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Death Gone Crazy - Recap

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The episode begins with Beau Randolph arriving at the College Girls Gone Crazy, Girls take Manhattan. He sees that there were many people protesting against him as well. Beau looks slightly disturbed. The bartender talks to him and asks him why he is not partying. He does not want to party; and he also thinks that there is not going to be a next time. Next, Castle is searching for himself on Google and finds out that Alexis has a video blog and he thinks that it is not safe. Just then Kate calls and Martha thinks that she might distract Castle with a murder that will distract him from his parental paranoia.

Castle and Kate then arrive at the crime scene; Beau Randolph is murdered in the girls’ bathroom. The COD is strangulation; ligature. There are marks on his neck from the clasp of a bra. Looks like a girl lured him in for a tryst and then choked him! Esposito has found a bra nearby and Lanie tells him that this kind of bra could cost $250. They find out that the TOD is right after Beau spoke to the bartender. Ryan and Esposito are given the task to track down the shops that sell this brand. There is a guest list for the party. Also, Beau had a bodyguard who doesn’t seem to have done a good job! The bodyguard is a woman. She was asked to wait outside in the car. She did her threat assessment and tells Ryan and Esposito that the only threat was the actress, Tiffany Shaw.

She is also Beau’s ex-girlfriend. He tried to dump her; but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Beau got a restraining order against her. The bodyguard says that she stopped Tiffany at the door and did not let her enter. Kate talks to the producer, Troy. He tells her that he did not see Tiffany at the party. Troy tells them that Beau isn’t a sleaze that the world actually thought him to be. He was looking for the family he did not have. Kate tells him that she wants to see the footage that he shot. Gary, the COO, arrives. Gary tells them that Beau always received a lot of threats. They do have a database in the office.

Ryan and Esposito are going through the footage and they notice that a woman in a pink dress sees Beau going towards the washroom. They question Candice Mayfield. She tells them that she has never seen Beau before and that she did not see him pass by. At the CGGC’s office, Kate sees that Beau swiped his card at 12.09 in the night. That is not possible as he was dead by then. So the killer stole the card and gained access to the office. They check the security camera footage installed inn Beau’s office and sees that someone is trying to open the safe. It is the bodyguard! She is trying to take a SD card. They bring her in for questioning. She tells them that she did not steal the key; it was in the limo. So when she was asked to stay by the car, she knew this was her only chance. She was actually helping a friend.

Her friend slept with Beau and he videotaped it. So, she took up this job only to make sure that the tape did not get out. She did not kill Beau. She only destroyed the tape. The valet saw her drive out of that place at 11.45. She then recounts am incident where a guy attacked Beau last week; accusing him of double crossing him. She had to intervene and she broke his nose and few ribs. Esposito arrives and tells Kate that Scarlett’s alibi checks out. But Tiffany is nowhere to be found. Esposito goes to check on the sketch that is being made of the guy Scarlett was talking about. Ryan arrives and tells Kate that a guy named Armstrong did threaten Beau. He was also the one who arranged the protest outside the party. He was sort of a moral crusader.

Kate interrogates Armstrong. She aks for the list of protesters that were in the two protests that Armstrong organized against Beau. He refuses to. The sketch is complete. Esposito asks Scarlett out for a drink. Castle talks to alexis about putting up personal information on the internet; he tells her that it is risky. Sh etells him that he doesn’t trust her. She does not want to talk about it and leaves. Castle then gets back to work and sees the man from the sketch in one of the videos. He was at the party. Ryan tells them that his name is Seth Parrino. He has had priors in racketeering. Castle thinks that he is mafia. They reach a building that says Parrino imports and exports. They enter and see that Seth is shooting some sort of a gay music video.

There are guys who are dancing in loin cloths. Seth tells Kate that he wanted to partner with Beau in a project, College Guys gone Nuts. But Beau backed out at the last minute. He tells them that he saw Beau having a fight with a woman with short, brown hair and a mole on her lips. Esposito tells Kate that it is Tiffany in disguise. Kate asks him to get a warrant against her; but Esposito want sto go out with Scarlett. Ryan arrives and tells Kate that he looked at the list of people who bought that bra and it turns out that Tiffany was one of them. They bring in Tiffany; actually she comes to collect her bra. But when they accuse her of murder; she denies it. She tells them that she was angry at Beau as he decided to dump her for no reason. So she went to the club to confront him.

He told her that she wasn’t the kind of woman he wants to be with. She wanted to hurt him badly and so she decided to have club sex. That is when her bra went missing. She then tells them that something was not right with Beau. She continues to tell them that Scarlett was up to something not too good. She says that she followed Scarlett two weeks ago and she sees Scarlett pulling out a bag of cash from the trash bin. So what was the bodyguard upto? Ryan tells them that Scarlett’s friend, Mindy, confessed that Scarlett paid her a $1000 to backup that sex tape story. Kate interrupts Esposito’s date. Esposito finds Scarlett hot; she can kick ass and now turns out that she is a corporate spy. Scarlett tells Kate that she was only looking for dirt on Beau as told by her employer.

She also says that Beau was paranoid about the SD card. So it had to be what her employer was looking for. She says that she works for Little Frog Enterprises; a children’s media company. Seth did tell the cops that Beau was investing in kids programming. They meet the CEO of the media company, Pierce, who employed Scarlett. They had some financial troubles and Beau offered to help. Beau did not want CGGC to be his legacy and Pierce did not want Beau’s tainted reputation to destroy what he had built. He says that he had nothing to do with his death. He knows that Beau was guarding that SD card and he wanted Scarlett to steal it for him so that he can use it as leverage to have Beau back off. But looks like Beau was using the SD card to blackmail someone!

It is actually a sex tape and the girl in the tape was the woman in pink; Candice. Well what is so special about her? Turns out that she is Armstrong’s daughter! She changed her name to her mother’s maiden. So, Beau was using this tape to blackmail her to get Armstrong off his back. So maybe she is the killer! Castle comes home and has a word with Alexis, who is upset that they argued. He tells her the potential dangers of over sharing over on the internet. She says that she wants to go out there and experiment. They make up over a giant sundae!! Candice is called for interrogation. Kate tells her that she knows about the video. She begs her not to tell her father. She wants Candice to confess. Candice calls for her attorney. Armstrong arrives at the precinct. They tell him that Candice was in the club. He finds it hard to believe.

He wonders if his words and his mission led Candice to kill Beau. Later, Ryan finds out that Beau was setting up a trust for Candice’s unborn child. So, Candice is pregnant! Candice tells them that she met Beau at a bar and they had a one night stand and she got pregnant. This happened two months ago; that is when he broke up with Tiffany and got interested in kids. Beau wanted to be a part of the child’s life. So, he called her to the club to tell her that he is shutting off his business; it would all go away. She also says that Beau did tell someone else about his plans. Castle and Kate go to meet Troy. They know that during the period Beau was killed, Troy put the camera on a tripod and walked away.

They also found his DNA on the bra. Troy confesses and says that he did not want all this to go away and the baby thing was stupid. So he killed Beau. Case Closed. They tell this to Candice. Candice decides to tell her daughter that her father gave up his life being a better man. Candice decides to tell her father the truth. Kate wonders if Armstrong would accept the grandchild. Castle is sure he would; a father would do anything for his daughter. The episode ends.