t alone; a parent’s sacrifice. The episode ends.