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Murder, He Wrote - Recap

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The episode begins with Castle leaving for his weekend at the Hamptons with Kate. His mother and daughter want to know about his plans and he has none. He hopes that they can get away in time without there being a last minute murder. At the office, Kate too is anxiously waiting for the clock to tick five. Castle arrives at the office to meet Kate. It is 5 pm and no murder! Ryan and Esposito are curious to know about the guy Kate is dating. After Kate leaves, they decide that they should find out about this guy to ensure Kate’s safety. Our lovers arrive at their destination and it is a spectacular mansion.

Kate is visibly overwhelmed by its size and splendor; but she also can’t help wondering as to how many women have gotten this tour before. Castle admits that he has brought other women here; but none of them were her. At night, they are ready to get into the pool and Kate drops her robe; she is completely naked. But all of a sudden she puts on her robe as she notices that somebody is coming. A man covered in blood, stumbles towards the pool and falls in it. Castle calls 911 and the cops arrive. Kate tells the cop that she wants her name to be kept out of this. He thinks she is a prostitute. The victim is Randolph Franklin and he was at a party at Douglas Pierce’s house this evening.

The cops then bring in a guy named Casius McMurray, a local meth user and he has the victim’s wallet and they suspect him to be the murderer. Castle asks them to check for blood splatter on Casius; but the cops don’t pay any heed. Castle cannot put the murder off his mind and Kate doesn’t want to think about it as it would ruin their weekend. But she knows that castle wouldn’t put it off until he gets some answers. Next day, castle finds out that Randolph was arguing with a woman in a white dress on the beach; not long before he died. Kate finds out that he worked at Lehman Brother and was a banker. He was also involved in some scandal on insider trading and due to that three of his colleagues went to prison.

Now that they are out, anyone of them could have wanted revenge. Castle thinks that they should speak to Randolph’s wife and he enlists Esposito and Ryan to do the same. On the other hand, Ryan and Esposito try to find out about Kate’s boyfriend from Lanie. But she tells them to mind their own business. Castle calls Ryan and asks them to talk to Randolph wife in the city. They agree but on the condition that they get to drive his Ferrari for a week; each! They then question the wife. She tells them that Randolph left banking and got into real estate. She also tells them that he was having an affair with a woman named Natalia Roosevelt and she could be the woman on the beach.

They find out that Natalia is the owner of a bar and they go to meet her at the bar. But it turns out that she is friends with the chief of police. He arrests them for interference with their murder investigation. After two hours the chief, john Brady releases them as he finds out that Kate is a homicide detective. He says that he has never done homicide before and there is a lot of pressure from the Mayor as a rich weekender getting murdered isn’t good for business. Casius is definitely not guilty as there was no gun residue on him. He asks them for help and is ready to drop the charges in return. Kate tells Brady to pressurize the ME to give them the reports.

Castle and Kate feel that the bullet that was used to kill is generally used for hunting. She then tells Brady to interrogate Natalia as she was Randolph’s mistress. Brady is shocked. Natalia tells them that she did argue with Randolph but she didn’t kill him. She says that he got a text message and ran away while she went back to the bar. Her alibi checks out. The ME reports show that Randolph was in the ocean for at least twenty minutes after he was shot. Castle infers that he was shot on a boat and hence no one heard the gun shot and the salt water slowed down the bleeding, giving him enough time to reach the shore.

They then talk to Casius thinking that he might have seen something. He vaguely describes the boat and it was enough to figure out that the boat belonged to Aaron Lerner, a guy who Randolph had sent to prison. They find blood splatter on the boat and the reports show that it is a match with Randolph’s. Aaron tells them that he was with a weight loss group at the time Randolph was killed. He tells them that they should check on Randolph’s neighbor, a scary man who threatened Randolph with all kind of violence. Later, Brady tells Castle and Kate that Aaron’s alibi checked out. The neighbor is Vinnie Scardano, from the mafia family.

Castle knows this guy and calls him over for a meal. Vinnie tells them that he hated Randolph as he had built a helipad about fifty meters from Vinnie’s house and he used to get disturbed. At first he complained but there was no action taken. He then threatened Randolph. Just then Vinnie realizes that Castle is suspecting him and he get annoyed. He tells Castle that if he had whacked Randolph, his body wouldn’t have been found. Valid point! Brady freaks out when he learns what happened and he tells Castle to stay out of the case. Ryan and Esposito dig a little deeper into Randolph’s life and find out that he has been buying a lot of properties and turning them into condos.

But he doesn’t do anything with them and keeps it to himself. They decide to go and check what is happening in the buildings. They find out that all his buildings are actually meth labs. Probably that is why Franklin was killed. So, finally Castle tells Kate that they can get on with their vacation. But Kate thinks there has to be more to this case. They figure out that despite all the meth labs were in New York, a part of the drugs business was in the Hamptons and so Franklin required the helicopter to transport the drugs. Ryan and Esposito then find out that Aaron was partnering with Randolph but he denies killing him.

Aaron tells him that last week Randolph was complaining about a local drug dealer who didn’t appreciate them moving in on his business. Aaron then tells Ryan that he has told everything he knows to Brady, Castle and his girlfriend Kate. Ryan is shocked. He then calls Castle and tells him that Aaron told him everything. Castle and Kate are now terrified! Brady visits Kate and Castle and tells them that Casius coughed up the name of the local drug dealer; a marine operator. So they searched his apartment and found the burner cell phone that sent the text message to Randolph. Brady asks them to accompany him for the arrest. They find the operator and arrest the man.

But he says that he did not kill anybody and the meth and the gun aren’t his. Castle notices the knot that was made to tie the boat to the dock; it was perfect. But he remembers that the knots that were made to tie Aaron’s boat were not the same and were sloppy and so the operator could not be the killer. This means that the evidence was planted. Brady says that his deputy, Jones, had got the information about the operator. Just then Jones draws his gun and aims it at the operator.

He threatens to shoot the operator if they don’t let him get away. He says that Randolph was moving in on his side business and so he had to kill him. Brady takes his shot and shoots Jones in his leg. Jones is arrested. At the office, Ryan tells Esposito that they should stop looking for Kate’s boyfriend as he feels they should respect her privacy! The episode ends.