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Significant Others - Recap

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The episode begins with a woman waiting in her car, looking at a piece of paper with a name and address scribbled on it. Just then someone enters on the backseat and stabs her throat and she spurts blood on the paper. Alongside, Alexis too is spurting; she has got mono and she is feeling terribly sick. We see that Kate is staying with Castle as her place is getting fumigated. Alexis was supposed to go to Paris with her mother but she had to cancel her plans. Just then Meredith arrives with a lot of luggage. She is going to stay with them while she nurses her dear daughter back to health.

Kate is super pissed. Castle and Kate arrive at the crime scene and Lanie figures out that something is wrong. She then tells the duo that the victim’s name is Michelle and she was stabbed in her throat by an ice pick. Turns out, that Michelle is a divorce lawyer for the rich and the famous! They then find that the piece of paper clutched in her hand had the name of R. Garrison on it with a Scarsdale address. Esposito reports that a man was seen fleeing the scene around 11.45 at night. He says that they could get a sketch made from the security footage. They then interrogate the boyfriend, Cory, who has been dating Michelle only for a month. He says that she had been working on some high profile cases. He doesn’t know the man in the sketch and also the name Garrison doesn’t sound familiar.

Ryan and Esposito visit Garrison and learn from him that Michelle was supposed to meet him today. He is a financial consultant and he says that Michelle sounded too frantic and it seemed urgent. But he doesn’t know whose financials she wanted to consult about. Lanie asks Kate to come to the morgue. She tells Kate that she should not let Castle be around Meredith as she is a vile woman. Kate wants to discuss about the case. Lanie tells her that she found someone else’s blood on Michelle’s jacket button. She is running the DNA and will let her know. Ryan and Esposito make a list of the wealthy men of Manhattan and Michelle represented all their wives. But none of the husbands match the sketch. Maybe one of them hired the man to kill Michelle. Esposito found the identity of their suspect; Herman Poquille, as he wiped his MTA card.

They interrogate Herman. Herman tells them that he used to work for Michelle; he was the photographer and he used to take pictures of her client’s cheating husbands. She had fired him but then she called him again as she was desperate to hire him for some big job. He came to meet her but he found her dead. So he ran. They check the texts on Herman’s phone and learn that he is telling the truth. They also find a video message that was sent to him by Michelle. Castle tries to talk to Meredith about her leaving; but Meredith manages to steer the topic. Ryan tells Kate that the blood found on the button belongs to a woman named Samantha Voss; she was arrested for a DUI charge. Ryan tells them that Samantha lost her case and it was a BIG LOSS. In the end, she accused Michelle of screwing up her case. She is really furious and she goes around destroying all her husband’s precious and valuable items.

She tells them that Michelle was having some personal issues but she doesn’t know what. Just then Walter, her ex, returns and he too breaks her things. As a result, both end up in prison. Kate finds out that Michelle was at a café before she reached the court. According to Samantha, Michelle was late and she was crying. Kate finds out from the café owner that Michelle was at the café arguing with a man. By the description, it looks like the man was Michelle’s boyfriend, Cory. So, Michelle fights with her boyfriend, sets up a meeting with a consultant and hires a photographer; what was she into? Ryan and Esposito arrive and tell Kate that Cory has disappeared and his dell has been disconnected. His address is bogus and so is his name! Castle remembers that Cory was wearing a ring and he describes it.

Ryan tells him that it belonged to the University of New York. Kate thinks that they need to check the year books from ’96 onwards. Kate is still pissed about Meredith staying over and she feels that Meredith is supposed to be sent to a hotel instead of her. They are at the library and Kate finds out that Cory is actually Noah Kesswood; a former Army Intelligence officer! There are large wire transfers into Noah’s account just before the time he started dating Michelle; it was from a guy named Schuster. Was he being paid to spy on her? Ryan and Esposito find Schuster, the attorney who authorized all these transactions. He tells them that he knows his rights. They tell him that they know about the wire transfers and tell him that he was aiding Noah in Michelle’s murder.

Schuster then tells them that his client was paying him to keep tabs on Michelle; but he wouldn’t tell them the name because of the attorney-client privilege. At the bureau, they know that the attorneys are on public record for their cases and they find out that Schuster was the attorney for the famous pro-golfer, Billy Piper. His divorce case was all over the news channels. His wife Leanne “accidentally fell” off the boat and died. Michelle was representing Leanne and it stopped after her death. So, Michelle was investigating her death and maybe she got too close to the facts; and she got eliminated. They visit Billy and Billy does not remember Michelle. He doesn’t even remember Michelle visiting. He tells them that he has nothing to do with his wife’s murder and Michelle’s too.

He admits that Leanne wasn’t his favorite trophy. Esposito tells Kate that Noah was found on Billy’s garage security camera and they get his plate. It belongs to a fleet and they are tracking it. Meredith calls Kate and asks her for dinner. This is not good for Castle as Meredith knows things about him that Kate doesn’t. Esposito tells Kate that they have tracked down the VP of the pharma company whose car Noah was driving; the VP went to University of NY. The ring was a cover. They then find Noah on a crowded street and he runs on seeing them; but they catch him. During the interrogation, he tells them that he did not kill Michelle and he has an alibi. He then talks to Michelle in private and he tells her that he works for Intelligence and not murder.

He says that Billy was paranoid when Michelle started asking questions about Leanne’s death. She also spoke to the DEA. He tells Hate that they can hold him for 24 hours and then they will never see him again. Noah’s alibi checks out. Esposito is asked to check with the DEA. Kate leaves for dinner with Meredith. Castle is nervous. The ladies return after their dinner and Kate tells Castle that she loves him even more now. But she still doesn’t want Meredith living here ever again. Castle agrees. They then get a call from the precinct. Later, Ryan tells them that Michelle was very interested in the DEA’s pictures of the Caribbean, where they take pictures of boats and plane via satellites. Ryan shows them the picture and sees that there are two boats on the night Leanne was killed. That is how they got away with it and her body was never found.

They dumped the body on that boat while Billy got away. The second boat belongs to Walter! Who could have imagined that! Walter was friends with Billy and his accomplice. The plan was perfect; but they did not foresee that Samantha would hire Michelle for their divorce and while digging for an affair, Michelle found something worse. Walter lawyers up. Esposito tells Kate and Castle that he went through Walter’s phone records and found that there was a call made to Garrison. Castle checks garrison’s file and finds the picture of his wife. He is suspicious but soon he points out that Garrison’s wife and Leanne is the same person. Leanne is alive. She is using a new identity and has undergone few corrective surgeries. They bring in Leanne and tell her that Garrison has identified the custom made ice pick which was missing from their kitchen.

Leanne then admits that she did plan this whole thing with Walter, who needed money at that time. Billy was a hero for people but a monster at home. During the divorce, he tainted her reputation by calling her a gold digger. So, she enlisted Walter’s help and escaped. She was about to leave the country; but she met Garrison and fell in love with him. When Michelle found out, she killed her. Case closed. At home, Meredith is about to leave for Paris and Kate asks her why didn’t her marriage with Castle work out. She says that Castle knew everything about her but she knew nothing about him. This worries Kate. The episode ends.